nagyzjamespage, how can I add more ceph-osd units after I already deployed it? add-unit doesn't take any constraint (and would need a machine to be specified)20:27
rick_h___nagyz: you can use the --to flag with add-unit. Check out juju help add-unit21:01
jamespagenagyz, add-unit --to would work21:07
jamespagelike rick_h__ said :-)21:07
nagyz--to tells it which machine to deploy to but that's not exactly what I want, right?21:15
nagyzanyways, if I just call add-unit it seems to honor the tags that was originally used with deploy21:16
nagyzI actually wanted it to grab new machines, just from the ones available with the tags I specified21:16
nagyzjamespage, there is also something broken with the ceph-osd charm - I've opened a bug for it.21:16
marcoceppinagyz: so constraints are applied to a service, so it'll remember those constraints even with add-unit21:58
marcoceppinagyz: if you wnated to do something /other/ than those constraints, you would need to `juju add-machine --constraints <..>` then `juju add-unit --to <new-machine-#>`21:59
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