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ww58e2What command or file is the keyboard panel switcher using to display the active layout in use?05:02
lyn||ww58e2: do you mean profile of lxpanel like the --profile option or the config file?05:03
ww58e2the lxpanel applet for swithing keyboard layouts05:04
ww58e2im curious how it knows what language is in use, if using xorg default config files05:05
wxlww58e2: maybe it would help to explain what you're trying to accomplish05:06
ww58e2i would like to have a simple notification when i change keyboard layouts but i failed to find an xorg command to output the layout currently in use05:07
wxloh yeah i believe it's all using the normal xkb stuff05:07
ww58e2so i was wondering how you guys do it05:07
ww58e2i found some scripts on github mentioning XkbGetState, i think i need to querry xkb group but have no idea how05:09
wxlsetxkbmap -print -verbose 10 | grep layout05:09
ww58e2but this shows the config, for me   layout:     us,bg05:10
wxlbut you're only using one layout at a time. hm05:11
wxlww58e2: is only one specified with setxkbmap -print | grep xkb_symbols?05:14
wxltry xkblayout-state05:17
wxlhere's the code btw http://git.lxde.org/gitweb/?p=lxde/lxpanel-plugins.git;a=tree;f=xkb/src;h=93856174c4d464981719015caeeb2de79518cb87;hb=HEAD05:19
ww58e2https://github.com/alenichev/xkblayout  this gem?05:19
wxl!info xkblayout-state05:20
ubottuPackage xkblayout-state does not exist in wily05:20
wxlaww fooey05:20
ww58e2thx, chenking05:20
wxlmaybe it doesn't exist anymore05:20
wxlww58e2: it uses this https://wiki.freedesktop.org/www/Software/LibXklavier/05:24
wxlin short, it queries xkb05:25
ww58e2about this xkblayout git, do you have idea how it works05:27
wxli know nothing about that05:28
wxlbut i can tell you:05:28
wxl1. it's not a gem05:28
wxl2. it's c05:28
wxl3. you'll need to compile it to use it05:28
wxlhttp://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12072/how-do-i-get-current-keyboard-layout offers lots of options05:30
ww58e2how to use libxklavier, is there a querry command05:32
ww58e2ah that link might be enough, with xset, thank you very much05:35
ww58e2wxl: https://gist.github.com/e4e8a6ef911464c848a2 thanks alot man06:40
damascenehow to setup the keyboard language on login screen?09:26
damascenehow to setup the keyboard language on login screen?14:04
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