SchrodingersScat!man | knt-newb00:00
ubottuknt-newb: The "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/00:00
koan_knt-newb: gives you admin priveleges00:00
koan_Bashing-om: Ok running the Ubuntu trial from my CD right now, 'sudo parted -l' shows I have a GPT partition table, shows my current Windows partitions, and then gave these errors: "Warning: Unable to open /dev/sr0/ read-write (Read-only file system). /dev/sr0 has been opened read-only. ERROR: Can't have a partition outside the disk!"00:05
knt-newbman intro ... good place to start ty. lol00:07
RadarGHello I have a question I just installed a new drive and it is /dev/sdb however it does not have a uuid00:08
RadarGHow do I fix this00:08
Bashing-omkoan_: " Can't have a partition  outside the disk!"00:10
koan_Bashing-om: Yes that is correct00:10
Bashing-omkoan_: Mot sure if this is relevant to the hard driv . ' sudo apt install pastebinit ; sudo parted -l | pasteninit ' and pass the resilting link back here so we see what the partitioning is .00:11
ezriRadarG: sudo blkid doesn't return anything for it?00:11
RadarGWait my bad00:12
Bashing-omRadarG: Is there a file system on the hard drive to be detected ?00:12
RadarGI didn't have it mounted00:12
RadarGI mounted the drive and it is now in blood00:12
koan_Bashing-om: "E: Unable to fetch some archives..."00:13
lapinozzif i dlopen a shared lib from one process and then pass the return of dlsym to another process while this one be able to acces stuff whitout segfault?00:13
RadarGHow do I change the label that is listed in blkid00:13
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akikRadarG: tune2fs00:14
akikthat's for ext2,3,400:15
koan_Bashing-om: I have 4 partitions currently, looking at gparted, "sda1 - ntfs - recovery - 450MiB - hidden, diag" "sda2 - fat32 - 100MiB - boot" "sda3 - unknown - 16MiB - msftres" "sda4 - ntfs - 1.82TiB - msftdata"00:15
Bashing-omkoan_: Ouch . Is this liveUSB verified " check disk for defcts" boot option screen .00:15
koan_Bashing-om: let me check00:15
LambdaComplexknt-newb: sudo is generally used to run a command as root00:15
koan_Bashing-om: where do i find "check disk for defects"?00:16
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Bashing-omkoan_: Reboot, and as soon as the firmware screen clears, repeatedly depress and release the escape key -> language screen, escape key to accept the default -> boot options screen .00:18
flashramhi i got a medion network storage server ... how do i get rid of hipserv2 and install ubuntu server ?00:22
koan_Bashing-om: I'm looking at a black screen that says "aborted. boot: "00:22
flashramno screen attached00:22
koan_Basing-om: I'm sure the CD is fine, I have installed Ubuntu with it before00:22
flashramhi i got a medion network storage server ... how do i get rid of hipserv2 and install ubuntu server ?00:22
Bashing-omkoan_: EFI set to boot as EFI ?00:22
koan_Bashing-om: Not sure lol00:23
flashramwhat are the hipserv2 tricks about ? must i run lifecloud ?00:23
flashrami mean can i install ubuntu server on a storage device ?00:23
flashramits got 2x2tb00:24
koan_Bashing-om: Where can I check those settings?00:24
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Bashing-omkoan_: We can back up on additional step here and verify the .iso that you used to burn the ubuntu image . Did you use Windows to download and burn the USB ?00:25
koan_Bashing-om: Yes, and I've already used to install Ubuntu once before and worked perfectly00:25
nikola_Someone help,i wanna learn to hack and proggram on linux(ubuntu),but i dont now were.Can you pls let me know were can i start some free curse??00:26
LambdaComplexnikola_: step 1: learn english00:27
nikola_LambdaComplex, i do know english but i am a bad rider!00:27
MonkeyDust!bash |  nikola_00:28
ubottunikola_: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal00:28
Fuchshttp://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html  is a good start00:28
Fuchs(for both questions)00:28
nikola_thank you very much00:28
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Bashing-omkoan_: Well, something is not Kosher now . I do expect this partitoning to be GPT to support UEFI . We do need to look at this partitioing and match up the numbers to make sure the "  partition00:29
Bashing-om               outside the disk! partition00:29
Bashing-omkoan_: Well, something is not Kosher now . I do expect this partitoning to be GPT to support UEFI . We do need to look at this partitioing and match up the numbers to make sure the "  partition _> is not a factor here .00:30
knt-newbok nother quick one can anyone suggest an antivirus for ubuntu 14.0400:30
LambdaComplexyou probably don't need one00:30
MonkeyDustknt-newb  clam-tk00:31
lunarmageLinux doesn't get viruses :^)00:31
l00pknt-newb: just don't install flashplayer and clamaw is antivirus program.00:32
MonkeyDust!info clamtk00:32
ubottuclamtk (source: clamtk): graphical front-end for ClamAV. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.19-1 (wily), package size 442 kB, installed size 1766 kB00:32
skinuxMaybe someone could tell me why Ubuntu USB boot gives me initramfs error about squashfs?00:33
knt-newbty peeps appreciate the help today00:33
skinuxEven trying to go right to installing Ubuntu it gives me the same error00:33
SonikkuAmericaskinux: It probably got corrupted someplace. Try rewriting the Image to your USB device.00:33
LambdaComplexlunarmage: questionable00:34
skinuxIs UNetBootin known to have issues?00:34
lunarmageLambdaComplex: I'm joking lmao00:34
LambdaComplexskinux: yes00:34
LambdaComplexskinux: it's known to overwrite bootloader configurations to insert its own splash image00:35
lunarmageskinux: yeah. do you have any other Linux install you have access to?00:35
skinuxWell, I have a virtualized install, but that won't do any good.00:35
lunarmagewhat was that one program called, rufus?00:35
skinuxWhat is the name of that Universal thing for creating bootable media?00:35
lunarmageskinux: no, I meant so you could use `dd`00:35
skinuxThe only linux I can get to is my virtualized Linux.00:36
squintyhttp://www.pendrivelinux.com/   has good info00:36
lunarmageuse rufus00:37
skinuxThat will literally install Linux onto the USB, I only want to use USB as a media to boot Ubuntu so I can fix the one already installed.00:37
skinuxHaven't heard of rufus00:37
lunarmageit's a Windows program that looks like the format manager00:37
lunarmagebut lets you install isos on usb sticks00:37
skinuxWhich partition scheme do I want, it lists two for EFI?00:40
skinuxMBR Partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI or MBR partition scheme for UEFI?00:41
skinuxI thought UEFI was a BIOS replacement, so I'm guessing the latter00:41
skinuxDoes that mean it's going to put an MBR on the USB?00:42
Artemis3skinux, indeed unetbootin is known to cause issues :)00:51
skinuxWhy does Rufus mention MBR in it's format options?00:52
Artemis3skinux, imo, you should use dd with the iso00:52
skinuxYou're talking about a Linux command.....I can't GET to Linux to use it.00:53
skinuxNot that I know how to use dd anyway00:53
Artemis3skinux, there is dd for windows :P its called windd or something00:53
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SonikkuAmericaEither that or you can get Cygwin (over in #cygwin)00:54
skinuxI don't know how to use that command anyway00:54
Artemis3umm... its not cli00:54
skinuxFFS I was just suggested to use Rufus00:54
Artemis3there is like, a button to choose iso, and another to choose destination, how more simple you can get?00:55
akikit says in the windd comments that it's not a replacement for dd00:55
SchrodingersScat!liveusb | skinux00:55
ubottuskinux: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent00:55
Artemis3last time i used it it worked00:56
Artemis3but there are several more00:56
skinuxI just need something I can boot into so I can FIX an existing install.00:56
skinuxOne of the most annoying things is getting told to use something, then when I start, getting told to use something else, then being told to use the FIRST thing, then being told to use the SECOND  thing.00:57
SonikkuAmericaskinux: a Live image is great for fixing an existing Ubuntu install (see !chroot)00:57
Artemis3skinux, easy, try method one, when it fails, try method two.00:57
Artemis3and if those fail there are methods three, four, and five.00:58
skinuxWell, I ask a question about one software that I was just told to use, then I get told no no no use this use this.00:58
Artemis3because there is so much choice with open source :)00:58
skinuxObviously no one contributes to open source software.00:58
Artemis3different people different opinions.00:58
skinuxI bet if all OSS devs focused on ONE software then OSS options would be a lot better.00:59
Artemis3the strength is heterogeny, so the more the merrier :)00:59
SonikkuAmericaskinux: that would defeat the purpose, really, but this convo is better suited for #ubuntu-offtopic01:00
Artemis3skinux, this is the official method: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows01:01
skinuxSo WinDD forces to copy from one USB to another?01:01
Artemis3so feel free to try01:01
skinuxOkay. I want to make sure, if I'm able to successfully update grub and it takes over the MBR, then after selecting Windows it'll bring up the Windows Boot Manager right?01:05
Artemis3that might depend01:06
Artemis3if your windows install is using uefi method01:06
Artemis3or legacy01:06
skinuxLegacy is enabled, UEFI is on, but Secure Boot is off.01:07
Artemis3the thing is, did you install windows after enabling legacy boot?01:07
skinuxI'm not sure01:07
Artemis3if so then sure, grub will offer both choices01:07
Artemis3someone with experience dual booting using uefi could help you better, as i don't currently run windows anymore :)01:08
Earl_ what is the issue01:08
skinuxWell, I really want to just install GRUB onto that partition and install the -signed stuff so UEFI Secure Boot sees it.01:09
Earl_won't promise to help, but I do dual boot with Win1001:09
Earl_you have to create a thing in your efi boot record if I remember right01:10
skinuxOkay. I'm gonna try to USB now, we'll see if I can get into live boot.01:10
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Earl_I did have a question of my own01:11
Earl_What is the best way to access my Windows data on my Linux OS? When I was a more niave, more nooby-ish linux user, I thought that was what the "Swap" partition was for.01:11
Earl_But now I realize, there doesn't seem any easy way to "see" my Windows files while booted into Linux01:12
squintyEarl:  install samba    sudo apt-get install samba01:12
Artemis3wait wait, from same machine?01:12
Artemis3it should be able to mount your ntfs partitions01:13
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Earl_I did look at Samba, but you have to turn on network discovery on the windows side01:13
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Earl_Yes, I dual boot01:13
Artemis3over the network yes01:13
Artemis3for the same computer no :)01:13
Earl_Hmm... Mount the partiion?01:13
Artemis3Earl_, normally they should show in the file manager01:14
Artemis3Earl_, the partitions with the windows partition01:14
Earl_So I could see my C Drive and mount it, then be able to access, read and write files?01:14
Artemis3yes, usually, it could be mounted read only if there were errors (ie, unclean windows shutdown)01:14
squintyEarl_,  run  Disks  (gnome-disks) and see if your windows partition(s) are displayed.  you can mount them from there01:15
Earl_Well, I'm booted into Windows at the moment, but I'll take note01:16
Earl_Can't believe it could be that simple01:16
Artemis3it is01:17
Earl_Praise linux lol01:17
squintyEarl_,  well you can also mount via terminal commands or fstab01:18
Earl_To confirm, though, I would be able to write files to that mounted partition? I would like to do most of my work in Linux, and still be able to work with it Windows side01:18
Earl_not just see files, actually change them01:18
akikEarl_: yes, you can01:20
LopeI've setup ubuntu-server 16.04 on a VM with a bridged NIC. I've given the NIC a public IP. It can ping any public IP address and get replies. IPTABLES aren't blocking anything. It has nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf. I've tried and as well as the nameservers from my ISP, but when I `dig google.com` I get status NOERROR. ANSWER:0. ADDITIONAL:1. Warning: Recursion requested byt not available. When I run the same query on the host I don't get the01:25
Lopewarning about recursion, instead I get 1 answer, which contains an A record (IP address). Any ideas?01:25
Artemis3Lope, i think you need to join #ubuntu+1 for any questions about next version.01:27
telboondoes the network manager support pptp exporting yet?01:27
xangua!16.04 | Lope01:27
ubottuLope: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+101:27
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youBoboGood morning Ubuntu world01:35
plr777_youBobo : Good Morning!01:36
youBobomost of video reviews about ubuntu, mint, opensuse and a lot others, then run a command "uname -a && lsb_release"... i tried that one on my laptop but I'm getting No LSB moduels are available. How come?01:38
shamuraiyouBobo, you need to add and option like -a01:39
youBoboshamurai: thanks... it now works with -a01:40
azizLIGHThow can i get my ubuntu notifiations on my phone01:56
Lopeanyone know why my DNS lookups work on my host, but not on my guest? The guest is ubuntu 16.04 with a virtIO NIC bridged to the host's NIC. The guest has a public IP and can ping anywhere, but DNS is not working. I've tried setting MTU to 1000 so I've ruled that out as a potential problem. Any ideas? http://i.imgur.com/UZal8Ik.png01:58
bazhangtry ##networking Lope01:59
azizLIGHTim seeing a lot of ways to do android notifications on ubuntu, but not ubuntu notifications on android02:00
Lopebazhang: I have, they don't seem to know.02:00
jamesfortlive session ?02:09
Bashing-omjamesfort: ?? boot up with a desktop install medium is the " live session" .02:11
homa_hi my friends02:12
studioxpsI see names, anyone here?02:17
studioxpshas anyone installed ubuntu besdie mint?02:18
Gejtmost of the people here I imagine..02:18
Earl_like in a dual boot setup?02:18
studioxpsyeah, I just attempted, got the option install beside mint, but then ubuntu wouldn't boot, went to shell02:18
studioxpsit looked like everything went well, had the boot option menu to select, but ubuntu wouldn't boot, mint still does though02:19
homa_in booting down shift key02:19
studioxpsnew linux user here02:20
redrawhello. any way to check internet connectivity with Network Manager?02:20
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studioxpsmaybe try a reinstall you think?02:21
squintystudioxps,  if you can boot into mint, run  sudo update-grub  in a terminal and then reboot to see if ubuntu is offered as a choice in the grub2 boot menu02:21
studioxpsokay, it was offered, just wouldn't boot, timed out and went to shell, but will try that02:22
kazuka__how do i make the network connection say connected02:23
studioxpsokay, thanks, we'll see02:23
lotuspsychjeredraw: what is it you wanna find out?02:25
redrawlotuspsychje, it would be great to see a (!) on the nm tray icon when there's no internet connection02:27
lotuspsychjekazuka__: network drop can be the result of many symptons...you could start digging into your syslog/dmesg logs to see whats going on02:27
redrawit seems it isn't implemented on nm-applet02:27
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lotuspsychjeredraw: you can enable/disable network if you like?02:28
lotuspsychjeredraw: or you more interested to see network activity?02:28
redrawlotuspsychje, I mean when internet goes down02:28
redrawlotuspsychje, I'd like to see a different icon telling me there's no internet02:29
lotuspsychjeredraw: network isnt suppose to 'going' down...what is it you want to prove?02:29
riziif i dd an ISO to usb will it automaticaly make it bootable or do i have to manually set some flags02:30
squintyredraw, on unity the panel icon will change from two arrows pointing in different directions (valid connection) to a washed out triangular type of icon (similar to wireless icon)02:30
redrawlotuspsychje, my ISP often gets me disconnected02:30
redrawsquinty, oh, i'm on gnome02:31
lotuspsychjeredraw: thats also not suppose to happen much, if it does, you need to inform your isp02:31
rwwrizi: depends on the ISO. Ubuntu ones will work fine.02:31
redrawsquinty, however, I've added the [connectivity] section to NetworkManager.conf02:32
redrawbut no changes after restarting network-manager service02:32
rizirww, its a windows 8 ISO02:32
rwwrizi: i think those don't work with that method02:32
lotuspsychjerizi: there is winusb to create a win boot usb, but be carefull its using ppa, use at your own risk02:33
redrawlotuspsychje, this seems like a basic feature02:33
lotuspsychje!winusb | rizi02:33
ubotturizi: WinUSB is a tool for preparing bootable Windows Instalation USBs. Please see http://en.congelli.eu/prog_info_winusb.html for instructions on installation and use. #ubuntu does *not* provide support for this tool, so please do not ask for help here if it doesn't work for you.02:33
excelsioraanyone around?02:33
squintynope   we are all square02:34
lotuspsychjeexcelsiora: ask your question to the channel mate02:34
rizilotuspsychje, thanks BTY whats ppa and what are the risk associated with using it02:34
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:34
lotuspsychjerizi: it means, its not really officialy supported package02:34
lotuspsychjerizi: adding untrusted sources, can be a security risk02:35
excelsioraI'm just hanging out. I was trying to get my cousin set up last night, but it turned out his hard-drive is getting bad sectors, so we gave up on that and I'm going to make him install it on his laptop instead of his desktop.02:36
saira_ubuntuhi guys can someone please tell me which software i can use in ubuntu to plot disk io memory and cpu?02:37
rizilotuspsychje, so same as installing stuff from outside app store (in cell phone example)02:37
lotuspsychjerizi: right02:37
lotuspsychjesaira_ubuntu: benchmark?02:39
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studioxpsback again, I think02:42
studioxpsif this is the same place I was before02:42
saira_ubuntulotuspsychje thanks for reply is benchmark a software?02:43
studioxpsI am trying to dual boot mint and ubuntu, have usb for ubuntu, installed using the option to install besdie mint, but ubuntu fails to boot and goes to shell02:43
Bashing-omstudioxps: It is .. and ya able to boot ubuntu ?02:43
lotuspsychjesaira_ubuntu: explain a bit what you need exactly?02:44
studioxpsit still times out, says a pcc search failed, or something, goes to a shell02:44
studioxpsI'm new to linux, so prob ask stupid questions, maybe a google search?02:45
lotuspsychjestudioxps: this is ubuntu support, you can ask ubuntu questions here02:46
saira_ubuntulotuspsychje I am going to run a series of database experiments for each experiment i want to plot in time series stats like disk io ,cpu and memory etc so i can compare in which case system resources are utilized best? Also i have command line access but i want to save data so i can plot it in excel or some tool that can generate both graph and raw data02:46
Bashing-omstudioxps: In the install operation; did you choose "install along side" or did you do the partitioning maunally ?02:46
studioxpsinstall alongside... almost chose the 'something else' prob should have02:47
lotuspsychjesaira_ubuntu: sounds like a hardware benchmark tool you need right?02:47
saira_ubuntulotuspsychje yes02:47
lotuspsychje!info bonnie++ | saira_ubuntu try this?02:47
ubottusaira_ubuntu try this?: bonnie++ (source: bonnie++): Hard drive benchmark suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1.97.1 (wily), package size 64 kB, installed size 188 kB02:47
saira_ubuntubundle of thanks lotuspsychje ubottu squinty, let me check it  , will i be able to plot its data?02:48
studioxpsgo back through and choose the something else option?02:48
studioxpsor do I need to delete the new partition? I'm assuming it automatically created a new one, not sure, since first time02:49
Bashing-omstudioxps: The option to install along side is fine for a new user . it is what it's purpose is . Are you still able to boot Mint ?02:49
studioxpsyeah, on mint now02:49
studioxpsdo I enter ubuntu through mint after it's loaded? seems like it said I would get to choose which one to boot, gives me the option to choose either on reboot02:50
studioxpsI've installed mint dual boot with windows 10, so can do that, if that's the better way to go... installing dual boot with mint02:52
Bashing-omstudioxps: Well, there are a number of things we can 'check' , 1st up we will want to know what partition ubuntu is installed in. Pastebin ' sudo parted -l ' and we start the process of discovery .02:52
studioxpsto recap, I checked out mint on my windows 10 pc, dual boot, checked out, decided to install mint straight up on a laptop I have, and want to dual boot ubuntu and mint, so here I am lol02:53
studioxpsokay, how do I check that?02:53
Bashing-omstudioxps: Boot menu is like this .. on each hard drive there can be but one boot authority , from that one chooses the OS to boot . Generally, however, the last sysyem installed is that authority .02:54
studioxpsmint in this case02:55
studioxpsubuntu is listed first02:55
rhusterwhen is xenial xevious02:55
rhustergoing to be released02:55
lotuspsychje!xenial | rhuster02:55
ubotturhuster: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+102:55
rhusterXenial Xerex lol02:56
studioxpscool, has a slider for icon size..02:56
lotuspsychjerhuster: april 2016, you can test the development daily image right now also, see #ubuntu+102:56
Bashing-omstudioxps: We are back to knowing where ubuntu is installed to . the partitoning is given by the terminal command ' sudo parted -l ' .02:57
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studioxpsokay see primary-ext4, extended logical-ext4, logical linux-swap(v1)02:59
studioxps1, 2, 6, 5... and 1 is boot03:00
Bashing-omstudioxps: There is a utility - pastebinit - ( and others ) to uplpad a command's outputs .03:00
studioxps1 and 6, maybe 6, since I split the drive in equal parts03:00
Bashing-om!past | studioxps03:00
Bashing-om!paste | studioxps03:01
ubottustudioxps: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:01
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:02
studioxpslost man, what are you talking about?03:02
studioxpsI'm looking at my terminal window and this chat, need to open something else?03:03
Bashing-omstudioxps: I do not know what Mint uses dor a pastebin site . let's try this ' sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 ' . The result is a URL back in terminal. Pass that link back here .03:03
fartfaceIs there a good web-ui for a virtualization platform?  Something like PHPVirtualbox would be good, but it hasn't been updated in a long time, which worries me--is that the only option?03:04
Bashing-omstudioxps: Look'n .03:04
fartfaceI don't mind which type of virtualization, xen, virtual box, etc, starting from a blank slate, so I'm open to whatever is the best option03:05
studioxpsalso, when I installed ubuntu beside mint, I chose to encrypt the home folder, did that screw something up?03:05
lotuspsychjefartface: maybe more something for ##networking? try to change your nick also03:06
fartfaceWhy would I change my nick03:06
fartfaceAnd virtualization != networking03:06
studioxpsfartface is a friendly name lol03:06
fartfaceExactly, who's gonna get mad at a guy named fartface03:07
lotuspsychje!guidelines | fartface03:07
ubottufartface: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines03:07
Bashing-omstudioxps: Well, I do not see that encryption is a factor .. If you chose it I do not see it implemented . IF it is .. well let's me out of this as I have no experience with that level of complexity .03:08
fartfacelotus:  I'm not breaking any of those guidelines, so I'm not sure what you're getting at--I asked one question, politely, and didn't flood the channel or harass anyone.03:08
studioxpsuh oh, you can't help anymore?03:09
lotuspsychjefartface: how about you ask in #freenode, and virtualization is not really an ubuntu question?03:09
studioxpswhat program do I use to delete the ubuntu partition so I can try again?03:10
studioxpshi sam03:10
fartfaceThat's fair--the reason I asked in here was because the host OS is an Ubuntu Server, so I wanted to ensure compatibility with that.03:10
Sam_Mintonthere are a variety of programs you can use03:10
studioxpswell, I just need one :)03:10
fartfaceFreenode would be for questions related to the IRC server--are you a mod here?03:10
Sam_Mintonput the ubuntu disk in and reboot to disk, then reinstall choosing the option to delete the disk03:11
pvl1hey, whats the unity/gnome  on screen virtual keyboard? id like to add it to the lightdm accessibility options03:11
studioxpswell, I want to keep mint and install ubuntu on half the drive03:12
studioxpsI have gparted, but am not sure how to use it03:12
Sam_Mintonvirtual keyboard is on screen03:12
Bashing-omstudioxps: Well .. so far all I see is a standard MBR install of 2 linux systems . Let's mount and verify that sda6 is ubuntu ' sudo makdir /mnt/looksee ; sudo mount /dev/sda6 /mnt/looksee ; cat /mnt/looksee/etc/issue | nc termbin.com 9999 ' . Let's see what happens .03:12
pvl1Sam_Minton, but whats the binary file03:13
Sam_MintonYou can also do a custom install, leave the linux mint drive, and split drive for fresh ubuntu install03:13
lotuspsychjefartface: im just trying to help mate, some nicknames can get kicked or banned just saying03:13
studioxpsyeah, that's what I attempted when installing, chose the install alingside mint option, but ubuntu is timing out to shell on load03:14
studioxpsI got: "sudo: makdir: command not found03:14
studioxpsmount: mount point /mnt/looksee does not exist03:14
studioxpscat: /mnt/looksee/etc/issue: No such file or directory03:14
studioxpsUse netcat."03:14
Sam_Mintonare you using grub as bootloader?03:14
studioxpsyeah, both are showing as an option, but ubu won't load, mint does just fine03:15
Sam_MintonI used linux mint for a long time, just switched to ubuntu full time.03:16
studioxpsubu is on /dev/sda603:16
Sam_Mintonlet me research for a moment...brb03:16
studioxpshas a long desc too, other parts don't have a mount point, other than dev/sda1 which is root03:17
Bashing-omstudioxps: My typo ! should be ' sudo mkdir /mnt/looksee ' . I have grown very tired .. not doing too well here .03:17
studioxpsah, have sda1 and 2, then sda6 and 5 are sub to sda203:18
pvl1oh Sam_Minton i get it thanks03:18
studioxpsthat did nothing, just went to cmnd line03:19
=== john is now known as Guest92701
studioxpsI have gparted open though can see things03:19
studioxpsubu is on sda6 which is a sub of sda203:20
studioxpssda2 has an arrow I can collapse, under it is sda 6 and 5, 5 is swap03:20
studioxpssda1 mount point is "/", which I'm assuming as a newbie as meaning "root"03:21
Sam_Mintondid you create a ext drive for the ubuntu distro you installed03:22
studioxpsthe sda6 reads "/media/studioxps/8eefe406-f1ee-453a-8214-3f5fbc09197s03:22
studioxpsI just chose the option to install ubu alongside mint, then it took over and installed, no other options03:23
Sam_MintonIt should have given you the option to resize the drive03:23
studioxpsoh, yeah, it did, I split the drive in equal parts03:23
Sam_Mintonso you could 1/2 the drive which is what it sounds like you want03:23
studioxpsright, did that, but ubu times out on load and goes to shell03:24
Sam_Mintonif that is the case you should be able to use grub on startup and boot to either os03:24
studioxpsI type 'reboot' then can load mint just fine03:24
studioxpsyeah, that's what I thought too, have the options, but ubu doesn't load03:25
Sam_MintonTake a look at this tutorial might help03:25
studioxpsI did a grub update03:26
studioxpsI don't have windows installed, mint is native03:27
Sam_Mintonthe grub-2 tutorial shows you how to install and configure03:28
studioxpsIt's installed03:29
Sam_Mintondoes it run when you reboot and ask you which OS to start?03:29
studioxpsI go to the grub menu on reboot, ubu and mint are options, along with mem tests and advanced options for both ubu and mint03:29
studioxpsI selected mem test and did a mem test, partly just to see what it looked like...03:30
Sam_Mintonyou never had ubuntu working on this drive correct?03:30
studioxpsI tried ubu twice and it times out, but mint loads just fine03:30
studioxpsmint was loaded first, then I installed ubu from a bootable usb03:30
studioxpsdid the partition sizing, waited while it installed and though, wow this was easy.. but then ubu won't load03:31
Sam_Mintonok..what are you using for ubuntu install a cd?03:31
Sam_Mintondid you download and just try the same usb several times?03:32
studioxpsI download the ubu iso and made a bootable usb03:32
Sam_Mintondid you purchase the bootable usb..or downloaded and created yourself?03:32
studioxpsbooted to that and installed03:32
studioxpscreated myself03:32
studioxpswith Unetbootin program03:33
Sam_Mintonok, did you try to download the iso several times or one try and repeatedly failed to install03:33
studioxpsI've only tried to install once03:33
studioxpscame here for help03:33
Sam_Mintonok..where did you get the ubuntu iso..from main server?03:34
studioxpsI get the ubu 15.10 screen, but it times out03:34
studioxpswebsite.. sec03:34
studioxps15.10 version03:35
studioxpsmaybe just try the install again?03:35
studioxpsthen come back and bug some more if it doesn't work?03:35
Sam_MintonAn alternative, make a dvd and try from there03:37
studioxpsno dvd's.. lol, I don't even own any03:38
Sam_MintonI have had many issues using usb to install os..03:38
studioxpsI used it to install mint, no problems03:38
Sam_Mintonok, just a suggestion03:39
studioxpsfrom what I am seeing on linux.com, I did it right, but not working03:39
Sam_Mintongo to distrowatch.com...03:39
studioxps"Don't worry, dual booting Linux distros is a mind numbingly simple task. First, take either OS and make a complete, full install. (So that that distro takes up all disk space.) Then just install your second OS, but this time during the boot process just select how much space you want the second OS to have. After that, you have a dual boot system. You will now be able to select either distro in GRUB during boot up."03:40
=== ashdev is now known as Guest30545
Sam_Mintonyeah..it sounds easy but really comes down to your hardware03:41
Sam_MintonI assume your installing on a laptop/03:42
studioxpsyeah, dell studioxps03:42
studioxpsolder, but still runs good, ran windows 10 just fine03:42
studioxpswonder if my system isn't specced for it?03:43
Sam_Mintonubuntu and mint should both work..but installation and configuration will be challenging03:43
=== brayden_ is now known as Blaster
Sam_Mintontry to install both individually03:44
Sam_Mintonif they work..they can be installed and configured03:44
Ben64why dual boot ubuntu and mint anyway? pick one, and use the other in a VM03:44
studioxpsI have a 64bit system, so I downloaded a 64bit, wonder if 32 would be better03:44
Sam_Mintonanother option is liveboot the ubuntu on the same usb drive03:45
studioxpsyeah, I consider vm, but wanted to check out the dual boot, since I have plenty of hd space03:45
Ben64theres not a lot of differences between ubuntu and mint, don't see the point of two different installs03:45
Jordan_Ustudioxps: Nobody is claiming that your hardware is too old, but it may be hardware for which good drivers are not available and thus you're more likely to run into probelems.03:45
Sam_MintonI used mint for several years..just switched to ubuntu last month for a change of scenery..like both equally03:46
studioxpsyeah, that's fine, not offended about hardware or anything, just wondered if it's too old to run the new ubu 15.10, looking for min specs03:47
caninoGood evening everyone03:47
Sam_Mintonyou can try to install clean and see if it works..just back up your mint on another drive03:48
caninoCan someone direct me to the correct channel when it comes to legacy NVIDIA drivers and Ubuntu 15.10? Specifically the all-too-common black screen with regards to the 330M03:48
canino(And I have scoured the forums and tried multiple approaches)03:48
canino(Xorg.0.log doesn't even show an error!)03:49
Jordan_Ustudioxps: When it comes to GNU/Linux you shouldn't think about using older distributions for older hardware, instead (if anything) you should consider lighter deaktops/apps. See Xubuntu for example. But it sounds like you are having trouble with things not working, rather than a problem with things working slowly.03:49
nuttybarHello all03:49
edwardmri'm searching chat for spain03:50
studioxpssystems meets requirements, no prob there, maybe just try to install again, will try that, thanks for all your input, maybe I'll be back on ubu03:50
nuttybari am in need of some help03:50
studioxpsyeah, ubu looked like it installed, goes to grub, but times out and goes into shell mode, rather than loading, mint loads fine03:50
studioxpsgoing to give it another shot03:51
lotuspsychje!ask | nuttybar03:51
ubottunuttybar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:51
nuttybarI am having issues with a new pc i built. The mother board is a msi h170a gaming pro board and after i install linux the ethernet port does not work. Its like its missing the driver. I am using a usb adapter to message you now.03:53
Bashing-omcanino: Per: http://www.nvidia.com/object/IO_32667.html the driver is version 340. Per: http://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3142/~/support-timeframes-for-unix-legacy-gpu-releases that driver still has support .03:54
caninoSam_Minton: the 358v of the drivers don't support legacy (I have an NVIDIA 330M: mid-2010 graphics card Optimus03:54
Sam_Mintonnutty do you know which ethernet chip is installed?03:54
nuttybarSam_Minton  i do not03:55
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caninoBashing-om I am aware the 340 is the appropriate version. Which is what I have installed both via the .run by NVIDIA's site, also attempted through Ubuntu's repos, graphics-drivers ppa, xorgs-edgers ppa03:56
Sam_Mintonhave to look up the specs from your motherboard manufacturer..they often provide the drivers for linux also03:56
nuttybarTY sam03:56
caninoSam_Minton: I don't know if it is relevent but the laptop in question is a macbook pro 6,1 17"03:57
Sam_Mintonno problem nutty03:57
caninoSam_minton: I just found a solution I have not attempted: nvidia.modeset=003:59
caninogoing to attempt that now04:00
Sam_Mintonits a gforce 300m graphics chip?04:00
Sam_Mintonok, im going also, later all04:00
nuttybaryour leaving?04:01
Sam_Mintonsorry thought you left04:01
nuttybari am still here04:01
Sam_Mintonok..did you check your manufacturer for the driver?04:02
nuttybari have, only windows04:02
joebonnihi everyone04:03
nuttybarI am having issues with a new pc i built. The mother board is a msi h170a gaming pro board and after i install linux the ethernet port does not work. Its like its missing the driver. I am using a usb adapter to message you now.04:05
Sam_Mintonnutty amd platform or intel?04:06
nuttybarintel i7 6700k04:07
Sam_Mintonsocket type?04:07
Sam_MintonTypeOn-Board LAN DriversTitleIntel Network Drivers04:11
Sam_MintonOSWin7 32, Win7 64, Win8 64, Win8 32, Win8.1 64, Win8.1 32, Win10 32, Win10 64Release Date2015-11-1204:11
Sam_MintonVersion20.4File Size118.25 MB04:11
Sam_Mintonits and intel chip04:11
nuttybarthats the one04:11
Sam_Mintonthe manufacturer only provide windows drivers04:12
Sam_Mintonok, let me search around for a few minutes04:12
cfhowletterrr. sorry04:13
nuttybarkk ty again04:13
toomanyerrorswhen will xenial xerus release?04:15
S-USA|PhoneApril of this year04:15
cfhowlett!isitout | toomanyerrors04:15
ubottutoomanyerrors: It's out! Party in #ubuntu-release-party - download at http://ubuntu.com/download/04:15
toomanyerrorsthank you.04:16
cfhowlettyep.  factoid is wrong04:16
S-USA|Phonetoomanyerrors: IT'S NOT OUT04:16
toomanyerrorsand, uh04:16
Sam_Mintonnutty check that site out04:16
S-USA|Phonecfhowlett: (Should be changed back to "yes and sit out you shall")04:17
toomanyerrorspeople? there is an issue on my ubuntu 14.04.3 install on lenovo ideapad 100 with celeron n2840 processor04:17
cfhowlett!details | toomanyerrors04:17
ubottutoomanyerrors: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)04:17
nuttybargot it downloaded, how do i install?04:17
Sam_MintonTo install some file *.tar.gz, you basically would do:04:19
Sam_MintonOpen a console, and go to the directory where the file is.04:19
Sam_MintonType: tar -zxvf file.tar.gz.04:19
Sam_MintonRead the file INSTALL and/or README to know if you need some dependencies.04:19
Sam_Mintonit was a tar.gz correct?04:20
nuttybarno gz04:20
toomanyerrorsshutdown issues on lenovo ideapad 100 with celeron n2840 shutdown and reboot stuck at purple screen once i pressed something at the shutdown screen and i got something like "will now halt" and reboots also stuck at purple screen and i have to use the physical power button to shut down04:20
nuttybartar -zxvf e1000e-3.3.3.tar  gzip: stdin: not in gzip format tar: Child returned status 1 tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now04:21
Sam_Mintonim trying..give me a few  minutes04:22
rypervencheRemove the -x04:23
toomanyerrorsthat much info ok? i havent tried anything to resolve the shutdown thing im fairly new04:23
nuttybarty ryper04:23
nuttybartar -zvf e1000e-3.3.3.tar tar: You must specify one of the '-Acdtrux', '--delete' or '--test-label' options Try 'tar --help' or 'tar --usage' for more information.04:24
rypervenchefile e1000*04:24
rypervencheOh, sorry04:24
rypervencheRemove the z, not the x04:24
nuttybari think it worked04:25
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nuttybara list poped up04:25
rypervencheyes, now you can find a readme file in the directory it created04:26
otaconFacebook chat no longer functional outside of the site itself? Like via terminal, for example.04:26
nuttybarfound it04:26
nuttybarnow what?04:26
Sam_Mintoncool i was just about to go there lol04:27
UbuOneKenobithe kernel is raw (c804:29
Sam_Mintonhey nutty you get it working?04:34
nuttybari have the read me open now ehat?04:34
=== wahyu is now known as gaptek
Sam_Mintonnutty try that fix..04:37
Sam_Mintonbut must restart for the process to work04:37
studioxpshello again, new crowd, anyone remember me?04:38
nuttybarsam i am trying to go thur that link but am getting lost04:38
cfhowlettstudioxps, thousands of users in this channel.  assume we don't and explain your issue04:38
nuttybarwhat do i do?04:38
studioxpsinstalled mint, then installed ubu alongside, not loading.. getting acpi pcc probe failed when trying to load ubu from grub04:39
studioxpswhen I am installing ubu, it asks for the device to install the bootloader... should I choose my hard drive or mint?04:40
S-USA|Phonestudioxps: the hard drive itselg04:40
cfhowlettstudioxps, the most recent installation writes the bootloader.  I would suggest that you do NOT install a new bootloader.  after install is complete reboot and refresh and update grub to pick up the newly installed OS04:41
studioxpsyeah, tried that the first time, let me do that again, this is my second attempt at installing ubu alongside mint04:41
nuttybarSam i have ended at " make install04:42
nuttybari don't understand the rest04:42
cfhowlettwhich will be your primary OS.  get that right, install virtiualbox and put the secondary OS in there ... no boot issues04:42
studioxpsyeah, don't want to use vb, just install ubu dual boot04:46
hipitihopI'm on 14.04 And previously managed to get lxd going with a test container. I did have to edit /usr/share/lxc/config/ubuntu.common.conf to add "lxc.aa_allow_incomplete = 1" but now I'm still getting the Incomplete AppArmor support error when stating the container. Can someone point me to latest doc pls04:56
srulihas anyone uses ssl from letsencrypt? trying to get it working on my impad05:01
caninoI am back.. With the same problem: Macbook Pro 6,1 NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, Ubuntu 15.10. attempted installation: Ubuntu 240, Nvidia (.run 340), xorg-edgers, graphics-drivers. Resulting in blank screen. No errors in Xorg.0.log: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.2.0-27-generic.efi.signed root=UUID=8af8b69b-7145-47f1-a70f-e64b6a8bbf8d ro drm.debug=0xe plymouth:debug nv.modeset=005:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 240 in vlc (Ubuntu) "needs rebuild against the new xosd" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24005:03
lotuspsychjecanino: did the drivers not work by default?05:05
caninolotuspsychje: nouveau works fine.. but nvidia, no05:06
caninolotuspsychje: strangely it works fine under OpenSuSe05:06
lotuspsychjecanino: but those are from edgers ppa, did you try the ones from official repo?05:06
studioxpshow can I change ownership of grub.cfg so I can edit it?05:07
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:07
caninolotuspsychje: eh? no.. the last one was from ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa05:08
lotuspsychje!info nvidia-340 | canino example05:09
ubottucanino example: nvidia-340 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-340): NVIDIA binary driver - version 340.96. In component restricted, is optional. Version 340.96-0ubuntu0.15.10.1 (wily), package size 28357 kB, installed size 137848 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; armhf)05:09
slappymc1ryI have a fresh Ubuntu Cloud image running on LXD. I have made changes to sshd_config and would like to restart the service. "systemctl: command not found". I'm having a hard time finding any documentation on this. Any advice?05:09
rwwWhat command did you run?05:11
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slappymc1ryrww: lxd-images import ubuntu --alias ubuntu && lxc launch ubuntu my-ubuntu05:12
slappymc1ryas per the getting started guide.05:13
LambdaComplexslappymc1ry: Well, depending on what version of Ubuntu that is, perhaps it's not using systemd?05:13
rwwI meant to restart the service.05:13
slappymc1ryLambdaComplex: host and container are both 15.1005:13
LambdaComplexThat's certainly puzzling05:14
slappymc1ryrww: systemctl status ssh05:14
slappymc1ryrww: systemctl status sshd05:14
slappymc1ryI realize systemd package is not included, but systemd-services and systemd libraries are. I'd like to know how the init system is managed.05:15
LambdaComplexI have no idea of how you would/could manage systemd without the systemctl command O.o05:15
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cantmountHi!  I'm needing some help on 14.04.05:26
cfhowlett!help | cantmount05:26
ubottucantmount: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:26
cantmountI have a 1TB drive as my main Ubuntu disk and a 3TB that I am trying to mount under /media/plex but everytime I try to mount it, it mounts under some long freaking name and I can't seem to be able to write to it.  Drive is formatted as ext4 and I put an entry into /etc/fstab with the UUID and mount point of /media/plex but when I rebooted it gave an error when mounting it.05:28
cantmountBy long freaking name I mean the UUID05:29
slappymc1rycantmount: does the filesystem have a label? `lsblk`05:29
cfhowlettcantmount, uuid is standard in ubuntu ... and contemporary linux.05:29
sabgentonAny chance Xenial Xerus  will have another version bump of the kernel before release?05:30
cfhowlett!ubuntu+1| | sabgenton05:30
ubottu| sabgenton: Xenial Xerus is the codename for Ubuntu 16.04 - Support only in #ubuntu+105:30
sabgentonie to 4.405:30
cantmountsdb and sdb1 do not show a label.  My 3TB USB drive does though.05:30
cantmountsdb would be the internal 3TB drive05:30
sabgentontrue that05:31
cantmountSomehow my main drive is sdc, external is sda and second internal 3TB is sdb.  Odd.05:32
slappymc1rycantmount: share your fstab line05:32
cantmount# <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass> # / was on /dev/sda1 during installation UUID=20adc15c-9dc7-43e3-9888-0ea90e9f262a /               ext4    errors=remount-ro 0       1 # swap was on /dev/sda5 during installation UUID=2d53c78b-4973-4a93-8747-3275ab2e9bc6 none            swap    sw              0       0 /dev/fd0        /media/floppy0  auto    rw,user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       0 #Mount Plex Drive 05:32
cfhowlett!paste | cantmount05:32
ubottucantmount: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.05:32
slappymc1rycatalase: not the entire file. just the line05:32
slappymc1rycantmount: ^05:33
sabgentonactually thought I was typing in #ubuntu-devel05:33
cantmountSorry..... UUID=85519fe6-5961-40e8-aa48-bd6c0aacc8c5 /media/plex ext4 0 005:33
queskerI have 14.04.3 with 4.2 kernel but it doesn't support my usb3 ethernet.  I found a driver, just a .c .h makefile and a udev rules file.  I tried "make" but it fails.  how can I integrate this driver into my kernel?05:34
slappymc1rycantmount: You're missing the options field between dump and fstype. try "defaults"05:34
cantmountso /media/plex defaults ext4 ?05:35
cantmountfstab shows options like this.... <file system> <mount point>   <type>  <options>       <dump>  <pass>05:35
slappymc1rycantmount: exactly, so between the type (ext4) and dump (0)05:36
cantmountOk will do and report back!  Thank you!05:37
TritoneI am trying to install Leiningen with the directions here (http://leiningen.org/#install). I run the script but afterwards get the error "lein: command not found."05:41
canmountSuccess!!!  First time I had defaults in the wrong spot.  Moved it, rebooted, and I now under /media/plex!  You freaking rock!!!!05:44
cfhowlettTritone, that's not an ubuntu project and it's not even in the ubuntu repos.  not supported by ubuntu.  contact the developer for support05:44
TritoneThanks, cfhowlett. Do you have any suggestions for Linux distros that might have more supported projects than Ubuntu?05:45
TritoneI'm very new to Linux (first day of using it).05:46
cfhowlettTritone, no, but I admit to my ubuntu bias.05:46
cfhowlettTritone, why do you need "more projects"?  what is your goal?05:46
slappymc1rycanmount: nice one!05:46
LambdaComplexI suppose Arch's AUR counts05:46
Tritonecfhowlett My goal, now, is to install Leiningen.05:46
canmountUm.. still have a problem though.  I can mount to /media/plex but I can't write to it for some reason :(05:47
LambdaComplexcanmount: First thing is if it's mounted as rw. Second thing is if your current user has permission to write to it05:47
TritoneLambdaComplex: Checking the Leiningen site, it is available as a package on Arch AUR. Thanks for the tip.05:48
slappymc1ryTritone: don't download and run scripts... The package manager is there for a reason. Scripts are not only dangerous but aren't universally compatible05:48
LambdaComplexTritone: Basically everything is available as a package on the AUR. That's kinda the point :P05:49
LambdaComplexGranted, they're not officially supported...05:49
slappymc1ryTritone: https://github.com/technomancy/leiningen/wiki/Packaging05:49
LambdaComplexBut makepkg is great, really05:49
LambdaComplexLike slappymc1ry said, you wanna use the package manager. The concept of installing stuff with scripts makes me wanna vomit05:50
cfhowlettbit extreme there, but understandable ...05:50
queskerbeing tied to the distro's idea of what packages you are allowed to run makes me vomit05:50
LambdaComplexquesker: What do you mean by that?05:51
canmount@LambdaComplex I did a chown -R user:user on it and now I can paste :)05:51
LambdaComplexSpecifically the "the distro's idea of what packages you are allowed to run" part05:51
slappymc1ryquesker: The distro doesn't limit what packages you are and aren't allowed to run.05:52
LambdaComplexslappymc1ry: ++ (hence my confusion at quesker's statement)05:53
LambdaComplexI mean, your package manager is gonna determine how the packages have to be structured05:54
slappymc1ryLambdaComplex: exactly. And if something isn't provided, it's up to you to to package it. makepkg is awesome in this regard.05:55
TritoneI got it to work, I guess bash doesn't look in ~/bin for executables? Maybe? I don't know where to check that.05:59
LambdaComplexTritone: echo $PATH05:59
LambdaComplexcould put `export PATH=$HOME/bin:$PATH` in your shell profile06:02
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ussaine122hii all , plz  how to install wifi on toshiba c55-c1465 ?06:17
OERIASjoin #ubuntu-ops06:21
lotuspsychjeussaine122: wifi chipset?06:21
slappymc1ryussaine122: what is the vendorid:productid reported by `lspci`?06:21
ussaine122Ethernet controller [0200]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller [10ec:8168] (rev 0c)06:22
slappymc1ryussaine122: that's the ethernet. not wireless06:23
ussaine122how wireless ??06:23
=== slappymc1ry is now known as slappymcfry
slappymcfryussaine122: is it usb wifi or integrated?06:24
slappymcfryussaine122: we need to know your chipset. what does lspci say for your wireless device?06:27
queskerthis is weird.  if I boot and have regular ethernet I get dhcp fine.  but if I boot with usb3 ethernet it never gets networking, but if I then run dhclient eth0 it gets net fine06:27
lotuspsychjequesker: try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and plugin your usb ethernet06:28
ussaine122iwconfig : lo        no wireless extensions.     enp8s0    no wireless extensions.06:28
queskerwhen I plug it in I see a bunch of messages basically saying the module is loading.  it never tries to get dhcp06:30
queskeroh looks like dhcp is trying p2p1 device not eth006:30
queskerin dmesg I see something about p2p1 renamed from eth006:31
queskeris that the regular ethernet port?06:31
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queskeractually this isn't really a problem.  I only need dhcp on the regular ethernet, as that will be internet side.  the local lan side will get a static ip and I can just rc script that06:33
queskerwhere are the ifup type scripts on ubuntu?  like /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts in regular linux06:35
mauro_qualcuno usa come me ubuntu studio?06:36
Ben64quesker: depends. /etc/network/interfaces is where you can set static ip, might conflict if you've got a network manager running though06:36
mauro_buon giorno a tutti06:36
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lotuspsychje!it | mauro_06:36
ubottumauro_: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)06:36
allstarsnorks2Hi. Is there a way to install GNOME Software in Ubuntu 14.04?06:39
Ben64allstarsnorks2: sudo apt-get install gnome ?06:39
ussaine122wifi resolu thanks you06:41
ussaine122and how boot windows 8 and ubuntu ?06:41
rwwBen64: I think they mean the program named GNOME Software :P06:42
lotuspsychje!dualboot | ussaine12206:43
ubottuussaine122: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot06:43
baizonups, sorry06:43
jmanmacs are horrible06:44
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: you want to test gnome software for xenial on 14.04?06:44
lotuspsychjejman: ask your question instead please06:45
allstarsnorks2;otuspsychje Indeed, actually on elementary 0.306:45
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: gnome software is meant for xenial try 16.04 development version instead if you wanna test early06:46
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: #ubuntu+1 for more details06:46
allstarsnorks2I added the Xenial PPA in Trusty though06:46
allstarsnorks2but alright06:46
lotuspsychjeallstarsnorks2: i dont think thats meant to be...06:47
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haidarhello, I would like to connect virtual router create in GNS3 to ubuntu desktop How can I do that please??06:51
homa_hi my friends06:53
haidarhello, I would like to connect virtual router create in GNS3 to ubuntu desktop How can I do that please??07:01
UbuOneKenobiall fine. incredible uptime07:11
* UbuOneKenobi no T P for my Monghole07:11
* UbuOneKenobi \->a :)07:14
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killtheclockguys has anyone ever installed imagemagick in ubuntu?07:17
vbotkakilltheclock, sure, dpkg -l | grep imagemagic07:25
killtheclockii  imagemagick                                           8:                                 amd64        image manipulation programs ii  imagemagick-common                                    8:                                 all          image manipulation programs -- infrastructure ii  imagemagick-doc                                       8:                                 al07:27
killtheclockits installed07:27
killtheclockwhen iam in im directory and do for example this convert logo.gif -resize 200x200 logo2.gif07:28
killtheclockit works07:28
killtheclockbut when iam in /www directory07:29
baizon!paste | killtheclock07:29
ubottukilltheclock: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:29
killtheclockit something about having no declares07:30
killtheclockwhen i do " convert -list configure | grep DELEGATES "07:30
killtheclocki have only those DELEGATES      mpeg ps07:31
killtheclockbut how in imagemagick directory i can resize the logo07:31
killtheclockand when i do it in other directory like /www makes error07:32
vbotkakilltheclock, my DELEGATES shows "bzlib djvu mpeg fftw fontconfig freetype jbig jng jpeg lcms lqr lzma openexr pango png ps tiff wmf x xml zlib"07:37
killtheclockmine are just ps and mpeg07:37
killtheclockhow did you manage that :P07:38
killtheclocki read that the solution is to install delegate packages but image magick shouldnt have to do that by itself?07:39
vbotkakilltheclock, yes, it should. You might want to reinstall it.07:42
killtheclockand the other thing is that i cannot unistall it i do this "sudo make unistall" and i have this error make: *** No rule to make target `unistall'.  Stop.07:43
killtheclockits a pain07:44
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vbotkakilltheclock, you might want to use apt-get07:47
Guest21030guys im stuck in any window that opens07:47
Guest21030wut do i do07:47
killtheclockyea havent try that07:48
madsjhi; I have no idea what happened, but shortcuts stopped working, e.g., ctrl-alt-L for locking and ctrl-alt-T for starting a terminal07:51
madsjI'm on Ubuntu 14.04LTS07:51
Stmeteras soon as I login to ssh, I get this: Last login: Sat Feb  6 23:34:54 2016 from MBP07:51
StmeterLD_LIBRARY_PATH is07:51
Stmeterhow do I remove the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH is" each time i connect07:52
madsjStmeter: ~/.ssh/rc07:52
Sverdarkilltheclock: btw you had a typo, uniNstall07:53
Stmetermadsj, ~/.ssh/rc and are both blank07:53
Stmeterslash non existant07:53
Stmeterand /etc/sshrc*07:54
killtheclockSverdar you where right i had typo :)07:59
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wildc4rdJust had a quick look in Synaptic, anyone know if there are any drivers for Creative sound cards available? It works by default, but the sound quality is poor.08:11
darkdukedon't know08:11
runkhello everyone, could you offer me an alternative to firezilla, please? (which is not too advanced level :) )08:15
baizonrunk: you mena filezilla?08:17
runkbaizon, oh, sure, filezilla, sorry for the typo :)08:17
alkisg_awayWhat's wrong with it?08:17
baizonrunk: https://askubuntu.com/questions/109000/nicer-ftp-client-than-filezilla08:17
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runkin every five transfers it stays hanging here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14916102/08:18
Gallomimiak... so i'm trying to play a game. it doesn't allow remapping of keys. one particularly important function is with the alt key, but pressing that minimizes the game and brings up unity search bar. how can i disable that?08:19
alkisgrunk, which protocol are you using, scp, ftp...?08:20
runkbaizon, great, thank you! do you or anyone here have experience with gftp?08:20
runkalkisg, it is sftp08:20
alkisgYes, it hangs a lot more than filezilla. Nautilus too. :)08:21
alkisgrunk, and scp works fine?08:21
runkalkisg, I don't know that one08:21
alkisgAre you sure it's a problem with filezilla and not with the client/server/connection?08:21
alkisgscp is the command-line way to copy files, it's preinstalled08:21
runkalkisg, I don't know, but it began to happen like this only recently after days of smooth running.08:22
alkisgDoes it happen with other servers as well?08:22
runkit hangs there, and sometimes opens a window that says 'the target file already exists' and asks me to choose a set of options to overwrite or not, in which way etc..08:23
runkalkisg, I don't know about other servers, either. because this is the only server I use.08:23
alkisgAnd if you choose e.g. "overwrite", then what?08:24
runkI never tried any options, in part to avoid any wrong step. but the problem is mainly that it hangs every 5-10 transfers like this-.08:25
alkisgIf it asks you to overwrite or skip, then it doesn't hang, it waits for you to select one of them08:26
runkyes, but it normally doesnt ask that. and it hangs 'a while' beforehand when it does that.08:27
Gallomimia5 to ten eh?08:27
Gallomimiasounds like you've got too many transfers running and no connection left for commands08:27
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runkand when I skip that, I cannot have a successful transfer when I try it right after that. the local file change doesnt prompt a 'save' window08:28
runkGallomimia, but the transfers are one by one, not any two at the same time08:28
Gallomimiarunk did you alter any settings in connections for fz lately?08:29
runkGallomimia, I don't think so. I just made sure that it had the right port, so I checked the server specs and re-entered the port number. if it had another port number before, this might be the only change08:29
runkbut everything else is saved as it always has been08:30
Gallomimiaits something i've seen before. but it's difficult to nail down why08:30
Gallomimiayou should see some kind of hint about what's going on in the console pane08:30
Gallomimiamaybe its reconnecting cause you got tossed off for some kind of flooding08:31
Gallomimiais there seriously no way to force my DE to stop popping up things when i press alt or windows key? it's absolutely killing my usage of the system08:32
runkcan any of the clients in baizon's link be recommended as reliable?08:35
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madsjStmeter: yes, but normally you need to create some files (~/ssh/authorized_hosts is also not present by default)08:38
Stmetermadsj, making a blank sshrc would remove the print during login?08:38
runkreliable in the sense that it doesnt hang08:40
alkisgrunk, try with scp, if the server hangs then there's no point in searching for reliable apps08:40
alkisgOr tell filezilla to use a single connection08:41
madsjStmeter: maybe adding a "clear" to it would help08:41
alkisgor rm ~/.filezilla to verify that you don't have any bad settings there08:41
runkalkisg, but my server's spec is given as sftp08:41
runkcan I use scp?08:41
alkisgrunk, sorry, use the sftp command line program then08:42
Stmetermadsj: nope :(08:42
madsjStmeter: not exactly remove, since it's visible if you scroll, but it hides it. I just tried on another session08:43
muleyyyyhi guys, anyone active? i have a question real quick08:44
Wulfmuleyyyy: nope, sorry.08:44
* alkisg has seen real quick questions lasting 2 hours :)08:44
muleyyyyyeah i know right08:44
Stmetermadsj: i feel like thats a workaround instead of actually removing "LD_LIBRARY_PATH is" from printing during each login08:45
muleyyyyi just need to know how to invoke the graphical user management program08:45
Wulfmuleyyyy: the what?08:45
runkalkisg, I'll try that and eventually others, and see how it works08:46
muleyyyyok long story short, my mum's laptop has a borked unit desktop08:46
runkalkisg, Gallomimia, baizon, thank you very much for your help!08:46
muleyyyyi'm trying to guide my sister who is onsite to create a new user with admin rights08:46
muleyyyybest way to do that would be with the graphical program08:46
alkisgmuleyyyy: use vnc to help her :)08:47
muleyyyythats a non starter due to firewalls between me and her08:47
muleyyyyi'm at work08:47
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alkisgmuleyyyy: do you want to try? run this: x11vnc -connect srv1-dide.ioa.sch.gr08:48
alkisgI'll get access to your desktop :)08:48
alkisgAnyway, it's in the control center, can you guide her to go there?08:49
muleyyyyno, unity is borked08:49
muleyyyyi need a commandline entry08:49
muleyyyyno dash or title bar or windows decorations08:50
alkisgOf course she'll need to already be "admin" to use it08:51
muleyyyyyeah she has sudo access08:52
muleyyyyits just frustrating getting her to do anything, cant alt and tab no windows decorations so no minimising, sounds like compiz is in real trouble08:53
alkisgcompiz --replace08:53
alkisgThis will try to run compiz again in case it succeeds...08:53
muleyyyyi'm not sure exactly what they did, from what she says, she installed chrome rebooted and oh noes wheres my desktop08:54
alkisgAnd of course there's also "sudo apt-get install gnome-panel", and then select gnome-flashback/metacity from the login menu08:54
alkisgThat's a lot more stable than unity :)08:54
* muleyyyy sigh08:55
muleyyyyiindeed, i love the idea behind unity, i'm not a hater but dayem i thought we were over this sort of stuff08:56
benzel_Okey my networkmanager is down again. Network Unreachable. whats the command to install it manually again?08:56
alkisgInstall or restart? sudo service network-manager restart?08:56
benzel_install I guess. I dont remember who but someone here helped me with this a while ago08:58
ruedahi I have a question08:58
ruedaI want to know if some of you can boot an installed version of ubuntu not an installation from a certified usb3 flash drive, I tried with debian 8.1 and 8.2 and simeply can't only usb2.008:59
benzel_alkisg restart didnt work. Whats the install?09:00
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alkisgbenzel_: what was the output?09:01
muleyyyythanks for the help alkisg, we're proceeding nicely should be able to get access soon and fix this myself09:01
alkisgmuleyyyy: np :)09:01
muleyyyyi used to be better informed on the commandline hooks for system stuff, but these days i encounter more servers than desktops especially since my own linux lappy bit the dust :(09:02
* alkisg finds reverse screen shells very convinient for remote support through firewalls09:02
benzel_alkisg unknown instance , network managet start/running , process 461409:03
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alkisgbenzel_: then it's already installed09:04
muleyyyyi need to be careful at my work due to company policies, i work in a hosting company09:04
benzel_hm yes. but its completely broken.09:04
muleyyyyalso my vnc client is screwed up and i'm unwilling to reboot my work pc to fix it09:04
alkisgbenzel_:  You won't solve it by reinstalling though, so you probably need to tell the background here and ask for how to fix it, not reinstall it09:05
benzel_alkisg not much background really. I had some updates to apply so I restarted and after that it has been broken09:07
alkisgbenzel_: you said this happened before and someone helped you... do what, exactly? I can't believe that apt-get install --reinstall would solve any issues, it doesn't affect files at /etc09:08
benzel_alkisg yes. But we never managed to "solve" it. He worked out a way I could manually fix it each time I rebooted09:09
alkisgNow you are online from another pc?09:09
benzel_Im on my phone. Im coming in on my laptop in 10 sec09:10
Gallomimiamuleyyyy the command in question is useradd. i believe if you add the "-G admin" it'll add the new user to the admin group. what is the name of that group?09:11
benzel_2Im here now09:11
Gallomimiasudo for sudo'ing09:11
Gallomimiaadm for... what's that group?09:12
alkisgsudo is for admins09:12
alkisgadm is for /var/log09:12
alkisgbenzel_2, I don't get it, you have network access without network manager?09:13
Gallomimiaso what kind of a command is muleyyyy's friend going to need to use?09:13
benzel_2alkisg: I have NO network access. I can't even run via thetering from my phone09:13
muleyyyyhi Gallomimia, thank you for your suggestion, i am aware of the useradd command though09:13
Gallomimiais it not suitable?09:14
muleyyyyi was asking for the command for getting the graphical user manager as the person i'm guiding is VERY non technical and i'm blind guiding09:14
alkisgbenzel_2, so now you are in irc from yet another pc?09:14
muleyyyyi'm trying to keep them in their comfort zone as much as poss09:14
Gallomimiaummmm. command for graphical?09:14
alkisgbenzel_2, ok, can you run this in the pc with the issue? sudo dhclient eth009:15
alkisgSee if that gives you temporary internet access09:15
alkisgYou won't see anything in the network manager applet, you then need to check with e.g. firefox if you have internet09:15
benzel_2alkisg: that was the command ! Not its back on09:15
benzel_2but kind of inconvinient to do that every reboot?09:16
alkisgbenzel_2, so you haven't really solved the issue09:16
benzel_2alkisg: nope09:16
alkisgThis command bypasses network manager09:16
alkisgUnfortunately /me needs to go for a while... later! :)09:16
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JyZyXELhow do i execute a command as another user?09:16
arlekinhi there! anyone has any thoughts on how can i st up solarized color scheme for gnome terminal ?09:16
Gallomimiathat seems odd. no auto dhcp at start?09:17
Seveasmuleyyyy: it's part of gnome-control-center / unity-control-center09:17
GallomimiaJyZyXEL: sudo -u username command09:17
muleyyyySeveas, again, thanks, we got this answer from alkisg, you guys are great, i forgot how awesome this irc chatroom is09:18
Gallomimiamuleyyyy: did you get this solved?09:19
muleyyyythe answer to my query, yes, i'm still working on their compiz issue though, dont worry i'm a unity oldtimer i'm sure i can work it out09:20
toomanyerrorsi need to install a .sh file how do i do it?09:21
toomanyerrorsusing ubuntu 14.0409:21
muleyyyymy primary objective is to get a working desktop asap and that has been acheived by making a new user09:21
muleyyyymy sister is able to feel her way around the graphical app, i just needed a one word command so she could get it09:22
BlackDalekIs it a bad idea to install ATI video drivers intended for 14.04 onto a computer running 15.10?09:22
muleyyyyBlackDalek sometimes its not at all sensible to install ati video drivers IME09:23
muleyyyyBlackDalek what method are you planning to use to install the drivers?09:25
muleyyyyi have had some painful experience with proprietary graphics drivers in the past09:25
BlackDalekok, I wanted to try proprietary drivers because I was getting issues with certain games using the open drivers... but ATI drivers are only listed as supporting up to 14.04.09:26
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, I was just going to install the ATI provided deb files09:27
GallomimiaBlackDalek: better to use the ones packaged by ubuntu09:28
muleyyyy+1 to what Gallomimia said09:28
Gallomimiaalso when i had ATI card i had to use a newer kernal than in standard repos09:29
Gallomimiaprobably not anymore. that was a couple years ago09:29
muleyyyydo you get any available proprietary drivers or does it detect none?09:29
muleyyyyATI are terrible for supporting their graphics cards long term09:29
muleyyyyscratch that, they are terrible at supporting their graphics cards in general09:29
BlackDalekmuley, ubuntu gives 3 options: default, then fglrx and fglrx-updates (the two provided proprietary driver options made things worse).09:31
muleyyyyhehe yeah that has been my experience with proprietary drivers sometimes too09:32
muleyyyyi've had instances where framerates have got worse by installing them09:33
muleyyyyhow old is your card?09:34
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, it's not a card - it's onboard an APU chip in a HP notebook (brand new).09:35
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, it comes up as a Radeon R409:37
muleyyyyaww mann!09:37
muleyyyy when you lspci?09:37
muleyyyymy old linux lappy had an E450, ran hot but was OK, amd were slow to add support for this, one option would be to install the latest fglrx from amd but again, this could be risky in terms of causing problems09:39
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, no, when the ubuntu provided proprietary drivers are installed, it shows that in system details in settings panel. When using the default open driver, it calls it a "Gallium 0.4" whatever that is...09:40
muleyyyythats like a clever virtualisation that emulates the graphics card09:41
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, HP's website claims it is radeon r409:41
muleyyyyo wait, did your lappy come with linux preinstalled?09:41
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, no. I linuxed it first thing when I got it out the box. (Appaarently it had Windows 10 on it, but I never gave that OS a chance to boot since I went direct to BIOS on the first boot).09:43
muleyyyy:D nobody needs that adware on their computer anyway09:43
muleyyyyso when you do lspci what is detected?09:44
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, I believe it just comes up as some generic AMD name09:44
muleyyyyit'll be the name of the cpu09:45
muleyyyyi used to work for a company where we sold computers with apu's and linux preinstalled09:45
muleyyyyi struggled a lot with derivatives of ubuntu 12.04 and fglrx09:46
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, oh yes.. I was thinking about what I saw under lsusb.... not pci09:46
muleyyyylets have it then09:46
jegarcia@all anyone with x250 and ubuntu 15?09:47
muleyyyywhats an x250? 250 of something? also 15.04 or 15.1009:48
TirzHi everybody. I have a strange problem with my mouse. I recently setup Windows 7 on a partition and since that time, my mouse crash on Ubuntu 14.04 (and Windows) every 6 (or 4) hours. I also have an additional bug on Windows... If I reboot my computer from Ubuntu, my Windows didn't have the headphone sound (because of static charge). I have to unplug the computer 10 seconds before to boot Windows. My computer have a 220v EU supply, on a09:48
Tirz 110v US plug. It start on GRUB and usb is set with PS/2 protocol. When the mouse crash, I try differents mouse on Ubuntu AND Windows and nothing works... I just have to reboot my computer and everythink works well. So is it possible that is a material problem on my mother board? If yes, how can I fix it? Any idea?09:48
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, I am not on the HP notebook right now. But I just lspci it, and a bunch of things show up "Advanced Micro Devices, Inc."09:49
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, I don't see the name of a CPU anywhere.09:50
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, unless it is the "VGA compatible controller"09:50
muleyyyythe info about the cpu might be more helpful than hp's spec as they are one and the same with the apu's09:50
powerhouseim having troble opening steam any one help me09:50
muleyyyypowerhouse, try running it from the commandline, you might get a useful error message to lookup09:51
powerhouseno worrys09:51
BlackDalekpowerhouse - also, don't use steam from the repositories - use the one from steam's website.09:51
muleyyyywhats your cpu called blackdalek09:53
henckeBlackDalek: you could run "grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo" to get the CPU name09:53
muleyyyygood one hencke, forgot about that09:53
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, it is an A6-6310 APU09:54
BlackDalekhencke, what? lspci | grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo ?09:55
henckeBlackDalek: just grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo09:55
powerhouseit has came up with msg You are missing the following 32-bit libraries, and Steam may not run:09:55
k1l_powerhouse: "uname -a" gives what output?09:57
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, ok - hencke's command outputs A6-6310 with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics... and lists it 4 times, once for each core.09:58
C-RadiusHello, people. I'm trying to install a windows program with wine... but it tells me that it needs Win7 With SP1... How do I install SP1?10:01
muleyyyylooks like they only support lts for this graphics card blackdalek10:01
k1l_C-Radius: see the wine app database what to do to get that program running10:02
muleyyyyit might work if you download it direct from amd10:03
muleyyyycant really say for sure, looks dicey to me10:03
muleyyyythough if you look at the revision numbers10:04
muleyyyyits crimson edition 15.1210:04
powerhousefixed with sudo apt-get install '^libc6.*'10:05
muleyyyyrelased 18/12/201510:05
jegarcia oh i didn't know you could use regexp on apt-get10:06
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, but my APU isn't crimson edition... is it?10:08
muleyyyydoesnt matter does it, its just a bundle of drivers10:10
muleyyyyi just went to the amd website, went to manually select driver and apu >> mobile apu >> a- series r4 graphics10:10
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, oh... I see my APU is listed under their supported products for crimson edition... sounds promising10:10
muleyyyyyeah most promising is the revision was in 12/1510:11
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, hmmm.. when I went there yesterday via the select a driver route, I only got the 14.04 driver :(10:12
muleyyyyyes i can see that10:12
muleyyyybut look at the revision number10:12
muleyyyyand the release date10:12
muleyyyydisclaimer; even if this is the right driver it still may not work correctly10:13
muleyyyycos proprietary drivers and precompiled biniaries10:14
BlackDalekah yes...10:14
WulfI need private key + certs for a network connection with NetworkManager. What is the proper path to store these files?10:15
k1l_i store certs in .certs folder in my home10:17
Wulfthere is no home directory10:18
Wulfthe connection should be available to all users.10:18
muleyyyyyou definitely do have a home directory10:18
Wulfmuleyyyy: which does not matter.10:18
BlackDalekwhat is a RHEL ?10:19
rwwBlackDalek: RedHat Enterprise Linux10:19
muleyyyyusually meand redhat enterprise linux10:19
muleyyyyah snap10:19
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Linux+x86_64 says Ubuntu 15.10 is supported OS10:20
rwwalso, I note that installing drivers from AMD's site is not supported in #ubuntu, and that subsequent issues with it will not generally get help here10:20
muleyyyyrww agree'd hence my disclaimer10:21
muleyyyybasically look up a good guide for reverting to gallium drivers incase of a catastrophe blackdalek10:22
rwwyeah. my personal recommendation having used fglrx is "don't"10:22
BlackDalekmuleyyyy, wow! the install notes for that is 44 pages!10:22
muleyyyyyeah it's a bummer and doesnt even always pay off10:22
muleyyyyi think i've learned my lesson on those, next time i'm shopping for a laptop to install linux on, i'll be looking for one with intel graphics10:27
muleyyyymy pc's i always build nvidia systems10:28
BlackDalekusually only get nvidia or linux graphics for linux, but wa short on cash and the AMD/ATI was cheaper10:29
BlackDalek*or intel10:29
rwwif you don't use closed-source drivers, intel and amd are good and nvidia isn't. if you do, you probably want nvidia10:30
wildc4rdmuleyyyy, I used to, but have you found in the last year or 2 the nvidia drivers are starting to cause issues? Gone over to an ATI/AMD card for the first time in a decade last month10:30
muleyyyylast nvidia card i installed was a 550ti on a pc with an onboard ati card10:31
muleyyyyworked ok, not a super performer10:32
muleyyyybut when steam was released a downloaded the updated nvidia drivers to use it - got a framerate drop10:32
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muleyyyyso you might be right in some way wildc4rd, i still feel that nvidia is a better bet than ati/amd10:33
jattintel is better10:34
wildc4rdI confess I bit the bullet and went win10 on my gaming rig, so its not an issue now, have AMD/ATI in the secondary desktop/fileserver on ubuntu10:34
BlackDalekI agree with muleyyyy on the intel vs. nvidia. Although the laptop I am currently on is using intel graphics and it works brilliantly.10:36
jattintel blows nvida out of the water10:36
jattit's not even close10:36
muleyyyyit can be a very devisive issue as people often have strong opinions based on bitter experience of paying a lot of money for some hardware and struggling to get it to work10:37
jattfrom all vendors intel offers the best graphics support for linux10:37
ubottuarturo: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:40
BlackDalekThis laptop I am on is using the CPU i3-3110M which I think has the intel graphics chip built in.10:44
=== damian_k is now known as damian
jattyou will rarely face issues with intel graphics on linux. with ATI and NVIDIA you will be in a world of hurt10:47
BlackDalekjatt, that has been my experience with ATI/AMD graphics, but not Nvidia. In my (limited) experience, Nvidia has been good for me when used with proprietary linux drivers.10:50
Ben64i've seen a lot more problems with intel lately10:51
jattBen64: lot more? impossible10:51
Ben64no, not impossible10:52
jattBen64: intel invests large amounts to support linux and is committed to be successful in that platform10:52
jattit's impossible nvidia and ati do better than intel in that regard10:52
rwwthis probably should move to #ubuntu-offtopic10:52
BlackDalekrww, agreed10:53
RansomTimethere's literally no conversation atm here tho10:53
rwwRansomTime: that's not really relevant. it's still a support channel with a designated chat channel10:53
RansomTimeI'll not argue10:53
BlackDalekI am going to the other laptop now to subject myself to a world of hurt, playing with Radeon drivers. I will be back here after my system is completely broken, begging for help.10:55
=== njalk_ is now known as njalk
tumblerhow to get teamwiever?11:12
tumbleri dont see it into official repos11:13
tumblerany idea?11:13
Mykroi got it straight from their website11:13
cfhowletttumbler, from their site11:13
Mykrodidnt have any issues to install it11:13
tumblerUmmm ...i dislike installing from .deb11:14
burzubullohello guys11:14
Mykrobut tumbler , i know that feeling, but in this case....it works :D11:14
tumblerok ... thaks11:15
_Special33_is there any spanish here?11:17
_Special33_Im learning english11:17
_Special33_I love Ubuntu11:17
cfhowlett!es | _Special33_11:18
ubottu_Special33_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.11:18
_Special33_thank you11:18
burzubullociao ragazzi11:18
burzubulloc'è nessuno?11:18
burzubulloche parla italiano?11:18
lotuspsychje!it | burzubullo11:19
ubottuburzubullo: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:19
burzubullook only english11:19
flashramso got this stora storage server with axacryllix linux ... howto hack it to run debian or ubuntu with all toolchains and qcma-cmdline ?.?11:28
cfhowlett!server | flashram11:29
ubottuflashram: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server11:29
flashramso howto install manually ubuntu server from root prompt ?11:30
bekksthat server specific kernel is long gone, isnt it?11:30
cfhowlett!install | flashram,11:30
ubottuflashram,: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:30
bekksflashram: Was there a type in "axacryllix linux"? Google cant find anything on it.11:31
flashramhold on uname -a11:31
flashram-bash-3.2# uname -a11:32
flashramLinux axentraserver.ivo2376.lifecloudmedion.com #108 Wed Feb 19 17:12:47 EST 2014 armv5tel armv5tel armv5tel GNU/Linux11:32
flashrammedion lifecloud i want to get rid of hipserv211:32
flashramallready replaced ssh and installed ipkg11:32
flashrambut i just have to figure out howto install ubuntu manually from root ssh11:33
flashramipkg install ubuntu /mnt/disk2 //fastboot11:33
ikoniathat seems like a terrible idea11:34
ikoniawhy can you not use a standard install process ?11:34
bekksOr the stock OS that was shipped? :)11:34
ikoniaan even better question11:34
flashramokey a standard install process is fine to :) ... but i have to be able to it from root ssh and wget it ?11:35
ikoniaflashram: no you don't11:35
ikoniathats not a standard install process11:35
ikoniathats something thats not going to work11:35
flashrami got no screen attached to that medion 2x2tb mediaserver because there is no screen connection it dont got ... its a nas11:36
flashramand is there ubuntu nas for it ?11:36
flashramwhy not ubuntu 7.04 nas stage2 override11:36
ikoniaI strongly suggest you use the operating system it came with / was designed for11:36
ikonia7.04 is long dead11:36
flashramwhy for ?11:36
bekks7.04 is dead for 8 years now.11:37
cfhowlettflashram, 14.04 is the current LTS version.11:37
flashramwhy for ? use the system it comes with ?11:37
ikoniabecause then you know it will work11:37
ikoniaand there isn't a real install process for what you want to do11:37
ikoniaso use what it came with11:37
flashrambut i dont like hipserv2 and lifecloud and want to get rid of it but keep the server11:37
=== Bayangan__ is now known as Bayangan
flashramopenstora runs debian on it (netstora)11:37
ikoniayou're not using that though11:38
cfhowlettflashram, then perhaps install debian!  #debian11:38
flashramno but i launched its AIO anyway i rather use ubuntu tho11:38
flashramthats why im asking11:38
ikoniaflashram: there is no install method for what you want11:38
ikoniaand I'd strongly look at hardware compatability / chipsets11:38
flashramso if i got a busybox system like on sony psp ... how would u go at it to install a full gui or full distribution to it ?11:39
flashrami dont like the make urself minimal linux tho ... busybox :/11:39
ikoniaI wouldn't11:39
flashramis kinda the same with the stora11:39
ikoniano it's not11:39
flashramand the linux backup/restore option ... tarball stage2 install via root ?11:40
flashramanyway im really looking into removing hipserv2 tho11:41
ikoniaand our advice is "don't"11:42
ikoniaup to you what you do next11:42
flashramdit gaat niet over de tweede of de derde arts ... maar een justieeel doktersbezoek voor de laatste spuit11:43
flashramtot spuit11:43
ikoniaenglish only please11:43
cfhowlettin english?11:43
flashramthis goes not about second or third dokter ... but justice dokters till the last insurgent11:44
flashramtill insugency11:44
ikonianot really interested in any of that flashram11:44
cfhowlettflashram, this is not the channel for your jokes11:44
flashramits on tv11:44
ikoniajust interested in ubuntu support in this channel11:44
bekksflashram: How is that relevant for ubuntu support?11:44
irreleph4ntHi. Anyone here every tried setting up OpenChange + SOGo on 15.10 server?11:46
cfhowlett!server | irreleph4nt11:46
ubottuirreleph4nt: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server11:46
irreleph4ntmy bad, thanks :)11:46
g105b_Ubuntu has failed me. This week, as my three separate PCs upgraded their packages automatically, they all prevented me decrypting my drive on the next boot. What on earth caused this? One is a Samsung Laptop, one is a Intel NUC PC, one is an HP Pavilion all-in-one PC.11:47
bekksg105b_: which ubuntu do you use?11:48
g105b_bekks: 15.1011:48
g105b_bekks: there's nothing connecting them in any way apart from I use the same username on all three... can't think of any other correlation11:49
flashrama link to install openwrt on stora11:49
flashramso why not ubuntu ?11:49
g105b_bekks: and the same decryption passphrase11:49
g105b_My passphrase uses upper/lowercase letters, numbers and two symbols. Is there a chance that my keyboard layout has changed? The two symbols are % and ^11:50
bekksg105b_: They use the same ubuntu version.11:50
bekksg105b_: just try typing another username and see for yourself.11:50
g105b_bekks: I'm talking about disk encryption11:50
bekksg105b_: so you are using full disk encryption?11:51
g105b_bekks: yeah11:52
g105b_bekks: I've just booted on a Live CD to try and decrypt on the older version of ubuntu that's on the CD... no luck.11:53
bekksg105b_: which is a second, different problem.11:53
lotuspsychjeg105b: did you try booting a previous kernel?11:54
g105b_lotuspsychje: I chose the older kernel from grub, issue persisted11:54
lotuspsychjewe had some other users rporting decrypt problems after update this week..11:54
lotuspsychjenot sure how it got solved or not11:54
g105b_lotuspsychje: I can't believe it to be honest11:55
g105b_Error unlocking /dev/sda3: Command-line `cryptsetup luksOpen "/dev/sda3" "luks-32dd5709-38e0-45ef-9255-1590e8bf0872" ' exited with non-zero exit status 2: No key available with this passphrase.11:56
MonkeyDustg105b_  believe what?11:56
g105b_MonkeyDust: that upgrading packages has such a devistating effect.11:56
FinWille HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.2.0-27-generic i686 ** Distro: Ubuntuo "wily0uo" 15.10uo ** CPU: 1 x Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 2.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 2,00GHz ** RAM: Physical: 1,5GiB, 56,5% free ** Disk: Total: 71,8GiB, 90,2% free ** VGA: 8086:2592 ** Sound: ICH4 - Intel ICH6 ** Ethernet: 14e4:167d ** Uptime: 18h 11m 12s **11:57
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MonkeyDustFinWille  guess that got pasted in the wrong screen11:58
koloffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf subtitles=input.srt out.mp412:02
koloIs it possible to burn subtitles in the ~ middle of screen?12:02
cfhowlettkolo, best to ask the ffmpeg channel12:02
MonkeyDustkolo  or in #ubuntustudio12:03
lotuspsychjeg105b: maybe check dpkg log to see if it updated something relating encryption?12:04
BluesKajHiyas all12:06
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david6667hello from telnet12:08
=== Netmage_afk is now known as Netmage_
=== Linlz_ is now known as Linlz
david6667hello from telnet12:11
g105b_Is there anywhere the LUKS header is backed up automatically, in case my passphrase key has been lost?12:14
deniz946hello, i have a laptop with ubuntu, and it touchpad was working perfectly, but i touched the button to turn on/off the touchpad (it's a physical button in the laptop) and now it doesn't work, any help please?12:17
rosewhat is the model of your laptop?12:18
deniz946rose, msi gp60 2pe12:19
vixxohello everyone! I'm using 15.10 and after having an error formatting an usb drive now is recognized by "disks" application as a "Generic mass-storage" and I' cant format/create partitions on It anymore. Suggestions ?12:20
bekksvixxo: So create a partition (if necessary) and a filesystem (if necessary) using the command line.12:21
vixxobekks, I'm not so practice with that12:21
bekksvixxo: So pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l" please.12:22
vixxobekks, http://pastebin.com/diiK7FXm12:23
g105b_Can a % symbol in LUKS passphrase be causing it not to decrypt?12:24
bekksvixxo: And the USB device is currently not plugged in?12:24
vixxobekks, It is plugged12:24
bekksvixxo: It isnt showing in your pastebin.12:26
vixxobekks, I know, even gparted can't see It, but disks can..12:26
bekksvixxo: So pastebin "dmesg" please.12:26
=== gaptek is now known as mendesahh
vixxobekks, http://pastebin.com/fspuLu7612:28
Davidehi guys, i have a problem with my touchpad focaltech, the geasture like pinch to zoom doesn't not work anywhere, please someone can help me? it's already 2 week s i'm trying to sove it12:29
Davidei have a zenbook ux303 with ubuntu 15.1012:30
WhynoFIhiya folks12:31
WhynoFII'm having difficulty getting wifi working on this older HP laptop12:32
Ben64WhynoFI: driver is loaded, its a supported chip, whats the problem12:33
WhynoFIBen64: I'm not sure, the network managers don't seem to see it and other USB dongle wifi NIC I tried out of desperation12:35
Ben64what is the output of 'rfkill list'12:35
WhynoFI2: phy2: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no12:36
WhynoFIBen64: 2: phy2: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no12:36
=== mendesahh is now known as wahyu
Ben64WhynoFI: pastebin the whole output12:38
MonkeyDustWhynoFI  http://paste.ubuntu.com/12:38
WhynoFIMonkeyDust: Ben64 http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957213/12:40
deniz946 when im trying to format a device and get /dev/mmcblk0 is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here! message, how i can force it to format it anyways?12:40
Ben64deniz946: don't. that error is there for a reason12:42
deniz946but i need to delete/format it12:43
Ben64WhynoFI: you have the usb wifi plugged in?12:43
deniz946and from gparted it don't let me12:43
Ben64deniz946: ok, so boot from a livecd or something12:43
WhynoFIBen64: negative12:43
WhynoFIBen64: WITH dongle plugged in http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957244/12:45
WhynoFIBen64: I'd much rather get the integrated intel working though12:45
Ben64not sure why it's coming up as phy12:46
WhynoFIBen64: not sure of relevance, but there is a wifi button on the chassis which is permanently yellow12:48
WhynoFIregardless of how many times you press it12:48
WhynoFIBen64: and you can still check and uncheck wifi in the network manager pull down menu as if you were doing something but it really doesn't12:49
WhynoFIBen64: all wifi options are greyed out12:49
vbotkaWhynoFI, probably you have a problem similar to this one http://www.allthingstechie.net/2014/10/bypass-laptop-wireless-hardware-radio.html12:51
WhynoFIvbotka: this happens with any wifi NIC12:52
WhynoFIvbotka: usb dongle for example12:52
WhynoFIvbotka: rt2800usb12:54
ioriaWhynoFI, can you paste  /etc/modprobe.d/iwl3945.conf  ?12:54
WhynoFIioria: I'm afraid there is no such animal; closest thing I have to it is /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf12:56
WhynoFIioria: would u like that output instead?12:57
vbotkaWhynoFI, you might want to proceed according to https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/net-wireless-troubleshooting.html12:57
ioriaWhynoFI, nope,  let's make one and try to put in it  (on separate lines) alias wlan0 iwl3945    options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=0    , if not working just remove it12:58
Beladonawhat is kswapd0? its taking all my cpu12:58
vbotkaioria, iwl3945 is an Intel driver, WhynoFI has Ralink rt2800usb12:59
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ioriavbotka, i thought the issue was the integrated13:00
MonkeyDustBeladona  is this useful http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=207204213:00
WhynoFIvbotka: integrated wifi nic is PRO/Wireless 3945ABG [Golan]13:00
WhynoFIioria: so I created the iwl3945.conf and I should unload reload the module?13:01
ioriaWhynoFI,   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=212159913:01
ioriaWhynoFI,   yes13:01
WhynoFIdoes the conf need any special permissions?13:02
ioriaWhynoFI,   don't think so13:02
ioriaWhynoFI,   what model of hp is that ?13:03
WhynoFIioria: HP550?13:04
vixxobekks, ?13:04
bekksvixxo: Can you plug it off, wait 10s, plug it back in, wait 10s, and then pastebin dmesg again, please?13:05
WhynoFIioria: there is a iwlegacy module loading too13:05
WhynoFIbut I unloaded and reloaded and no change13:05
BeladonaMonkeyDust:  unable to kill it by    sudo kill -9 pidOfSwapd)13:06
BeladonaI think it restarts13:06
vixxobekks, http://pastebin.com/5zC5cAZ013:07
ioriaWhynoFI,   try this     alias wlan0 iwl3045      options iwl3945 disable_hw_scan=1 hwcrypto=113:07
WhynoFIhwcrypto is not a valid switch last time I tried13:07
MonkeyDustBeladona  i read here, it occurs often in red hat ... what's the output of   cat /etc/issue13:08
WhynoFIioria: hwcrypto is not a valid switch last time I tried13:08
ioriaWhynoFI,   swcrypto=013:08
bekksvixxo: Now pastebin "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb" please.13:09
WhynoFIioria: the first line should end in iwl3945 right?13:09
ioriaWhynoFI,   yes13:09
ioriaWhynoFI,   no13:10
ioriaWhynoFI,   sorry iwl304513:10
JyZyXELis it possible to make the "owner" or "group" mount options to work with NFS mounts?13:10
JyZyXELsince nfs doesn't really have a source device for the mount?13:10
WhynoFIioria: urmm, so should the conf name be different too?13:11
ioriaWhynoFI,   nope13:11
ioriaWhynoFI,   and can you paste the content of /etc/modprobe.d/ ?13:12
WhynoFIioria: you have left the realm of what I understand. I'm blindly following your suggestion to create iwl3945.conf with first line referencing 3045 and second line 394513:13
MonkeyDustBeladona  it's been reported as a bug13:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1532480 in linux (Ubuntu) "kswapd0 consumes 100% CPU" [Medium,Incomplete]13:13
ioriaWhynoFI,   ok, put 3945  and swcrypto=0 and we'll see13:14
BeladonaMonkeyDust:  so what should I do?13:14
WhynoFIioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957398/13:14
MonkeyDustBeladona  start by adding your name to affected users13:14
ioriaWhynoFI,   i'd backup iwlwifi.conf13:15
Beladonais this bug in 16.x or all ?13:16
BeladonaMonkeyDust:  ^13:16
MonkeyDustBeladona  16.04 is not released yet ... the bug occurs since 2011 and not only in ubuntu13:17
BeladonaMonkeyDust:  so its in redhat as well?13:17
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MonkeyDustBeladona  and suse, is what i found13:18
BeladonaMonkeyDust:  is there any solution?13:18
WhynoFIioria: you mean rename it / move it somewhere?13:18
MonkeyDustBeladona  first time i see it13:18
WhynoFIioria: I'm starting to wonder if I need to reboot for these settings to take effect13:18
vixxobekks, fdisk: cannot open /dev/sdb: No medium found13:19
ioriaWhynoFI,   yes, rename13:19
BeladonaMonkeyDust:  is there any solution?13:20
MonkeyDustBeladona  not sure, more skilled people didnt find any either13:20
ioriaWhynoFI,   yes, you should need a reboot13:21
bekksvixxo: Did you plug it off meanwhile?13:21
Beladonahm MonkeyDust  is this a bug of linux core files like kernel or something (I assume because its in many distros)13:21
WhynoFIioria: brb13:21
ioriaWhynoFI,   ok13:21
MonkeyDustBeladona  with what you know now, you can look or ask further13:21
vixxobekks, sure13:24
BeladonaMonkeyDust:  thanks13:27
yeatsBeladona: did you see this response on the serverfault thread linked to in the forum post MonkeyDust shared?: http://serverfault.com/a/31663613:27
Beladonayeats:  is there a solution in it?13:28
yeatsBeladona: have you read it?13:28
mpajorI have an odd problem. I need to remove /usr/bin/ssh (chattr is set, and chattr cannot be accessed). I cannot remove it as root, as again, chattr is set. How would I solve this?13:29
mpajorrunning out of ideas here13:30
=== chappie-san2 is now known as chappie-san
yeatsmpajor: what do you mean that 'chattr cannot be accessed'?13:31
mpajoryeats: funny thing is that chattr is set on /usr/bin/chattr (+ia flags) - which I cannot remove13:31
yeatsmpajor: how did this happen in the first place?13:32
mpajormost highly been rooted, although, in order for me to fully recover the box I need to get around this somehow13:32
yeatsmpajor: I would try booting with a live USB/CD and trying chattr from there13:33
mpajorgotcha - looks like I'll have to open up a ticket with digitalocean then. I did try recovery mode but chattr was not available there13:33
yeatsmpajor: (and if you've really been rooted, you should probably be in live USB/CD anyway)13:33
=== Eclipse is now known as aq
mpajoryeats: thanks13:35
mpajorI would /suppose/ I can get around the permission-hickup with the recovery ISO?13:35
=== aq is now known as zz
thedeveloperis this command a safe and proper way or best practice way to set folder permission13:43
thedevelopersudo chmod XXXX /path/to/file13:43
MonkeyDustthedeveloper  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions#chmod_with_Numbers13:47
WhynoFIioria: I'm ready throw this laptop out the window13:47
ioriaWhynoFI,   so, not working ....13:48
WhynoFIioria: no change still13:48
WhynoFIioria: what about blacklisting iwl3945 and trying to use the usb dongle?13:48
ioriaWhynoFI,   sure you can .... it was working during the installation process ?13:49
WhynoFIioria: I don't think I tried during the install13:50
ioriaWhynoFI,   i mean, if you boot a livecd ....   is working ?13:50
ioriaWhynoFI,   ah,  ok13:50
WhynoFIioria: it worked fine with other distros and winders13:50
ioriaWhynoFI,   so reverse iwlwifi.conf     , remove iwl3945.conf    and try sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-firmware13:51
ioriaWhynoFI,   and can you paste   ls -al /lib/firmware | grep 394513:52
WhynoFIioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957610/13:54
WhynoFIioria: next?13:55
Koni__Hi how can I install "kernel backports" on ubuntu 14.04 in a straight forwart apt-get install fashion?13:55
ioriaWhynoFI,   that it's ok13:55
WhynoFIdo I reload the module again?13:55
ioriaWhynoFI,   did you reinstall linux-firmware ?13:56
WhynoFIioria: yes, I did the things you said in the order you said them :)13:56
ioriaWhynoFI,   ok, reboot13:56
Koni__Need to see if latest 2800usb is fixd for "Bus 002 Device 002: ID 2001:3c20 D-Link Corp." ... WLAN -Dongle13:58
Koni__How can I install the latest "backports" on Ubuntu 14.04 http://drvbp1.linux-foundation.org/~mcgrof/rel-html/backports/ ?13:59
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Koni__Hi how can I install "kernel backports" on ubuntu 14.04 in a straight forwart apt-get install fashion?  http://drvbp1.linux-foundation.org/~mcgrof/rel-html/backports/ ?Need to see if latest rt2800usb is fixd for "Bus 002 Device 002: ID 2001:3c20 D-Link Is there a solution of https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62781 for D-Link DWA-140 D1?Corp." ... WLAN -Dongle. cf.14:02
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 62781 in network-wireless "rt2800usb sluggish connection. "TX status timeout for entry" and "Got TX status for an empty queue" errors(?)" [High,New]14:03
WhynoFIioria: no joy :*(14:05
Koni__Hi how can I install "kernel backports" on ubuntu 14.04 in a straight forwart apt-get install fashion?  http://drvbp1.linux-foundation.org/~mcgrof/rel-html/backports/ ?Need to see if latest rt2800usb is fixd for "Bus 002 Device 002: ID 2001:3c20 D-Link Corp." ... WLAN -Dongle.  Is there a solution of https://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=62781 for D-Link DWA-140 D1?14:05
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 62781 in network-wireless "rt2800usb sluggish connection. "TX status timeout for entry" and "Got TX status for an empty queue" errors(?)" [High,New]14:05
ioriaWhynoFI,   oh.... and you don't have some switch on the laptop ?14:05
februaryou can try on irc.freenode.net #kernel-backports14:06
Koni__Thank's do they provide ubuntu specific help there?14:06
februarI dont know but you can try it14:06
februarnormal is by ubuntu search for ppa14:07
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=== e_e is now known as zz
WhynoFIioria: there is a switch on the chassis yes14:08
WhynoFIioria: it remains yellow while inside the OS no matter what you do to it14:08
ioriaWhynoFI,  ever worked with an ubuntu distro ? and are you on 14.04 ?14:09
WhynoFIioria: this is a 32bit version of 14.0414:12
ioriaWhynoFI,  have you tried to reset the router ?14:12
WhynoFIand it worked on several versions of fedora and kubuntu before14:13
JyZyXELwhats the syntax for nfs:// in dolphin?14:13
ioriaWhynoFI,  reset the router, then14:14
WhynoFIioria: I have not restarted my routers14:14
ioriaWhynoFI,  do it14:14
WhynoFIioria: I don't understand the purpose14:14
WhynoFIioria: it will kick off the 5 other people on it, so can't right now14:14
ioriaWhynoFI,  ok14:15
linociscohi all, how to use Exchange mail on ubuntu ? I tried Exquilla which is only 60 days trial.14:15
WhynoFIioria: but you understand that the network manager doesn't show any APs?14:15
ioriaWhynoFI,  yes14:16
=== daniel is now known as Guest38097
WhynoFIioria: there are dozens of APs in range and nothing shows up14:17
ioriaWhynoFI,  can you paste  sudo lshw -c Network14:17
markginzUbuntu Mate Desktop 15.10 Unable to to mount network location to windows 1014:17
Koni__februar, which how to is more appropriate for ubuntu 14.04? https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Linux_Wireless/ or https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/WLAN/Linux-backports-modules/ ?14:17
anigmaHowdy! I accidentally managed to create a RAID with mdadm where I forgot to include the partitions (I only added the disks). Is there a way to reconfigure this with mdadm?14:18
linociscohi all, how to use Exchange mail on ubuntu ? I tried Exquilla which is only 60 days trial.14:18
WhynoFIioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957776/14:18
ioriaWhynoFI,  network DISABLED14:19
MonkeyDustlinocisco  try openxchange14:19
KimseAnyone here who can help me with this issue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/729950/automouting-nfs-share-inside-nated-lxc-container-fails ?14:20
WhynoFIioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957801/14:20
ioriaWhynoFI,  i know that but it says DISABLED14:21
vixxobekks, no idea ? :(14:21
linociscoMonkeyDust, it is server14:21
WhynoFIioria: should I commit sepeku?14:21
MonkeyDustlinocisco  ok, there's also #ubuntu-server14:21
ioriaWhynoFI,  ahahaha14:21
WhynoFIioria: how do I enable it?14:22
linociscoMonkeyDust, I want to use mail client like evolution that can read/write MS EXchange account14:22
linociscoMonkeyDust, I want to use mail client like evolution that can access MS Exchange account14:22
WhynoFIioria: already checked the BIOS and as we talked about, it is just this OS14:22
ioriaWhynoFI,  can you paste ifconfig  ?14:23
MonkeyDustlinocisco  is this useful http://askubuntu.com/questions/446366/configure-microsoft-exchange-email-on-ubuntu14:23
Koni_februar, which how to is more appropriate for ubuntu 14.04? https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Linux_Wireless/ or https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/WLAN/Linux-backports-modules/ ?14:23
ioriaWhynoFI,  sudo ifup wlan0   , what it says ?14:23
=== Bob is now known as Guest79652
WhynoFIioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957850/14:26
ioriaWhynoFI,  it's not configured ...14:26
sruliwhen i change my user account password, does my ecryptfs change password too? i need to know because if my old passoword was compromised should i delete my ecryptfs and create a new one with new password?14:27
ioriaWhynoFI,  it has no ip ... dhcp (tht's why asked you to reset router) or configure in /etc/network/interfaces14:27
BluesKajsudo dhclient wlan0 ?14:27
ioriayesp, try that14:28
WhynoFIioria: what? my router's dhcp is working fine for the 5 other devices on the network14:29
linociscoMonkeyDust, doesnt work14:29
linociscoMonkeyDust, I tried and expired14:29
WhynoFIioria: you want me a setup a static ip profile in the network mangler/14:29
ioriaWhynoFI,  try       sudo dhclient     before14:30
MonkeyDustlinocisco  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ThunderbirdExchange14:30
ioriaWhynoFI,  or      sudo dhclient    wlan014:30
ioriaWhynoFI,  you use static or dynamic ?14:31
WhynoFIioria: dynamic IPv414:31
hello2222hello guys Please help me14:31
lotuspsychje!ask | hello222214:31
ubottuhello2222: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience14:31
MonkeyDusthello2222  start with a question14:31
ioriaWhynoFI,  try static ...   open NetworkManager and set it manual .... you know how ?14:31
WhynoFIioria: yes, but I just did14:32
hello2222I need to get into file fstab with write permitions but its not possible  from recovery mode and also from live cd14:33
ioriaWhynoFI,  your card is ok ... it just does not have an ip    ....   iwconfig ?14:33
WhynoFIioria: sudo dhclient wlan0 RTNETLINK answers: Operation not possible due to RF-kill and it hangs there14:33
ioriaWhynoFI,  RTNETLINK ?14:33
hello2222I change some values in fstab and now I cannot start linux because when I rebbot there was message job is running on dev and must towait 1.3 minutes14:34
ioriaWhynoFI,  what's that ?    usb dongle ?14:34
BluesKajwonder if the systemd naming convention is different for wifi now like it is for eth0, WhynoFI try, ip a | grep wlp14:34
WhynoFIioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14957900/14:34
WhynoFIioria: usb dongle not plugged in14:34
lotuspsychje!fstab | hello222214:34
ubottuhello2222: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions14:34
ioriaWhynoFI,  so what is RTNETLINK  ?14:35
WhynoFIBluesKaj: that command does nothing14:35
WhynoFIioria: I don't know what RTNETLINK is14:35
lotuspsychjertnetlink - Linux IPv4 routing socket14:36
WhynoFIioria: howto find out?14:36
lotuspsychjeman rtnetlink14:36
hello2222but I can only read fstab and not write how can I get permissions to write it?14:36
ioriaWhynoFI,  no idea...   you already tried to set  as 'manual' wlan0 ?14:37
lotuspsychjehello2222: sudo?14:37
WhynoFIioria: affirmative14:37
hello2222I tried sudo and chmod 777 but doesnt work14:37
MonkeyDusthello2222  carefull with chmod 77714:37
minitrue11:37 < MonkeyDust> hello2222  carefull with chmod 77714:37
WhynoFIioria: but keep in mind that I don't think the network manager is interacting with the card properly14:37
hello2222I can only acces system in recovery mod and there I dont have permitions to write file only read14:38
WhynoFIioria: given that the hardware toggle is never blue (always orange) inside the OS14:38
WhynoFIioria: I'm convinced there is something wrong with the firmware in use or parameters set for it14:38
WhynoFIioria: but what do I know?14:39
hello2222I can mount it from another OS but same only read14:39
ioriaWhynoFI,  running short of idead, sorry14:39
WhynoFIioria: thanks for the help so far14:39
DirkosCan someone tell me how to get libpng16?14:40
Dirkoserror while loading shared libraries: libpng16.so.16: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:40
WhynoFII think I'm just going to get a big hammer14:40
ioriaWhynoFI,  you can stop NM  and manually configure /etc/network/interfaces    but for wifi it'a a pain14:40
ioriaWhynoFI,  you leave with the router option14:41
WhynoFIioria: I'm talking to you over the ethernet on the same router which is configured via dhcp...14:42
ioriaWhynoFI,  wifi is a bit different i think14:42
MonkeyDust!find libpng14:42
ubottuFound: libpng12-0, libpng12-dev, libpng++-dev, libpng-sixlegs-java, libpng-sixlegs-java-doc14:42
WhynoFIioria: well, there are several android and ios phones connected to it and several laptops so...14:43
lotuspsychjeDirkos: whats the main package your trying to install?14:43
MonkeyDustDirkos  sudo apt install libpng12-014:43
linociscoMonkeyDust, doesn't help14:43
ioriaWhynoFI,  remove the cable ..... and reconfigure it in the NM gui14:43
lotuspsychjelinocisco: repeat your issue to the channel once in a while14:44
DirkosMonkeyDust: thats libpng12 and not 1614:44
Dirkoslotuspsychje: im trying top run OpenRC2 on Linux but receive that error while starting14:44
ioriaWhynoFI,  reconfigure wlan0 i mean with a static ip14:44
MonkeyDustDirkos  for anything outside the repos, you need a .deb or a ppa or so, but that's not supported here14:44
linociscolotuspsychje, to use MS 365 Exchange email on ubuntu desktop. I tried Thunderbird with Exquilla plugin. it worked but expired after 60days as it is not absolutely free14:44
WhynoFIioria: ok, I'll be back14:45
ioriaWhynoFI,  and restart nm14:45
DirkosMonkeyDust: understand14:45
BluesKajioria, if he's on ubuntu 15.19 then the systemd naming convention for etho and wifi have changed14:46
BluesKaj15.10 rather14:46
black0rangeIf i want to upgrade the kenel what is the safest way to do so?14:46
lotuspsychje!kernel | black0range14:46
ubottublack0range: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)14:46
ioriaBluesKaj, yes, it could14:47
lotuspsychjeDirkos: thats with adding external ppa's?14:47
ioriaBluesKaj,  but he is using NM14:47
Dirkoslotuspsychje: nahh i just downloaded it from their website and got the error while running14:48
DirkosDid knew it was not supported on Ubuntu yet though14:48
lotuspsychjelinocisco: MS products on ubuntu, bit harder you could try wine or playonlinux?14:48
xanguablack0range: upgrade to what kernel and why? What Ubuntu release?14:48
Dirkoslotuspsychje: i found a .deb now though but still its telling me about the shared object file, not found14:49
Dirkoseven though its on the system14:49
lotuspsychjeDirkos: we only support official supported packages here, there's a small #openrct2 or try to contact the maintainer?14:49
Dirkoswill try thnx14:50
black0rangexangua: have 15.10 reason: Internal mic doesn't work on my new computer people have said it works fine with kenernel 4.414:50
MonkeyDustblack0range  'people have said' ... and what if it doesnt? go back to a previous kernel?14:52
MonkeyDustblack0range  try and find another solution14:52
black0rangeMonkeyDust: I've tried, nothing works :(14:53
lotuspsychjelinocisco: can this help? http://web.ysu.edu/gen/ysu_generated_bin/documents/basic_module/Office_365_Mail_Client_Configuration_Guide_Evolution.pdf14:55
jegarcia /connect freenode14:56
lotuspsychjeblack0range: check your syslog and dmesg for sound errors14:56
lotuspsychje!sound | black0range have you doublechecked?14:57
ubottublack0range have you doublechecked?: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:57
BluesKajioria, to find the new udev/systemd names for eth0 and wlan0, run, ip link14:58
lotuspsychjekibba: how can we help you?14:59
ioriaBluesKaj, yep, but if you use NM it should n't be   a problem14:59
DirkosIs libpng16.so.16 available in Ubuntu 15?14:59
DirkosOr where can i see that14:59
MonkeyDust!find libpng | Dirkos15:00
ubottuDirkos: Found: libpng12-0, libpng12-dev, libpng++-dev, libpng-sixlegs-java, libpng-sixlegs-java-doc15:00
Dirkosok its not :) thanks15:00
kibbaI am not sure15:00
MonkeyDustDirkos  even in 16.04 it's still 1215:01
Dirkosok thanks15:01
kibbai think i have resolved my probleme just when i am coming here :)15:01
BluesKajioria, it shouldn't be , but it's still good know15:01
kibbatry more test and if i need i ask you15:01
fstabbbbhow can I get permisions to write files in recovery mode?15:01
TechChristophfstabbbb: with sudo maybe15:02
TechChristophfstabbbb: are you root ?15:02
fstabbbbsudo doesnt work15:02
fstabbbbyes I am15:02
TechChristophfstabbbb: well if you are root15:02
TechChristophfstabbbb: you don't need any permission15:03
barryWhat will this command do guys?15:03
fstabbbbwhen I try to change fstab file it return error you can only read file15:03
barrysudo rm -rf /home15:04
kibbasend us the return of stat /etc/fstab15:04
TechChristophfstabbbb: let me google that for you15:04
geirhabarry: removes all home directories15:04
MonkeyDustbarry  remove your home without asking confirmation15:04
kibbait is a bad idea ^^15:04
barryCan it break my machine15:04
TechChristophfstabbbb: https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-general-1/cannot-edit-fstab-in-recovery-mode-filesystem-is-read-only-540195/15:04
muleyyyywhat are you trying to do barry?15:05
kibbano but you lose all your files15:05
BluesKajbarry, don't post that kind of command15:05
barryOh, i just wanted to delete a user15:05
MonkeyDustbarry  userdel15:05
geirhaYou'll probably have trouble logging in afterwards15:05
barryand its file15:05
TechChristophfstabbbb: maybe that helps15:05
kibbayes you will had to connect via tty and recreate the home directory15:05
geirhasince you no longer have a home directory ... and all your files are gone unless you had backups15:05
barryOh got it. Thanks for the info guys15:06
muleyyyyyeah you want to delete a user its userdel even if you did just delete their home folder they would still have working credentials15:06
TechChristophfstabbbb: i found this also http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145772015:07
muleyyyyif you deleted everything in /home then everyone would lose their files15:07
MonkeyDustauch, idd, this website advices rm /home15:07
muleyyyyMonkeyDust is this a troll website?15:07
MonkeyDustmuleyyyy  not sure , but be careful15:08
barryI have done that command, userdel15:08
sruliwhen i change my user account password, does my ecryptfs change password too? i need to know because if my old passoword was compromised should i delete my ecryptfs and create a new one with new password?15:09
fstabbbbthanks I will try it15:09
barryBut i still see the user directory that i have deleted. So how can i delete its directory15:09
nedstarkrm -r thefoldername15:12
barryI created new user using useradd. Seem i made a mistake, what useradd really do?15:18
lotuspsychjebarry: useradd - create a new user or update default new user information15:18
SchrodingersScat!info adduser | barry, I prefer adduser to useradd, but that's my opinion.15:20
ubottubarry, I prefer adduser to useradd, but that's my opinion.: adduser (source: adduser): add and remove users and groups. In component main, is required. Version 3.113+nmu3ubuntu4 (wily), package size 157 kB, installed size 648 kB15:20
barrylotuspsychje: Oh pretty much same as adduser. But it dont ask for password when i run "sudo useradd <username>". Now when i tried to login to user i created it ask for password15:21
barryOne more thing I dont see any new directory created after i use useradd15:22
SchrodingersScattwo reasons for my preference15:22
MonkeyDustbarry  useradd -m15:22
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ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:26
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:28
xanguabarry: do you have a support question? Your can query the bot on private15:31
maxpmHi, everyone. I'm trying to pair my bluetooth headset with my desktop (Ubuntu 14.04), but the device is identified as "unknown" during the scanning. It's very weird because I'm able to pair the same with my Android phone. Has anyone get the same problem?15:31
MonkeyDustmaxpm  blueman helped the last person who had a similar question15:32
MonkeyDust!info blueman15:32
ubottublueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0-1ubuntu1 (wily), package size 1635 kB, installed size 4829 kB15:32
barryxangua: My first time here, didnt realize i can do that. lol15:33
AlexPortableHow do I edit text places in pinta?15:34
maxpmMonkeyDust: blueman shows the device as invalid15:34
xanguaAlexPortable: pinta is an image editor15:35
AlexPortablebut when I place text and I want to edit it (add a word) i have to delete and place it agian15:35
lotuspsychjeAlexPortable: http://pinta-project.com/howto/pinta-on-web15:35
AlexPortableyou never added text to an image?15:35
AlexPortablelotuspsychje: nothing about text there15:36
barrySorry for another newbie question. How I can get a list of all user in my system15:37
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  there's a capital T icon on the left, click that15:37
barryThis page didnt tell anything regarding that, https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/user-management.html15:37
cfhowlettAlexPortable, pinta is not an ubuntu project.  see their documentation:  http://pinta-project.com/howto15:37
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: and then i place text, and want to edit it, how do I edit it?15:38
AlexPortablecfhowlett: do you know an irc channel where people can help me out?15:38
cfhowlettAlexPortable, I sent you the support link ... start there15:38
lotuspsychjepinta is on repos also15:38
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  simply click in the text, you can then change the font size15:39
AlexPortableMonkeyDust: with which tool?15:39
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  your mouse, what do you mean, which tool15:40
AlexPortablewell i placed the text15:40
AlexPortableand moved it15:40
AlexPortablenow i want to edit the text15:40
AlexPortablei made a mistake with typing15:40
xangua9:35 AM <AlexPortable> but when I place text and I want to edit it (add a word) i have to delete and place it agian / that's one of the perks of using an image editor to add text, yes.15:40
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  simply click in the text and then type15:40
AlexPortablenope it will put another text over it15:41
AlexPortablexangua: well it should be possible to edit, no?15:41
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  not here, i guess you're doung something wrong... tr using layers15:41
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AlexPortableMonkeyDust: well what tool should i select in the menu/15:42
AlexPortabletext again?15:42
AlexPortablethen it will place other text over it15:42
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  below left, there's a 'history' window, delete or undo the text, the type again15:44
MonkeyDustbelow right (sorry)*15:44
AlexPortableyes but then it will also undo the rest15:44
MonkeyDustAlexPortable  ok, play a bit with it, refine your skills15:45
AlexPortablewhat do yo umean?15:46
aLeSD_hi all15:48
aLeSD_is there a way to install oraclee java in ubuntu  ?15:48
cfhowlett!java | aLeSD_15:48
ubottuaLeSD_: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.15:48
barryWhat is document root directory for this OS?15:49
bekksbarry: The one you configured in your webserver config.15:49
barryI have installed apache2 btw15:50
bekksbarry: So just take a look at its config.15:51
=== zenlot1 is now known as zenlot
barrybekks, how to do that?15:51
bekksbarry: Just look at the config files of your apache2 installation.15:51
bekksbarry: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/httpd.html15:52
barryGot it, thanks bekks and EriC^^15:56
sruliwhen i change my user account password, does my ecryptfs change password too? i need to know because if my old passoword was compromised should i delete my ecryptfs and create a new one with new password?15:57
IgramulHi, what is the best way to load a network driver at boot? I need the b43 driver for my WiFi card and it is not automatically loaded by the system.15:58
bekkssruli: the ecryptfs "password" you are entering is just a password for accessing your actual encryption key.15:58
giljehow would I install i3 wm in ubuntu minimal install?15:59
srulibekks: so the ecryptfs does not change passphrase? in other words if my password is compromised do i need to delete and create a new ecryptfs ?16:00
bekkssruli: No. Your actual encryption password isnt even compromised.16:00
srulihow not?, it can be recovered with ecryptfs-recover-passphrase16:01
=== gevs_ is now known as gevs
bekkssruli: http://askubuntu.com/questions/281491/cant-log-in-after-password-change-ecryptfs see the last comment of that link please.16:01
=== nolsen is now known as are
srulibekks: that is because changing using passwd will not update keyring, my question is if the actual ecryptfs passphrase changes after password change?16:03
bekkssruli: No, it does not change, which is clearly stated in the link given.16:04
barrygilje: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbOQS5xHFGY16:04
srulibekks: so the ecryptfs can be recovered with old password?16:06
bekkssruli: You didnt read the link I gave you, did you?16:06
srulibekks: i did and still do not have a clear answer,  "Indeed if you do, then your new login password will not decrypt your home directory," is that because using passwd does not change the ecryptfs pass or because it does not update the keyring?16:10
bekkssruli: the user password (changed with passwd) is just used to access the keyring. And since that will fail upon password change, your home is not decrypted anymore. the actuall encryption passphrase is not touched at all, not even on a correct password change.16:12
srulibekks: i am not sure what i am missing here, this brings me back to my original question, if i change the password the proper way, can ecryptfs be recovered with ecryptfs-recover-private? if the passphrase does not change i cant see why not16:14
srulibekks: i mean recover using old password16:15
barryhow quit after using less command?16:17
barryCtrl+C or Ctrl+X didnt work16:18
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seanrdevHas anyone experienced a significant decrease in boot times into windows 10 when ubuntu is installed?16:36
abolfazl123how I understand how much I use Internet in last month?(in terminal)16:36
jegarciaseanrdev: get rid of windows10 ,  it will fixx the problem16:37
seanrdevI have a samsung 950 m.2 ssd that used to boot in 6 seconds now about 30 for windows.16:37
jegarciawindows tends to reduce its performance over time no matter what u install next to it16:38
seanrdevjegarcia: Yeah I would however I have an alienware and don't want to sacrifice my AlienFX16:38
barryseanrdev: What its max IOPS for read and write16:38
seanrdevbarry: I'm not sure but once windows is loaded it is fast as usual. Just takes some time loading.16:39
barryAnyone using Samsung 950 for webserver?16:39
dontknowseanrdev, i guess windows uses hibernate when shutdown. if you boot into ubuntu after shutdown, it breaks hibernate stuff. but it is speculation16:39
abolfazl123how I understand how much I use Internet in last month?16:39
seanrdevdontknow: that is interesting... What brought you to this speculation?16:40
dontknowabolfazl123, you cant16:40
MonkeyDustabolfazl123  maybe on your ISPs website16:40
barryYeah, W10 seems dont shut down completely even you hit shutdown16:40
barryProve is I can boot w10 quite fast even on my slow HDD16:41
dontknowseanrdev, because it uses hybrit hibernate stuff. something like that16:41
barry2nd prove check at the uptime on task manager16:41
Tin_mandontknow, i think your right, i was reading on the forum, and folks were losing data, Windows needs to be shutdown completely to insure it working when booting in to Ubuntu.16:41
SchrodingersScat!info vnstat | abolfazl12316:42
ubottuabolfazl123: vnstat (source: vnstat): console-based network traffic monitor. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.12-2 (wily), package size 75 kB, installed size 301 kB16:42
bekksbarry: Seems like you are mixing IOPS, performance and boot times. :)16:42
barryMy uptime on w10 is like 12 hours even i just turn in on. lol16:42
dontknowTin_man, yeah i also remember something like that16:42
MonkeyDustbarry  i guess you put it in suspend, not turn it off16:43
barryOh, I will check it out later on16:43
seanrdevI know more about linux than windows.. Only reason I have win is because of a few high end components that linux is slowly starting to support. So when selecting shutdown in windows it's not actually shutting down.. its hibernating?16:44
MonkeyDustseanrdev  we can't help with windows16:44
seanrdevI guess I'll have to disable hibernate.16:44
seanrdevMonkeyDust: Wasn't asking for windows help16:44
dontknowwindows 10 is spyware16:45
jegarciahere we go16:45
Tin_mani don't have much for them to spy on..16:46
SchrodingersScatIt's !offtopic regardless, so it doesn't matter.16:46
Tin_manhear me yelling at my dogs16:46
MonkeyDustnot here guys16:46
=== ladrua_ is now known as ladrua
abolfazl123ubottu,SchrodingersScat,tanks.it's good16:47
SchrodingersScatabolfazl123: yeah, doesn't help you for last month, but letting it run should give you a report for next month16:47
seanrdevJust asking if anyone experienced the same issue. Not asking for a fix. So not really off topic if it only happens when ubuntu is installed.16:48
seanrdevAnyway thank for your input regardless.16:48
abolfazl123yes.not problem I will see that next month:)16:48
Tin_mani did have a question, i recently installed Ubuntu-mate, and really like it, I also have a machine with kubuntu, with kubuntu the taskbar calendar has holidays built in, is there a way to add that calendar to ubuntu-mate?16:48
dontknowTin_man, i don't think so16:49
Tin_mani didn't think so, but was hopeful..16:49
barryOh, what i said about w10 is actually called Fast startup, http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4189-fast-startup-turn-off-windows-10-a.html16:51
barryseanrdev: Try ask here, http://www.overclock.net/t/1579581/official-samsung-950-pro-owners-club16:51
mrstabbyhello, sorry i am a total noob on linux, i am stuck trying to get my intel i915 gfx working i am facing this issue "Ensuring consistent system... OK16:57
mrstabbyListing packages... OK16:57
mrstabbySetting up repositories... OK16:57
mrstabbyInstalling packages...16:57
mrstabbyUpdating package cache... Failed"16:57
MonkeyDustmrstabby  use a pastebin16:57
uflaighello everyone16:57
uflaigmy xubuntu keeps crashing for months and I don't know why16:58
mrstabbyok then send the link ? sorry16:58
seanrdevbarry: Thanks a bunch16:58
uflaigI tried to check /var/log/kern.log and /var/log/syslog but there is nothing inside, it crashed around 17:51 and I dont find any entries around that time16:58
dontknowmrstabby, ubuntu comes with intel gpu driver by default. do you try minimal installation?16:59
bekksuflaig: So pastebin those logs, and look at other logs there, too.16:59
uflaigbekks: what other logs for example16:59
bekksuflaig: All logs with contents covering the time around your crash.16:59
MonkeyDustmrstabby  in a terminal, what's the output of   cat /etc/issue17:00
mrstabbydontknow, thank u for your help, my gfx is in low re and i cannot change it and its not listed in about computer17:01
mrstabbymonkeydust, Ubuntu 15.10 \n \l17:01
MonkeyDustmrstabby  first do    sudo apt update17:01
dontknowbut it should work by default17:02
dontknowyou didn't answer my question17:03
dontknowmrstabby, is it skylake cpu?17:04
mrstabbyMonkeyDust, http://pastebin.com/2EXz0c7u this is what i get17:04
mrstabbydontknow, no its a core2 quad q8200 with onboard gfx (mainboard)17:04
MonkeyDustmrstabby  remove the ppas, then try again17:05
mrstabbydontknow, ive goolged and apperently it was working by default for people pre 15.0417:05
mrstabbyMonkeyDust, ok brb17:06
uflaigbekks: syslog is too big to paste it17:06
uflaigand i dont know how to search for relevant logs17:07
barryDont I really need to put option j or z or etc if im using tar command to extract archive?17:07
Alex76Ciao a tutti :D17:08
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:08
thedeveloperhow do I make my menu bar to the right autohide17:10
MonkeyDustthedeveloper  you mean to the left?17:10
thedeveloperyeah to the left sorry17:11
stwalcherhey, i could use some help on a (probably dumb) problem I'm having. i just set up a new 15.10 webserver and for some reason i keep running into a php error of 3 (partial upload) whenever i try to upload files. the post and files supers are empty every time17:11
MonkeyDustthedeveloper  with unity-tweak17:11
thedeveloperMonkeyDust: its hindering me from my work17:11
thedeveloperMonkeyDust: you mean go to system settings17:11
ircnode0I want to tag mp3 files, but I tried to tag unicode characters with id3v2 and eyeD3, but I got unicode error from eyeD3 and id3v2 shows incorrect characters in the mp3. Is there any other tool which allow me to tag unicode in command line user interface?17:11
ioriabarry, depends  ... http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/tar-extract-linux/17:12
thedeveloperI got it17:12
MonkeyDustthedeveloper  in unity-tweak-tool: launcher, auto hide on/of17:12
mrstabbyMonkeyDust, ok thank you so much for your help, i am in a new situation now and i shall come back if i fail again17:13
SchrodingersScat!info id3tool | ircnode0 not sure if this works, but it's +1 tool that messes with id3, worth a shot?17:13
ubottuircnode0 not sure if this works, but it's +1 tool that messes with id3, worth a shot?: id3tool (source: id3tool): Command line editor for id3 tags. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2a-6 (wily), package size 12 kB, installed size 60 kB17:13
homahi my friends17:13
barryioria: Thanks man17:15
ioriabarry, np17:15
mrstabbyMonkeyDust, dontknow, i failed very quickly i removed the ppas and then the i did the following http://pastebin.com/JxygNwMY17:17
snakeryslugi'm having trouble with my ubuntu vm. it can't resolve github.com :(17:19
mrstabbygot it, thanks u so much17:20
cfhowlett!aptlock | mrstabby17:21
ubottumrstabby: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »17:21
MonkeyDustmrstabby  what is the wget command for? remove the ppas, then sudo apt update, then ask again17:21
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ircnode0SchrodingersScat: thanks for your tool, seems working.17:40
SchrodingersScatircnode0: great, good luck17:40
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hunraidhey guys I'm after a little help getting deluge running on Ubuntu 15. I've done it fine on upstart on twelve, but systemctl is giving me grief - namely deluge fails to start. deluge-web is running fine. The server is a vanilla 15 install, that has nothing else running, installed last weekend, sudo apt-get update and install for deluge and deluge we17:41
hunraidb is the extent of the actions17:41
hunraidI'm getting deluged.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC17:42
hunraiddeluged.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC17:42
hunraidmain process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC17:42
Kartagishttp://termbin.com/c5yt <--- is this wrong when I want to get the middle button working again?17:42
hunraid(not sure how that came up three times)17:42
hunraidAm I asking in the right channel here?17:49
Barrotwhat is your question?17:51
Bashing-omhunraid: Nothing wrong with asking here . just await someone with experience with the xorg.conf file .17:51
hunraidgreat thank you, don't mind waiting, just didn't see any other QA, which seemed weird with 1800 users17:52
hunraid@Barrot, my question was Deluge on ubuntu server 15 fails with Main process exited, code=exited, status=203/EXEC when I start it via systemctl17:53
Bashing-omhunraid: Is this some kind of exotic mouse ? As should work as is with no need of intervention on your part - the kernel should take care of this .17:53
Bashing-omhunraid: My apologies .. my wires crossed .17:54
hunraidBasing-om: That's ok, I was somewhat confused!17:55
KartagisBashing-om: I think you are referring to me17:56
Bashing-omhunraid: IRT deluge; - not that I know much - but a freah install of 15.10 ? // and a new install of deluge ? NOT using any of the old config files ?17:57
KartagisBashing-om: it is a wireless usb mouse, and it just stopped working17:57
Kartagisjust like that17:57
KartagisI mean, the mouse is working but not the middle button17:57
Bashing-omKartagis: Correct .. let's see what wiser heads know .. but the kernel should pick up the mouse . Is this a server install ?17:58
Kartagisiirc, I didn't upgrade anything17:58
systadmnihave you tried using the mouse on another system, verifying that the middle button is functioning?17:59
Bashing-omKartagis: For some time now with the advent of DKMS the /etc/X11/Xorg.conf has been depreciated . The kernel does all the heavy lifting .18:00
Kartagislet me try it a windows machine systadmni18:01
rooster274hello every onbe18:01
sassoI'm trying to use software only opengl but i'm getting an error during driver loading: undefined symbol: __driDriverGetExtensions_swrast18:08
sassohow can i fix it?18:08
MonkeyDustsasso  what program, inj which ubuntu version?18:12
Kartagissystadmni: I turned on acceleration in mouse and touchpad18:12
Kartagisit was somehow turned off18:13
meaninghi there, I have a small question :)18:13
Kartagismiddle button is working again now18:13
meaningI'd like to mount a windows ssh share using sshfs18:14
meaningBut I can't find out which path format to use18:14
Bashing-omKartagis: :) Great .. good that you told the happenstance .18:14
MonkeyDust!samba | meaning18:14
ubottumeaning: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html18:14
meaningMonkeyDust : Well...I should have a full axx to my windows machine. So, I'd like to mount something like sshfs user@server:/c/folder/folder/ /mount/point/18:16
KartagisBashing-om: we mustn't forget an actual person is sitting behind that keyboard and we mustn't be rude18:16
MonkeyDustmeaning  can you install ssh on the windows machine?18:19
meaningof course you can18:19
meaningthere's a windows version of openssh18:19
meaningthing is sshfs do expect a linux path18:20
boo7ssh client?18:20
ioriameaning, nope18:20
meaningand I can't find any way to tell him which remote folder I want to mount18:20
MonkeyDustmeaning  try ssh user@remote_ip18:20
boo7or telnet :o18:20
ioriameaning, sshfs -o idmap=user user@ip:/home/backup /backup18:20
meaningMonkeyDust sure I can connect my windows machine thourgh ssh18:20
PowerKillermount: No such file or directory18:21
MonkeyDustmeaning  then what's the issue18:21
ioriameaning, did you add user to fuse group ^18:21
PowerKillerThis happens when I try ecryptfs-mount-private18:21
PowerKillercan someone help?18:21
meaninglooks like iora has an idea of what the problem is ;)18:21
Bashing-omKartagis: Huh ? .. If rudemess is apparent on my part .. I sincerily opologize . Rude is far from my nature I do hope .18:21
ioriameaning, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSHFS18:21
meaningioria yea I did but strangely after apt-get the group wasn't existing18:22
meaningI have to 1. create the group18:22
meaning2. add my user to it18:22
ioriameaning, you have to logout / login to make new group effective ...18:22
meaningioria yeah did that as well18:23
ioriameaning, create a mount point on ubuntu and be sure of the correct path on win .... can you paste  the output of   'mount' ?18:24
Tim39Hello, i have 14.04.  if i download & install a "DEB" from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu  (that is made for "15.04 VIVID")18:25
SilencedI feel like my ubuntu is very slow now these days18:25
Tim39Will it still update automatically?  (if a newer version comes out for 14.04?18:25
bekksTim39: 15.04 is dead, support already ended.18:25
SilencedWhy is it so ? And i am getting 100% CPU usage :/18:25
Tim39here is another site that has "DEBs"  http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/18:26
bekksTim39: What are you actually trying to do?18:26
bekksTim39: Do not manually download random debs, but use the official repos, and official update sources.18:26
Tim39bekks: i am trying to figure out the "best practice" to install  a newer version of programs18:26
bekksTim39: 14.04 is the current LTS release. Which packages using which features do you need to be updated exactly?18:27
Tim39bekks: yes, i know official repos are best.  but what do you do, if it is not available, and you want updated version?18:27
bekksTim39: you should use non-LTS release for server purposes, unless you want to update every 6-9 months.18:27
Tim39bekks: you can compile i guess, but i want to make sure it gets auto-updated18:27
SilencedIs there any way to run ubunutu faster ?18:27
bekksSilenced: How is it running "slow" exactly?18:28
Silencedbekks: Uh Running just sublime text gives me 100% CPU usage18:29
bekksTim39: So use the official update sources, like trusty-updates for trusty.18:29
bekksSilenced: And how is that "slow"?18:29
Tim39bekks: yes, but that doesnt have the newest version that i want18:29
ioriameaning,  the user is not your ubuntu user but your win user18:29
bekksTim39: Then which version of what do you need/want why exactly?18:29
meaningioria sure18:29
meaningI do have the same username on both machines18:29
meaningI can ssh the machine with no issue18:30
Silencedbekks: Sublime hangs . Considering i have an High end machine with i7 4th gen processor and 8 gigs of RAM18:30
Tim39bekks: i read "check install" lets you compile  a progam, so that it can be upgraded ? but that sounds more complicated, but is that safer/cleaner?18:30
bekksTim39: Wich version of what do you need/want why exactly?18:30
meaningmy path (windows machine) is e:/music_1/18:30
ioriameaning,  for me openssh is in Program Files/Openssh/home18:30
Tim39bekks:  macchanger, is broken in the Trusty version.18:30
Silencedbekks: Isn't that slow18:30
meaningI assume sshfs expects something like :E/music_1/18:30
bekksTim39: How is that "broken" exactly? It works fine here.18:30
Tim39bekks:    http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package_metas?exact_match=1&q=macchanger18:30
bekksSilenced: No. sublime hangs. It doesnt mean "Ubuntu is slow".18:31
ioriameaning,  look for your Openssh folder , in Program files maybe18:31
ioriameaning,  oh, it's on another drive ?18:31
meaningyea I want to mount an external hdd18:31
Tim39bekks:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/amd64/macchanger/1.7.0-5.318:31
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bekksTim39: Can you just answer my question please?18:32
Silencedoh okay18:32
Tim39bekks:   it doesnt Randomize Mac.   there is a bug report about it. i'lll find it18:32
ioriameaning,  i suggest first try with a c: shared folder   , if it works explore why external not working18:33
Tim39bekks: it only randomizes the first half of the mac,  Big bug18:33
meaningioria I just connected the ssh usinf sftp18:33
meaninglooks like the expected output is /home/meaning18:34
meaningto reach my windows home folder18:34
ioriameaning,  sftp is another tool18:34
meaningI could create a link or something18:34
Tim39bekks: but i am not only asking about 'macchanger', i want to learn, in general, how do update  programs in Ubuntu, what is the best way, if it is not in the LTS Repo18:35
Tim39bekks: i installed Macchanger (new version) from the DEB from   http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/package_metas?exact_match=1&q=macchanger18:38
bekksTim39: Install debs from random sources for different releases can and will break your system.18:39
Tim39bekks: and it works now.  but i am wondering if there is a better way to do it.  and Also, will it still get autoupdated?18:39
Tim39bekks: i read compile with "sudo checkinstall"  will allow it to autoupdate?  is that "safer"18:40
mgolischno it doesnt18:40
mgolischnor does installing a single deb file18:40
mgolischunless your existing repositories provide newer versions of that package at some time18:41
Tim39mgolisch: "no" to what?  that it doesnt break system, or that it doesnt autoupdate18:41
mgolischits both foreign packages, so both could break stuff18:43
bekksTim39: No.18:43
bekksTim39: Do not manually put packages intp your systems which arent in the official repos.18:43
Tim39mgolisch: so it could 'break stuff'  but, it WILL get auto-updated when "your existing repositories provide newer versions of that package" ?18:44
mgolischyeah provided the package name is equal18:44
mgolischand that the installed packages version is lower than whatever future updates from your repository18:45
bekksTim39: No.18:45
bekksManually installed packages are marked as manually installed, and then using the auto-update mechanisms may break your system.18:46
bekksTim39: Do not do it.18:46
Tim39bekks:  do you have a better method of updating?18:46
Tim39bekks: is compiling with "checkinstall" better?18:47
bekksTim39: No.18:47
bekksTim39: Already said that to you.18:47
bekksTim39: < bekks> Tim39: Do not manually put packages intp your systems which arent in the official repos.18:48
bekksTim39: If you face a bug, report it. Dont try breaking your system instead.18:48
Tim39bekks: i know, this is the Last Choice scenario/option,   if the official repos, havent fixed it--  then what to do18:49
Tim39bekks: here is the bug , btw.  but it's not just that program,  i want to learn in general ,  what to do18:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1316278 in macchanger (Ubuntu) "Cannot change mac with --random" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:50
lernerhow do I know what encoding im using?18:52
lernerto write18:52
Tim39bekks: mgolisch : do you run LTS or 15.10, etc?18:52
mgolischi run LTS currently18:52
Gallomimiauhhhh.. if i have an old logical-volume of my root, how can i go thru it and find out what programs were installed?18:53
cyber_freakhey does anyone has an issues with wifi connections on ubuntu18:53
Gallomimiacyber_freak: YES.18:53
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:53
Tim39mgolisch: so you must have run into the same issue, with old/buggy program in LTS?18:53
cyber_freaki have 14.04 lts18:53
Gallomimiame too. but it's which hardware you have that matters18:54
Gallomimiaso, what kind of wifi adapter do you got/18:54
mgolischGallomimia: chroot? dpkg -l?18:54
Gallomimiamgolisch: those are a little beyond me. i might find a few hints in my homedir. settings and stuff18:55
Gallomimiai'll look there first and then try that18:55
cyber_freakTHIS IS MY PROBLEM18:55
cyber_freakmy wifi is working but i have very low signal18:56
AnthonuxI've a problem18:56
AnthonuxWho can help me install Unity Tweak Tool18:56
cyber_freakcan ianyone help ?18:57
Gallomimiacyber_freak: does it work under other operating systems?18:57
AnthonuxError :18:57
AnthonuxIn order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages18:57
GallomimiaAnthonux: what's that? sounds interesting18:57
cyber_freakyes it works fine on windows18:57
AnthonuxI'va just launch it18:58
Gallomimiacyber_freak: that's very odd. do you have proprietary drivers for the wifi card installed?18:58
GallomimiaAnthonux: did you install it with the package manager?18:58
Gallomimia!find unity-tweak-tool18:58
ubottuFound: unity-tweak-tool18:58
AnthonuxI've install it from package manager18:59
San1tyWorkHi everyone, I just installed ubuntu 15.10 on my laptop and I'm having an issue with Sound. It seems like pulseaudio is doing something weird. I have a G750JX laptop that seems to have a subwoofer and when I play audio it sounds like the only sound I get is from that subwoofer. I think I have a 2.1 setup but ubuntu/pulseaudio doesn't see it that way.18:59
Anilhai all18:59
Anili need small help can any one help me18:59
Tim39bekks: mgolisch :  thank you for helping, also18:59
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:59
cyber_freakme too18:59
cyber_freakhelp !18:59
Anili am facing an issue with my ubuntu machin getting an error kernel panic - not syncing : attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000419:00
Gallomimiacyber_freak: did you install the drivers from that PPA on the link you gave?19:00
cyber_freakyes i did19:00
Gallomimiacyber_freak: do you see the second post on that page?19:00
Anilsuddenly my machine is not able to boot19:01
cyber_freak@gallomimia wait let me check19:01
AnthonuxI have an error when I wan't download Unity Tweak Tool from package manager : org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad | In order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages19:01
Gallomimiacyber_freak: i'm reading more and people say it's not necessary. to use ant_sel19:01
cyber_freaki used both the ant_sel still nothing19:02
cyber_freak@gallomimia i have a page that can help need help regarding it can you ?19:02
Gallomimiasudo modprobe -rv rtl8723be19:02
Gallomimiasudo modprobe -v rtl8723be ant_sel=119:02
Anilya please share the link19:03
Gallomimiacyber_freak: i'm not sure i can... i'm hoping someone else will step in who knows more than me19:03
GallomimiaAnil: do you have any old kernels installed? did you try booting in recovery mode?19:03
AnthonuxWho can help me19:03
bloophow do I use the ubuntu backup to a DVD disk19:03
bloopthere doesn't seem to be an option19:04
Anilya i tried all but not able to boot19:04
GallomimiaAnthonux: i just installed unity tweak tool, and it works for me.19:04
Gallomimiano problems or errors19:04
Bashing-omAnil: A fresh install ? An update broke the system ? You installed something and the system broke ? Power outage and now the file system is corrupt ? .. and on and on ... so we need some amplifing info .19:04
Gallomimiawhat started this problem?19:04
AnthonuxThe following schema is missing19:05
AnthonuxIn order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages19:05
cyber_freak@gallomimia http://www.dedoimedo.com/computers/ubuntu-trusty-realtek.html19:05
cyber_freakcan this help ?19:06
KartagisBashing-om: no I was not referring to you anyway, I was just explaining the cause of my action19:06
Anilactually suddenly my ubuntu machine is not booting .. but it is going to grub mode but its booting with live cd .. now i want to take the back of my data ... important data is there in that machine .. so let me how can i take backup from grub mode19:07
bloop(02:03:57 PM) bloop: how do I use the ubuntu backup to a DVD disk19:07
Anthonux@Gallomimia Can we speak in private message ?19:07
Anilsry its not booting into live mode19:07
Bashing-omAnil: @ ways . What results when you boot to the grub boot menu and choose to boot in "recovery" mode ? else one can try and boot to terminal .19:09
GallomimiaAnthonux: no. please chat in channel. that way everyone can help19:10
AnthonuxI have download Unity Tweak Tool19:10
mgolischAnthonux: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-tweak-tool/+bug/1492217   http://askubuntu.com/questions/616267/cannot-use-the-unity-tweak-tool19:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1490154 in unity-tweak-tool (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1492217 unity-tweak-tool doesn't start on new 15.10 install (Schemas Missing: org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad)" [Medium,Fix released]19:10
Anthonux(Can we speak french ?)19:10
GallomimiaAnthonux: you don't need to download it.19:10
AnthonuxWhy ?19:10
mgolischseems to be broken19:10
Gallomimiapackage manager will do that for you19:11
AnthonuxI wan't change my theme19:11
MonkeyDustAnthonux  simply install it, no need to download19:11
Gallomimianow, i think you need to run something to fix your packages19:11
GallomimiaMonkeyDust: it's not working after he did that. dunno why19:11
AnthonuxWhat's the difference ?19:11
Gallomimiathe package manager will install all those things you need to run it.19:11
shadalooafter uninstalling jackd i no longer have my onboard sound listed as a Sound Output, how can I get it back?19:11
MonkeyDustAnthonux  install from the repos, don't downmoad it from somewhere else19:11
AnthonuxBut how ?19:12
mgolischsudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool ?19:12
MonkeyDustAnthonux  in the software center or with apt install19:12
AnthonuxI'm trying19:12
spottyCowis it possible to download with apt-get, but save the files for later installation on a live cd? also what command would I n19:13
AnthonuxHow can I send a screenshot ,19:13
MonkeyDustspottyCow  yes, apt-get download19:13
shadaloowhat does ubuntu use for sound?19:13
shadalooif I reinstall pulse audio will it create a new sound output19:14
GallomimiaAnthonux: there's a command to make apt-get fix errors. i can't remember it19:14
shadaloofor my onboard motherboard outputs19:14
spottyCowMonkeyDust: thanks. what command would I use to install from the offline download?19:14
Gallomimiasomething like... sudo apt-get -f install19:14
Gallomimiasomeone remind us?19:14
AnthonuxBut can I send the screenshot of the error ?19:15
MonkeyDust!offline | spottyCow19:15
ubottuspottyCow: If you need to download Ubuntu packages using another machine or OS, check the desired packages in Synaptic and select File > Generate package download script. See also !APTonCD19:15
spottyCowMonkeyDust: Thank you MonkeyDust!!!19:15
shadaloohow do I get pulseaudio to start at startup?19:16
GallomimiaAnthonux: usually the print-screen button takes a screenshot. i dunno where it saves them19:16
mgolischit should start automaticaly19:17
mgolischunless you changed that19:17
AnthonuxI'm trying to install the package with synaptic19:17
AnthonuxSame error19:17
koan_Hello, I just finished the processing of installing Ubuntu and am trying to get dual-boot set up... However when I start my computer, it goes straight into Windows - no menu or anything.19:17
koan_Any advice on where to go from here?19:17
mgolisch20:10:35         mgolisch | Anthonux: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-tweak-tool/+bug/1492217   http://askubuntu.com/questions/616267/cannot-use-the-unity-tweak-tool19:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1490154 in unity-tweak-tool (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1492217 unity-tweak-tool doesn't start on new 15.10 install (Schemas Missing: org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad)" [Medium,Fix released]19:18
bekksTim39: On servers, I am using 14.04.19:18
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers - See also !offline19:18
San1tyWorkHi everyone, I just installed ubuntu 15.10 on my laptop and I'm having an issue with Sound. It seems like pulseaudio is doing something weird. I have a G750JX laptop that seems to have a subwoofer and when I play audio it sounds like the only sound I get is from that subwoofer. I think I have a 2.1 setup but ubuntu/pulseaudio doesn't see it that way.19:20
Anthonux"sudo apt-get purge unity-tweak-tool"19:20
Anthonux"sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool"19:20
AnthonuxIt doesn't work19:20
sorinelloHello. Can someone point me to an explanation on what is an encrypted signature ? I see this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/youtube-dl/+bug/1318363 , but I don't understand what encrypted signature means, I have googled, but with no explanations, only tons of bug reports19:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1318363 in youtube-dl (Ubuntu) "can't download this youtube video" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:20
bekksAnthonux: Why not? What happens?19:20
AnthonuxIn order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages19:21
mgolischdid you read what i posted two times now?19:21
MonkeyDustAnthonux  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue19:21
AnthonuxWhen I launch it19:21
AnthonuxUbuntu 15.10 \n \l19:21
mgolischacording to the bug report its a known problem that has not been fixed19:22
bekksAnthonux: When you launch what?19:22
AnthonuxI've an error19:22
Bashing-omAnil: Can you boot the system to the grub boot menu ? As a 1st approximation to isolaste the problem .19:22
bekksAnthonux: Then how does apt-get install unity-tweak-tool not work if it actually installs the software you want to be installed?19:22
mgolischthe software spits out an error after install, really read the bug report i posted19:23
Anilya yes19:23
AnthonuxUnity-tweak-tool is installed, but it doesn't work19:23
Anthonuxbekks the error is "The following schema is missing" "org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad" "In order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages"19:24
Bashing-omAnil: And in this boot menu -> advanced options -> recovery . can you boot to the GUI ( resume normal boot ) ?19:24
bekksAnthonux: And have you read the nug report that has been linked two times?19:24
bekksgna :)19:25
sim642Does Ubuntu have something like Xubuntu does where you can set "Right Alt (while pressed)" for the keyboard layout change key?19:25
bekksAnthonux: Stop sending me DCC files or get ignored instantly.19:25
koan_Anyone know why my computer is only booting straight into windows after I just installed Ubuntu?19:25
Bashing-omAnil: Ouch ... from your link " swap tainted " is this some form of encryption in your system ?19:25
SAKUJ0hey there. does networkmanager by now support importing ovpn files with inline certificates and keys?19:26
pnwiseDoes anyone knows how to name ssh keys so ssh tries each one available without passing the -i argument?19:26
pnwiseI mean is there any naming convention?19:26
bekksAnthonux: Seems like you want to be ignored. As you wish: *plonk*19:26
SAKUJ0pnwise, yeah there is an order. just name them id_rsa.pub and id_rsa and you are fine19:27
bekkskoan_: Did you disable windows fastboot?19:27
SAKUJ0pnwise, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Secure_Shell#Saving_connection_data_in_SSH_config if you want it to be set up conveniently19:28
SAKUJ0pnwise, with that you can simply `ssh myserver` or `ssh other_server` and it will simply take the settings from that minimal config19:28
koan_bekks: I disabled fast-boot in the UEFI BIOS settings, and turned off hibernation in Windows power options.. running the ubuntu trial CD now to update grub and maybe do a boot-repair19:28
bekkskoan_: fastboot is not an UEFI setting. It is a Windows setting.19:29
Bashing-om!tab | Anil19:29
ubottuAnil: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.19:29
pnwiseThanks SAKUJ0 it was helpful. I still wonder if there is a way to name them "properly"19:29
koan_bekks: there is a fast boot option in my UEFI settings, I'll double check that when I get back onto Windows19:30
koan_bekks: I'm pretty sure that I did though, this process has taken me a couple days lol19:30
bekkskoan_: thats not the Windows fastboot setting.19:30
SAKUJ0pnwise, as i said there is an order in which the tool ssh tries for existing keys. you can verify by using `ssh -vvvv hostname` pnwise19:30
Anilok thanks ubottu19:30
Bashing-omAnil: If you do not use my nick in addressing .. I will miss your responses . // OK, what reulsts when booting an older kernel ?19:30
SAKUJ0if you have a single key, you should name it id_rsa.pub and id_rsa (usually you should only create one key per host) pnwise19:30
koan_bekks: right I understand that they are different. Will doublecheck19:30
SAKUJ0if you have multiple different keys on one host pnwise it is really recommended to name them however you can distinguish them and setup a proper $HOME/.ssh/config pnwise19:31
AnilBashing-om: not able to boot19:31
AnilBashing-om: can i know how to share the images in this chat19:32
Anilsame issue i am getting kernel panic - not syncing19:32
Bashing-omAnil: K; not able to boot .. At this sime I do recommend we run a file system check/repair . Are you presently communicating with is through a live session ?19:32
Jeff____My server is installed and openssh is running. Still the server is unreachable through SSH19:33
Jeff____where to look?19:33
Jeff____Its ubuntu 15.1019:33
Bashing-om!pastebin | Anil19:33
ubottuAnil: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:33
Anilyes Bashing-om19:33
koan_bekks: boot-repair gave me "The current session is in Legacy mode. Please reboot and use this software as EFI session." Do you think this is an issue?19:35
Bashing-omAnil: K, to run the file system check we have to know what the target is .  Terminal command ' sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 ' The oitput is a URL. pass the link back here.19:35
bekkskoan_: Yes it is.19:36
koan_bekks: Ok I'll try to fix that as well, checking windows fast boot now19:37
bekkskoan_: You need to use the same mode for install Windows and Ubuntu.19:37
koan_bekks: fast startup is disabled19:38
koan_bekks: Any idea how I can disable legacy mode?19:39
koan_bekks: Would it be the "Boot Device Control" option? I can switch between UEFI only, Legacy OPROM, and both19:40
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Bashing-omAnil: Did I loose you ?19:41
koan_bekks: Also, when I tried 'sudo update-grub' it gave me the error that it could not find the canonical path or something.19:42
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skinuxShould a Windows 10 system, 1.8G Dual Core, with 3-4G RAM, have any problem running Ubuntu in VirtualBox?19:49
=== ross is now known as Guest16516
mgolischhave you tried it?19:53
mgolischclicking through the install will only take a few minutes..19:53
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fgjuutpfgHello, I have an issue I was hoping I could get help with - I'm using ubuntu 14.04 LTS on two machines, one of which (machine 1) is connected to the internet via wifi. The other machine (machine 2) is connected to the internet through machine 1's wifi connection, using ethernet. My issue is that when I log into my router, machine 2 does not show up under "connected devices", so I am unable to access its LAN ip19:55
fgjuutpfgHi :) I forgot to mention that machine 2 does having a working internet connection using the above setup, so it is interfacing with the router19:56
AnthonuxWho can help me to solve Unity-Tweak-Tool problem19:57
Bassemwhat is command sudo dpkg-add-architecture i386 is it right this way?20:01
Bashing-omAnthonux: Installing from our repo ? What results if you purge Unity-Tweak-Tool and start all over from the beginning to install ?20:02
AnthonuxI had purge20:03
AnthonuxAfter, I apt-get it again20:03
AnthonuxSame error20:03
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Guest35958hello can anyone tell me how to install kwin in ubuntu?20:04
Bashing-omAnthonux: So, post that complete output of the command and generated error in a pastebin . So we see this error condition in context .20:06
AnthonuxCan I send u a screnshot ?20:07
dryblowHi, anyone know any bug with intel haswell cpu and nvidia gpu m series? I have much lag when gpu start with hard rendering because and intel_pstate drop down scaling of cores to 0, I have same bug with intel gpu integrate bug with low lag then nvidia. Sorry with my english, I've much problems with grammar.20:07
Bassemnothing happen when i type sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 in terminal20:07
Bashing-omAnthonux: There is a means .. but the text output will be the more meaningfull . The test is what I do prefer to work from/with .20:09
AnthonuxHow can I send my error ?20:09
shadaloohello friends of linus torvalds20:10
Bashing-omBassem: I do believe that is deperciated . Now adays the kernel is mult-arch . If a 32 bit lib is required . install the lib .20:10
shadalooi would like the system sound volume up/down to controll ALL alsa channels20:11
shadalooas right now20:11
shadalooit only controls master20:11
shadalooand not center20:11
shadalooany sound gurus have any recommendations?20:11
mgolischno idea but i allways thought the master volume is the volume controll for all channels20:13
shadalootechnically it is20:14
AnthonuxI will trying tommorow #GoodNightAll20:14
shadaloobut when I go from 0 to 2 (one volume click up)20:14
shadaloothe center shoots up to 10020:14
Bashing-omAnthonux: Run terminal commands ' sudp apt purge Unity-Tweak-Tool ; sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt install Unity-Tweak-Tool | nc termbin.com 9999 '. The  pipe to termbin will result in a URL back in terminal . Pass that link back here .20:14
shadalooand then im getting extremely loud bass from the center channel20:14
shadalooand '2' volume speaker audio20:15
shadalooI never have my center channel at 10020:15
shadaloovery rarely up to 7020:15
shadalooi guess the easiest way is to just turn down the sub at the hardware level20:16
shadaloolinux audio ftl :(20:16
Anthonux@Bashing-om Okay20:16
Bashing-omAnthonux: Typo ! ' sudo apt purge Unity-Tweak-Tool ' **20:17
AnthonuxAnd after ,20:19
Bashing-omAnthonux: Looks to me like Unity-Tweak-Tool installed .20:19
AnthonuxCan I "sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool" ?20:20
happenspappensdoes anyone know how you restore your main OS's grub menu and replace the grub menu another linux distro on your partition installed?20:20
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Bashing-omAnthonux: Sure you can .. I do expect the return to be that Unity-Tweak-Tool is already the latest version . :)20:21
GallomimiaAnthonux: isn't that what you did in the first place?20:21
AnthonuxI downloaded it with synaptic20:21
mgolischthats exactly the same..20:22
Gallomimiathat's pretty much the same thing20:22
Gallomimiabut with pretty graphics instead of text output20:22
=== troll_123 is now known as schwarz
Gallomimiaso, Anthonux, what's the result of that command?20:22
LambdaComplexhappenspappens: by using grub-install and update-grub again20:22
Gallomimiaunity-tweak-tool est déjà la plus récente version disponible.20:23
Gallomimiathat's french for exactly what Bashing-om said it would say.20:23
Gallomimiaso.... it should work.20:23
Gallomimiaalso, that page is suggesting you install new kernels20:24
AnthonuxWhat ?20:24
Gallomimiaan upgrade to some things20:24
Gallomimiaoh. no that's saying you need to autoremove20:24
Gallomimiait's not a big deal20:24
Anthonuxautoremove ?20:24
iorianope to remove them, i think20:24
Bashing-omAnthonux: " unity-tweak-tool est déjà la plus récente version disponible. " looks good .. should not have a problem .20:24
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ubottuNous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:25
AnthonuxBut I have an error20:25
GallomimiaAnthonux: try this: sudo apt-get update20:25
Gallomimiauh. what should he do after that?20:26
Gallomimiafix packages?20:26
Bashing-omAnthonux: Where ? Show the context and error . Thus far I have seen no errors .20:26
AnthonuxHow can I show you the error ?20:26
Bashing-omGallomimia: Anthonux's system appears to be updated " 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. " .20:27
ioriaAnthonux,  is this ? The following schema is missing  org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.touchpad20:27
MonkeyDustAnthonux  I picked this up in this channel ... save it as 'fixpackages' ... make executable with 'chmod +x fixpackages' ... then run it with './fixpackages' ... http://paste.ubuntu.com/14597742/20:27
ioriaAnthonux, 15.04 or 15.10 ?20:28
fholmes_How can I check what CVE patches have been applied against the kernel?20:28
mgolischit seems like the schema name was changed, tweaktool adjusted, then ubuntu reverted it for backwards compatibility20:28
ioriaAnthonux, have you seen this : http://askubuntu.com/questions/616267/cannot-use-the-unity-tweak-tool20:28
mgolischor something, the bugreport reads like that atleast20:29
mgolischi posted that like 2 hours ago too20:29
mgolischbut Anthonux  didnt seem to care20:29
Anthonuxsudo -H gedit /usr/lib/python3/site-packages/UnityTweakTool/section/system.py20:30
Gallomimiaahhhhh that report shows a workaround20:30
GallomimiaAnthonux: click the link ioria posted. do what it says.20:30
Gallomimiayes. that20:30
AnthonuxI have "sudo -H gedit /usr/lib/python3/site-packages/UnityTweakTool/section/system.py"20:30
AnthonuxBut the file is empty20:30
Gallomimiago to line 120 and remove the daemon- from in the middle. then save20:30
Gallomimiano something's wrong20:31
Gallomimiayou didn't get the right file20:31
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ioriaAnthonux,  cat /usr/lib/python3/site-packages/UnityTweakTool/section/system.py20:31
procyon_emberHow to automatically execute a shell script upon first login of a new user, but not thereafter?20:31
Anthonuxcat: /usr/lib/python3/site-packages/UnityTweakTool/section/system.py: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type20:31
ioriaAnthonux,  so, you don't have it20:32
AnthonuxI know20:32
Gallomimiamaybe you'd have a nicer time speaking with folks fluent in french?20:32
procyon_emberUbuntu 14.04 I'm asking about.20:32
AnthonuxWhat ?20:32
Gallomimia!fr | Anthonux20:33
ubottuAnthonux: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:33
AnthonuxOkay, thanks20:33
Fuchshis English is perfectly fine so far20:33
Gallomimiayes it is.20:33
MonkeyDustprocyon_ember  make the script add a file to the user's home ... make the script thus, that it's only executed if that file is not there20:33
Gallomimiabut all the errors he shows us are in french20:33
Gallomimiait was a suggestion not a dismissal20:33
AnthonuxOk, ok but I will go to the french IRC20:34
Gallomimianot sure if they're active20:34
mgolischits dist-packages20:34
mgolischnot site-packages20:34
mgolischatleast on my 15.10 vm20:34
squintyon my 14.04.320:35
Gallomimiathat's talked about on the big [NOTE:] section of the post we're working off20:35
Gallomimiaso we all shoulda caught that20:35
GallomimiaAnthonux: still here? change your sudo -H gedit command20:35
ioriaAnthonux,  maybe here /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/UnityTweakTool/section/system.py20:37
ioriaAnthonux,  try the fix, but i'm not optimistic20:38
Gallomimiathe path is different in 15.10 than 15.04 thats why it wouldn't open20:39
ioriabonne chance20:39
AnthonuxOkay, but I have 15.1020:39
Gallomimiayes as mgolisch pointed out, it's dist-packages not site-packages20:39
Gallomimiait's also noted on that page somewhere20:40
AnthonuxHow to fix it ,20:40
Revian1Running Ubuntu Wily. If I make a change and the dm doesn't start, can I still CTRL+ALT+F6 to open a console, make changes and then go back to CTRL+ALT+F8?20:40
ioriaAnthonux,  the fix should be the same, only the path was wrong ...20:40
Gallomimiasomeone's got a really easy sed fix on that thread too you can just copy and paste twice20:41
Gallomimiascroll down until you see:Thanks! This worked under Ubuntu 15.10 as well. Alternatively, one can enter these two command in a terminal window:20:41
AnthonuxOkay let's try it tommoroy20:45
MannyLNJHello, How can I tell if port 22 is firewalled? My router is set to foward the port but I still can't connect externally to it20:48
ioriaMannyLNJ, sudo ufw status , what it says ?20:49
MannyLNJioria, says inactive so that means the issue lies elswhere20:49
Blaze_BoyI remember couple years ago when i enter this channel that i couldn't follow text duo to the massive questions and answers sent, what happened?20:49
ioriaMannyLNJ, oh, yeah20:49
MonkeyDustBlaze_Boy  ubuntu got easier to use20:50
Blaze_BoyMonkeyDust: this is correct, but do you think this is the reason actually?20:51
MonkeyDustBlaze_Boy  people got smarter20:51
ioriaMannyLNJ, sudo lsof -i :2220:51
Blaze_BoyMonkeyDust: maybe20:52
MonkeyDustBlaze_Boy  what other answer were you expecting?20:52
MannyLNJioria, shows SSH is open for listening. Which I figured because I was able to ssh locally to it20:52
ioriaMannyLNJ, out of my leage then20:53
Blaze_BoyMonkeyDust: constructive discussion maybe?20:53
MannyLNJioria, thanks.20:53
MonkeyDustBlaze_Boy  discusiion in #ubuntu-offtopic20:53
ioriaMannyLNJ, np,  start it in degub mode -vvv or some20:53
MannyLNJioria, would yiou be willing to try to ssh in just to rule out something on this laptop?20:54
kjartan_I am having a huge trouble getting wpa_supplicant to work through network-manager. It keeps repeating and asking me for my password. wpa_cli says: <3>WPA: 4-Way Handshake failed - pre-shared key may be incorrect. Any help? Password IS correct.20:54
ioriaMannyLNJ, yep20:54
Blaze_BoyMonkeyDust: it's an "offtopic" and i feel like it's "in-topic" are you sure it's the right thing to do?20:54
tinyoptikhello ubuntu chatroom20:55
tinyoptikim using ubuntu 14 live20:55
tinyoptiki have ubuntu 15 im going to burn to a cd and install if i can20:55
MannyLNJioria, the site is elevy.noip.me20:55
MonkeyDustBlaze_Boy  this is the support channel, ask your support questions here20:55
ioriaMannyLNJ, hangs20:56
MannyLNJioria, thanks. So it's my router settings. Much appreciated20:56
ioriaMannyLNJ, np20:56
welovfreeHello guys20:56
welovfreeHow can I install .deb using terminal?20:57
Bashing-omtinyhippo: Make sure the 15 is release 15.10 under discussion here . 15.04 is EOL .20:57
django__Guys, I need some help with kde 5, but kubuntu channel sems a bit hostile...20:58
django__does anyone know if the "append to tab" function was removed from kde 5?20:58
Bashing-omtinyhippo: sorry bout the bad hi-light . Aplologies .20:58
scrabcakes1I have usb mounted to /home as chromebook has low disk space, it works the majority of the time but every so often if I wake from screen-shut it fails to mount. any ideas how to debug?21:00
evilytwistedHi guys, i have a nokia lumia cellphone, evertyime i connect the device to my laptop, it says it cannot find device, or in some cases cannot mount to nokia lumia.  i can acccess the device, But whenever i put music files onto it, it shows up on the pc end, But not on the phone end21:00
evilytwistedcan i please get help21:00
MannyLNJ-ioria, can you try again please21:02
ioriaMannyLNJ, sure21:02
ioriaMannyLNJ, nope21:03
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MannyLNJ-ioria, Thanks again. I'll go to the DDWRT channel now21:04
ioriaMannyLNJ,  i did   ssh elevy.noip.me   , right ? or some options ?21:04
GallomimiaMannyLNJ-: are you sure it's your router? maybe it's your ISP21:04
evilytwistedI wont bite... I promise..21:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:05
MannyLNJ-Gallomimia, I don't know if it's my ISP how would I find out if they have port 22 filtered?21:05
evilytwistedI already did ask.. You guys just ignored :P21:05
evilytwistedGallomimia:  :P21:05
Gallomimiasorry evilytwisted, didn't see. lots of activity21:05
=== Guest71219 is now known as zaphod_b_DK
evilytwistedi have a nokia lumia cellphone, when i tried to conect the device to my laptop it states the device cannot be connected. OR cannot be mounted to nokia lumia21:05
mgolischMannyLNJ-: ask them?21:05
evilytwistedi have mtps tools and servers installed21:06
WasGehtHi, shall I choose primary partitioning if I don't want more than 4 partitions (primary vs logical)?21:06
ioriaMannyLNJ,  but i can ping you : þ21:06
MannyLNJ-Gallomimia, I will have to ask optimum.21:06
GallomimiaMannyLNJ-: it's pretty much down to what we've tried so far. maybe take your router out of the equation and see if the port is open to a bare machine.21:06
MannyLNJ-Gallomimia, thanks I'll do thay tomorrow. IO appreciate the help all'21:07
Gallomimiai actually suggest and do myself, to forward a different port than 22 to your server21:07
ioriaMannyLNJ,  speak with dyn.optonline.net21:07
* tMH is gone. nsf21:07
evilytwistedagain.. I wont bite.. I just need help21:07
Gallomimiaexposing port 22 to the internet at large just invites botnets to attack you21:07
Gallomimiaevilytwisted: that i don't know much about. but if you put music on there and it won't read it, maybe you put it in the wrong dir?21:08
Bashing-omWasGeht: Partitioning depends on your use case . I prefer to leave a 'primary' partition available for future expansion . I make up an extended partiton containing swpa and data partitions .21:08
GallomimiaBashing-om: it's bootable partitions that must be on primary?21:09
evilytwistedGallomimia:  i havent, i even looked where the music supposedly should be at21:09
evilytwistedBut its indeed not there21:09
Bashing-omGallomimia: Only in Wondows. Ubuntu will install and boot from a logical within that extended partition just fine and happy .21:10
Gallomimiaevilytwisted: is there any music already on it? is there any app that lets you download a track? they can be hints. otherwise it will be google21:12
evilytwistedthers no music already on it21:12
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=== mamt is now known as skjorrface
evilytwistedGallomimia:  could you get on tv and helpo me out? I wont bite :D21:13
skjorrfacehi. Anyway to move unity launcher to the bottom in ubuntu 15?21:13
Gallomimiathe powers that be certainly won't let me on TV21:13
evilytwistedteamviewer? really?21:14
evilytwistedWow :P21:14
Gallomimiano different kind of TV21:14
Gallomimiaand no, i can't21:14
Gallomimiahaving never used a nokia lumia, i'm just telling you what i know about generic phones. nokia in my experience isn't as easy to work with21:15
evilytwistedespecially when its a microsucks phone21:15
evilytwistednokia lumia is a windows phone21:15
Gallomimiawell in that case i'll send you a rock to smash it and then use in its place :/21:15
evilytwistedthe phone isnt mine21:16
mgolischhm i allways had trouble with mtp21:16
mgolischregardless the phone21:16
Gallomimiawuts MTP?21:16
Gallomimiaaw gawsh. another protocol?21:16
Gallomimiawhat was wrong with the 50 we already had?21:16
evilytwistedmtp is main stream man21:17
evilytwistedeven on samsung21:17
mgolischfor android is use an app called airdroid to manage files and stuff on my phone via a webbrowser21:17
Gallomimiai've never used it.21:17
mgolischthat seems to work alot better21:17
Gallomimiaever. or heard of it.21:17
evilytwistednever used a galaxy?21:17
evilytwistedor a htc?21:17
Gallomimia32 gigs of music and video on my phone. no21:17
evilytwistedor kyocera?>21:17
evilytwistedthose 3 uses mtp21:17
Gallomimiai avoid them like plague21:17
mgolischor just use a sd card21:18
evilytwistedHEY my kyocera echo was da bomb21:18
Gallomimiai'm waiting for ubuntu touch to work on a few more devices21:18
evilytwistedO wait, ty mgolisch  my zte speed can connect to my pc21:18
Gallomimiafor now i have a firefox OS phone, and hate it. but at least it's not msft, google, apple, or blackberry.21:18
evilytwistedI so forgot about that ty for reminding me21:19
Gallomimiazte is the brand of my phone21:19
Gallomimiai just plug in a usb cable and it mounts the SD card like an SD card reader. put music anywhere21:19
bekksGallomimia: Isnt Firefox OS dead?21:19
bekksCool. Congratulations for your phone then ;)21:19
Gallomimiait works, it was cheap, and it was unlocked.21:19
evilytwistedzte sucks.. you cant root it21:19
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evilytwistedive tried all boost mobile devices21:20
SchrodingersScatIs this still ubuntu?21:20
evilytwistedits android21:20
evilytwistedwhich is techincally a monolithic version of linux21:20
Gallomimiawith the kernels closed source?21:20
mgolischi dont think thats the case21:24
Gallomimiaoh that's fantastic news21:27
Gallomimiaor, news to me. i'd been told otherwise many times21:27
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Akhu_The_Sorrowfhey guys can you suggest me a good IDE for LOLCODE? wanted to try it... i use 15.1021:35
RoxecHello Guys, its Roxec i'm looking for an application on ubuntu center or some program, that give me the activity of the internet, like the ping command in cmd. any suggestions ?!21:36
SAKUJ0Can I tell UFW to add custom iptables rules somehow?21:36
bekksRoxec: What do you mean by "activity of the internet"?21:36
SAKUJ0i need a  iptables -I FORWARD -i eth0 -j DROP21:37
Akhu_The_Sorrowf@Roxec nagios maybe?21:37
Roxecbekks, it means in cmd windows, when you type ping google.com it gives you reply , can we do it in the ubuntu by terminal or some app?21:38
SAKUJ0Can I manually edit /etc/ufw/user.rules ?21:38
bekksRoxec: Open a terminal, type ping...21:38
roxec_linux is just awesome21:43
smaug_whois smaug_21:43
Bashing-omroxec_: And, the more you use it, the better it gets .21:44
roxec_Bashing-om, i started a few days ago with linux, started with linux + certificate  but ubuntu is too friendly for beginners like me21:46
Bashing-om!minimal | roxec_21:47
ubotturoxec_: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD21:47
Bashing-omroxec_: ^^ and still very friendly .21:48
KimseAnyone here who can help me with this issue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/729950/automouting-nfs-share-inside-nated-lxc-container-fails ?21:55
MelRayHey everyone I see two different versions of Ardour in the Muon software app. One is simply "Ardour" and the other is "Ardour4" what is the difference...beside the file size of course22:00
sdwcrtI have a question with showing quick log info with systemctl status <servicename>. when I type that in, I get: "Warning: Journal has been rotated since unit was started. Log output is incomplete or unavailable." How do I fix that?22:00
sdwcrtbefore it would show a quick rundown of something, but now nothing shows.22:00
duubieHi everybody22:02
MonkeyDustsdwcrt  no panic http://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=9285022:02
duubieI just set up a Linux Mint system and have a simple (hopefully) question: I changed my password in the gui (user groups). It was successful but the password I have to use in the command line (su) to get root access is still the old one and what I want to change because it's too week. How would I do that?22:02
MonkeyDustduubie  mint is not supported here22:02
MonkeyDustduubie  you're in the wrong channel, mint has its own22:03
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duubie:( no one in the mint irc to help with that question and I thought since it has the same basis...22:03
sdwcrtMonkeyDust, Thanks for that, wasn't panicking but was wondering if I did something wrong :P. Is there a resource I can read to figure out how it can display details using the current log?22:04
xangua! Mint | duubie22:05
ubottuduubie: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:05
duubie7 ppl in there. but i understand22:06
xanguaPlease read again22:06
cspackduubie: connect to spotchat instead of freenode for mint channel22:07
MonkeyDustduubie  click on Chat Room  http://www.linuxmint.com/links.php22:08
Waheediwhats the default iptables file for boot time?22:09
MonkeyDustWaheedi  explain?22:10
Waheedi12.04 server when it boots, which iptables config it loads22:10
Waheediis it /etc/network/iptables22:10
Waheedii remember the default path had number "5" somewhere in it :)22:12
duubie@cspack thanks for the help with the rooms / clients...22:12
heywoodhi all. recently started getting errors from apt-get update for the openssh-hpn entries in sources.list — anyone know the correct(ed) entry?22:12
duubie@ubotuu just a note irc.spotchat.org din't work.  ... spotchat.org got me there though...22:13
WaheediMonkeyDust: more explaining or thats enough?22:13
Ben64heywood: pastebin the errors22:13
duubie@Waheedi If you meant me. That's enough ;)22:13
Waheediduubie: you there?22:14
Waheedii didn't notice ;)22:14
Waheediso i have this guest machine, I messed with its iptables not very much :) so I ended up with corrupted iptables filters, I mounted the disk somewhere and trying to find the best way to load the correct iptables filters22:16
WaheediI think I will add something to /etc/init/iptables_custom.conf22:17
Waheediand make that execute iptables-restore < iptables_custom22:17
heywoodBen64: http://pastebin.com/raw/cUg8jhXe22:17
Waheedithanks for the help :)22:17
Ben64heywood: ppas aren't supported, they are 3rd party repositories, you're pretty much on your own with them22:18
LunaHello everyone22:18
heywoodBen64: this just started happening recently; i haven't messed with my sources.list in a long while.22:18
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Ben64heywood: ok? so whoever made that ppa stopped or something22:19
heywoodBen64: understood. so is this error cropping up because i've got one or more lines to unsupported repos in my sources.list. but the only two i see that are anything other than ubuntu.com are torproject — so this seems like it's coming from one of the official repos?22:20
heywoodin particular, the lines from Canonical's "partner" repo are commented out...22:21
Ben64heywood: ppa = unsupported 3rd party repository22:21
heywoodright. but i don't see where that's coming from — as i said, the {deb, deb-src} lines for the 3rd party repos are commented out. unless i'm staring right at something and not seeing it...22:22
MonkeyDustheywood  you cannot find help here, with your question22:22
FlannelMonkeyDust, That's not really accurate.22:23
cspackheywood: look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory22:23
Bashing-omheywood: 3rd party software directory : tail -v -n +1 /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* .22:24
Flannelheywood: The errors you're getting are apt-get trying to get a list from a PPA, this implies you have at least one (the one that's 404ing on you) that isn't commented out.  If you comment it out, the error will go away (and you'll no longer have access to that repository, obviously, although with a 404 error, you won't either)22:25
heywood@cspack: @Bashing-om: that's the answer. i see an entry corresponding to the PPA that's now causing APT to throw the error in there.22:25
heywoodand i see two others in sources.list.d/ that i no longer need, so it looks like i just need to remove all three, then track down whoever's taken over maintenance of the one i still want (openssh-hpn).22:27
Bashing-omheywood: Great .. if the PPA is no longer supported, investigate ' ppa-purge ' see if you can revert the package to what is in our repo.22:27
Bashing-om!ppa-purge | heywood22:27
ubottuheywood: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html22:27
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heywoodBashing-om: cool, thanks. i see that i'd added those couple of entries to sources.list.d/ three years ago, so i totally forgot about them (and thus to look there).22:29
Bashing-omheywood: Backing out of a PPA can sometimes be tricky .. exercise care and consideration .22:31
heywoodthe PPA doesn't seem to be supported anymore, but the project in question most definitely is (http://www.psc.edu/index.php/hpn-ssh and http://sourceforge.net/projects/hpnssh/ ).22:31
heywoodso i guess i'll run ppa-purge and then ping the maintainer(s) at PSC to see about the recommended way to install the latest. i'm not sure that their stuff is included in the existing ubuntu repos (and if it is, it might be out of sync).22:32
Bashing-omheywood: If the packaing is not in our repo .. ppa-purge is not a viable solution .22:34
m_what is 404 error?22:35
Bashing-omm_: 404 == file not found on that server .22:36
m_Than you22:36
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Bashing-omm_: NP :)22:37
heywoodBashing-om: since (with your help) i've now found that the error is due to a third-party repo, and searching launchpad for "openssh-hpn" turns up nothing… do i understand correctly that i shouldn't even bother with ppa-purge on this?22:43
Bashing-omheywood: Consider what ' apt-cache search openssh ' tells you .22:48
django_hey all22:49
django_whats a good torrent client22:49
SchrodingersScat!torrent | django_22:51
ubottudjango_: Some torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus/Vuse (Java), !Frostwire (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/help/faq - See also !P2P22:51
OerHeksstandard transmission is good enough for me to seed ubuntu torrents after release22:53
SchrodingersScattransmission-cli is usable22:53
SchrodingersScatdepends on what you want, but there's a bunch22:53
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freedgHello :) I'm new to Ubuntu and wondering how people generally read/write a mounted hard drive (internal sata raid array to be exact)? This is a drive of media/documents which I'd like r/w for my user and maybe others. The drive appears to be owned by root:root by default. Just wondering how this is typically done.. e.g. creating a user:group for the drive and make users part of the group? Thanks!23:23
heywood@Bashing-om: thanks — didn't know about apt-cache. unsurprisingly, it shows quite a bit of other openssh-related/dependent stuff on the system. i presume misapplying ppa-purge could cause some of those other things to break.23:23
heywoodanyway, i dashed off a note to the openssh-hpn patch maintainers. i probably don't need the HPN stuff anymore (not since i got nomachine working), so maybe i just revert to ubuntu's stock openssh and leave it at that.23:24
freedgI can read with my current user as I believe i'm in sudoers. And I can write to the drive using 'sudo mv ...'. I'd like to have apps easily r/w  to the drive (e.g. plex, newsgroup downloads)23:25
bekksfreedg: IS it an external drive?23:25
freedgIt's an internal drive23:26
bekksfreedg: you could grant read/write permissions onto the folders you want.23:27
Bashing-omheywood: Hey .. we are all on this learning curve somewhere .. me too with a steep clinb . As to openssh .. well .. not having direct experience take with a grain of salt, but I can see no harm in attempting a ppa-purge and see if the ssh package from the repo does installs .23:27
freedgAhhh ok bekks - giving that a try now..23:28
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Bashing-omheywood: ^^ do remember to disable the PPA when ppa-purge completes !23:30
heywoodBashing-om: yeah, some days the learning curve feels more like a vertical wall :) anyway i'm overdue for a full HD backup, so maybe i'll wait until that's done and then give purge a try. i already moved the 3rd party PPA entries out of sources.apt.d/ into a temp directory in my ~/ , so i can always restore them if needed.23:31
Bashing-omheywood: Sounds like a plan . no substitute for good backups . the PPA souce will have to exist for ppa-purge to function .23:33
ArsinI have a DAC that is not supported by ALSA, can I virtual box WinXP/7 & foobar2000 along with drivers for the DAC and use my DAC that way?23:46
SahibPrimeI am having problems with the GNU toolchain.23:48
SahibPrimeI have created a C++ source file, pre-processed it, used g++ to turn it into assembly, and then used as to turn the assembly code into an object.23:48
SahibPrimeHowever, when I try to link it with ld, I get an error:23:49
SahibPrime"Undefined reference to std::cout"23:49
SahibPrimeI'm running: ld HelloWorld.cpp -o HelloWorld23:50
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SahibPrimeAm I linking wrong?23:51
ArsinSahibPrime, just wait. Eventually someone who has time will help you out.23:59

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