ngaioI've currently a bunch of python scripts for a project in a directory (with a few minor subdirectories). They're in bzr and up on launchpad, so all is good. Now I want to add a top level directory above it, with setup.py and other such necessary files for a proper project. Regarding bzr and keeping good history, is the best thing to treat the current directory as the new root directory, create a subdirectory (e.g. myyproject), and bzr mv all current files and14:43
ngaiofolders into the new subdirectory?14:43
fullermdConceptually, it may be best to pivot a new root into place.14:44
fullermdBut since there's no command to do that...14:44
ngaioactually I have no idea how to do that, so moving all existing files is the best I can up with14:49
fullermdWell, there really isn't one.  Hence...   :)14:58

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