NwSOMG that bezels on the Ubuntu tablet -.-"01:22
NwSor that bezel w.e01:22
NwSWhy can't BQ create something prettier? fml01:23
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yellabs-r2hello and , goodmorming08:40
yellabs-r2yesterday we talked about the video stutter on Bq E5 ubuntu edition with ubuntu OTA-908:41
yellabs-r2i tried some other sites with video , and on some its the same issue ( stutter )08:42
yellabs-r2now as i was thinking about it, could it be that maybe its stuttering on buffering ?08:42
yellabs-r2and when it would buffer ( or read ahead ) a bit more , it would be solved ?08:43
yellabs-r2what do you think ?08:43
* yellabs-r2 background08:58
vs__hello everybody. i have a question. can connect ubuntu phone to linux mint cinnamon 17.3?10:12
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CheeryLeeIs anybody here?16:39
CheeryLeeCan you help me with porting?16:49
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What's your problem? Ask your question right away.16:57
CheeryLee I built the image for my tablet, but I don't know how to flash it16:59
CheeryLeeRootstock-ng doesn't work for me.17:01
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What's wrong?17:02
CheeryLeeIt copies the files of the image in /cache. But after rebooting these files disappear.17:04
CheeryLeeI did everything as written in porting article (besides AppArmor).17:06
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What does you mean "disappear"? Did you flash boot and recovery partition?17:21
CheeryLeeSure. Before flashing system.img and Ubuntu tarball I flashed boot.img and recovery.img17:28
CheeryLeeRecovery works fine.17:28
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What do you mean "disappear", anyway? Like, how do you know that they disappear?17:31
CheeryLee_Oh, disconnect17:33
peat-psuwitCheeryLee_: What do you mean "disappear", anyway? Like, how do you know that they disappear?17:34
CheeryLee_So, when rootstock-ng finishes it's operations, I reboot the tablet. After it I got cycle reboot.17:34
CheeryLee_Through TWRP I can view the root folder17:35
peat-psuwitCheeryLee_: Hey hey hey, you shouldn't have TWRP. Flash "Ubuntu" recovery.17:36
CheeryLee_I was convinced that android folder doesn't create in root.17:36
CheeryLee_No, I use TWRP for file management17:37
peat-psuwitCheeryLee_: I think there's no problem with rootstock-touch-ng17:38
CheeryLee_Even if I use ubuntu recovery, the situation will not change17:38
CheeryLee_I have no /android folder in root.17:39
peat-psuwitCheeryLee_: Anyway, when you get a bootloop (that's the word), do you get Ubuntu word with 5 dots on the purple background?17:39
CheeryLee_No. I get Samsung logo. Nothing else.17:40
CheeryLee_It seems that the kernel does not see the ramdisk.17:41
peat-psuwitCheeryLee_: Create bootloop, go to recovery (Don't let phone power off), then run "cat /proc/last_kmsg" in recovery (any recovery will do).17:42
CheeryLee_Hmm. How can I turn to recovery without rebooting?17:42
CheeryLee_ADB doesn't work17:43
peat-psuwitCheeryLee_: Press recovery combo keys when the phone reboots.17:43
CheeryLee_I I have done it many times, but last_kmsg is absent17:46
CheeryLee_I have no it17:46
CheeryLee_Maybe my kernel doesn't want to be flashed? :D17:47
peat-psuwitCheeryLee_: I don't think so. Let me think....17:47
mariogripis the wiki down or is it just me?17:49
CheeryLeeNo. It works fine17:50
mariogriphumm, that's weird. it works with firefox...17:51
mariogripnot in chrome17:51
CheeryLeeHmm. I just tried the wiki in my Chrome and it works. Try to clean your cache.17:53
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What does your bootloop look like? Samsung logo appears, briefly disappear, then re-appear, all without your intervention. Is that right?17:54
CheeryLeeYes, it is17:54
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: BTW, what's your tablet's model?17:55
CheeryLeeGalaxy Note 10.1 N800017:56
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: When bootloop happen, try pressing only volume up and not pressing power button.17:59
CheeryLeeOK, i'm going to try now. Don't go leave please18:00
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Does it works?18:13
CheeryLeeRootstock-ng now. Still waiting18:13
CheeryLeeI completely forgot! When rootstock comes to 'adding android system image to installation' recovery blinking in second.18:18
CheeryLeeAnd process doesn't finish.18:19
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: That's strange. Could you try again?18:20
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What's on the terminal when it fails?18:21
CheeryLee'adding android system image to installation'18:21
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: And it goes to prompt?18:21
CheeryLeeNow I get that: 'Invalid sparse file format at header magi. Failed to read sparse file'18:22
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: run "file $OUT/system.img" and give me the result.18:23
CheeryLeeLinux rev 1.0 ext4 filesystem data, UUID=7737b09a-291e-a752-a883-f5e38364b952, volume name "SYSTEM" (extents) (large files)18:24
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: I see now why rootstock-touch-install doesn't work. Finding the way to solve.18:29
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Run "sed -i.bak 's#simg2img \$SYSIMG \$WORKDIR/system.img.raw#\0 || cp $SYSIMG $WORKDIR/system.img.raw#' rootstock-touch-install" in project-rootstock-ng directory18:39
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Then try running rootstock-touch-install again18:40
CheeryLeeStill this error18:48
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Does the flashing continue?18:49
CheeryLeeThe flashing process ended but I got bootloop18:49
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Then press volume up when bootloop happens18:50
CheeryLeeNothing happens when pressing18:50
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Did you hold it?18:50
CheeryLeeNow I check /system folder. It's empty.18:56
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: That's correct. System files sits in /data/ubuntu.img18:56
CheeryLeeHmm... I have only /data/media.18:57
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: The partition is probably not mounted.18:58
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Let's do some experiment. Run 'ls /dev/block/platform'18:58
CheeryLeeI get dw_mmc and s3c-sdhci.218:59
CheeryLeeMy partitions stores in /dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/18:59
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: OK, now 'ls /dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/boot'19:00
CheeryLeeThats what I get19:01
peat-psuwit'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/BOOT bs=16 count=1'19:01
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: reboot, wishing to get fastboot mode19:02
CheeryLeeMy device doesn't support fastboot. Only Heimdall and Odin.19:03
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Oh, how can I forget that?19:03
CheeryLeeSo, I need to reflash the kernel?19:04
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: I'm sorry. Re-flash boot.img19:05
CheeryLeeOk. It's done.19:05
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: I'm out of idea to help solving your problem. Sorry.19:07
CheeryLeeIt's sad. I had high hopes. :c19:09
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: BTW, do you have console=tty0 in your kernel cmdline?19:10
CheeryLeeAnd when compilation finishes I get the kernel which has a many 0 bites files.19:11
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What files?19:21
CheeryLeeIn initramfs.cpio.gz. In folder bin and sbin19:23
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: where?19:26
CheeryLeeboot.img contaims initramfs.cpio.gz and zImage, right?19:29
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Right.19:29
CheeryLeeSo, in initramfs.cpio.gz. In folder bin and sbin19:30
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Ok. Ther're probably symlinks to Busybox multi-call binary.19:31
CheeryLeeOh, sure. I did not take it into account19:32
CheeryLeeHow can I make sure that boot.img was flashed on my device?19:34
CheeryLeeI think it doesn't want to flash.19:35
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: How do you flash it, BTW? In recovery?19:36
CheeryLeeThrough Heimdall19:36
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Try 'md5sum /dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/BOOT' in recovery, and 'md5sum boot.img' on your computer.19:37
CheeryLeeIt's different19:38
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Then try flashing in recovery19:39
CheeryLeeHmm, but i have IMG, not ZIP19:40
CheeryLeeI need to create it myself?19:40
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: 'dd if=boot.img of=/dev/block/platform/dw_mmc/by-name/BOOT'19:40
CheeryLeeRun on computer or adb shell?19:41
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: adb shell, in recovery19:41
CheeryLeeNo space left on device19:43
CheeryLeeThats what i wrote19:44
CheeryLeeKernel contains the files that take up space19:45
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: that's strange.19:45
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: I think boot partition maybe really have not enough space to hold boot image.19:46
CheeryLeeHow can I extend it?19:47
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Maybe hiemdal can help. But I really don't know.19:47
CheeryLeeThat's strange. I just extracted initramfs.cpio.gz and got 7.2 MBytes.19:52
CheeryLeeSo, when i delete symlinks, the size decreases.19:54
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: I have to go now. See you again next time.19:59
CheeryLeeThanks for your reply! I will try to extend my boot partition.20:00
taiebotEh eh looks like the Mx5 pro will be a reality \o/ look what as landed 3 days ago online https://github.com/meizuosc/m57620:37
matv1taiebot well spotted!20:57
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