lordievaderGood morning.08:33
clivejohi lordievader11:04
clivejoyofel: you about?11:07
lordievaderHey clivejo, how are you doing?11:22
lordievaderRelieved some stress from yesterday?11:23
clivejonot really11:27
clivejoneed help11:28
clivejoif I could just get a yes or a no whether Im doing these merges correctly11:28
lordievaderUnfortunately I cannot help you with that.11:29
clivejoso Im just playing about with packaging kolab11:30
yofelclivejo: pong11:37
clivejohi yofel would you check over my merges11:38
yofelclivejo: I'll probably won't review everything, but I'll look at some of them11:43
clivejoI need help with kio too11:44
clivejoIve really messed it up :(11:44
yofelsaying that, the changelog in knetwalk is wrong11:44
yofelframeworks kio?11:45
yofelcould you push your changes somewhere so I can see them?11:47
clivejoyofel: there are a few changes11:49
yofelwell, I need to see them *somehow*. You can also git add everything then pastebin the output of git diff HEAD11:51
yofelthat should show all changes11:51
yofelas long as you didn't commit anything yet11:51
clivejoIve only touched the unstable branch11:51
yofelok, there we go. Now I know where to look :)11:52
clivejobut I created a stable branch11:52
clivejoand thats when things started going haywire :(11:53
clivejotheres a new lib libkf5kiogui11:53
clivejoso I added two new packages libkf5kiogui5 and libkf5kiogui5 -dev11:53
clivejobut somehow I seems to have done a merge of master into unstable11:54
yofeldo frameworks even need a stable branch?11:54
yofeland remove  libkf5kiogui5 -dev, the content belongs into kio-dev11:55
yofelplease wildcard the api version away.11:56
clivejohow do you keep local branches separate?11:57
yofelI don't quite get your question. Local branches are kept separate by different names. Remote branches are namespaced using their remote by default11:59
yofele.g. local kubuntu_unstable trackes remote origin/kubuntu_unstable11:59
clivejolike if I want to build it locally and make changes to try and fix it11:59
yofelyou commit without pushing?11:59
clivejosometimes these "experiental" changes are getting into the branch and being commited11:59
yofelalways read the git diff output before committing12:00
clivejoId intended to keep them local12:00
yofelyou have changes that you only want to keep in your local env12:01
yofelthe thing intended for managing that would be git stash12:01
clivejowell for example I just pasted in the files here - http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kio.git/diff/debian/libkf5kiogui5.install?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=0e3e08096a4ead8b06a8610277d5f17ceb21d18412:01
clivejobut then changed it locally and build it12:01
clivejobut it seems to have take my "experimental" changes and commited them12:02
yofelnothing ever gets committed without you running git commit12:02
yofelso please explain a bit more detailed what you actually did12:03
clivejoI use git gui to commit12:03
clivejoI stage and commit them in git gui12:03
yofelthen you need to be careful about what you stage..12:03
clivejothen push using git push origin kubuntu_unstable12:04
clivejoI stage the final version, but sometimes it only stages changes I made a while back12:05
clivejoits a bit crazy12:05
yofelwell, I haven't used git gui in a long time, so I can't help you with that12:05
yofelbut it's probably a good idea if you run git diff before pushing12:06
yofel+ git status12:06
yofeljust to be sure that what you're pushing is what you want to push12:06
clivejoso wildcard usr/lib/*/libKF5KIOGui.so.5.* ?12:07
clivejois there a way to remove that kubuntu_stable branch?12:07
clivejoIll do that later, have some work to do outside 12:09
yofelyou are not allowed to delete branches on alioth12:09
apolcan somebody take a look at this bug report? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=35912012:13
ubottuKDE bug 359120 in updater "Muon update removed Kubuntu desktop" [Critical,Unconfirmed]12:13
apollooks like a packaging issue in Kubuntu12:13
shadeslayerI don't see the log12:16
shadeslayerinstallng intel microcode removed packages 0.o12:17
lordievaderErr, wut? Why? What did it remove by the way?12:24
MirvFYI I filed FTBFS bug against kblog and ktnef bug #154309312:36
ubottubug 1543093 in ktnef (Ubuntu) "fails to build with No rule to make target '/usr/lib/libical.so'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154309312:36
maxyzAre you really planning to add a new -dev package in kio for the new favicons thingy?13:01
maxyzAll the other parts are in kio-dev.13:01
blazemaxyz: i guess no13:03
blazeclivejo: ^13:03
maxyzThere is a thread about kdeconnect in the list pkg-kde-talk that needs some input from the kubuntu side of things.13:05
BluesKajHey folks13:05
maxyzAnd it would be nice is we can consider pkg-kde-talk a list were we can coordinate some things.13:05
blazeit would be nice to have akonadi-server deps done in a debian way13:12
yofelthere are reasons why mysql is handled the way it is13:13
maxyzI've recently realized that mysql-server-core was missing in the mysql backend dependencies.13:14
blazei know, but still mysql backend is the default one13:14
yofelunless akonadi learns runtime backend support detection, uninstalling mysql is not an option13:14
maxyzAlso, mysql is the only reasonably supported backend13:16
blazehopefully akonadi-nextgen will be ready soon13:18
maxyzthunderbird works... :)13:46
sittermaxyz: I am pretty sure the understanding was that all kubuntu people with commit access are to subscribe to pkg-kde-talk so it's more a problem of not reading/answering than not being subscribed (:13:48
maxyzsitter: Ok, I have an answer in draft, but every time I read I re write it.13:54
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sitterclivejo, yofel: jobs updated. took a bit longer than expected unfortunately15:04
sitterclivejo: I am pretty sure the job count is broken or something ... notice how the installation count dropped for no apparent reason rather substantially https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Countjobs+Viewstabbar15:04
clivejomaxyz: do you have access to delete a branch on alioth?15:04
sitterI think if you want it back you'll have to file a bug and/or find someone to look into it 15:04
sitteroh oh, I also ripped out 'discover' to not have confusion there15:07
clivejois it plasma-discover now?15:07
clivejonice :)15:09
* BluesKaj still uses muon15:12
clivejoyofel: regarding knetwalk, the changelog didnt get staged with my commit15:21
clivejoI dont understand why this is happening15:22
clivejohow did git-buildpackage-ppa work?15:24
maxyzclivejo: There is a hook that forbids that, but it can be done, directly or disabling the hook15:28
clivejomaxyz: apologies, I went a bit crazy over the weekend15:28
maxyzclivejo: I was planning on updating the hook to forbid the deletion of non merged branches15:29
clivejomaxyz: for some reason I convinced myself that KCI needed a kubuntu_stable branch to work15:29
clivejomaxyz: how do you get the information to write a description of a package?15:30
clivejofor example that kiogui lib, where do you go to find out what it is?15:31
maxyzclivejo: For libraries the api is usually a good start, the code is in src/gui 1 .h file, so it was easy enough15:32
clivejomaxyz: https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=kio.git&a=tree&h=b3c4f8d89813c326ecc31ce2f3e8c92901532494&hb=8d016d2950778168a9deb90bd51a1d78f91e7705&f=src%2Fgui15:34
clivejowhere does it say what the lib does?15:34
maxyzclivejo: The cmakelist lists the source files that are part of the KF5KIOGui library, in this case    faviconrequestjob.cpp15:35
maxyzThe faviconrequestjob.h has a doxygen documentation of the API. which only add a support for faviconrequests. So the name "kiogui" is quite bad.15:37
yofelclivejo: did you maybe commit but not push? Then git-buildpackage-ppa would work..15:52
clivejoIm sure I pushed15:53
clivejowhen I do git merge master, if everything goes ok does it autocommit?15:55
clivejoMerge branch 'master' into kubuntu_xenial_archive that is the automatic generated commit message15:56
sheytanGuys, can someone tell me how to fix this bug? http://img-9gag-fun.9cache.com/photo/ajA5xwq_460s.jpg16:13
yofelclivejo: yes16:16
yofelshould also be the commit message for non-automatic merges16:17
clivejoshould I be doing it in two steps?16:17
clivejothe merge first, commit, then fix the changelog & new release?16:18
clivejoyofel: why has master got an UNRELEASED in it?16:20
clivejoline 4516:20
yofelif you do it like that then it's pointless to split the steps16:20
yofelmerge --no-commit, fix changelog, commit, new release16:20
yofelis something I tried once. But that's more hassle than it's worth IMO16:20
yofellooks like we never released it?16:21
clivejodoes that belong in master?16:21
yofelah wait master16:22
clivejoyeah debians master branch16:22
yofelI guess that was simply merged before we released that. Can probably be removed16:22
yofelAFTER merging in the new changelog entries16:22
yofelit's not just us merging in debian, the other way happens too16:23
clivejoyofel: http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/signon-kwallet-extension.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_xenial_archive&id=522030fa0d547ad82834b99f7f17a107f58ccd7416:24
clivejoI think Im causing more problems than Im fixing with these merges16:31
maxyzclivejo: I'll fix that in signon-kwallet-extension master branch16:40
clivejomaxyz: thanks :)16:41
clivejomaxyz: how do you know which KDE applications have been changed?16:42
clivejodo you have a script compares the source tarballs or something?16:42
maxyzclivejo, I check the diff against the previous release tag16:43
clivejokde git?16:43
maxyzI import the tarballs, but kde.git should work.16:43
clivejothats clever16:44
clivejoare you the main KDE packager then?16:45
maxyzclivejo: for now, yes, I'm trying to replace myself with jenkins or something like that.16:48
clivejoyou cant be replaced!16:49
clivejohow long have you been packaging?16:50
maxyzkde, 2 years, or so. Random stuff in Debian, ~10 years.16:51
clivejodo you have any experience with kolab?16:52
maxyzAt what level? I never used it, but I uploaded some versions of the libs with the help of detrout. heffee works there so he should probably know more about it.16:55
clivejoIm trying to package it on Launchpad16:55
clivejobut Im having trouble with the existing packaging16:55
maxyzI wanted to add the dovecot support to debian some time ago, but I use SOGo, which is ugly, but it works, so it's not really worth the change for me.16:56
BluesKaj!project neon18:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about project neon18:58
geniiBluesKaj: CI now19:00
BluesKajgenii, yeah, but I read something here the other day about new a project neon19:04
BluesKajanew 19:04
BluesKajsomething about JR announcing it19:07
acheron88he did at FOSDEM, a week ago on sunday19:08
BluesKajit was in the rss feeds https://dot.kde.org/2016/01/30/fosdem-announcing-kde-neon19:09
acheron88not sure if the video of his talk is there yet?19:09
BluesKajasume this a new neon project, separate from the old one19:14
geniiSeems to be no pool/ there19:16
acheron88genii: the neon repo?19:18
BluesKajall this publicity about new plasma desktops but there's is no comprihensive guide for them, for example activities has a whole lot of hype, but I've yet to find any tuts for them that actually help make it work 19:23
BluesKajcorrection: make them work :-)19:25
clivejoBluesKaj: ask in #kde-neon ?19:26
BluesKajlooking for a method to assign apps that launch inside anactivity when the activity itself is launched, supposedly there's a method to do that, but the only one i found doesn't do what it claims 19:28
BluesKajclivejo, I'm not compaining about neon's apps whatewver they might be, just the activities in plasma 519:31
clivejoBluesKaj: I guess my point is that this is Kubuntu development, at the moment we have nothing really to do with Neon and how it operates19:32
lordievaderBluesKaj: It is called KDE Neon, to avoid confusion (a little) with Project Neon.19:34
lordievaderAnd the video ain't available yet.19:34
BluesKajyeah it's only in the sense that KDE/plasma is the Kubuntu desktop19:34
BluesKajI'm not bothering with neon , just to clarify :-)19:34
BluesKajI have enough desktop freezes happening here of late, I don't need any more19:37
blazein a week or so qt5.6rc will arrive, that would be a good sign19:42
clivejoyofel: would you look at marble please20:13
clivejoyofel: Debian dropped the epoch in this package http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/libkmahjongg.git/commit/?id=f36da2301091ad464370795f81039c7d3291abbd20:42
clivejocan we rename and do the same?20:42
clivejoanyone installed kubuntu-desktop on xenial?22:17
valorieclivejo: I could -- what is the question?23:05
clivejodoes it install?23:06
valorieI'll start it up and try that23:15
valorieupdating first though23:18
yofelclivejo: yes, we should do the rename as well23:36
yofelmarble will have to wait for tomorrow23:37
valorieis the broken installer our problem, or ubuntu's problem?23:42
valoriesomeone was asking last night about the daily ISO -- and s/he is among many reporting a broken installer23:42
valoriewe can't release that way...23:42
clivejodid you install Ubuntu first?23:43
yofelours, ubuntu just broke it23:43
yofelwell yeah, but fixing the installer can be done after feature freeze, unless someone really wants to take care of that23:44
clivejoonly two months left :/23:44
clivejotick tock23:44
yofelwhat 2 months?23:45
yofelfeature freeze is in 1.5 weeks23:45
clivejomaybe they'll wait til 16.06?23:46
yofelrelease yes, but that's not the only milestone we need to pay attention to23:46
yofelnow you're just plain delusional :P23:49
valorieyofel, good point23:49
valoriehaving it broken does keep people from testing, though23:49
valoriedarn it, in my xenial upgrade I missed the chance to tell it to use the new configs23:50

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