Oderushey guys, having an issue where when i boot up with the latest linux image, as soon as i hit the login screen my keyboard stops working. cursor still blinking. had to use a secondary in order to login. any ideas?00:25
ChibaPetboth usb keyboards?00:26
Oderuswell i only have one keyboard but yes it quits when i hit the login screen00:26
ChibaPetReplugging it doesn't help?00:27
ChibaPetSounds like that's off far enough into systemd that I'd have nothing better than bad guesses, sadly.00:27
Oderusdidnt try replugging since it worked to select a kernal00:28
ChibaPetWorth trying.00:28
Oderustrue enough ill give that a shot. also, in grub, whats the difference between regular start and the option marked upstart?00:28
ChibaPetIt's different software reading it during the two periods you're describing.00:28
Oderusoh ok00:28
ChibaPetupstart is the pre-systemd init00:28
Oderusnot sure i understand00:29
ChibaPetThere's software that takes over once the kernel is done probing available devices and setting up memory and such.00:29
ChibaPetThis used to be a nice, clean set of shell scripts, and then Ubuntu thought to improve on it with Upstart, after which Red Hat said "no, this isn't market lock-in" and downgraded us all to systemd. :P00:30
ChibaPetThey start your services and boot-time processes, basically.00:30
Oderusnormally upstart is not necessary?00:30
ChibaPetYou probably don't want to use it at all, since it will eventually disappear.00:31
Oderusah ok. thanks again chibapet. and ill try replugging my keyboard next time i reboot00:31
ChibaPetIf it's not that, then it's some inscrutable systemd nightmare.00:31
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Oderusweird i have a package thats being held back00:49
ChibaPetapt-get dist-upgrade maybe00:50
Oderusit says it has an upgrade available for said package but it depends on another package that is not available to install heh00:51
Oderusi tried the above mentioned command, it found nothing00:53
Oderusheres the output if it helps00:53
ChibaPetdid you apt-get update first?00:54
ChibaPet!info libcsound6400:55
ubottuPackage libcsound64 does not exist in xenial00:55
ChibaPetI think I see the problem.00:55
Oderus!info libcsound64-6.000:55
ubottulibcsound64-6.0 (source: csound): main library for Csound. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:6.05~dfsg1-5 (xenial), package size 1202 kB, installed size 4111 kB00:55
ChibaPetOh, fine. :P00:56
ChibaPet!info libstk0v500:56
ubottuPackage libstk0v5 does not exist in xenial00:56
Oderuswhat if i compile it?00:57
ChibaPetYou can always compile things. Maybe you can get a source package from an earlier Ubuntu to build.00:57
Oderusokay, thanks :)00:58
Oderusactually is there a way to determine which software depends on libcsound? if its nothing major ill just remove.. lol01:01
ChibaPetHrm. Yes. I don't remember what it is. You can use aptitude, but there's a way to look at policy and get that too.01:02
Oderusgah. i found the dependancy,  which required yet another dependancy, then try to compile but still getting errors lol01:13
Oderuslooks like theres a fix for it, but i am wayyyyy too ameture at c++ lol. heres the error anyway incase anyone knows how to fix: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14990560/01:23
ChibaPetOderus: Out of curiosity, why 16.04 and not 14.04?01:24
OderusChiba: Ohh i just like updating to the latest and playing -_-01:25
ChibaPetAlright. Good enough.01:25
zzarrhello! I have problems installing ofono and urfkill on xenial from ports.ubuntu.com, are those packages broken?07:53
damascenezzarr, it might help if you specify the error you get08:08
zzarrwell I just get the message that the packages in question is broken when trying to install them08:16
zzarrand now they are half installed and I can't remove them08:16
lordievaderGood morning.08:33
zzarrGood morniong08:34
zzarrops... good morning08:34
lotuspsychjehi zzarr08:35
zzarrhi lotuspsychje :-)08:35
z4sk4hi, what i need to post the bugs correctly?10:35
z4sk4always close me the bugs the community...10:35
z4sk4i cant add and id of a process when is an aerror for librarys and code..10:35
lotuspsychje!bug | z4sk411:06
ubottuz4sk4: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:06
BluesKajHey folks13:05
nandersson_Hi, how many years does one have to wait for a contributed patch to enter Ubuntu? This bug is oooooooooooooold, patched and still Canonical hasn't added the patch. What is the reason behind this? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bash-completion/+bug/1390061/+subscriptions15:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1390061 in bash-completion (Ubuntu) "bash-completion tilde expansion every time" [Medium,Confirmed]15:04
BluesKajnandersson_, perhaps state this issue in #ubuntu-devel15:09
BluesKajit might get more attention or an expalnation15:10
nandersson_BluesKaj, ok, I'll do that15:10
lotuspsychjenandersson_: or try making a new bug to get more attention15:49
tewardthough if the bug is identical it may very likely get closed as a dupe15:50
lotuspsychjeteward: even if its xenial related?15:52
tewardlotuspsychje: consider: I have a bug filed against the Xenial version of the package.  The same bug which has been present since 14.04 and has not been fixed is exactly the same as the newly filed bug.  If they are identical, and the other one from 14.04 still hasn't been fixed, then it's still the same bug15:53
tewardeven if we had 50 bugs for the same issue, across, say, ten releases, and they're still the same exact bug / issue, there's only a need for one15:53
tewardwhether it gets looked at of course is a different issue, but lets not add dupes if we can avoid it ;)15:54
lotuspsychjeteward: but maybe, this is why persisent bugs remain across several relases like that15:54
tewardperhaps.  but dupe bugs are still dupe bugs15:55
tewardyou're free to poke #ubuntu-devel to see if someone can poke at it; though, it has only been on the sponsoring list since today (and likely needs reviewed anyways)15:56
teward(if not fixed in Debian as well)O15:56
greybertis this / where's a good place to report issues is the vagrant cloud image of xenial?19:40
k1lwho made that images? i would report to them19:41
k1lok, then file bugs19:42
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.19:42
greybertk thanks19:43
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melodieI have tried to install Kubuntu Xenial on my notebook Lenovo X220i, but the installer crashed right away after hitting the button "continue"23:57
melodieI have taken a screenshot of the backtrace23:57
melodiethen I started a live Ubuntu Mate Xenial, and this one works23:59
melodie(same day download, right a moment ago)23:59

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