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lotuspsychjecould this be interesting for the topic? http://www.ubuntu.com/tablet01:39
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n1ckyI'm noticing a lot of curl 404's when running my initial phablet-dev-bootstrap, is that safe to ignore?03:26
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CheeryLeeIf I remove symlinks in my kernel, is it start?15:30
CheeryLeeAnybody answer me?16:18
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What symlink? In boot.img's initramfs?16:28
CheeryLeeI know why my kernel doesn't start. I have no /android directory in root and android-ramdisk.img.16:39
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: What root? You mean system.img?16:45
CheeryLeeI mean /16:45
CheeryLeeThe root of whole files on device16:45
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: "/" has no meaning without context. Anything can be "/" (think multiple OSes installed on the same machine)16:46
CheeryLeeIt is place that contains boot, cache, sys, system folders etc.16:47
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: How do you discover that? In recovery?16:47
CheeryLeeFor example, Meizu MX4 Ubuntu has android folder in root.16:48
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: I don't think thats where it should be. run 'mount /data' and see if there's /data/ubuntu.img16:51
CheeryLeeNot found.16:56
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: what's in /data?16:59
CheeryLeeAndroid files17:00
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: That's strange. Are there any of android-data, system-data or user-data in /data?17:04
CheeryLeeHard to say... For example, there is dalvik-cache folder.17:06
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: So there's not those 3 dirs and ubuntu.img, right? Then I think there's problem with flasing process.17:08
CheeryLeeYep. There are only Android folders.17:09
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: use TWRP to "format" data partition, and then try using rootstock-touch-install again.17:10
aLeSD_hi all17:12
aLeSD_are there differences between ubuntu qml and qt qml ?17:12
dobeyqml itself? no. there is ubuntu-ui-toolkit however, and some qtquick modules are not installed on the phone17:13
aLeSD_dobey, so ... if I develop in qt quick ... I can deploy the app into ubuntu-touch ?17:16
dobeyaLeSD_: depends on how few APIs you use.17:17
aLeSD_dobey, what do you mean ?17:17
dobeyaLeSD_: as i said, all of qtquick is not installed on the phone. ubuntu-ui-toolkit is the supported way to create UI for a phone app17:18
dobeyaLeSD_: if you want to use extra things, you may need to ship modules yourself in your app's package17:18
dobeyalso, there is #ubuntu-app-devel for questions like this :)17:19
aLeSD_ah ... ok . Tahnks17:19
CheeryLeepeat-psuwit: Now I have system.img in /data. Whats next?17:45
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: 'mkdir /cache/system' then 'mount -o loop /data/system.img /cache/system/'17:48
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: See if there's /cache/system/boot/android-ramdisk.img17:49
CheeryLeeNo, I have no it.17:50
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Err, sorry. /cache/system/var/lib/lxc/android/system.img ?17:52
CheeryLeeYes, I have it.17:52
CheeryLeeMaybe I need to add android-ramdisk.img into system.img?17:53
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: No no no. I misremember the location.17:53
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: run 'mkdir /cache/android-system' then 'mount -o loop /cache/system/var/lib/lxc/android/system.img /cache/android-system'17:54
CheeryLeeYes, in /cache/android-system/boot I have ramdisk17:56
mimecargood evening17:59
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Then I guessed the problem is withing boot.img. Out of idea how to debug if you can't get into recovery right after bootloop without holding power button.18:19
CheeryLeeBut recovery working.18:21
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: It's something in initramfs, or the init.18:23
CheeryLeeMaybe some flags in config script are wrong?18:23
CheeryLeeInit in initramfs or android-ramdisk.img?18:24
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: I mean init in /data/system.img (upstart)18:25
peat-psuwitCheeryLee: Could you try holding volume up button when it bootloop again?18:33
CheeryLeeI tried. Nothing happens.18:33
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_SpongeIs the tablet going to have a sim card ?21:15
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_Spongehi mimecar.21:20
mimecarhi _Sponge21:20
mimecarit seems that the tablet does not include SIM21:21
_Spongemimecar: That's a shame.21:23
mimecarWe will know all the details at MWC21:23
_SpongeI guess you could use the Convergence Phone as a Wifi Hotspot.21:23
mimecaryou can use the phone as a Wifi Hotspot21:24
_Spongesounds good = I like catch.21:27
_SpongeOh my old netbook: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KS2YRGggmQ21:48
ThorondorHi All, I'm trying to port a program that was using QOpenGLWidget to ubuntu touch. I realized this isn't supported in this platform and tried to move to something QtQuick based. Now my program is able to render but I cannot trigger asynchronous renderings from other threads... Any hints on how could I achieve that? I tried setting a signal connected to the window::update() slot, but the scene doesn23:27
Thorondor't get rendered automatically23:27
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