tewardso, if all I did is edit the UWN to add a mini summary of my one blog post which got picked up as it was on Planet, should I add myself to the contributors list or leave myself off?03:31
teward(thanks, tsimonq2, for the poke regarding my blog item getting picked up in the UWN)03:31
tsimonq2teward: I'd say yes because it still is contributing to the document, less for others to have to do :)03:32
tewarddone :P03:33
tewardif it's otherwise a "no" edit me out03:33
* teward goes back to poking packages03:34
=== toddyhb is now known as toddy
* PaulW2U_ counts 18 summaries still needing writing18:01
pleia2it's a big issue, we'll skip blogosphere summaries again21:31
pleia2jose: think you can pitch in with the article that's in spanish?21:34
pleia2so, still 11 summaries needed (incl the one in spanish) if anyone has some time today21:39
josepleia2: ok, all set. got home yesterday after midnight and just opened my PC. phone didn't want to open the doc, but we're all set!21:44
pleia2jose: busy busy :)21:46
pleia2thank you21:46
josenp, will see if I can write something else before a friend comes over here21:47

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