lordievaderGood morning.08:33
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: ohayo gozaimashita11:07
cfhowlett:)  konichiwa!11:08
lotuspsychjewatashi wa lotuspsychje desu11:08
lotuspsychjethe rest i dont know :p11:08
BluesKajHey folks13:05
lotuspsychjehi EriC^^16:09
EriC^^hi lotuspsychje16:09
nicomachusno sketchup for linux? :(16:19
OerHeksnicomachus, select windows 7 in wine conf16:33
OerHeksand moretricks ..why sketchup?16:33
nicomachusOerHeks: I tried it through Wine, but I guess my prefix is 32-bit and sketchup is 64. can't find a 32bit sketchup download, or figure out how to create a 64bit wine prefix. haha17:19
nicomachusbut I need sketchup to make some mockups of some event spaces for work, so we can plan some things out.17:20

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