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sakrecoer_zequence: re: the Cof in current-standard, the ubuntu-studio_brandmark_cof_white_on_blue.svg cannot be the good one. look at the second circle from the center the shortest bar...15:49
sakrecoer_actualy, they all ahve the same weird short bar15:50
sakrecoer_(all in the current-standard)15:51
cfhowletteh?  not seeing the problem ...15:51
sakrecoer_the entire scdond circle from the center is distorted :(15:52
sakrecoer_cfhowlett: the middle circle, is not round, and the short bar of it is all patatoïdal :(15:54
cfhowlettno habla francais, mon ami ...15:55
sakrecoer_:) it looks like a potato chips 15:55
cfhowlettah ...15:56
cfhowlettI always assumed the COE circles were created in full then sectioned out to achieve the effect15:56
sakrecoer_gotta blame myself for not looking at it closer earlier..15:56
sakrecoer_in small, it looks allright15:57
sakrecoer_but if you open it in inkscape and scale it up a bit, it becomes quite apparaent15:57
cfhowlett*if* we can get a quick fix, I'd say go for it, but if not, let it be15:57
cfhowlettI did indeed just peek at it in Inkscape15:58
knomesakrecoer_, can you send me the files you are talking about?17:11
sakrecoer_knome: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-art/ubuntustudio-artwork/current-standard/files17:13
sakrecoer_knome its the files from the current-standard repo of ubuntstudio-artwork17:14
knomeyou might be right17:14
knomelet me fix that for you :P17:14
sakrecoer_you rock knome \o/17:15
knomesakrecoer_, https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/ubuntustudio-artwork/current-standard-fixes/+merge/28529617:43
knomehmm, one could have saved them as standard svg17:43
knomejust a sec...17:43
knomeok, done17:47
sakrecoer_Thank you very much knome ! :) i'm surprised to see adobe illustrator 14 as generator (please note i am NOT complaining :))19:09
sakrecoer_this is the first time i have to deal with a merge request, i read i need to do "bzr merge lp:~knome/ubuntustudio-artwork/current-standard-fixes" but i can't find a way to look at it first, care for explaining me some basics?19:10
sakrecoer_knome: found how to look at them :)19:14
sakrecoer_knome: your version seem to have slightly fater lines, but it looks super tight compared to the other one.19:26
sakrecoer_i realy don't want to start a polemic, not only because i'm super thankfull for your initiativ knome, but i think outwards it looks a bit odd that it is made in adobe. But one thing: can you give me your word, that it was made in a legal copy of illsutrator?19:28
sakrecoer_my bad knome :) i just realised, that my files from inkscape also come woth that line...19:31
sakrecoer_ah.. no, it was because i saved yours again19:32
sakrecoer_my... the confusion.... the "original" CoF is also made in illsutrator19:34
sakrecoer_madeinkobaia's files are inkscape files...19:38
sakrecoer_dang, i feel like a grumpy granpa, but it does make me a bit procuppied: if we don't believe in the software we distribute who will?19:45
zequenceknome: Hi. Just checked your changes to the CoF. Seems the files are smaller, and there's a new file added. What exactly did you do, besides fixing the faulty part?20:14
knomesakrecoer_, the red lines mean the removed lines - so it means the old files were created with illustrator21:30
knomezequence, i created the logo from scratch; the actual changes are following:21:31
knome1) fix the non-symmetric issue21:31
knome2) slightly better alignment (like moving the circles 1px-2px when the cof icon width is 200px)21:32
knome3) smaller file size because they are saved in plain SVG, sg. not inkscape stuff; also, the more symmetric form means less markup, so that's also part of the effect21:32
knomesakrecoer_, you can check the latest revision by doing "bzr branch lp:~knome..."21:33
knomesakrecoer_, then you get a local copy of the newest revision as 21:33
knomezequence, oh, i think there was also some slight changes to how "far" the inner circles go, again a few pixels21:34
knomezequence, inkscape locks some angles when you press ctrl while editing the circle; i would think it's snapping to each 10┬░ - so you now have mathematically nice logo too :P21:35
sakrecoer_knome: yes, but on line 94 at https://code.launchpad.net/~knome/ubuntustudio-artwork/current-standard-fixes/+merge/285296 it says "adobe" in green, so i thought you had used it too.21:50
knomethat must come from inkscape then21:51
sakrecoer_:) probably, inkscape dosen't edit it out, even if you save as copy..21:51
knomeor it's a leftover from the original file21:51
knomefeel free to remove the line if you feel uncomfortable with it...21:51
sakrecoer_knome: one strange thing is that your files show nothing in ristretto image viewer..?21:58
knomei noticed they also don't show anything in the thumbnail21:58
knometbh, i don't know why that is, but...21:59
sakrecoer_neither in firefox.. weird22:00
knomei created a new file, then copied the stuff to that file, and saved, and now it shows22:02
knomelet me do that for all of the files.22:02
knomeand now it says created with inkscape too.22:03
knomeso it must have been a leftover from something else in that one file22:03
knomei need a mouse22:03
sakrecoer_also the blue is wrong, but that is also left over22:04
sakrecoer_it is 0094f022:04
knomei copied it from the new file though22:04
sakrecoer_should be 009bf922:04
knomei'll put that in and send you a whole new MP22:05
sakrecoer_awesome!!! :)22:05
sakrecoer_one last lthing knome :22:05
sakrecoer_in case you would have to redraw them completly, i just finished redrawing it too.. i figured i'd rather do like than then being complaining dude (illustrator thing...)22:07
sakrecoer_i don't mind throwing my version, just thought it might save you some swet to know22:07
knomei won't have to; i just copy-paste22:07
sakrecoer_:) good!22:08
sakrecoer_thank you very much knome! :)22:09
sakrecoer_i'll sign off for today, read y'all tomorrow!22:09
knomegood night22:09
knomeok, MP done22:14

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