balloonsthe big day is here :-)15:30
xcubCongrats to everyone!16:16
balloonsthe final decisions were impossible to decide16:26
balloonsI wish I could have made the entire top 5 winners16:27
balloonsSo Congratulations to all of you. You should be really proud16:35
josecongratulations to all of you. I've seen brilliant minds during the contest and I'm happy to have worked with you!16:52
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
McIntireEvanballoons, jose: <3 It was a pleasure, and you'll sure be seeing me over the next year and longer :)20:21
McIntireEvanShame i didnt get winner, but hey, I'll be working there one day so no need for a trip nowadays ;)20:21
knomegood luck :)20:22
knomeand congrats for being a finalist20:22
knome(or whatever the term was again...)20:22
McIntireEvanHaha yeah that's it, thanks!20:22
adueppenaww I didn't get finalist. Well hopefully I can be one next year. This isn't exactly helping my already bad day though :(22:23
adueppenA lot of things have been happening to me at school22:24
adueppenmostly bad things22:24
knomeadueppen, from what i saw, you did good job; don't feel down, things tend to sort out :)23:29

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