Noskcaj_darkxst__, Do you have upload rights for gitg?22:18
darkxst__Noskcaj_, no22:19
Noskcaj_ok, i'll make a bug for the new upstream release22:20
Noskcaj_also, do we want 3.18 or 3.19.6? I feel like releasing with 3.17 isn't ideal22:20
darkxst__take the debian package?22:23
Noskcaj_that's 3.19.422:24
Noskcaj_in exp22:24
Noskcaj_unstable is still an ancient version22:24
darkxst__does it require a libgit-glib transition?22:25
Noskcaj_no, we sync libgit-glib currently22:26
darkxst__probably go with 3.19 then, but test it first!22:56
Noskcaj_darkxst__, Is there anything stopping gnome-shell from being merged?23:49
darkxst__Noskcaj_, no, just doesnt add anything, i.e we already had the one patch that 3.18.3 added23:50
Noskcaj_Fix double-unref in get_secrets_keyring_cb(). This fixes a crash in NetworkAgent when trying to acquire secrets from gnome-keyring, like VPN passwords. Patch cherry-picked from upstream Git.23:52
Noskcaj_Doesn't look like we have that one23:52
darkxst__oh maybe not, feel free to merge23:54

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