pleia2if anyone else is around, I could still really use help with the rest of these summaries02:20
tsimonq2pleia2: I'll take a look :)02:23
tsimonq2pleia2: sorry I only got one summary done, parents need me to do a few chores then bed02:28
tsimonq2well I did another summary earlier in the weekend, though02:28
pleia2alright, thanks for trying02:31
wxlstill need help pleia2 ?03:28
pleia2wxl: nope, I just bullet-pointed the Canonical news and I slogged through the rest myself03:28
wxlok sorry. superbowl.03:28
pleia2wxl: could always use help with editorial review if you have some time in a few minutes :) (I'm adding stats now)03:29
wxlk ping me when you need me03:29
pleia2thanks, will do!03:29
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue45303:33
pleia2wxl: and if you have time after the game, I'm done editing, so if you could check for grammar/summaries make sense/words are in the right order, I'd appreciate the extra pair of eyes :)03:34
pleia2in the wiki link there03:34
wxlpleia2: do you want me to edit it?03:36
pleia2wxl: if you find things to fix, yes please :)03:37
wxlk on it pleia203:37
pleia2\o/ too03:37
wxlomg the wiki is taking forever03:40
* wxl fumes03:40
pleia2heh, it does that :\03:42
wxllinuxpadawan is switching to mediawiki and i CAN"T WAIT03:43
pleia2I think we're going to use doku for xubuntu03:43
Unit193Looks good so far.03:43
pleia2Unit193: thanks :)03:44
wxlthe thing i DID like about moinmoin is it's python, but i guess i'll live with the php03:44
wxlplugin support on mediawiki is faaantatstic03:45
Unit193And, it handles volume better.03:46
wxli'll be happy to be able to use markdown instead of some weirdo markup language03:47
wxloh man that quote from nhaines on the free culture showcase is atrocious03:49
wxlnot only… but… but…03:50
pleia2it does run on a bit :)03:51
pleia2but we don't edit quotes03:51
pleia2(could change what we quote though)03:51
wxlyeah well i'll let you decide on that one :)03:51
wxlpleia2: can i link this reply to my original announcement as the announcement of tsimonq2's membership?03:54
pleia2wxl: sure03:54
wxlok good03:54
wxlpleia2: is this right?04:04
wxlCalling for Server Guide reviewers/contributors - - XENIAL04:04
wxlthose two dashes seem like something else is supposed to go there04:04
wxloh nevermind04:04
wxloriginal subject line04:04
* pleia2 nods04:04
wxlaaaaand done04:07
wxlwaiting on the wiki, tho04:07
wxlthere ya go04:08
pleia2thank you :)04:08
PaulW2U_Although logged into the Wiki, issue #453 page is immutable :(16:47
PaulW2U_I'll try to review later although it looks like wxl did a good job earlier today16:48
PaulW2U_pleia2: ^^ multiple browsers on multiple PCs. Oh dear :(17:13
josePaulW2U_: let me double check17:15
josePaulW2U_: have you tried logging out and back in? the wiki is weird17:16
josewat, not even loading here17:16
josePaulW2U_: this looks like a bigger issue. I'm contacting IS to see what's up.17:17
PaulW2U_jose: just logged out and after a while logged back in. index page shown as editable. clicked on UWN link and again immutable.17:20
josePaulW2U_: yes, it's happening to me for all pages in the wiki, I'm asking infrastructure to see what's up. I suspect something spammy was going on and they locked it for a bit17:21
pleia2grr wiki17:29
josealready pinged IS but no response back...17:30
josePaulW2U_, pleia2: they're dealing with spam and it's temporarily locked down17:32
pleia2between this and the documentation wiki, I'm starting to question whether we seriously can depend upon canonical's infrastructure for our mission critical projects anymore17:34
pleia2the documentation wiki has been locked down for over a month17:34
joseor how we need to address anti-spam measure17:35
pleia23 weeks ago I sent them a whole pile of suggestions17:35
pleia2no response :(17:35
wxli would expect mediawiki to have more measures to deal with spam proactively17:35
pleia2so honestly I've done all I can17:35
wxlpleia2: you sent this to where/who exactly?17:35
pleia2wxl: all interactions with IS are done via rt@ubuntu.com17:36
pleia2then poke them in #canonical-sysadmin17:36
wxlthings get kind of lost that way i find :(17:36
pleia2if it's an easy task it usually gets done prety quickly, but this is more complicated, and complicated community requests don't seem to get much priority17:36
wxlthat whole discussion i had about maybe having canonical say they can't handle loco hosting ended up with them asking the loco council to prioritize tickets17:37
wxlwhich seems like they avoided the real question17:37
wxli don't feel like it's their fault17:37
pleia2even if the council does take the time to prioritize, we sill don't have the power to tell them what they need to work on17:37
pleia2so it seems like busywork17:37
wxli know neale, for example, quite well and i know he's working his butt off17:37
pleia2yeah, I've known fo0bar since before he joined canonical17:38
wxli think they picked up some more managed cloud contracts, too, which means until they get more people in, they're particularly stretched thin17:38
pleia2I don't blame them personally, it's a broader issue of canonical itself not giving them the resources to properly support us17:38
pleia2which is upsetting17:38
wxlstill, i feel like it would be wise to honestly question what canonical is really *capable* of providing17:38
pleia2yep, I've been trying to get an answer to that for years17:39
wxli can't imagine it's an issue of willingness17:39
wxl(i hope)17:39
pleia2they have gotten better at responding to easy community tickets, so there has been progress, but they're still blocking us on important work17:39
wxlmaybe i should send another email to the cc17:39
wxli guess it doesn't hurt to keep trying17:40
pleia2even when I was on the CC I couldn't make progress x_x17:40
wxlat the worst it just means i'm wasting my breath XD17:40
pleia2but yes, we should keep pushing17:41
pleia2I'm just a bit bitter and burnt out over it17:41
wxlmaybe even alerting mark himself directly about it17:41
pleia2I have17:41
pleia2(he's on the CC, and has seen all my grumping)17:41
wxlyeah but there's a difference between emailing someone directly, although my guess is you've already tried that17:42
pleia2I think it's the only reason we've made progress at all with ticket turnaround on some things (some tickets only take a day or two to close now, rather than 2 months)17:42
pleia2some still take 2 months, or 2 years, or more, I have one going on 3 years outstanding17:42
wxlor maybe he just looks at it is complaining. it's a common tendency for busy people to ignore what they percieve as griping17:43
wxlhonestly, i don't think i have a feeling about it. i have no reason to complain. i just want them to either say they can provide it and provide it or just admit they can't17:44
wxland if they're going to provide it, giving some sort of expectation of timeline would be wise17:44
wxlit'd be easy to spin up how long the average ticket takes17:44
wxlblah blah blah17:44
wxli'll keep trying :)17:44
wxlthanks for the encouragement, pleia217:44
pleia2wxl: sorry to be so negative, please do keep trying <317:45
wxlpleia2: burn out is a common reaction. i'm not surprised. i've seen it happen to many others, both within this community and others17:45
pleia2it's just frustrating to me because we're volunteers, and their inability to fix things for us means that our time is being wasted17:45
pleia2that's not at all fair to us, why would I work on a project if they don't care to support me with the resources promised to us?17:46
wxlor at least be honest about what support they're really can provide17:46
wxlit's like the dad that says he's going to show up at his kid's baseball games and then never shows up because he's got something else going on17:46
* pleia2 nods17:47
joseI always try to follow up with them. that helps make sure they know I need the thing done17:47
joseeven if it's not my ticket17:47
pleia2yeah, I've found that direct follow-up is an essential to anything ever being looked at17:48
josedeej has also been super helpful with community requests17:48
pleia2I'm not at all questioning the dedication of the individuals on the team, I know they're busy and work hard and care :)17:49
pleia2their priorities come from the top down17:49
pleia2update from IS: aiming to have things sorted in an hour or so, fingers crossed21:20
PaulW2U_wiki's back !22:41
PaulW2U_editorial review done22:54

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