briewebI am not getting the directory information from schedules direct23:30
briewebor, it seems23:30
briewebI looked at the news page and it says "sers that have enabled the MythTV Updates repo and are on a current version of MythTV" will get the update23:30
brieweb"users that have enabled..."23:30
briewebis this under the "Software and Updates"?23:31
briewebI installed 14.04.2 64 bit23:32
briewebHmm, I found the Mythbuntu Control Center23:37
brieweblooks like this is it23:37
briewebI installed the .27 ppa I found on the net23:37
briewebI am not sure what this did to my install23:37
briewebmight reinstall23:37

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