ubot5`The LoCo Council is coolbhavi, PabloRubianes, nhaines, wxl, svij, and lunapersa - they are here to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com03:41
tsimonq2ignore the ping please03:41
tsimonq2thank you03:41
tsimonq2mhall119: hey, there are a few issues with loco.ubuntu.com that I want to make sure you knew about because you are on ~ltp-devs04:18
tsimonq2mhall119: first of all, http://loco.ubuntu.com/ is revision 681 when the revision on Launchpad is 682. And this is a little bit weird because that last commit was from August 2014. :)04:19
wxlmhall119: for that matter, we have two loco council members that are awaiting membership to devs so we can push changes.04:20
tsimonq2mhall119: also, INSTALL is outdated, because I can't get the dev environment set up04:20
tsimonq2mhall119: but once those two issues are fixed, I can start development on the tracker, so these are holding me back :)04:21
tsimonq2mhall119: I'll file bugs on Launchpad so this can be recorded :)04:21
wxltsimonq2: well, what we need is more people that can actually merge, too. i've got one commit that's been waiting forever for a review04:22
tsimonq2wxl: I saw that :)04:22
tsimonq2s/tracker/LoCo portal/04:23
tsimonq2getting my terminology mixed up, been in QA tracker mode XD04:23
tsimonq2mhall119: there are *103* bugs that I would like to start sorting through :)04:24
tsimonq2wxl, mhall119: bug 154277404:28
ubot5`bug 1542774 in LoCo Team Portal "Unable to set up development environment due to outdated Makefile" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154277404:28
tsimonq2wxl: could you confirm and put a "Me too" please?04:31
wxltsimonq2: working on it04:31
tsimonq2wxl: thank you :)04:32
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mhall119tsimonq2: wxl: join #ubuntu-website and ping daker on discussions involving loco.ubuntu.com23:01
tsimonq2okay, thank you mhall119 23:05

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