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patdk-lapanyone have a clue with grub + uefi + luks :)01:22
patdk-lapworks great on non-uefi boot, but I get a blank grub config when booting uefi :(01:23
srulihas anyone uses ssl from letsencrypt? trying to get it working on my impad05:01
PryMar56recent do-release-upgrade of Vivid to Wily 15.10. If I set busybox=n in /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf, then remake ramfs, reboot, it fails saying that no init candidate is found06:28
PryMar56adding init=/lib/systemd/systemd to cmdline is no help06:29
PryMar56its a known problem, so I left busybox=y06:30
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lordievaderGood morning.10:32
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irreleph4ntHi all. Have you ever tried setting up OpenChange + SOGo on server 15.10?11:47
KimseAnybody here ever tried to use automount inside a NAT'd LXC container to mount home directories shared via NFS?14:26
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maza|2can i redirect www.yahoo.com to www.yahoo.com/one/two/three.php over my own dns server + apache?16:05
bekksWhats the actual goal behind that?16:05
maza|2referal link16:06
bekksAh, user annoyance :P16:07
lordievaderPerhaps you can do something like that with the squid proxy?16:09
bekkssquid doesnt rewrite.16:09
bekksyou could point yahoo.com to your own webserver, make it listen to yahoo.com, and just use modrewrite16:10
maza|2bekks: dns server forward yahoo.com to (my apache+bind host), then "Redirect / www.yahoo.com/one/two/three.php" by apache. But this link never open, because yahoo.com is still, and there is no other pages16:19
bekksdns servers do not forward.16:19
bekksyou need to configure YOUR dns server for pointing to YOUR apache server when accessing yahoo.com16:20
bekksThen, you need to create the rewrite rule, and obviously you need to configure your clients to use your dns server instead of another one.16:21
bekksmaza|2: KEep it in the channel please, not in an unasked query.16:25
bekksmaza|2: Keep it in here.16:26
bekksmaza|2: Three time and you are out. *plonk*16:27
patdk-lapheh? squid rewrites16:39
patdk-lapdo it consistantly16:40
lordievaderpatdk-lap: Can it solve the aforementioned problem?16:54
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irreleph4ntHi all. Any idea why RSAT does not pick up my DHCP server? Runs just fine, though.20:10
fgjuutpfgHello, I was hoping someone could help me out with a networking issue20:12
fgjuutpfgI'm using ubuntu 14.04 LTS on two machines, one of which (machine 1) is connected to the internet via wifi. The other machine (machine 2) is connected to the internet through machine 1's wifi connection, using ethernet. My issue is that when I log into my router, machine 2 does not show up under "connected devices", so I am unable to access its LAN ip20:14
guntbertfgjuutpfg: does 2 get its IP-address via DHCP from the wifi router?21:31
fgjuutpfgguntbert, no, it seems to be getting it from 122:37
fgjuutpfgit's like 10.34.... whereas the others on the lan are 192.168.0.*22:37
fgjuutpfgbut 2 seems to be getting some resolving from the router22:37
fgjuutpfgbecause i can address other machines in the LAN from 2 via their LAN address22:38

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