Bashing-omdaftykins: Amazing creatures of habit that we are . We managed to survive - @ 12 hours they had the distributuion system patched . The fix still pending .00:07
daftykinsthat's rapid00:08
daftykinsi was always a bit puzzled by US infrastructure being overhead00:08
Bashing-omFrom the looks of it I had expected several days to get service restored . Was sure relieved - and pleasanly surprised - when the modem lit up !00:10
daftykinsi'll bet!00:12
daftykinswhen i lived in England, keeping the strange hours i did, i used to be muchly dismayed when the service would often go down at 1am and i'd have a forced early bedtime :)00:12
Bashing-omWhen you can do nothing else, sleep !00:14
OerHekssome issues i don't understand, is ti me?01:40
daftykinsusers are weird01:44
OerHeksautologin, no pass on screensaver, and one is almost free.01:45
daftykinsfree to break it all!01:46
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lordievaderGood morning09:34
lotuspsychjehey cfhowlett, seen your artpage, nice!13:44
cfhowlett:)  thanks.  we actually have more submissions than the main ubuntu art showcase contest13:44
BluesKajHiyas all14:37
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