nizarusImpossible de récupérer http://ubuntu.mirror.tn/ubuntu/dists/wily-updates/multiverse/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found16:54
nizarusle même problème revient de nouveau :/16:54
elachechenizarus, Do you write an email sometimes, but you don't send it waiting for the right reason to do that?16:55
elachecheI'm just sharing some thoughts, I'll send you details about that later :) When I have something that I can share publicly :)16:56
nizaruswhich mail elacheche ?16:58
elachecheIn general :)16:58
elachechenizarus, I have a little project in mind, that I was working on for months now (1 or 2 hours/day), I am almost there.. I hope that I can share it soon.. I need to gather the puzzle pieces together first :D16:59
Mouhebhello :D17:24
elachecheHey :) I knew that you'll show up here :p17:24
Mouhebhaha sure17:24
Mouhebhow are you ?17:24
elachechetoo busy x( and it's a monday..17:25
Mouhebrabbi m3ak :D17:25
elachecheMarwenDo, you can stay here until 9pm? I still @work.. I'm going home in 30min, and I'll be there in about 1h, I just eat something and join irc again with the other elacheche17:26
elachecheI mean Mouheb17:26
Mouhebokay  i'll be here at 9pm inchallah17:26
elachecheMouheb, you  can stay connected :) I'm 24/7 here :)17:27
Mouhebokay , but you said that you'll be avaible at 9pm ?17:28
elachecheYou can chat with Na3iL :) We leave here Mouheb :)17:29
Mouhebokay :)17:29
Mouhebhi Na3il17:30
MarwenDohi elacheche17:30
elachecheHey MarwenDo :)17:30
MarwenDoyou need me ?17:31
MarwenDohi Na3iL :D :D :D :D :D broooo17:31
elachecheMarwenDo, afra7li b Mouheb le temps illi rawa7it mil khidma :p17:32
MarwenDohi Mouheb17:32
Mouhebhey :D17:33
Mouhebhaya nafr7ou b b3adhna17:33
MarwenDofill in the blanks :  Age ....,from ? ....., favorite distro ....., favorite browser ....17:33
Mouhebhmm 22yo , From Tunis but i'm in monastir because i study here17:35
Mouhebfavorite distr hmm17:35
Mouhebi'm using xubuntu now, i'm just trying17:35
elachecheMarwenDo, taw mouch 9olna on pose pas ce type de questions fil IRC :p pas tlm veulent partager ces info :p17:36
Mouhebi have no favorite browser :D17:36
elachecheAh! sorry, mé 9otlikich lilik inti x) c'était quelqu'un d'autre :p17:36
MarwenDoelacheche,  :O17:36
elachecheSorry dhlamtik MarwenDo :p17:36
MarwenDowhat's wrong ?17:36
* elacheche is going home.. Talk later guys17:37
* elacheche brb17:37
MarwenDoback Mouheb17:37
MarwenDowhy you don't use Firefox ?17:38
* MarwenDo is a Mozillian :D17:38
Mouhebhaha but who said that i don't use it ?17:38
MarwenDoi'm just wondering ..17:38
Mouhebpresent yourself17:39
MarwenDosorry but i hate chrome17:39
MarwenDoI'm MarwenDo , Ubuntu-TN member , Mozilla Tunisia member , I'm a big fun of Linux and Mozilla :D17:42
MarwenDoi'm from Monastir and I live in Ariana17:42
MarwenDoyou have a specific question ?  Mouheb17:43
Mouhebnetcharfou , not really17:44
MarwenDow bik :) :) :)17:44
MarwenDoyou are new here ?17:44
Mouhebhey MarwenDo17:49
MarwenDohey Mouheb17:56
Mouhebna3rech wesslek el message wela lé 5ater 9asset el cnx , ama 9otlek 3anna formation sys admin samedi prochain ija kenek fi messtir :D18:04
MarwenDoeni ?18:04
MarwenDonormalement manech mrawhin :'(  , thanks for the invi :D18:05
Mouhebhey anis*20:00
Neo31hi Mouheb20:03
Mouhebcava neo ?20:04
* Neo31 is breathing, he thinks he might be ok :p20:04
* N`importe_qui encloses Neo31 's nose20:05
Neo31ca va enti Mouheb ?20:05
Neo31lol N`importe_qui20:05
Neo31serial anti breathers :p20:05
Neo31ahla elacheche20:05
Mouhebhahahaa good , i'm okay20:05
Neo31ca va elacheche_anis ?20:06
Neo319abilet el acheche lebess 3lihom?20:06
elacheche_anisça passe Neo31.. Just too busy @work & you know the other staff..20:06
elacheche_anisYassa2lou 3lik Neo31 :D :p20:06
Neo31rabi m3ak20:06
Neo31awesome salam 3lihom barcha barcha20:07
elacheche_anisNeo31: Did you fixed the APT-CACHER server for the GNU/Linux club?20:07
elacheche_anisYablagh :)20:07
Neo31kan marra famma wa9t w 9al9in ijew badlou chwaya jaw a tunis :)20:07
N`importe_quiNeo31: where20:07
Neo31i wrote a script to automate client configuration20:07
elacheche_anis Neo31 il 9la9 dima mawjoud, amma il wa9t :/ :( mé3édich :'(20:08
Neo31ayoub fixed the stuff20:08
Neo31and he used the script to reconfigure everything20:08
elacheche_anisNeo31: Great, 'casue last time ayoub was unable to use apt becasue of the cacher server, it was down (the whole machine)..20:08
Neo31lol elacheche_anis come on! surely u will get a weekend one day20:08
Neo31N`importe_qui, anywhere in tunis :)20:09
Neo31it's good to meet friends so I can go anywhere if they come20:09
elacheche_anisYeah one day :D Just after the projects that I'm working on :) BTW Neo31 BillGa yssallam 3lik :)20:09
Neo31he told me that you helped him20:09
N`importe_quiNeo31: what do you mean dude ? tunis is some boring shithole, too far from being any entertaining20:09
Neo31cool mizal yetnafass billgag? hhh20:10
elacheche_anisYeah :D :D Just ghatess akthar minni :D :)20:10
Neo31N`importe_qui, when friends meet the most boring place can become the best ;)20:11
N`importe_quiNeo31: dunno if you guys have some place in this so-called tunis where you meet, but it would not be boring , at least, to meet you guys20:11
Neo31cool :)20:11
N`importe_quiso what is it? you guys meet in the caffés of the avenue street ?20:12
Neo31i will get on irc before i go grab a coffee one day to check if u have some free time then N`importe_qui20:12
N`importe_quiNeo31: it can be tomorrow brah20:12
elacheche_anisN`importe_qui: we can meet everywhere & anywhere.. x)20:12
Neo31doesn't really matter, it's a matter of when they have a day to come here that's it20:12
N`importe_quielacheche_anis: that's in GTA, not in our dimension20:12
elacheche_anisN`importe_qui: I'm not kidding :) x)20:13
Neo31tomorrow we work N`importe_qui20:13
Neo31it should be a weekend20:13
N`importe_qui'key then.20:13
Neo31lol elacheche_anis20:13
elacheche_anisMouheb: check pm!20:13
Neo317assilou lezim nemchi20:13
Neo31nice to talk to u guys20:14
Neo31c u soon20:14
elacheche_anisNeo31: Take care dude! I miss you :) Say hi to all the guys there :)20:14
Neo31salamli barcha 3al 9abilet el 3achech wel ga3bal aussi20:14
elacheche_anisWssil :)20:14
N`importe_quiaren't there girls here ?20:14
Neo31sil3a geekette 3andi yji chahrine ma rithhech20:14
Neo31bach nkalamha fel tel nba5asha chwaya20:15
elacheche_anisEni mil SFD :/20:15
N`importe_quiNeo31: nab20:15
Neo31aya a c u soon20:15
Neo31N`importe_qui, ??20:15
Mouheb9:15 :p20:15
elacheche_anisC u soon20:15
N`importe_quiNeo31: and where are you headed to20:15
elacheche_anisMouheb: 3andi sé3a na7ki en PM :) check PM :p20:15
Neo31finish some stuff i am working on20:15
N`importe_quiNeo31: finish it and stay online in the same time20:15
N`importe_quibring the stuff near the computer20:16
N`importe_quieh ?20:16
Neo31not a good way to focus on anything20:16
Neo31and it's on the computer20:17
N`importe_quino need to fous20:17
Neo31just need to go offline to focus20:17
N`importe_quiah you will do some computer work ?20:17
Neo31no need to reply i think20:17
Neo31aya c u20:17
N`importe_quii do all my works with irc around20:17
N`importe_quiyou must be using some distructing ineffective DE, Neo3120:18
N`importe_qui*distracting *20:18
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