RoadRunnerright, after running pycharm.sh from the bin subdirectory, system reported "Cannot run PyCharm. No JDK found"00:06
knomedid you follow their guide on setting it up?00:07
slickymasteryou need JDK in order to run PyCharm, RoadRunner00:07
RoadRunnerdidn't get to set up00:07
RoadRunnerthey say "Oracle JRE 1.6+ or OpenJDK 1.7+" neither of those is a part of xubuntu's default install?00:08
slickymasterno, but you can get OpenJDK from the USC, R00:09
slickymasterRoadRunner ^^00:09
RoadRunnerso out of the above two packages, I should get  OpneJDK and not oracle?00:10
slickymasterthat's a matter of choice really, RoadRunner00:10
RoadRunnerwell, "open" sounds like open source, so I'll go with that :)00:11
RoadRunnersuccess! works like a charm (yes, pun intended :) thank's for everyone's help!00:42
RoadRunneron a diff note, PyCharm is reporting detecting a diff app in my home folder: "Unregistered VCS root detected00:46
RoadRunnerThe directory /home/frosty/skype4pidgin is under Git, but is not registered in the Settings. Add root  Configure  Ignore".  What's a VCS root?00:46
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armanhey can someone help me with mouse and keyboard issues. My mouse seems to be going in and out of use (sometimes clicks do and dont work)04:08
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arman_hey can someone help me with mouse and keyboard issues. My mouse seems to be going in and out of use (sometimes clicks do and dont work)04:23
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ww58e2what file or command is the keyboard layout plugin using to monitor the current active language in use04:59
nextitronhey are there humans awake here?05:53
nextitronah hello!05:58
nextitronim wondering why whenever i try to put a new os image on usb; dd works fine, but it doesnt boot05:58
nextitronjust stays in black screen; and in present os it shows up as read-only05:59
ww58e2dd bs=4M if=/path/to/image.iso of=/dev/sdx status=progress && sync06:00
nextitronwhoa, i havent seen that yet06:00
ww58e2or boot order in pc bios/efi/whatever06:01
nextitronwhat is the <bs=4M> and <&& sync>06:01
ww58e2google it06:01
nextitronyeah, i have it set to make sure usb boots first06:01
nextitronweird thing is, old crunchbang stick boots06:01
ww58e2idk man06:01
nextitronwell thats helpful already thanks06:02
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xubuntu61whello to the community10:53
xubuntu61wi did a fresh install of xubuntu LTS10:55
xubuntu61wafter the updates installed i can see i have the 3.13.0-77-generic kernel...10:55
xubuntu61wthere is one question on this or two:10:55
xubuntu61w1) i saw on the net that there is the something kernel us an update for ubuntu mate....10:56
xubuntu61w2) even some guys updated through the terminal to the 4.2 kernel....10:56
xubuntu61wwhat should i do?10:57
xubuntu36wthe connection trow me out somehow....11:05
xubuntu36whello to the community, i just did a fresh install of xubuntu LTS, after the updates installed i can see i have the 3.13.0-77-generic kernel... [12:55] <xubuntu61w> i have 2 question on this: 1) i saw on the net that there is the something kernel us an update for ubuntu mate.... , 2) even some guys updated through the terminal to the 4.2 kernel....11:07
xubuntu36wwhat should i do11:07
brainwashxubuntu36w: I think that you are looking for this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack11:13
suprnaut1Hi Everyone!12:25
suprnaut1I changed my UID to 501 for mac file sharing, and all is fine, except for now my user doesn't show on the login screen.  I have edit both the UID_MIN and GID_MIN in /etc/login.defs to 500, but still I am having no luck.  Is there something I missed?12:26
knomesuprnaut1, yes, that fact that you shouldn't change your UID to browse shares12:39
brainwashsuprnaut1: bug 130051412:42
ubottubug 1300514 in accountsservice (Ubuntu Trusty) "Account with UID 501 disappeared after update" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130051412:42
knomehello brainwash12:43
brainwashhi knome12:44
suprnaut1is there a fix for it?12:46
exio4have had issues with the hardware buttons of a touchpad, they weren't working yet tap-to-click and movement does work, any ideas? most stuff I find deals with the opposite problem14:22
GeekDudeI logged onto my computer today and the Whisker Menu icon was different. Looking at the whisker menu itself, the search bar was also moved around and a "Switch Users" button was added16:54
GeekDudeIt's a simple enough change to put the icon back to how it was before, but I'm baffled at how to move the search bar back16:55
GeekDudeah, here it is16:55
GeekDude"Position search entry next to panel button"16:55
xubuntu36ohi,I need help17:14
xubuntu36oi cant change resolution on Oracle VM Virtualbox 517:15
xubuntu32wI am installing xubuntu 12.? on my laptop. It is the latest supported version. Why is the installer stuck at''detecting file systems''18:48
xubuntu32wit is 12.0418:49
krytarikxubuntu32w: http://xubuntu.org/news/xubuntu-12-04-end-of-life/ - and what do you mean by "latest"?18:54
xubuntu069is anyone here?18:55
codydhHello! Wondering if anyone has had the experience of Dropbox on Xubuntu not having an icon in the system tray, just a black square with a red "do not enter" sign over it?20:59
GeekDudecodydh, what icon theme are you using?21:05
GeekDudeDoes the red "do not enter" sign still function?21:05
GeekDudethat is, does it give you a dropbox context menu when clicked21:06
codydhI'm using the default in Xubuntu, this is a fresh install. The icon showed up initially but now does not21:07
codydhAnd I cannot even tell what the icon is, it does not appear to be dropbox, and when I click it I get nothing21:07
codydhRight clicking it tells me it's "Indicator Icon"21:07
GeekDudeIs it in the Indicator Plugin or in the Notification Area?21:09
codydhI guess I don't actually know21:09
codydhStarting from the top right, I have time, volume, envelope (messaging), network, and then this new icon that does nothing.21:10
GeekDudeIf you open up the panel settings (right click in a blank area of the task bar) and go to the items tab, then move the notification area and indicator plugin around21:10
GeekDudeif it sticks with the notification area, it's in the notification area21:10
GeekDudevice versa with the indicator plugin21:10
codydhIt's definitely part of Indicator21:10
GeekDudeok. My dropbox icon is in the notification area21:10
codydhAh OK. So it may not be that at all.21:11
GeekDudeDo you get any kind of message when hovering over the icon21:11
GeekDudeor when left or right clicking it21:11
codydhNo. It looks like it tries, but I just get a 1px-high line underneath the icon when I click it regularly.21:11
codydhRight click gives me properties for the indicator area.21:11
GeekDudeIf you go into the indicator plugin properties, do you see the same icon in the "Knwon Indicators" section?21:12
codydhNope, in there I only see "Application Indicators," Messagin Menu, Sound Menu, and Power Management.21:12
GeekDudeIf you hide the application indicaitors does it go away?21:13
GeekDudeI suppose you'd need to restart the panel21:13
GeekDudeWhich would mean logging out and back in (generally)21:13
codydhOk, I can give it a shot unless I can just restart a process21:13
GeekDudeI'm not sure21:14
codydhI actually can't even check the Hidden box for Application Indicators21:14
codydhRemoving .dropbox-dist may have fixed it21:19
codydhBut I will verify21:19
codydhGeekDude, Well, not sure exactly what that did, but it's fixed now. Thanks for your help!21:23
GeekDudeGlad to hear it's working21:23
codydhYep. New to Xubuntu but liking it so far21:24
xubuntu00wI'm a noob to linux. I've downloaded adobe flash but can't get it to run.21:47
GeekDudexubuntu00w, Didn't adobe drop flash for linux a while back? Last I checked the only vendor officially supporting flash on linux is Google's PepperFlash built into Chrome21:51
xubuntu00wI saw that but I'm using chrome and its not working. I think its on the 32 bit version and I'm 6421:52
GeekDudeDoes this page's flash applets load for you?21:53
GeekDudeThere should be an animated banner at the top, and then a "Version Information" applet21:53
xubuntu00wplugin not supported21:55
GeekDudeIf you go to chrome://help what version of chrome does it say you are using?21:57
xubuntu00wVersion 48.0.2564.82 Ubuntu 14.04 (64-bit)21:59
GeekDudeInteresting. Mine doesn't include the "Ubuntu 14.04", though it might be worth noting that I'm on 15.1021:59
GeekDudeI have to go now, best of luck22:00
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