VelusUniverseSyssarnold, are you about?>00:24
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: yeah00:25
VelusUniverseSyswould you be bale to set up the mail server for me please?00:27
sarnoldVelusUniverseSys: sorry, no, the best I can do is suggest reading material..00:27
VelusUniverseSysshame i cant seem to get it to work00:27
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lordievaderGood morning09:34
bananapieI accidentally deleted /etc/networks/interface on a ubuntu 14.04 lts server that had a rather complex config ( bonded cards bridged to other cards ). Is there a way to regenrate interfaces file from active config ?14:16
Slingbananapie: and there is no /etc/networks/interfaces~ or .swap or something? :) if there hasn't been much activity on that partition the data might still be there, just the inode is marked deleted14:20
SlingI'm not aware of a way to save the current network configuration to a file like that14:20
bananapieunfortunately, the file was deleted 453 days ago, two days after the last reboot. And it,s a vm host, with 30 vms, so the disk has definitely had a lot of activity14:21
bananapieI'm pretty sure I have to rewrite the config, I'm gasping at straws14:21
bananapieI already checked for a .swap file or interfaces~ file or a interfaces.cfsaved file14:21
bananapiebut no luck14:21
bananapieAnyone ever see this ? (0) root@vm-1:~# ifenslave --detach bond0 em214:28
bananapieem2: is not enslaved to bond014:28
bananapie(0) root@vm-1:~# ifenslave bond0 em214:28
bananapiesh: echo: I/O error14:28
bananapieem2: could not add interface14:28
bananapieaccording to /sys/, em2 is part of bond014:28
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lordievaderbekks: The file ain't in a backup?15:05
lordievaderErr, that was for bananaapie, sorry bekks.15:06
shakes808Hello all,  I am installing Ubuntu Server 15.10 and in the list of software that can be installed there is one named Publishing applications,  what is this?16:54
OerHeksi cannot find "Publishing applications"16:57
shakes808OerHeks: It is after "Pro audio core tools"16:58
shakes808I am installing server 15.1016:58
shakes808maybe it is new?16:59
shakes808I don't remember seeing it before.  or maybe just never paid attention16:59
OerHeksThen it should be available for desktop too > http://imgur.com/JiSfG6d17:00
OerHeksnot as app/metapackage nor software group17:01
JanCif you don't know what it is, most likely you also don't need it  :)17:05
shakes808OerHeks: working on getting you a picture17:05
OerHeksyes please, i am curious17:06
OerHeksahhh got ya, it is ubuntustudio-publishing >> https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/wily/+package/ubuntustudio-publishing17:12
shakes808Thank you, will check out the link17:13
OerHeksgimp fontmanager, agave and such ..17:14
OerHeksi like the ubuntustudio-photograpy with darktable.17:14
OerHeks( for desktop )17:14
OerHeksdidn't know those metapackages are in tasksel too.17:15
shakes808Cool, thank you OerHeks for the information17:27
shakes808JanC: you are correct for the most part, if I don't know what it is, then I most likely don't need it; in this case that was true :)17:28
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DaMastahHi guys :) Performance-wise, is it better to setup an iSCSI target with 4096 max send segment bytes or 262144 (default is 4096) ?19:21
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