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LopeI've setup ubuntu-server 16.04 on a VM with a bridged NIC. I've given the NIC a public IP. It can ping any public IP address and get replies. IPTABLES aren't blocking anything. It has nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf. I've tried and as well as the nameservers from my ISP, but when I `dig google.com` I get status NOERROR. ANSWER:0. ADDITIONAL:1. Warning: Recursion requested byt not available. When I run the same query on the host I don't get th01:27
Lopee warning about recursion, instead I get 1 answer, which contains an A record (IP address). Any ideas?01:27
Lopeanyone know why my DNS lookups work on my host, but not on my guest? The guest is ubuntu 16.04 with a virtIO NIC bridged to the host's NIC. The guest has a public IP and can ping anywhere, but DNS is not working. I've tried setting MTU to 1000 so I've ruled that out as a potential problem. Any ideas? http://i.imgur.com/UZal8Ik.png01:58
PryMar56Lope the bridge is on the host? Why would the guest have a bridge?02:06
LopePryMar56: yes, the bridge is on the host.02:12
penguin42Lope: can you ping the host at all?02:14
Lopepenguin42: Yes, the guest has a public IP and it can ping the host's public IP as well as any public IP on the internet.02:17
penguin42Lope: and what machine runs the DNS?02:18
LopeI don't have any DNS servers. I use either or my ISP's DNS servers.02:19
penguin42ok, so the guest is picking up an IP address from your router like the host ?02:20
LopeNo I've given it a static public IP.02:37
PryMar56Lope sounds like hezner? check their user docs02:44
Lopewhat sounds like hetzner?02:45
PryMar56you have a typical datacenter network setup02:45
LopeYeah, I'd hope so :)02:45
Lopebut it's not working. I've emailed my ISP cos neither I nor anyone I've asked can figure it out.02:46
lotuspsychjeLope: sounds more like a network issue then a 16.04 one no?02:51
lotuspsychjeLope: maybe #vbox or ##networking can sort you out of this?02:52
Lopelotuspsychje: Yeh, the ##networking people were not able to help. The #ubuntu people refused to even read my question past 16.04. So I'll just wait to hear back from my ISP.02:56
sabgentonAny chance Xenial Xerus  will have another version bump of the kernel before release?06:00
sabgentonnever mind06:05
lordievaderGood morning.10:32
BluesKajHiyas all12:06
TurdleHeadAnyone running enlightenment e20 in xenial? I noticed their ppa has no support for ubuntu+113:14
lotuspsychje!info e17 xenial13:23
ubottue17 (source: e17): Enlightenment DR17 Window Manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.17.6-1 (xenial), package size 1671 kB, installed size 6383 kB13:23
DaekdroomThat's a little outdated.13:42
DaekdroomJust a little.13:42
MountainXKubuntu 16.04 installer is still crashing. Any workaround?20:33
ChibaPetMountainX: Server install and add the packages from there?20:42
MountainXChibaPet: OK, that's something I have not tried yet. Thanks21:19
ChibaPetMountainX: It's what I tend to do. You'll end up with the same packages.21:19
ChibaPetMountainX: It's also the only way to get things like LUKS sitting on RAID out of the box.21:21
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Oderushi, having trouble updating.. here's the output, i'm already using 16.04 but i cant seem to update. thanks! http://paste.ubuntu.com/14988306/21:50
ChibaPetOderus: There's likely a cleaner mechanism, but if I were looking at that I'd be tempted to yank out plymouth.21:54
ChibaPetor shim in the right sort of file for the missing one21:55
OderusChibaPet: i thought about that.. problem is I also have a broken linux image i cant seem to repair or remove as well21:55
ChibaPetIsn't that failing because of the plymouth image it's not finding?21:56
Oderusi don't think so? i can try uninstalling plymouth21:56
ChibaPetOderus: Before you do that...21:56
ChibaPetdpkg -S /usr/share/plymouth/themes/mythbuntu-logo/mythbuntu-logo.plymouth21:57
ChibaPetor maybe more accurately: /usr/share/plymouth/themes/mythbuntu-logo21:57
ChibaPetjust in case it's not plymouth itself that's missing bits21:57
Oderusnope it says pattern not found, for both of those.21:58
ChibaPetAlright. Note that you could break things worse, but if it were me, the plymouth hooks in the initramfs-tools are what are breaking. Remove them and they won't be there to break.21:58
ChibaPetOR find the right sort of file and put in where it's looking, there.21:58
ChibaPetas a stopgap21:59
Oderusyeah seems kinda rough to uninstall plymouth.. ill try that secondary option first21:59
ChibaPetIt should get you further.21:59
Oderusthat.. actually seemed to work22:04
ChibaPetYou seem surprised.22:04
ChibaPetYou pasted the error messages.22:05
Oderusno clue why it wants mythbuntu logo, i've never used that before xD. Yeah i am a little, i thought the issue lied in a bad linux image x.x22:05
ChibaPetThe error messages weren't lying to you.22:05
Oderusi mean, thats where i thought the issue was.22:12
ChibaPetLook at the error you pasted. First bit that went bad was the sed line, which said where it was having problems. Then you cascade up the chain noting failure, but that first one was the root.22:13
ChibaPetThere could have been other problems too, but that was the one that broke it on that run.22:13
Oderusohh ok. i thought it was seperate errors. that makes sense.22:13
ChibaPetAh, I see. Yeah, all the same chain.22:13
Oderusin any case I am glad you were around to ask! Thank you, saved me much time22:14
ChibaPetHappy to help.22:14
ChibaPetI'm struggling through something similar right now, as it turns out.22:14

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