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ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (kgjd threats)05:55
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valorieso how do I fix an out-of-date ubottu factoid?22:51
ikoniaedit it22:51
ikoniahang on, let me get the web page22:51
ikoniait's useful22:51
ikoniahave a go22:52
ikoniawrong link,22:52
ikoniaooh, the wiki is down22:53
ikoniascroll down to the encylopedia bit22:54
ikoniathat page looks screwed up at the top :(22:54
ikoniaour documentation is a mess and the ubottu wiki is down22:54
ikonianot good22:54
mekhamii like how i got baned by ikonia. You're a giant tool. I ask a question, you provide literally the opposite of the answer, being as unhelpful as you can possibly be.22:58
mekhamiYeah, I was a dick, because you're a god damn moron and someone should probably let you know22:58
ubottuIn #kubuntu-offtopic, valorie said: ubottu: neon is <reply KDE neon questions should go to #kde-neon22:58
mekhamienjoy your sad life of being a dumbass.22:58
ikonia? he's not banned22:59
valorieubottu: no neon is <reply> KDE neon questions should go to #kde-neon22:59
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, valorie said: ubottu: no neon is <reply> KDE neon questions should go to #kde-neon22:59
ubottuProject Neon provides set of daily builds of KDE and releated modules | See https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/ProjectNeon | More support in #project-neon22:59
ikoniahmmm I wonder if you've got permissions22:59
valorieI guess not22:59
ubottuKDE neon questions should go to #kde-neon23:00
ikoniathere you go23:00
valoriethank you23:00
ikonialets see if we can sort your permissions out too23:00
ikoniayou're one of hte most active kubuntu ops so, makes sense to get you sorted23:00
valoriethanks ikonia23:01
geniiWhups, already did the same elsewhere, but essentially the same so it doesn't really matter at this point23:01

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