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koloIs it possible to burn subtitles in the ~ middle of screen?12:03
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sakrecoer_kolo: can you elaborate? what software?12:23
sakrecoer_do you mean like a title or a subtitle with timecode?12:23
koloI want to carve it on video (aka hard sub)12:24
kololike a title12:25
kolosakrecoer_: I want to burn some title in different position in different times of vide12:26
sakrecoer_kolo, ok :)and what video editor are you using?12:28
sakrecoer_kolo: however, regardless of the program, the universal way (works with all video editor) is to create slides with a transparent background to use a "titles-cards"12:33
sakrecoer_it's the best way to be able to use the font fomratting you want in any software (some have limited title options)12:33
sakrecoer_it makes it a bit more complicated to correct spelling errors, but it works super.12:33
sakrecoer_i do it that way..12:33
sakrecoer_create a picture with the same resolution in gimp for example,12:34
koloI wasn't using any special program. I burned subtitles by: ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -vf subtitles=input.srt out.mp412:34
sakrecoer_oh... well, my compteneces with ffmpeg are very limited12:34
sakrecoer_but i recon, you should be able to input a picture file at a given timecode aswell?...12:35
sakrecoer_maybe try to ask in the ffmpeg support channel, not sure which one that would be tho...12:36
kolosakrecoer_: Your way is a feature-rich way, I can do many things. How do you burn your slides on the video?12:36
sakrecoer_i use blender for video editing12:37
sakrecoer_with the blender velvets plugin, let me find the link for you12:37
sakrecoer_kolo: http://blendervelvets.org/12:38
koloAh, Blender12:39
sakrecoer_but you can do it that way in kdenlive aswell...12:39
koloProbabely it's the best but it take time to lear blender. Thank you for the clue. I try to finde a solution for  burning img on video by ffmpeg12:40
sakrecoer_best of luck kolo ! :)12:40
koloI found sth here: http://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-filters.html#overlay-112:43
koloAnyway; to try to learn an linear video editor, which one is recommended: Blender or kdenlive or...?12:44
kolosakrecoer_:   I mean sth feature-rich12:45
sakrecoer_kolo: great, i hope that works for you! awesome that you come back and share a hint of your sollution!12:49
sakrecoer_i'd say kdenlive is easier to get along with if you are familiar with video sequencers...12:50
sakrecoer_but i personaly prefere blender, for its intercompatibility: you can collab with people on any os...12:50
sakrecoer_i have to go eat... feel free to ask more, i will read the backlog :)12:50
sakrecoer_and perhaps others will find a moment to help you :)12:50
sakrecoer_kolo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYVZ6rtayaA the VSe has gotten a quite a few improvements since that tutorial was published :) bye now..12:55
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Guest93507somebody here ?13:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:13
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cfhowlettyou mean at high resolution/large size?15:54
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Guest34077I have a quick question.15:58
Guest34077How come we have proprietary driver for video card,  but not sound card?15:59
Guest34077I have been using Linux for seven years now, but I still can't figure why.16:00
sakrecoer_Guest34077: best thing you can do about it ask the same question to the brand coding the driver of your soundcard :/16:00
sakrecoer_ask them why they don't do drivers for linux..16:00
sakrecoer_and tell them you really want them to do that16:01
Guest34077You meant the company likes "Creative"?16:01
sakrecoer_also ask your friends running GNU/Linux with the same soundcard to aldo write them. With a little pressure, they might consider doing it..16:01
sakrecoer_Guest34077: yes, the brand building/coding for your soundcard16:02
Guest34077I keep picturing "Dell" has business relationship with Canomical, but why not the sound card company.16:02
sakrecoer_Guest34077: i'm pretty sure canonical would be all up for it. it really is a matter of the soundcard brands not caring enough about GNU/Linux users.. :(16:03
Guest34077If I am Canomical, I would send "Creative Lab" a sell person :)16:03
Guest34077Which sound card companies have the best relationship with Linux?16:04
Guest34077I also think AMD has sound card unit?16:05
Guest34077which sound card do you think is the best for home PC?16:17
Guest34077I googled and it once said ASUS Xonar DG, and I am using one now.16:19
sakrecoer_Guest34077: "the best soundcard" is an impossible question to answer. it depends on so many things: your needs, your set-up, your taste...16:30
sakrecoer_Guest34077: let me find a link for you about soundcards known to work in GNU/Linux16:31
Guest34077Let's say best sound for gamer.16:31
Guest34077I just want to learn. I believe I know how to choose compatible sound card.16:32
Guest34077Not, best sound for sound engineer.16:32
sakrecoer_Guest34077: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/SupportedHardware#Audio_Devices16:34
sakrecoer_Guest34077: http://wiki.linuxaudio.org/wiki/hardware_matrix16:34
sakrecoer_For sound in games you can achieve greaet quality with the built-in soundcard of your computer16:35
sakrecoer_what i'm guessing is important in games would be surround sound16:35
sakrecoer_i think pulse audio would handle that pretty well, given you have outputs that allow you to connect multiple speakers to your computer16:36
sakrecoer_but you will probably find more usefull tips about gaming audio within a gameing communty for GNULinux... i'm a total ignorant about gaming so i can't really guide you there..16:37
Guest34077I see.16:41
Guest34077Wow. Thank you. Happy Chinese New Year.16:41
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Guest5582i need help to install gigedit18:32
Guest5582to edit gig samples18:32
erickHi, I have a question.23:23
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Guest18874If, one day, I use a logical drive (3 HDs, for example) for Ubuntu Studio OS, will that make my PC faster?23:25
Guest18874In Oracle Database at my office, database would be faster if the data are across multiple disk.23:26
Guest18874I am thinking more reading and writing power through multiple HDs.23:30
NoteOnmulti hdd? I don't think so.23:35
NoteOnin daw its just one big file. in each part..23:36
NoteOnnot db..23:36
Guest18874shouldn't such big file be gathered around multiple disks?23:38
Guest18874Right now, I am using EXT4 at home.23:38
Guest18874What if I can choose different file system?23:38
NoteOnsorry my english am japanese..23:38
NoteOnanway in linux there is a way, multi hdd as one hdd..23:39
NoteOnbut in daw work, I think not affected.. so...23:39
Guest18874I know there is a way :) It is called logical volume, I think.23:39
NoteOnhow about netjack then more pc's even not fast pc.23:39
Guest18874what is netjack?23:40
NoteOnnetjack is via lan to connect ..23:40
Guest18874Wow, I did not know you can do that with audio, beside the data.23:43
NoteOnso you can find example using this. I use sometimes but not haavy work.. so maybe other users case is better23:43
NoteOnLAN needs giga=1000M for good speed  but in herer 100M works fine..23:43
NoteOnpoint for me is 2pc's makes more power than 1 hiend pc.23:44
NoteOnI think that google do in server;23:44
Guest18874More PCs are better.23:45
Guest18874I see. I have not tried that.23:45
Guest18874I will one day.23:45
NoteOnya, and like video editing? it can render in other pc.. then etc..23:45
Guest18874Video Editing, in other pc, is also faster?23:46
Guest18874Are you sure? I have not heard?23:46
NoteOnin cakewalk sonnor , new function is render sysnth? this means not realtime plugin does. render to wav.. in track.. so keep pc faster23:46
NoteOnin example we can do this kind in netjack.23:47
Guest18874Thank you.23:47
Guest18874See you.23:47
NoteOnrealtime such as kb input midi to record is not good I think but23:47
NoteOnmost case you can do many23:47

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