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tewardfor a Debian maintainer of a specific Universe package, do they have to apply for upload rights for that package like anyone else would, or is there a different process for it?02:01
teward(to be able to push Ubuntu-specific deltas into the in-development release)02:01
* teward is asking as a proxy between the individual and the knowledgeable ones02:01
cody-somervilleteward: If things are still the same as when I served on the Developer Membership Board, the answer is yes but that we'd included in our consideration the fact that they're the maintainer in Debian. We'd basically ensure they had read over the related Ubuntu policies where applicable and knew how to ask for help if they needed it.04:41
tewardcody-somerville: indeed.  unless things have changed then I'll point them that way - though they did barrage me with questions yesterday regarding policies (proposed migrations, getting an update in to accommodate for an Ubuntu-specific build dependency, etc.)14:30
tewardso they're not alone in the process either way heh14:30

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