wxlpleia2: are you the only one that can add feeds to planet.ubuntu-us.org? i'd like to add http://oregon.ubuntu-us.org. if you can also add to loco.ubuntu.com and ubuntu-us.org, that'd be great. if not, point me at who can?01:31
nhaineswxl: does the Oregon LoCo have an Ubuntu tablecloth?01:54
wxlnhaines: um, no. is that a requirement? XD01:55
nhainesYes.  pleia2, be sure to block them from planet.ubuntu-us.org!01:55
nhainesAlso, would the Oregon LoCo like a tablecloth?01:55
wxlyes we would, nhaines 01:55
wxlnhaines: do YOU know how to get aggregated at loco.ubuntu.com and ubuntu-us.org?? i can't find any information on this anywhere01:56
nhaineswxl: whenever I want something done, I just ask pleia2 about it and it's magically solved!  \o/01:56
wxlpleia2: fix everything for me, ok? XD01:56
nhainesBut I think we're going to have to figure out if it's the CC or the LC who has responsibility and then get permissions sorted out.01:57
wxlall seriousness aside (heh) pleia2 is a very strong woman, but i don't want to load up too much on her shoulders 01:57
wxlnhaines: yes, i think that would be wise.01:57
nhainesAs for tablecloths, Canonical left four of them at SCALE and asked me to bring them home, and then if they needed them back they'll send me a shipping label.01:58
nhainesOtherwise, we discussed Oregon and Arizona and so forth... so I'm going to ping Canonical about it on Monday, but I might potentially have a tablecloth for you.  :)01:58
wxlyay i'd be happy to pay for shipping01:59
nhainesThat's a good start.  :)01:59
wxlalso i don't remember if we talked about this but do you think i could get canonical to help me wrestle ubuntu-oregon.org back from the domain squatters? :/01:59
nhainesI'm sure the legal team would help with that.01:59
wxlgood thought02:00
nhainesIn the meantime you can register actually-ubuntu-oregon.org.02:00
wxlis there any predecence for paying for domain hosting costs, btw? i guess i should submit a request through the community donations fund02:00
wxlwell, we do have ubuntu-oregon.us02:00
wxlmmm how do i find the legal team?02:01
nhainesI have not studied the donations fund reports that well.  :)02:01
nhainesThat would be legal@canonical.com.02:01
tsimonq2nhaines: I hear tales about a majestic tablecloth? XD02:25
tsimonq2or are you gonna be a stickler and thell me out LoCo isn't verified? :P02:27
nhainestsimonq2: it's not!02:28
tsimonq2well :P02:28
nhainesBut yeah, let me figure out if I'm keeping these or if Canonical needs them back.  Then we'll talk!02:28
tsimonq2alright :D02:29
tsimonq2nhaines: BTW I keep meaning to send an email, but you had thoughts about our LoCo's resources you wanted to share on the loco-council ML? :)02:30
nhaineswhoops, yes.  Sorry, UbuCon Summit and SCALE sort of left me exhausted.  I've just mostly caught up with email and everything this week.02:31
tsimonq2nhaines: no problem :)02:46
pleia2wxl: added your feed to planet.ubuntu-us.org15:58
pleia2wxl, nhaines: it's the loco council that's reponsible for adding things to loco.ubuntu.com, however...15:58
pleia21. I'm not sure anyone on the current LC knows how15:58
pleia22. the mechanisms for feeds has been broken since May 2015, and I'm the only one who has noticed15:59
pleia2so, all the individual blog posts shown on it are from may16:00
pleia2wxl: anyway, this planet updates once an hour and I just missed the last cutoff, and next one I'll be on an airplane :) so you can check in an hour or so, and I'll confirm all is well when I get home16:02
* tsimonq2 noticed the lack of updating (@ pleia2)16:02
pleia2tsimonq2: did you submit a ticket with IS? :D16:03
pleia2I got sick of doing it16:03
pleia2decided to just see what would happen (turns out, nothing)16:03
pleia2and it makes me question the value of it16:03
tsimonq2pleia2: that makes sense, I'll put it on my to-do list to submit an IS ticket16:04
tsimonq2unless somebody in this channel is from that group of people, :D16:04
pleia2canonical IS folks don't hang out here16:06
tsimonq2pleia2: you never know :)16:07
wxlthank you for your help pleia2 17:35
wxlpleia2: also being a member of the loco council i don't know how to add to loco.ubuntu.com so there's that XD17:36
wxlpleia2: i'll see if i can't write a bug report on the loco portal. so what about ubuntu-us.org (not planet)— is that still a thing?17:36
wxlpleia2: do you think it would be wise to make the process for getting on planet.ubuntu-us.org something public that doesn't require your intervention? as i said, i do hate putting extra stuff on yours or any one individual's shoulders17:48
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pleia2wxl: there will always need to be a human involved, whether it's approving a MP or editing the file on the server directly, since I only edit the file about once a year, I never bothered to set up a bzr repo for it20:33
pleia2ubuntu-us.org is still a thing, it's a wordpress site hosted on a community server with a couple state sites, the team is pretty dead though20:34
wxlpleia2: i'd be happy to help out if need be20:34
pleia2thanks, but right now the amount of work to make it collaborative is significantly more than it would take to just keep doing it the way we do it x_x20:34
pleia2I'll keep you offer in mind if I can make the time though20:35
wxlokie dokie20:35
wxlthanks for all you do :)20:35
pleia2I've been traveling for 26 hours, need food+rest now20:35
wxlhappy eating :)20:35
pleia2thanks :)20:36

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