daftykins'allo sir00:26
daftykinsfunky patterns as usual? :)00:35
diddledanyeah, I had a 4hour nap from 8pm00:35
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foobarryAzelphur: seemed quite popular on a reddit thread i read the other day10:02
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:16
SuperEngineerHaving done a complete reinstal a couple of weeks ago I found the most annoying thing was redownloading all games from Steam.10:59
SuperEngineerWould it be safe/better/useable to shrink Ubuntu partion, create a Steam partition and download to that in future10:59
SuperEngineer[or is this better asked on the very quiet, seldom monitored #Ubuntu-Steam?]10:59
SuperEngineer... and, I wonder, would it be possible to move current downloaded games to that partition and point Steam at it now?11:01
SuperEngineer[asked on there anyway- busy reminding myself, "patience is a virtue" ;-)11:04
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* m0nkey_ tickles diddledan 15:27
AzelphurQuestion, how would I calculate actual usable space given a RAID5 array formatted in ext4?15:45
penguin42I think you have to split those as two separate questions16:03
mappsim in sevilla yay20:52
penguin42with oranges?20:52
mappsback to gib on monday;[20:52
mappsi pay for the mobile wifi20:54
mapps11 euros a day:)20:54
mappscant live without internet20:54
penguin42that's a lot, I think it only normally costs me 3-5e in Belgium or Germany when I've been there for a few days20:55
mappsi think its ok20:55
mappsbut hold up20:55
mappswe buy mobile wifi so we can use it on 2 devices20:55
yahyaI have a 4gb usb stick which is encrypted that I am trying to access, I know the passphrase and I believe it was LUKS encrypted. I recently cleaned out my laptop and installed fresh ubuntu desktop version on my laptop. I have been having trouble accessing my usb stick ever since.20:56
mappsi already pay roaming:P20:56
mappsi pau £25 for 1gb data roaming20:56
mappsand when i cross into spain it doent work..itsper country20:56
yahyathe pastebin shows the error message20:57
yahyaI have installed lvm2 but still get same error. can anyone help?20:58
penguin42mapps: I'm on t-mobile, PAYG - when I switch on after landing I get a 'you're abroad - select one of these links' and it charges me 3/5e for I think 100MB for one day20:59
penguin42mapps: not a vast amount, but enough to keep me sane in between finding wifi I can leach off20:59
mappsi live abroad though penguin42:)21:00
mappsim with ee as i get free calls to eu..so free calls to spain/gib/uk - mos numbers in gib21:00
mappsso  it works ok for me..i see people have to topup in spain and gib21:02
mappsi dont:P21:02
mappsi go to czech and same all calls free21:02

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