Cem_Nome5In older versions of ubuntu an mail icon used to be on the top right of the screen, allowing the user to manage conversations apks01:00
Cem_Nome5whenever someone said your name in IRC the icon would turn green, but this doesn't exist anymore01:01
Cem_Nome5how can I know when someone called me on IRC?01:01
Cem_Nome5is there anyway to restore that old function?01:01
jabbathehutt1234I am having problems with the flip switch desktop effect01:50
jabbathehutt1234Anyone know it?01:51
* jabbathehutt1234 sighs01:52
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DarinMillerjabbathehutt1234: sry, missed your post... flip switch is working here on 15.10 w/ backport PPA.  I had to assign a keystroke to active it - btw alt-esc did not work...02:49
DarinMillerUhhh, nevermind.... seems to only work when the settings config window is open... looks like a bug...02:51
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danielhey guys i have on big problem08:41
danielcan you help me08:41
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Guest68352i can connect to wi-fi onle when i'm close to my router08:42
Guest68352when i'm to another room i cant access08:42
valorieGuest68352: do other computers have the same problem?08:48
valoriehow about your phone?08:48
stiviehey guys09:06
stiviepls help me09:06
stiviei have big problem09:06
valorietell us09:06
stiviei have a wi-fi connection only when im close to the router09:07
valorieyes, you said so09:07
valorieand I asked:09:07
valorieGuest68352: do other computers have the same problem?09:07
valoriehow about your phone?09:07
stivieevrything working well09:07
valorieso it sounds like you have a failing wifi card09:08
stiviethe problem is in my kubuntu09:08
stivieno i buy my pc with win 10 and evrything working well09:08
valoriedo you dual-boot?09:09
stivieno only kubuntu09:09
stivieany ideas09:09
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:09
valoriecheck out that wifidocs page09:09
stiviecant load it09:10
stivieinternal sever error09:10
stiviecan somebody help me09:14
valoriehmmm, that page does gave a problem09:14
valoriestivie: https://web.archive.org/web/20160112163221/https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:19
valoriethe wiki must be down09:20
stiviethanks the second link works09:21
valoriehttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo <-- this is very technical, but can be very helpful09:22
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lordievaderGood morning09:34
somui am using kbuntu 14 and i want to know how to setup wifihotspot09:54
somusetup help is there for ubuntu, but unfortunately no help for kbuntu09:55
lordievaderAs in hostapd bridged to an ethernet adapter?09:55
lordievaderDoes your wifi card support AP mode?09:56
lordievadersomu: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessAccessPoint09:56
somuthanks @lordievader I will try and let u know09:57
lordievaderSure, if you have questions you know where to find me ;)09:57
somuwhen i run the command 'iw list'...i got Wiphy phy0 and various information10:05
lordievaderThat is correct, it lists the various capabilities of each wireless nic. Among which are the supported modes of operation.10:06
somuI am telling you my problem again: I have a laptop and a android mobile. I have a wired connection on my laptop. I would like to use the internet of laptop to my phon10:11
lordievadersomu: Does your wifi card support AP mode?10:11
somubut how to check that?10:12
lordievadersomu: 'iw list' tells you.10:12
lordievaderElse pastebin the output of that command if you cannot find it.10:13
somuWiphy phy0         Band 1:                 Capabilities: 0x1072                         HT20/HT40                         Static SM Power Save                         RX Greenfield                         RX HT20 SGI                         RX HT40 SGI                         No RX STBC                         Max AMSDU length: 3839 bytes                         DSSS/CCK HT40                 Maximum RX AMPDU length 65535 bytes (expone10:14
lordievader!pastebin | somu10:14
ubottusomu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.kde.org | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:14
lordievaderNot here.10:14
somuHere is the link: https://paste.kde.org/pxb9mqdjj10:16
lordievadersomu: I'm afraid your card does not support AP mode.10:17
somuIts ok lordievader...Thanks for your kind support.10:18
lordievaderNo problem. You might be able to thether your internet connection through usb, but I do not know how that works.10:18
somuIt has already worked for Windows. Unfortunately, I have to work in Windows10:22
somubye for now.10:22
Steve_Hi all, quick question. Can I still upgrade from 14.10 to 15.04 via the command line? 'sudo do-release-upgrade -d' returns "No new release found"11:52
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades11:54
lordievaderSteve_: It is probably easier to wait for the release of 16.04 or reinstall to 15.10 directly.11:54
Steve_I want to keep the settings, but I'm hoping to go all the way up to 16.04 beta11:55
lordievaderHmm, upgrading from 14.04 will only be possible when 16.04.1 is released...12:26
ikonialordievader: seems very reasonable12:34
ikoniafrom memory the same happened with 14.04 and maybe even 12.0412:34
ikoniapretty such it wasn't in place for 10.0412:34
lordievaderikonia: Yes, the reasoning was based on the upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04.12:35
eeoshi everybody! I am having problems in mounting the windows partitions at boot ....13:13
lordievaderDo you get errors?13:14
ShinkiYou could have a look at /etc/fstab, and verify (1) directories are exist (2) UUID of devices are not changed13:17
eeosNo entry in the fstab .... I wonder why the installation did not ppick it up, and why there is no GUI to manage the automount?13:41
eeosor the fstab ....13:41
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oiis there a workaround to stop crashing plasma after drag&drop icons?14:36
oikubuntu 15.1014:37
BluesKajHiyas all14:37
DarinMillerHi BluesKaj14:38
DarinMilleroi: Do you have backports ppa or the project Neon PPA enabled?14:39
BluesKajhi DarinMiller14:39
oiDarinMiller: no, just fresh installed14:40
DarinMillerAre you familiar with ppa installations? I recommend the Neon PPA as it move 15.10 to the latest QT packages and improves 15.10 stability.14:42
Maxirideis it normal that xorg is taking up 1.3GB of ram?14:42
ubottuProject Neon provides set of daily builds of KDE and releated modules | See https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/ProjectNeon | More support in #project-neon14:42
DarinMillerNeon launchpad PPA website: https://launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/ubuntu/ppa14:43
eeosDarinMiller: how unstabe is it?14:44
danwould neon ppa be too much for a daily use desktop?14:45
DarinMillerIn my experience, it fixes several issues in 15.10 including frequent plasmashell crashes.  Not quite as stabe as KDE 4, but much better than stock 15.10.14:45
MaxirideDarinMiller: I'm with backports ppa and sometimes I still get a segmentation fault crash of plasmashell btw14:46
Maxirideand every time I'm unable to rebort it also.. debug symbols package are needed but when I go to install them using the crash report windows it says that no packages can be found.14:46
Maxirideif anyone knows what does it mean, showing detailed memory information of xorg with ksysguard i see that most of the ram is taken by 1337912 KB[heap]14:48
DarinMillerBackports is not current and the Neon packages improve plasma stability.14:48
clivejoDarinMiller: its not far off curent !14:49
Maxirideit provides plasma 5.5.314:49
Maxiridenot that bheind I guess14:49
clivejoand 5.5.4 is in landing14:49
DarinMillerOne issue I experience is kwallet hangs on reboot causing every dependent pack- including networkmanager and chrome-to hang for ~30s.14:50
Maxiridemeanwhile i'll try rebooting to see if xorgs cleans up a bit14:51
DarinMillerkilling kwattet fixes the hang and everything is back to normal.14:51
DarinMiller^killing kwallet14:54
oiDarinMiller: hmmm, apt-get update get this: http://ppa.launchpad.net/neon/ppa/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found14:56
oiDarinMiller: the ppa is old, last thing they admit is raring14:58
DarinMilleroi: Did you add this repository?  sudo apt-add-repository ppa:neon/ppa14:58
oiDarinMiller: yes, I did.14:59
eeosthere is no Storage Device Manager in kubuntu?14:59
DarinMilleroi: my bad!15:01
DarinMillerFollow these directions here: http://neon.kde.org.uk/download15:01
oiDarinMiller: last updates in ppa are 49 weeks ago15:02
BluesKajseeos, system settings >removable devices15:03
eeosBluesKaj: there is no such a thing in system settings15:05
BluesKajeeos,which kubuntu?15:06
eeosBluesKaj: 15.10 64bit15:08
DarinMillereeos: Removable devices arrived with either Backports ppa or KDE Neon (not sure which)15:10
eeosBluesKaj: sorry, had to reboot15:13
BluesKajI'm running 16.10, but that's surprising that there's no removable ndevices as default in 15.1015:13
eeosBluesKaj: so no removable devics in system settings in 15.10 64bit15:14
BluesKajeeos, not sure15:14
lordievaderBluesKaj: 16.10? Surely you mean 16.04 ;)15:14
BluesKaji'm always running a ppa or 215:15
BluesKajyeah , 16.04 ,...typos15:15
DarinMillerOn my 16.04 box, I do not have the landing ppa enabled and the Removeable Devices option is missing (still Plasma 5.4.3).  My 15.10 boxes all have backports and Neon and Removable Devies shows up in the hw section.15:16
BluesKajDarinMiller, i have the landing ppa15:17
DarinMillerBlueKaj: I assume 16.04 landing has Plasma 5.5.3?15:18
clivejoDarinMiller: 5.5.415:18
clivejoand its in backports landing too15:18
DarinMillerah yes.15:19
BluesKajand 5.5.415:20
eeosBluesKaj: me neither .... a bit chuffed by this new version, I have come backk to kubuntu after around a year15:25
eeosso how do I solve this removabel device issue?15:25
BluesKajeeos, external drive or extra hdds/ssds?15:26
eeoswindows partition that does not mount at boot15:27
BluesKajeeos, is it listed in grub?15:27
eeosyes, I can boot from it15:28
BluesKajok , sudo blikd , find the entry for the windows partition, copy the uuid  and addit to fstab without the quotes like so : http://ubuntuhak.blogspot.ca/2013/07/how-to-mount-windows-partition-in.html15:31
eeosBluesKaj: aologies, I know how to add it manually, I am trying to find a GUI, this is for my wife15:32
BluesKajeeeos it should show up in dolphin places>devices once you add it and reboot15:34
BluesKajadd it to fstab that is15:34
eeosBluesKaj: I would like to enable her to do what she would prefer, but without a GUI it is a bit of a problem15:36
BluesKajdolphin is the gui15:36
eeosBluesKaj: a gui that does not allow you to decide what to mount at boot15:36
BluesKajit similar to the folder in the windows taskbar , just put dolphin in a quicklaunch in the panel15:37
DarinMillereeos: is adding a ppa an acceptable solution?15:37
eeosDragnslcr: yes15:38
eeossorry Dragnslcr .... was meant for DarinMiller15:38
DarinMillerI've been called worse :)15:38
eeosDarinMiller: ;)15:39
DragnslcrNah, it doesn't get any worse15:39
DarinMillerI am checking if Removeable Devices in in the backports ppa or KDE Neon.15:39
DragnslcrDolphin will definitely show removable devices and any mounted hard drive partitions15:40
eeosDarinMiller: thank you, I can do it .... Neon does not support 15.10 though15:40
DragnslcrI'm not certain if it will show regular hard drive partitions that aren't mounted15:40
DragnslcrYou should be able to use Partition Manager to set the mount points of partitions15:42
eeosapologies need to reboot brn .... Dragnslcr yes, but not whether it is mounted at boot or not15:42
DragnslcrI don't have any unused partitions to test it with at the moment15:43
markitI've logged but mouse does not work, what is the keyboard shortcut for K menu?15:57
markitfound, alt+f115:57
DarinMillereeos, just confirmed, Removeable devices arrives with the backports PPA on 15.10.  Assuming windows not corrupt it by leaving it in a dirty state, the automounter should work as expected.15:57
BluesKajDarinMiller, he hasn't relogged in15:59
DarinMillerBluesKaj: good catch.15:59
BluesKajDarinMiller, wonder if his issue has more to do with UEFI boot than removable devices16:00
BluesKajsays he can boot windows grub, so why the issue16:01
BluesKajfrom grub16:01
jubodreizehnNow I have instructed this side Kubuntu to _not_ powerdown if not fondled constantly16:36
why_notHello all.  My plasma crashed.  When I went to file the but , I got this after trying to install the debug symbols: Could not find debug symbol packages for this application.17:05
why_notAny ideas on where to start?  I found some stuff on it online, but there was no resolution given.17:05
why_notI did a search on synaptics for "plasma-workspace-dbgsym" and nothing was found17:08
DarinMillerwhy_not: what version of kubuntu?17:17
why_not15.10 with kde-neon17:18
why_notplasma 5.5.9017:19
why_notps- I'm also on #plasma getting some help17:20
JunkHunkhello is there a way to make the desktop slide show faster?17:26
JunkHunkit wont allow me to use less than 10 seconds17:26
JunkHunkI am talking about wallpapers17:27
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JeZxLeeWill "Kubuntu 16.04 L.T.S. 64Bit" be good? Or Plasma 5 is still not good?18:28
BluesKajJeZxLee, that's a matter of opiinion and what circumstances you will be using 16.04, home or work?18:33
why_notI installed kde-neon and I'm geting frequent plasma crashes18:34
JeZxLeeBluesKaj - well I do job work at home using Linux, but run Windows 10 Pro 64Bit at the office18:34
JeZxLeeweb dev stuff18:34
JeZxLeecurrently running Linux Mint 17.3 K.D.E. 64Bit at home18:35
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JeZxLeeLinux Mint is based on old 14.04 Ubuntu18:36
JeZxLeenew Linux Mint 18 is scheduled for later this year after 16.04 release of Ubuntu18:36
JeZxLeeguess I just wonder if Plasma 5 will be working better in 16.0418:37
lordievaderTo me 16.04 with Plasma 5 is stable enough, but as BluesKaj said, my requirements might be different.18:37
JeZxLeetried Plasma 5 in Kubuntu 15.10 and it was not good18:37
lordievaderPlasma > 5.4 carries a lot of fixes.18:37
JeZxLeeKDE is my favorite - hope I can use it well in 16.0418:42
BluesKajJeZxLee, I'm running 16.04 with plasma 5.5.4 which requires the Landing ppa, and so far so good stabilty-wise.18:42
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JeZxLeeok, enough of my Plasma 5 rant18:54
JeZxLeehave a technicial question with Kubuntu 14.04.3 64Bit18:55
JeZxLeerunning Kubuntu 14.04.3 64Bit guest in VMWare WorkStation Player 12 under Microsoft Window 10 Pro 64Bit - will OpenGL hardware acceleration work in Kubuntu guest?18:56
lordievaderProbably not, 3d acceleration is allways tricky under virtual machines.18:57
JeZxLeehave an nViidia GeForce GT 240 1GB PCIexpress graphic card with current nVidia proprietary Windows display driver installed18:57
JeZxLeewhat about VirtualBox?18:57
lordievaderYour best bet is probably qemu's new virgl driver. Otherwise if you have two video cards you could pass one trough to the guest.18:58
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DarinMillerwhy_not: are you able to repeatably crash plasma crashes with certain actions?19:19
why_notnot reliably19:26
why_notfor a while, I would open the comic widget, and then configure.  that would be a 3-5 min wait until it crashed.  then it wasopening discover.  this time, it was while playing terraria19:27
why_notthis all started after installing kde-neon19:27
why_notalso, I have done nothing that I can tell corrected those issues.  they just stopped happening.  it's like the problem moves around19:32
DarinMillerI have seen similar behavior.  Although I was trying backports landing followed by kde neon. By the time I installed neon, everything had settled down so I assumed it was the neon packages.19:34
DarinMillerI assumed the neon packages had fixed the instabliity.19:35
why_notyeah.  I just tried to open the comic strip widget "configre setttings > get new comics" and that took ~2:30 mins to load.  Before, it was ~5 seconds.  I'm just expecting it.  Any chance 16.04 will fix this?  I might just bite the bullet and do a re-installation, but that would be a pain in the rear19:38
DarinMillerDoes anything else take a long time to open? i.e chrome or kdewallte?19:39
DarinMillertry running kwalletmanager5 from the command line....19:40
DarinMillerit should open immediately19:40
why_not21 secs "Invalid DBus reply:  QDBusError("org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply", "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.")19:43
DarinMillerif any of the above is true, kill kwallet and everything should be back to normal.  I don't think comic strip depend on kwallet though.19:44
why_notchromium took 40 secs19:44
DarinMillerEvreytime I reboot, i must kill kwallet.19:45
why_notI couldn't kill kwallet cause it stopped responding....then it just killed itself...and the keyboard was not responsive for about 20 secs19:45
why_notI just "end process" on kwallet5 and kwallet.  they went into zombie.  then chromium opened quickly, and then KDE Wallet started asking me for my password.  we're getting somewhere!19:48
why_notevery time I open chromium, it opens the KDE Wallet password prompt.19:49
DarinMillereverything should work normal until reboot.  I rarely reboot so I forgot about that issue....19:49
why_not"The application 'Chromium' has requested to open the wallet 'kdewallet'.  Please enter the password for this wallet below."19:50
DarinMillerthat normal19:50
why_notI've never used kdewallet, unless it's something that works with Thunderbird.  so I don't know what's going on with that.19:50
why_notcan I uninstall kde wallet?19:51
DarinMilleryou can disable kwallet in system settings if you don't want to use it (under Account Details)19:53
DarinMillerUncheck the Enable the KDE wallet subsystem.  I have never tried uninstalling it.19:54
why_notgot it.  no more problem with chromium.  I'm going to rebot and see what happens19:54
why_notI'm almost excited.19:54
DarinMillercool. let me know what happens.19:54
why_notwill do19:54
marcellushello people! I'm using Kubuntu 15.10 and cannot bring to run either ps3mediaserver nor mediatomb. They used to run very good with 13.04, though. Any idea what could be the problem?20:48
marcellus(I know most of time the problem sits right in front of the screen)20:48
lordievadermarcellus: What does the konsole spit out when you start it from there?20:50
marcelluswell, ps3mediaserver does not even connect to the ps3. mediatomb does connect, but I cannot either remove what I already added, nor add new media files20:53
marcelluspsems  shows a red circle with an X inside20:54
lordievaderI don't know both programs, but they do not display any hint of an error in the Konsole?21:15
marcelluspms does not show in the console. mediatomb it shows but not possible to change the shared media21:19
lordievaderThat is not what I am asking. I suppose both programs have gui's(?), what happens when you try to change the shared media, does the konsole show permission errors or something?21:21
marcellusI just found anther player named 'universal media server' and it works like a charm!  thanks for your time21:36
douglis anyone else having issues playing videos on youtube?21:54
DarinMillerchrome, ff, opera, or ?21:56
DarinMillerdougl: still there?22:00
bpromptdougl:   now and then the site has been down for me, that has happened in the last week or so only, but that's about it22:00
douglDarinMiller, yes just alot of monitors ff chrome22:03
DarinMillercurrently chrome is playing fine for me, checking ff...22:03
dougland verified with windows machine22:04
douglworks here on windows - which kinda makes me wanna puke22:04
DarinMillerall videos, or just specific ones?22:04
DarinMillerff is working fine here too...22:05
bpromptdougl:    for all we know.. is your router or networking, or who knows, but not the site22:05
douglbprompt, thanks... but do you really think it is my router the windos machine is plugged into the jack between the mac and the kubuntu - lol22:07
bpromptdougl:   nope, but network configuration, host files or such, that's OS dependent22:08
DarinMillerdougl: I have seen Centurylink cause strange issues with DNS resolutions. Symptoms were very slow web page response.  I configured the network connection to use google dns a problem was solved.22:11
DarinMillerHowever, that problem disappeared a couple years ago and I no longer have to have to use google dns...22:14
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