nickoeDoes anyone of you know if one can find the characteristic for a single application on errors.ubuntu.com?15:38
nickoeteward: do you know anything about that site? ^15:42
nickoeMaybe bdmurray?15:43
tewardnickoe: 'find the characteristic for a single application' is vague?15:43
nickoemmm, as if see a graph of the bugs for one single app15:43
nickoe*as in15:43
tewardedit the criterion of what's shown15:44
nickoeteward: well, I tried to do that, but the page is very heave it seems.15:45
nickoeso I never could locate an URL.  But it seems that using that url suggested by bdmurray does something... But now I wonder why one of the results are "greyed out".15:45
bdmurrayThat result has not been seen with the latest version of the package.15:47
nickoebdmurray: ahh, ok.    Can I use a result like https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/d68c4a5844815035e7a3ce706292249191575d51  for antyhing?15:51
nickoeWhat are that examples table?15:51
bdmurrayInstances of the crash15:53
nickoeso it is not dummy data15:53
bdmurrayYeah, maybe that should be renamed.15:53
nickoeis that site usually overly slow or is it the latency of my connection?15:54
nickoemaybe it should be occourances  or something instead15:54
nickoebdmurray: can one get a proper readable backtrace from a report?15:57
bdmurraynickoe: most of the time, the particular crash you showed some of the dependent packages are missing debug symbols15:57
bdmurraygtk2-engines-murrine kicad libatk1.0-0 libcroco3 libltdl7 liboverlay-scrollbar-0.2-0 libpng12-0 libselinux1 libstdc++6 libtiff4 libuuid1 libvorbisfile3.15:57
nickoewhat?!?! This can't be right...    InstallationDate  Installed on 2014-09-04 (522 days ago)  InstallationMedia Xubuntu 14.04.1 LTS "Trusty Tahr" - Release amd64 (20140723)     Package kicad 4.0.1+dfsg1-1      kicad 4.0.1 has not been released for that long.15:58
tewardnickoe: I believe InstallationDate is system install date, but don't quote me on that15:58
nickoemm, ok15:58
bdmurrayteward: is correct15:58
tewardbdmurray: has there been any discussion to change that to SystemInstallationDate or such, to make that more clear (given nickoe's minor confusion here)15:59
bdmurrayteward: nope15:59
* teward shrugs.15:59
tewardmmkay :)  *goes back to checking nginx error.u.c items, to see if there's anything that can shed light on the errors reported there*16:00
nickoeIs the segvanalysis in https://errors.ubuntu.com/oops/afdecfee-ce66-11e5-bc69-fa163e4ccdf2    typical?  I mean, it is not that much use to know where the program counter is when you don't know what it points at16:08
nickoewow, bdmurray teward that errors.ubuntu.com site works much better from home :P17:40
bdmurraynickoe: there was an issue with the database that just got sorted out, so it may have been that.17:41
nickoemmm, still sort of slow and bluryr17:53
nickoebdmurray: What does the R and U mean?17:56
nickoebdmurray: mmm, I am getting Proxy Error now.17:57
nickoesome times17:57
nickoeis someone still messing with it?17:57
bdmurraynickoe: I think they are still working on it. R and U means the Release and Updates pocket17:57
tewardbdmurray: is there an S for security pocket as well, out of curiosity?17:57
nickoepocket?  is that a time slice?17:58
nickoeand why is the nickname started to being used on the problem page?  12.0412.1013.0413.1014.0414.10RTM 14.0915.0415.10Xenial17:58
bdmurrayteward: Pretty sure and a P for proposed.17:58
bdmurrayBecause Xenial isn't 16.04 yet.17:59
nickoemmm, ok17:59

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