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tumbleweedxnox: your ubuntu-touch seeds change broke germinate, because STRUCTURE still references desktop07:19
xnoxtumbleweed, bah!11:27
xnoxtumbleweed, should be better now, or whenever structure runs next on that.11:35
ginggshi xnox, do you know the situation with cmake? it seems we reverted from 3.3.2 to 3.2.2 last year. debian are now on 3.4.1 and we need a rebuild for the libjsoncpp transition13:08
xnoxginggs, so rebuild it for the transition =)14:41
dokoginggs, xnox: well, check if 3.4.1 works ... it still has some proprietary cross patches :-/15:05
tumbleweedxnox: thanks. hopefully cron will stop assaulting me by e-mail :)20:03
infinitytumbleweed: Should be fixed after my commit.21:49
xnoxlol, thanks.22:35
Laneyxnox: We kept that on purpose22:51
LaneyYou should probably check before just doing whatever you want22:52
Laney(I would guess that it would be okay to drop it now though, but the call isn't mine)22:52
xnoxLaney, so unity-scope-snappy ftbfs, uses old snappy api, and is generally not usable. However slangasek didn't want to remove it, as it was still in the desktop-next task.23:35
xnoxLaney, however the meta packages, and the cdroms were removed in wily. But not the tasks.23:35
xnoxLaney, slangasek wanted to wait for desktop team to respond about that. and I kind of took the removal of meta packages and images (even historic) as product deprecation.23:36
xnoxLaney, the seeds can be easily reverted back in place, it's in bzr history. But can we start removing unsupported packages from the archive?23:36
xnoxLaney, upstream said that unity snappy scope is dead.23:37
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