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newk_hi, i'm having trouble getting a fully dark theme in lubuntu 14.04.  some parts remain having a white background even tho i changed gtk and qt themes to dark with light text themes04:00
newk_anyone can help me with that?04:01
RiccardoHi guys, can you help me please? My printer HP Laserjet P1102 is not recognised by Lubuntu. What can I do?? I have read many guides but I'm lost...11:10
a-masterThe next LTS Lubuntu should be released before June?18:06
redwolfa-master, we expect that release on 21 April 201618:07
a-masterNice :)18:08
a-masterSo it should be 16.04 ?18:08
a-masterThe current LTS is supported until 2019 and the next one extends the period up to 2020s ?18:16
redwolfLubuntu 16.04 will bu supported for 3 years, until April 201918:17
redwolf*will be :D18:18
a-masterAaah okey18:19
a-masterI saw the chart somewhere on the website saying the same thing. I just wanted to make sure :)18:19
redwolfhere's the "official" information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/GetLubuntu/LTS18:20
redwolfas you can see, our really true first LTS will be 16.0418:20
redwolf14.04 was LTS only for core purposes (as Ubuntu was) but not the desktop18:21
a-masterOh yes that's the chart I was referring to18:22
redwolfwell, it's fine.18:22
redwolffrom 2016 to 201918:23
a-masterMy parents have been more than happy with 14.04 LTS. They were more than surprised how well their former Windows 7 laptop got useful after reinstall :)18:27
redwolfand faster, I guess! :)18:27
a-masterYeah a hell lot of faster18:28
redwolfgood boy! :D18:28
a-masterThe only problem seem to have is to connect phones via Bluetooth in order to transfer pictures18:29
a-masterMaybe I will check that one day18:29
redwolfthere's a bluetooth connect utility in the Lubuntu Software Center, related to Gnome, that you could use18:30
redwolfor simply install BlueMan. it's a great BT handler18:30
a-masterI don't trust upgrades. I will backup everything important and make a clean install once the 16.40 LTS is out :)18:34
redwolfyes, we always recommend backing up your systems before installing a major update18:35
redwolfI do a backup myself every week18:35
a-masterYou make snapshots every week?18:36
redwolfan incremental backup with grsync18:36
redwolfand I store everything in an external disk. just in case! :D18:37
a-masterYeah it's always a good idea to backup the most important things to external medias18:38
redwolfand to the cloud too18:38
calimero_82hi guys22:39
calimero_82there are many differences between lubu 14.04 and 15.10? thanks22:40
redwolfcalimero_82, there're several22:41
redwolfthese are the release notes on 14.04: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu22:41
redwolfand these for 15.10: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes/Lubuntu22:41
calimero_82thanks redwolf22:42
redwolfyou're welcome, calimero_82 :)22:43
redwolfthe biggest difference is the language system, and of course the kernel22:43
calimero_82if you were to recommend to a new one, which would you recommend? thank you22:43
calimero_82i've lubu 15.1022:44
redwolfI'm with 15.10 and it's pretty stable22:44
redwolfalso, having a new kernel means your devices have a better support22:44
redwolfand we fixed lots of bugs22:45
redwolfof course, 14.04.2 is still being fixed, as long as you install your upgrades22:45
calimero_82isn't arrived in 14.04.322:46
redwolfyes, sorry. that's the latest one22:48
calimero_82in april will be 16.04, You should then update it or wait to see how will be the 16:04?22:51
calimero_82i'll install it maybe in may, so i can see if there are bugs in that month, it's a good idea?23:04
redwolfyes, it's a good idea :)23:06
redwolfbetter use stable systems. anyway, 16.04 will be an LTS, so it will have a better support23:06

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