QuantosThis is something that I'd expect from Winblows10:02
QuantosI just had a popup on my desktop it says 'System program problem detected'10:02
QuantosAnd asks if I want to report it10:03
QuantosBut that's all the information it gives me10:03
hateballThere should be an arrow or some such to show additional info10:03
QuantosJust the arrow on the menu bar and the other one that rolls it up10:06
QuantosHi there hateball, thanks again for that help before10:06
QuantosIt just dawned on me I could disrupt the internet and click continue just to see what happens10:07
QuantosI'd rather find out what it is though10:07
QuantosEverything in System Manager looks good10:08
QuantosDoesn't indicate any software that's not working10:08
QuantosWould a screen shot help?10:10
hateballnot really, no10:11
hateballusually not something to concerned with10:11
hateballif it's a system service it tends to restart on crash10:11
hateballyou just get notified it shouldnt be crashing10:12
QuantosIt would be nice if they could possibly identify what it is10:12
QuantosIt's almost windows like10:13
hateballthe crash is dumped somewhere, I cant remember where tho10:13
QuantosSomehing happened, we don't know what, but it's likely bad for you10:13
QuantosSo a reboot wouldn't be necessary for it then10:14
QuantosThe service will start again when called?10:14
QuantosApparently if you click to report the problem it tells you what it is10:15
QuantosIt was VBox10:15
QuantosWhich is odd, it didn't even hickup on me10:16
cosec_i want to install lubuntu12:01
cosec_along side my existing kubuntu12:01
cosec_does the installer provide me options to do so ?12:01
damascenecosec_, do you know how to partition Linux drives correctly?12:02
hateballcosec_: why do you want to dualboot instead of simply installing lubuntu-desktop and choosing at login?12:03
cosec_i am not so good at making linux partitions12:03
cosec_problem is12:03
cosec_i am using the fglrx drivers12:04
cosec_its eating my battery12:04
cosec_and i have to set my lappy on discrete12:04
cosec_to use my current os12:04
cosec_so i was thinking12:05
cosec_install lubuntu, set graphics to switchable12:05
cosec_enjoy happy hours travelling12:05
cosec_and switch to kubuntu, switch to discrete12:06
cosec_and enjoy graphics12:06
cosec_its complicated12:07
damasceneI see12:09
cosec_right now i am on kubuntu12:10
cosec_i have allotted the entire hdd to kubuntu12:10
damascenewhat I suggest is to backup all your important data to a backup medium then shrink one of your partition and install lubuntu there.12:11
cosec_so just, using a lubuntu-desktop doesn;t change anything except the interface12:11
damasceneit's not too hard, you just have to set the the empty partion mount point to /12:12
cosec_ /dev/sda ?12:13
cosec_i see12:13
cosec_i have to go for now12:14
cosec_i will comeback12:14
cosec_ty for you help12:14
damascenenot /dev/sda but it should be something with number at the end like /dev/sda1012:14
damasceneif you can login to this channel through the installation we can support you12:15
cosec_ok ty12:50
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