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xubuntu46wBuongiorno come installo un plugun .pkg07:40
xubuntu46wVisto รจ per osx possibile che scambia ubuntu per Mac?07:40
xubuntu46wGrazie per eventuale aiuto07:41
xubuntu46wIl plugin serve per la chiama con Skype online07:42
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DarioLapHi all. I have 15.04 version. from today my desktop is always completely gray without icons. I tried several times to reboot but nothing.12:31
DarioLapAny ideas to fix it?12:31
bekksYou need to upgrade to 15.10, since 15.04 is EOL.12:33
DarioLapok bekks now i try12:33
Pavel_Hi, what can I do to fix screen glitch and garbled text  , issue that I encounter on some Linux distributions among which is Ubuntu and its' flavors , 14.04 + later and PCLOS, Fedora, Mageia ?16:08
Pavel_I'm now Debian Stretch (unstable, testing) with LXQT and I get no screen glitch and garbled, broken text.........16:13
Pavel_My graphics card is Intel G31/G33 , 256 / 312 MB , onboard ..................16:16
Pavel_My issue looks something like this but worse, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B28z0HPgJfNHMDJvaUdkTkJ1OTg/edit?pref=2&pli=116:18
Pavel_nobody is here16:22
bekksWhich is a wtong assumption according to "/names".16:22
wodianHello :)16:36
wodiananyone know how to speedup the docky app (animations and such)16:37
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DarioLap Hi all. I have 15.10 version. from today my desktop is always completely gray without icons. I tried several times to reboot but nothing.18:26
DrCoolwhy can't I grab windows form the bottom to make the bigger.  Only the top corners show the expand in both directions cursor.19:09
lermainAnybody here have any luck with CS:GO*19:19
NiilosHello all. I just upgrade my old xubuntu and after a restart I lost all my desktop shortcut and clicking the menu display an error like "fail loading menu file at line 1 char 1, document was empty or was containig spaces" (translated from my language)20:08
NiilosI have xubuntu 12.0420:11
xubuntu25wHi hello everybody,21:33
xubuntu25wI think I have discovered a bug and would like to learn how to address it.21:34
xubuntu25wI am using Xubuntu mainly over a XRDP remote connection.21:34
xubuntu25wOver that connection the gnome policy-kit seems not to work21:35
knomewhich xubuntu version are you using?21:36
xubuntu25wWhenever I am at the computer directly I can start the software center, when I am logged over XRDP not.21:36
xubuntu25wI am using 14.04 afaik.21:36
knomewhat does "lsb_release -a" in terminal say?21:37
xubuntu25w14.04 LTS21:38
knomethe regular way to submit bugs (with related information) is simply: "ubuntu-bug packagename" in terminal21:38
knomefiguring out the package name in this case might be a bit hard, but give your best choice, and developers will likely find out what's causing the issue21:39
xubuntu25wI'll try ubuntu-bug xrdp?21:39
xubuntu25wmust first install it...21:40
knomei don't really know, sorry... i don't use rdp myself21:40
xubuntu25wdon't apologize, maybe i'm one of the few idiots to do so ;-)21:42
knomethere are people who ask something about rdp now and then, so you're definitely not the only one21:43
xubuntu25wI have started -finally- the long awaited upgrade since i have discovered that it worked from the direct access, so im ust wait for it to finish.21:45
DrCoolHow can I output terminal output to a file and also see the output in the terminal?   the > command will send it to a file but I can't see it on the terminal.21:53
DrCoolseems like "tee" might do that21:55
knomeyes, "command | tee -a file", but you'll lose some formatting on the command21:56
knome(to see what i mean, try with "ls")21:56
DrCoolgreat, I did that and it seem to be working exactly like i had hoped.21:59
DrCoolthanks knome21:59
desertwolfHello! I was wondering if anyone could help me in determing what OUTGOING port I need to open to allow my networked printer to print. I block both incoming and out going connections using UFW. My printer works fine when I allow outgoing connections but as soon as I deny them it can't connect23:51
DrCoolyou are trying to connect from the internet?23:51
pleia2DrCool: you probably want 63123:52
desertwolfI've tried ports for CUPS and other protocols to no avail. It's a brother MFC9340cdw printer :p23:52
erick_Hi, I also have question. Logical Volume can make gaming PC faster correct?23:52
desertwolfIs over LAN23:52
pleia2erick_: I don't see how23:52
bekkserick_: Not necessarily.23:52
erick_Let's say I would use two HDs.23:53
desertwolfAnd yes I've tried 63123:53
erick_I thought we would have more reading and writing power.23:54
pleia2erick_: no, it's an abstraction so if anything it makes thing slower23:54
pleia2erick_: I think you may be thinking of RAID :)23:54
pleia2if you're using RAID0 across two disks, it's a bit faster23:54
mjh000000Top notch distro23:54
erick_but data would be gathered in more than one disk.23:54
bekkserick_: Thats just what you thought.23:54
bekkserick_: It strongly depends on the layout of your LVM.23:55
erick_I see.23:56
erick_You will need raid....23:56
bekksMost likely.23:56
erick_Now, if one day I created such LVM with RAID, will wine be benefit from such LVM?23:58
erick_or WINE would just choose a disk.23:59
pleia2LVM makes it easy to adjust partition sizes and add new ones as you need them23:59
desertwolfDoes anyone know of way to view what processes are trying to connect using a specifc port for setting up a firewall for outgoing connections?23:59
knometbh, if you are looking for a top-performance gaming pc, i'm not sure i would set up linux and wine23:59
pleia2but wine directly wouldn't really do anything23:59

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