wxlaw crap why didn't anyone tell me we don't have new alternates?18:31
tewardwxl: everyone was busy imbibing in copious amounts of drink18:32
wxlnot i18:33
phillwwxl: I thought you had someone for that?18:36
wxli'm working on talking to release. cjwatson 's working his magic as usual18:37
phillwwxl: I meant to check :)18:38
wxlwell that's what i mean. usually people are complaining at me before i see it phillw :)18:38
Mark_______Hello, I was wondering on suggestions of where to round up volunteers to verify a leafpad bug I am seeing, basically zeroing out my file.  Any ideas?19:08
wxlMark_______: email the mailing list19:09
wxlMark_______: you also might want to try the ubuntu-quality list, too, since this is something anyone could install with any desktop environment19:11
Mark_______Thanks wxl, but which list do you mean?19:11
Mark_______oh ubuntu-quality, I see19:12
wxlMark_______: lubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com19:12
Mark_______ok, I will sign up and try to get the word out there19:12
Mark_______thanks wxl19:12
wxlMark_______: also ubuntu-quality@lists.ubuntu.com19:12
dekabandHi, right now I am on the live usb for wiley alpha 2 on a Macbook Pro 4,1 and I'm having an issue on install (this is a testing machine) After I choose my Language and click next the installer closes instantly after. I filed a system bug report and can post any logs needed. Any ideas on how to get past this? My goal is to help test LXQT21:51
phillwdekaband: wiley or xenial ?21:52
dekabandxenial, sorry21:53
phillwdekaband: hang on for wxl being fully awake. We did not see that issue in the testing rush, so he will be able to assist in terms of getting it confirmed etc.21:54
dekabandAbsolutely, Anything I can to help. I will say otherwise Lubuntu runs nice on this. The suggested wifi driver doesn't work for me through the additional drivers dialog, at least in the live enviroment but thats a minimal issue atm21:58
phillwdekaband: also, do take the time to join lubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com22:04
phillwas we are scattered across TZ's email is a good way to keep in touch.22:05
dekabandOk, I just joined the mailing list as well.22:09
wxldekaband: got a bug number?22:17
phillwhi wxl :)22:21
wxlhai phillw22:21
dekabandI made a mistake because I used fastboot & nomodeset as a command option on boot because fsck on intial usb boot had been hanging on me with other distros. I'm thinking that because of that, the system is mounted read-only and that is causing the installer to crash23:18
dekabandI'll try only nomodeset and see if that helps23:18

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