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nik90Is it too early to switch to ubuntu 16.04 for app development? I need a stable system for regular use.16:07
nik90or should I stay with 14.04?16:08
JanC16.04 certainly isn't stable yet16:09
nik90usually with LTS I upgrade while it reaches its first beta at which point I have had positive experiences16:10
JanCit will usually work well from that point on, yes16:11
JanCalthough breakage isn't impossible  :)16:11
JanCif you want something newer than 14.04 there is always 15.10 too16:12
nik90hmm yes16:13
rbnswartzI'm trying to create a scope in javascript but I can't get it to run. I'm getting the following message unity-js-scopes-tool: Command not found. Although if I go to a terminal I can run that command just fine.17:49
rbnswartzany ideas?17:49
rbnswartzI'm having issues getting a scope to run using the sdk. Is anyone around that can help?19:47
rbnswartzany appdevs around that can help with a problem createing a scope with the sdk?20:08
rbnswartzany appdevs around that can help with a problem creating a scope with the sdk?23:20

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