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Wulffrom which git commit number did you create 3.19.0-49?12:52
Wulfhow can I build your kernel packages? I get "cannot find readable debian/changelog anywhere!"14:33
ruchlos42Wulf: found already these -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel ?15:02
Wulfruchlos42: not yet15:02
ruchlos42there's also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/GitKernelBuild and some others that may be stale :)15:03
Wulfruchlos42: it's building now15:06
Wulfwill probably take another 45min or so :/15:06
ruchlos42at least it's not hours.. :)15:06
WulfI'm having the issue that I can reproduce a bug with 3.19.0-23 and later, but not with 3.19.0-22 and earlier15:07
apwWulf, you need for "fakeroot debian/rules clean" after checkout of the tag, to get a buildable tree17:30
Wulfapw: yup.17:44
Wulfgit-bisect tells me about 6 steps (4 hours) left17:44
apwWulf, heh, fun ... is there a bug filed for what you are chasing, it would be good to file one ("ubuntu-bug linux") and to put the progress of the bisect in18:14
apw(if you have or file one do let us know the number here so we can follow along)18:14
Wulfapw: there are tooooo many bug reports for ubuntu kernel18:18
Wulfapw: so no idea if there is18:18
Wulfapw: I'll first finish my bisect, then create a new one18:18
Wulfand a bad one... 5 steps left18:23
apwWulf, we'd rather have a new bug for your system normally, it can alwasy be dup'd against another bug later18:24
Wulfapw: that's what I thought18:24
apwgood luck with the bisect18:24
Wulfthanks :)18:24
apwWulf, hrum, that'd be a hard one to revert, i wonder if it has been "fixed" on top in later releases19:59
apwWulf, but ... file us a bug with all the details and lets us know the bug number and how you reproduce the issue itself20:00
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