melodieis there a #ubuntu-hardware chan of some kind?18:35
pmatulismelodie: i don't think so18:37
melodiehi pmatulis18:37
pmatulismelodie: hi, how are you?18:37
melodiehi pmatulis well, thanks! and you?18:37
pmatulismelodie: i am well today thank you18:38
pmatulismelodie: maybe a kernel channel will help you? are you looking for supported hardware info?18:38
melodieI'm looking for insights about i5 and i7 under Ubuntu (especially Trusty)18:38
melodieyes, right18:38
melodiei5 66018:38
melodiei5 660018:38
melodiei5 6600K18:38
melodiei7 7600 and i7 7600K18:38
melodiethen #ubuntu-kernel chan?18:39
melodieI guess I will try18:39
pmatulisgood luck melodie18:50

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