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m0nkey_Should be interesting. Seems that Windows 10 is finally getting ANSI escape codes in console mode.03:50
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brobostigonmorning boys ans girls.10:17
zmoylan-pilooks like spring has sprung finally... at least till the next storm hits in a few days http://www.carrollsirishgifts.com/livedublinwebcam10:18
SuperEngineerBit windy today, not the best day to have done what I got away with [no power cuts]13:42
MartijnVdSyou got away with no power cuts?13:43
SuperEngineerI have shrunk main partition, created a games partition, redownloaded games to it.13:43
MartijnVdSah partition work13:44
MartijnVdSalways exciting :)13:44
SuperEngineer...&, yup, no power cuts [lot of building going on locally - lots of exposed things that shouldn't be] - 2 power cuts last week alone13:44
SuperEngineerpartitioning during possible cuts... not recommended fotr those with poorly hearts ;-)13:45
MartijnVdSwell there's the UPS route13:45
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS, all UPS contributions welcome!13:46
SuperEngineer[normal delivery will do]13:46
SuperEngineer[UPS = u'll probably seriouslyregretnothavingonesoon]13:48
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: it's pronounced "OOPS"13:48
SuperEngineeror "Whoops" - if power cut had occurred13:49
SuperEngineer[well, that's the polite version]13:49
penguin42why dont small UPSs these days let you attach a solar panel?13:50
MartijnVdSpenguin42: because a solar panel won't be enough?13:51
MartijnVdSthough my laptop charger is 45W and 45W of solar panel can be made in a reasonable size these days13:51
SuperEngineerpenguin42, because solar panels are big and superglue won't hold them onto the UPS?13:51
penguin42MartijnVdS: Right but it should give you some and it seems like the easy place to merge a solar installation in?13:51
MartijnVdSpenguin42: what about power outages at night though13:51
MartijnVdS*lunar panels*!13:52
penguin42MartijnVdS: Oh I mean it has a mains input as well, but if it's got solar power coming in then it takes the power from that13:52
SuperEngineerIsn't that more of a solar array's job, a few solar panels - big battery storage needed for UPS13:53
penguin42SuperEngineer: But if you've got a solar panel on your building then it seems silly to charge it's own batteries then invert that back to mains and then use that to charge a UPS that converts it back to 12v on the batteries to invert it back to mains13:54
MartijnVdSThere was this guy in my town who's converted his whole house to 12V only13:54
MartijnVdSsadly, he was also a mad conspiracy theory kind of guy, and blew up himself and most of his building13:55
SuperEngineerpenguin42, I was thinking of getting the UPS charged via solar panels - battery backup needed for charge during low power13:55
penguin42SuperEngineer: Right, that's what I was after13:56
SuperEngineerI once did a clean up of a Windows system for a chap who was rather "proud" of his home built UPS13:57
SuperEngineer...a load of car batteries!13:57
SuperEngineerHis system was full of chkdsk files :-D13:57
MartijnVdSand a 555 tuned to 50Hz? :P13:57
SuperEngineer[& if he only realised how much flamable gas was being released in that room with his pc & car batteries!14:00
SuperEngineer...didn't manage to convince him of his14:00
SuperEngineer[a person who was 1/ big headed, 2/ stupid]14:01
SuperEngineerAnyways, a question... [back to my games partition]. I want to do a complete /home reinstal for 16.0414:04
SuperEngineer...will Steam, if pointed at my Games partition, pick up the downloaded games?14:04
MartijnVdSYou may have to re-click "Download game" but it'll complete after a checksum verification14:05
SuperEngineer[... probably gonna have to wait to find out the hard way]  ;-)14:05
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS, good news, thanks14:06
SuperEngineerDear BBC weather, I know it's gonna get nasty - I was talking Steam, not Storm!  ;-)14:19
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* zmoylan-pi nurses hot mug of coffee after long walk outside in wind and rain and cold16:05
SuperEngineer[& hangs wellies up to dry somewhere not "upside down over bed", I hope]16:11
zmoylan-pinah, i never liked wearing wellies... mucked around on too many boats and wellies were 'bad' as they would slow you down in a pinch16:13
penguin42:also never liked wellies, I tend to wear steel toed boots in the winter all the time16:14
zmoylan-pisteel toed shoes especially around repairing pcs... the one time i didn't i had a desk collapse and server with twin redundant power transformers land on my foot...16:15
penguin42I just started wearing them because 1) I like to have water proof shoes in wet manchester winters  2) I like to have the room to wiggle my toes around    - but yes they are nice when dealing with heavy kit16:22
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penguin42 'Europe' are going to make a fortune on 'The final countdown'   when they actually get around to a referendum18:36
zmoylan-piyou can look forward to extensive coverage of all the fringe looper parties...19:04
zmoylan-piit'll be like spode in jeeves and wooster all over again...19:05
gebbionehi all. is anyone experiencing sudden kill and logout from the desktop session? (14.04) what is the best way to investigate19:18

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