Kiloshellooo africa05:30
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d3r1ckHappy Sunday everyone :)13:05
Kiloselacheche you here?18:26
Kiloseveing everyone, nearly bed time18:26
elachecheHey Kilos18:29
Kiloshaha hi there18:29
elachecheHow can I help Kilos ?18:29
Kilosim looking how you sort expired members but dont see how18:29
Kilosi see bartoc just expired so thought i would look at how to do it18:30
d3r1ckHey everyone :018:30
d3r1ck* :)18:30
Kiloshi d3r1ck18:30
d3r1ckHello Kilos whats up?18:31
Kilosjust messing around and trying to build up the courage to kill my dual boot with win7 on this laptop18:31
Kilosim scared to mess up my kubuntu18:32
elachecheKilos: in the LP group, click on members, on the top you'll have the list of actual members, go to the end of that list, and you'll find an other list with expired ones18:32
Kilosoh ty elacheche18:32
Kilosyou mean the all members button hey18:34
Kilosdont leave stuff out18:34
Kiloshows things up there lad18:34
Kiloshehe i renewed bartoc, hope he wanted that18:37
Kilosill just say i needed the practis18:40
d3r1ckKilos: you mean practice?18:41
Kilosoh yeah18:41
Kilosi get forgetfull at times18:42
Kilosty for the help18:42
Kilosthats why i surround myself with young people, they can do the thinking for me18:43
Kilosask cheche ive had him working for a year already18:44
elachecheKilos: did that guy ask for a renewal? Because we don't renew people if they don't ask for it :)18:45
Kilosno i was practiing18:45
Kilosif he moans ill kill him18:46
elacheche:D :D :D18:46
elachecheIf you told me I would not renew my membership and let you do it :p18:46
Kilosi would have still needed your help18:47
Kilosanswering via email link is much easier18:47
Kilosi fell like mailing all the expired members and asking them to please explain18:48
Kiloshi Na3iL18:49
Na3iLHello Kilos how are you?18:50
Kilosgood ty and you?18:51
d3r1ckKilos: Nice18:51
Kilosi go sleep when you guys wake up18:51
Kilosa matter of interest18:52
Na3iLI am fine as well Kilos ty18:53
Kiloswhile browsing the other day i found an app whereby you can install any ubuntu package from any release in any othe ubuntu18:53
Kilosnow ive lost it18:53
Na3iLis it synaptic Kilos ?18:54
Kilossmall name thing built by a private guy i think18:55
Na3iLAh, so no idea about it18:55
Kilosi use synaptic in my kubuntu, but it only does release related installs18:56
Kilosill try find it18:56
Kilosmaybe was even a link in a mail18:56
Kiloseeek i even have 900 deleted mails in trash19:01
Kilossleep tight africa. see you tomorrow19:10

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