haasnmaas seems to be having some general difficulties managing qemu VMs via the qemu+ssh power management mode. I can't pinpoint anything specific - but some machines work fine, and others do not in strange reasons (usually “machine gets stuck during some phase of deployment because it never got powered on”)01:01
haasnI'm testing with identical VMs running on the same host using identical settings - except for the name, which is just vm<id>01:01
haasnSo I have no idea why some would randomly work fine and some would randomly get stuck01:01
haasnAny ideas what could possibly be going on?01:01
haasnRunning sudo -u maas virsh -c $URL start $NAME (with the values copy/pasted from the maas node config) works..01:11
haasnIt also works if I select the machines manually and choose “power on”01:13
haasnThe power status also seems to not update itself consistently, or at all - usually I have to click on “check now” to get correct readings01:14
Prabawe have installed ubuntu server and installed MAAS then in MAAS we got some problems like the image file is not importing09:06
PrabaCan i get some answers in order to recover my problem09:07
haasnI get this when trying to import boot images: https://0x0.st/X91.txt18:34
haasnmaas 1.9 running on ubuntu 14.04 LTS inside an LXC container18:34
haasn‘loop’ module *is* loaded18:34
haasnAh seems like an apparmor thing18:36
haasnhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/1474967 contains a fix in the comments18:42
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