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mupBug #1542761 opened: MAAS will not import images and there is no error as to why <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1542761>02:36
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nagyzhaasn, RAID needs 1.9 AFAIK20:28
haasnnagyz: yeah saw that as well after upgrading to 1.920:28
nagyzno idea about the virsh stuff but if it's a bug then go ahead and open it20:29
nagyzah reading back I see you've found it :)20:29
haasnmaas update from 1.8 to 1.9 made the entire subnet unreachable21:59
haasnbecause while in the past it would default to using the external DHCP addresses when assigning web servers, it now defaults to “auto assign” which means the first vm I deployed ended up as X.X.X.1, which is the same address as my gateway22:00
haasnthat was a “fun” bug to track down22:00
haasnit would be great if I could reverse this behavior without having to “upgrade” back to 1.822:00
haasns/when assigning web servers/when deploying nodes/22:00
haasnor even better: get the IP that was offered via DHCP during the commissioning phase, and then use that as a static IP22:08
haasnthat would be the best-of-all worlds solution22:08
haasnAlso, the default should be configurable rather than “auto assign”22:08
haasnOr even better: if no network range is configured for the cluster controller, the “auto assign” options shouldn't even be *available*22:10
haasnIt *can't* reasonably auto-assign an address if the cluster controller is unavailable22:11
haasnI mean if the network range is unavailable22:11

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