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rwwchu: thinking it's PM spammer dude too?07:25
rwwOERIAS: is there something we can help you with?07:25
churww: Yep.07:26
rwwi figure we're probably not both wrong07:26
rww@comment 71201 pm spammer idiot, 7d07:30
ubottuComment added. 71201 will be removed after 1 week.07:30
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valorieI would appreciate a new neon factoid, because the old one is hugely out-of-date09:48
valorienot sure what it should say, though09:48
ubottuProject Neon provides set of daily builds of KDE and releated modules | See https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/ProjectNeon | More support in #project-neon09:48
valoriegads, even bad spelling09:48
k1l_hmm, but isnt that what project neon is? except its non-ubuntu-community now?09:49
valorieperhaps: KDE neon questions should go to #kde-neon09:49
valoriethere is no #project-neon09:49
k1l_ah ok.09:50
valorieand the old page is only there for history09:50
valoriewe're starting to get support requests in #kubuntu and we simply cannot do that support09:51
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