shakes808Morning everyone.  I am redoing my server and want to know what "Publishing applications" is in the software to install section.16:49
dzhoshakes808: on 14.04, I think that would be  agave, font-manager, fontforge, gimp, gimp-data-extras, gimp-gap, gimp-plugin-registry, gimp-ufraw, musescore, openclipart-svg, scribus17:36
dzhowhich are the recommends from ubuntustudio-publishing17:36
dzhothis is based on tasksel17:36
shakes808dzho: Thank you.  I actually just got that same answer in the ubuntu server chat.  Was just about to echo back in here.17:38
shakes808this is what they sent me: http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/ubuntustudio-publishing17:39
dzhothe way I dug that up was to install tasksel, and then17:39
dzhotasksel --list-tasks17:39
dzhoand I saw the package, and so did17:39
shakes808after my install finishes, I will try that17:39
dzhoapt-cache show ubuntustudio-publishing17:39
dzhoin general, if in doubt, leave it out, because you can always install it later17:40
dzhofor values of "always" that assume you have a decent network connection17:40
shakes808yeah, that is what one of the other people said :)17:40
dzhowe don't aspire to hivemind, but sometimes it happens :-)17:41
dzhoit's interesting they don't include dia in there17:41
dzhoand musescore is a funny choice for publishing in general, since it's specifically about music notation17:43
dzhofits in a "music studio" sense but less so in a "graphic design studio" sense17:43
dzhooh, another big one missing!17:44
dzhoapt-get install gimp scribus inkscape dia17:53
* dzho may look into what those other packages offer at some point17:53
shakes808hmmm.  install finished and now it won't boot  :(17:58
shakes808i can get into the bios18:01
dzhois it in fact a bios machine or is an efi machine?18:02
dzhohow new, etc18:02
shakes808the computer is an old DELL 330.  I had Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on this which I just upgraded from the last LTS.  I think something happened to it, because my user wasn't part of sudoer and I couldn't get into ROOT.  So I just went ahead and installed 15.10 on it.  and not it gets past the initial DELL boot screen but then blank.18:04
shakes808I tried to SSH into it and nothing as well.18:04
shakes808 :(18:05
shakes808maybe too old for 15.10?18:07
shakes808seeing if the usb boots up18:08
shakes808yes :(18:09
dzhooptiplex 33018:09
dzhowith intel core 2 duo18:09
dzhoif that's it, shouldn't be a problem18:09
dzhothe only age-related problem I know about with regard to hardware has been with machines that didn't support PAE well18:10
dzhoand that has to do with hardware much older than core 218:10
shakes808right?! That is what I thought.  :( going to reinstall it18:11
shakes808i am thinking that 15.10 can't be run on my hardware.  going back to 14.0418:54
shakes80814.04 works :) just need to get everything else updated.  thank you for your assistance today dzho20:58

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