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knightwisemorning peeps08:08
zmoylan-pibe careful out there. it's a monday...08:11
MooDoomorning all08:14
knightwisemorning MooDoo08:15
knightwiseLIstening to the Mr Robot soundtrack on Youtube08:17
knightwisequite good actually :)08:17
MooDooyeah i've been listening to an ESA playlist on spotify, rather good08:22
knightwiseESA  ?08:28
zmoylan-pidifferent european accents saying 10... 9... 8... :-)08:29
diploMoaning all09:03
* zmoylan-pi waits for porridge to stop spinning in microwave...09:05
davmor2Morning all09:08
MooDoomornng davmor2 :)09:18
davmor2MooDoo: how am ya me owld mucka?09:20
MooDoodavmor2: yeah good thanks :) smiling after the superbowl :)09:29
davmor2You lost again09:29
MooDoonope won this time09:30
JamesTaitGood morning all!  Happy Monday, and happy Chinese New Year! 😃09:53
zmoylan-pisaw chinese lanterns for sale over the weekend.  at least the weather at the moment will prevent their use...09:55
MooDoogood any one that uses them needs a kicking09:56
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:11
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knightwisemorning brobostigon10:16
brobostigonmorning knightwise10:17
awilkinsYo popey, why did you prefer irssi to Hexchat?11:06
awilkins(as someone who's used both and currently uses Hexchat)11:06
MooDooawilkins: I use irssi as i'm in a ssh session to my server at home :D11:07
awilkinsMooDoo, Heh, yeah, I used to run irssi in a session on my router but it made my router less stable11:07
zmoylan-pii connect via ssh to rasp pi running irssi sharing screen with newsbeuter in tmux11:09
awilkinsI don't mind irssi at all but I'm not sure what positive advantages it offers over a GUI client besides the session persistence11:09
zmoylan-pii <3 tmux11:09
* awilkins <3 byobu11:09
awilkins(which is just a wrapper on tmux)11:09
zmoylan-pii could run a gui irc client on the pi and remote desktop to it... but irssi does it just as well for me11:10
zmoylan-pii might retry that when i finally get my rasp pi 2 going to replace the earlier rasp pi b11:11
awilkinsI love the Pi211:12
awilkinsPi2 in a FLIRC case is a gorgeous little server11:12
zmoylan-pibut there's a little part of me reluctant to replace the rasp pi b as it just keeps doing it's job on a 4gb card since i got it11:15
awilkinsPi2 is noticably snappier for the more CPu hungry stuff11:18
awilkinsLike running Ruby-on-Rails websites11:18
awilkins(and installing Ruby in the first place, rbenv is hands down the best way to install Ruby stuff I know of but it involves compiling things a lot)11:19
zmoylan-pii do intend at some point intend to imbed a small screen, rasp pi and battery in keyboard and use it as console apps only (distraction free) laptop11:23
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davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ksJ6QP8BYn0 cheeky one for the Chinese newyear now you are back here :)12:01
diddledandavmor2: have you _ever_ failed to know the perfect tune?12:32
davmor2diddledan: not really failed bastardised and cheated maybe :) You know like using Jasper Carrott for Carrot Cake day :)12:34
diddledansometimes the cheated ones are more fun tho :-p12:36
davmor2diddledan: indeed, I mean todays is a bit of a cheat but I could of gone with, Eye of the tiger, rabbit, who let the dogs out, puff the magic dragon.... and covered the whole zodiac :)12:39
* davmor2 goes away to look up the rest12:41
davmor2anaconda (Nicki minaj), the ox (the who), dark horse (Katy Perry), rooster (alice in chains), Tell me while I don't like mondays (Boomtown rats, was the first thing that jumped to mind), pigs (pink floyd), and finally Paddy McGinty's goat (val dunican? pretty sure that is spelt wrong):D12:49
davmor2diddledan: ^ there you go every chinese new year covered :)12:49
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awilkinsI loved those books13:51
awilkinsAlways had one or more of them checked out of the library13:51
* zmoylan-pi has just installed qb64 on linux this morning. might be time to try those old basic manuals again... :-)13:56
zmoylan-piquick basic for 64bit systems... http://www.qb64.net/14:01
zmoylan-piwill have to hunt out gorrila.bas and nibbles.bas to give them a spin... :-)14:03
diddledanis it the original quickbasic source that's been updated and recompiled or a clean-room implementation of the quickbasic syntax?14:03
diddledanoh, hang on, I have those here somewhere14:03
diddledanwill have to fish through many disks but I know I've got them14:04
* zmoylan-pi pictures crying diddledan with 5.25" floppy with dos 5 install files... :-P14:04
zmoylan-pidos3 had gwbasic14:05
zmoylan-pigorilla and nibbles came with dos 5 iirc14:05
diddledanthat may be true but I know I have copies14:05
zmoylan-pii was asked initially to write code in gw basic so i remember these little things... ;-)14:06
zmoylan-pithankfully we quickly dumped that idea and went with qbasic or qbx 4.5 to be exact14:06
zmoylan-pimy bosses were coming from cpm environment and i was still using speccy at home so we had a lot to learn... :-)14:08
m0nkey_any regex gurus here?15:01
Myrttifortunately I can nowadays quite happily say I'm not one since I've forgotten the little I knew quite well.15:02
m0nkey_heh, this is kinda perl/regex15:03
m0nkey_So, I've got a statement:   my $site = ($line =~ /\s+NOT processed/i)15:03
m0nkey_What I'm trying to do is grab that \s and put it in a variable15:04
m0nkey_Thing is, I got text just before it.. like this: 22 - YUL NOT processed15:04
m0nkey_I want to grab just the 'YUL' part15:04
m0nkey_But at the same time, look for the not processed15:04
diddledanm0nkey_: $line =~ /([^\s])+\s+NOT Processed/i; $YUL = $115:05
m0nkey_that appears to work15:06
diddledanerr, not quite right - the ) and + are backwards15:06
m0nkey_I spotted that :)15:06
diploHey all, I know this is a linux channel but.... anyone know if a MAC would use ssl libraries on the system for email clients or built in?15:07
diddledandiplo: how do you mean?15:07
diddledandiplo: OS X comes with SSL built int15:07
diddledandiplo: but nothing is stopping random developers from shipping their own libraries15:08
diploIn the case of say iMail ? won't connect to a server but say Thunderbird would15:08
popeyWell, TBird almost certainly ships own libs15:08
m0nkey_thanks diddledan, code works perfectly now15:08
diddledanyeah thunderbird will use NSS probably15:08
diploWould the clients use iMail specifically system ssl15:08
diploAh ok I thought the same popey, was just googling about NSS but wanted to see if anyone knew about the MAC side15:09
m0nkey_So, my print statement output: found an unprocessed item for YUL15:09
m0nkey_I can now feed that into a snmp trap15:09
diploRunning an old email server, customer doesn't want to upgrade... all works apart from iMail15:09
diploOr Mail :)15:09
diddledandiplo: probably using insecure cuphers then15:10
diddledanSSL3 is dead now15:10
diddledanlong live TLS115:10
diddledanor better TLS1.215:10
diployeah but it works sporadically which is the thing that keeps fluming us, should work or not15:11
diddledanzmoylan-pi: want copies of these DOS5 disks? :-p15:15
diddledanI couldn't find the .bas files elsewhere so I've imaged the DOS5 install disks15:16
popey0 7 * * * is 7am crontab isn't it?15:16
* popey thinks he is going mad15:16
diddledanpopey: I think so, yes15:16
diddledanm h d m dow I think15:16
popeywonder why mine starts at 15:00 then15:16
popeyhmm, i was in LA a few weeks back which is 7am at 15pm here15:20
m0nkey_diddledan, I'm going to put you on speed dial for regex now15:21
zmoylan-pi15pm... :-)15:22
popeyOh jeez15:24
popeyI typed that and thought "wonder who will pick up on that"15:24
popeywell done!15:24
zmoylan-piworked with a lot of security companies, i've seen every mismatch of 12-24 hour clocks known to mammal kind15:25
Seeker`popey: 'going' mad? :P15:27
diddledanzmoylan-pi: may I pm you a link?15:31
diddledanthere ya go :-p15:34
diddledan9KB for GORILLAS.BAS. and people moan about tomb raider being big!15:35
diddledanof course that's when compressed - it'll eat a whole 29KB of your HDD space!15:36
zmoylan-pifor effciency i always remember frontier elite ii which put a quarter of the galaxy on 1 720k floppy with loads of space for save games15:37
zmoylan-pihehe, nibbles runs too fast to play15:40
popeyi used to write stuff in qbasic15:40
popeywas fun15:40
zmoylan-pibut it does compile and run, qb64 has no interpreter15:40
popeyuntil i found pascal15:40
zmoylan-piwhich is a pretty great indicator of compatability with qbasic15:41
zmoylan-pihttp://imgur.com/qYVuDM0 screenshot of nibbles.bas15:43
zmoylan-piso if you need to run some old qbasic code then give qb64 a peek, might need modification for timing loops mind :-)15:45
diddledangorillas.bas seems not to like DEF FnRan (x) = INT(RND(1) * x) + 115:49
diddledan(line 105)15:49
zmoylan-pijust got that far myself... :-(15:49
diddledanit's the FnRan(x) bit I think15:50
diddledanthe line below which also uses DEF seems to be ok15:51
zmoylan-piyeah that seems odd, the num lock code can be eliminated i suspect...15:52
zmoylan-pilooking at the help file to see def atm15:52
diddledanaah "DEF FNname [(parameterList)] = expression" is listed in the currently not supported15:54
zmoylan-pitrying to remember the keyboard shortcuts for .hlp files in qbasic... :-)15:54
zmoylan-picould rewrite that function if i had the time i suppose... but you couldn't distribute it of course...15:56
diddledanref for the unsupported: http://www.qb64.net/wiki/index.php/DEF_FN15:58
diddledanand everything unsupported: http://www.qb64.net/wiki/index.php/Keywords_currently_not_supported_by_QB6415:58
zmoylan-piwe avoided a lot of functions in qb as none of the other basics we used had them and occasionly we needed to run code in other basic variants... made for fun coding..15:59
zmoylan-piopen and environ are the 2 that would hinder most...16:00
zmoylan-picould get around environ using the old shell to screen and read the environment variable from the screen like i used to have to on some basics16:01
zmoylan-pibut the open restrictions would prevent a few programmes working16:01
zmoylan-piopening lpt and writing directly to laser printer was always fun... :-)16:05
* pwaring opens issue 24 and is surprised that the 'what scripting language is right?' article is not a single word16:22
diddledanissue 24 of...16:22
pwaringoh blast16:22
pwaringwrong window16:22
popeylinux voice I would imagine :)16:22
zmoylan-piperl 4 or 5?16:22
pwaringLinux Voice :)16:22
pwaringThere's too much crossover between channel membership16:23
popeyjust put my copy on the shelf of unopened magazines16:23
zmoylan-piwould have to be 2 words...16:23
pwaringzmoylan-pi: I notice Perl 6 wasn't an option :)16:23
zmoylan-pithat's due next month i believe... :-P16:23
diddledanperl6 is NEVER an option :-p16:23
zmoylan-pii've played with perl and written a few scripts in it.  it's nice and most reminds me of basic of all the 'modern' scripting languages but it irks me more than it should16:24
zmoylan-pipython is better behaved but leaves me... unhappy...16:25
diddledanvb.net :-p16:26
* zmoylan-pi winces at mention of the dot net abomination16:28
diddledanc# isn't that bad16:28
zmoylan-piand i'll never know cause i'll never touch the filthy microsoft product... :-)16:28
zmoylan-pi /jackson16:28
pwaringC# works on Linux16:29
pwaringQuite well actually16:29
zmoylan-piit's still microsoft and i do not trust ms16:29
* pwaring considered it for a project, but Java has support for XML->PDF16:29
diddledanrun mono then :-p16:29
pwaringI think parts of .NET are now open source16:29
diddledanyes .net core as they're calling it16:30
diddledanalso asp.net core16:30
pwaringloads of stuff there16:30
zmoylan-pithe number of times i worked on code and came to a limitation of the language that was a bug in ms's implementation...16:30
directhexsee https://github.com/Microsoft/referencesource for the .net 4.6.1 source16:30
directhexclass library, anyway. not their JITter16:30
directhextheir new JITter is open source16:30
pwaringI doubt MS are any better or worse than Oracle16:31
zmoylan-pii see c# on linux as a trojan horse by ms16:31
zmoylan-pi /paranoia16:31
pwaringBetter not run the kernel either then16:31
pwaringSince MS have contributed patches16:32
zmoylan-pii know...16:32
zmoylan-picome on hurd... :-)16:32
directhexif i could be bothered, i'd drag out my decade-old blog posts on this topic16:32
pwaringdirecthex: You work for Xamarin, correct?16:33
pwaringi.e. the 'Mono people'16:33
pwaringUnless there is another directhex with equally well-versed knowledge of .NET :-)16:34
directhexyes, for about 18 months16:34
zmoylan-piit's the mono apocalypse people!! ::pumps nerf shotgun:: :-P16:34
directhexhere we go, found my angry 2009 blog posts16:37
directhexi was very angry a while ago with the whole mono conspiracy thing16:37
directhexwasn't healthy. ended up in therapy.16:37
directhexnot exaggerating16:37
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directhexfor posterity, http://apebox.org/wordpress/rants/124 and http://apebox.org/wordpress/rants/271 are most relevant16:46
bashrcI initially liked mono, but then the people who made it went in a totally proprietary direction and I lost confidence16:49
zmoylan-piit does seem to be a thing with some projects, get it close to perfect and then go in random direction and give user base coniptions16:50
directhexmono's image problem for desktop linux was insurmountable16:51
directhexon linux these days it's mostly relevant for games16:51
bashrcthis is like 5+ years ago. I was at the tail end of a years long effort to extricate myself from the Windows sludge16:51
bashrcI remember the main guy wrote a blog post about how much he disliked linux, and at that point the game was over. I started using other languages16:53
bashrcI've also encountered xamarin more recently, and they were indeed doing completely proprietary stuff on proprietary OS's only16:57
bashrcthe mono/monodevelop system itself was ok, but it was on a bandwagon going in the opposite direction from mine16:58
diddledanthe problem for xamarin is how to monetise the implementation, and it makes sense to me to be targetting platforms that are difficult to use gpl software on by selling licenses to mono which allow their use on those platforms.17:04
diddledanit's the age-old "how do I make money giving stuff away for free?"17:05
popey\o/ Myrtti17:18
diddledanello daftykins17:19
daftykinsi just made a panoramic snap of my trip to Spain - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ls5se22f3nquctt/panoramic.jpg?dl=017:19
diddledanhmm, that picture is very wide17:20
Myrttipopey: \o/ ;-)17:21
zmoylan-piwhat is this? a stick up? \o/17:21
Myrttisomething to that tune17:22
daftykinssilly Skype makes it into a dancing fellow17:24
daftykinsMicrosoft have been riddling that program with bugs :)17:24
zmoylan-piit's the ms way17:25
zmoylan-pilook for code submitted from gchq uploading conversations... :-P17:27
Myrttioh. I suppose a hairy handbag wouldn't suffice17:27
MyrttiI still haven't finished making it :-(17:29
m0nkey_I'm not sure what's more scary, an actual Furby or an open Furby.17:32
Myrttidaftykins: knitted and washing machine felted woollen handbag, LED lit from both inside and out.17:33
MyrttiI've got all the kit bought but I just can't be arsed to start coding and sewing the circuits17:33
daftykinsa friend is visiting next weekend with a huge quilt she made me, be neat to see in person - it was hours of work!17:34
Myrttiyeah, I realised my black handbag was a bit broken so I wanted a new one, but one thing they all have in common is a black liner that's darker than the place where J. Savile is spending his time atm, so lighter liner and LED's to combat that, so I can find my keys and lipbalm with a bit more ease17:36
zmoylan-pidoes it still count as a handbeg if the owner doesn't spend half an hour rooting for something she's sure is in it? :-)17:38
m0nkey_I prefer the simple, put it in your pocket or wallet approach.17:38
bashrcthe handbag of doom17:39
zmoylan-pii carry a tonne of bit and bots in my back pack. i put all those in transparent fishing tackle box so i can see it before opening box17:39
daftykinsi seem to recall justifying some many-pocket'd trousers by dating a girl who would have me carry all her things17:40
m0nkey_heh, in my laptop bag, i can never find anything.17:40
m0nkey_Ugh, I'm not looking forward to this weekend. Low of -24C17:42
m0nkey_Then followed by 2C and 20cm snow17:43
m0nkey_Winter is screwed up this year. We see 20C difference in less than 24 hours17:43
m0nkey_More damn shovelling the car out17:44
Myrttim0nkey_: but where would I put my purse, umbrella, passport, lipbalm, 22000mAh extra battery, keys, sunglasses and pills box?17:44
MyrttiI can't fit that into my pockets, women's trouser pockets are always so tiny and phones just get bigger and bigger :-(17:45
m0nkey_Wallet, keys, coat :)17:45
m0nkey_Get bigger pockets17:45
zmoylan-pitoolbox, a bit blurry, sorry... http://imgur.com/MoKbvKG17:45
diddledanspectacles, *sticles, wallet and watch.17:45
zmoylan-pithat's the reminder for blessing yourself...17:46
m0nkey_Dawn French, Vicar of Dibley.17:46
diddledannope, nuns on the run17:46
zmoylan-pidave allen did it before that i think...17:47
m0nkey_Heh, I think several have done it17:47
daftykinsi wouldn't think you want to be rocking around with a passport everywhere you go :>17:47
diddledanunless you're a brit in france in which case you need to carry your passport because you don't have a national id card17:48
daftykinsthings have gotten so rough up there in England you have to have ID in case you get stopped at random now, is it? :)17:48
diddledanI've lost my mo jo17:50
diddledan"go outside and get me some serbert"17:50
Myrttidaftykins: until recently I had no other means of proving my identity when shopping with credit/debit card, and in Finland they request to see an ID quite often for bigger purchases17:51
daftykinsah right17:51
Myrttior when buying booze17:52
m0nkey_If you want to say "She has a hot arse" in french, just say the letters L H O O Q17:52
zmoylan-piin ireland you can get special id from gardai (police) that covers buying booze17:52
Myrttistill, at ripe age of 35 because I'm such a youngling looking dame17:52
diddledanbad quote: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bhuOIbg-hM017:52
Myrttizmoylan-pi: sure, you can get that in Finland too. But I travelled a lot so I saved my pennies by just having a passport in my handbag17:53
m0nkey_I'm going to have to watch Austin Powers again17:53
zmoylan-pii don't think they charge for it... passport costs a few shekels though17:53
diddledanm0nkey_: good idea17:54
diddledanm0nkey_: TO THE COUCH POTATO!17:54
Myrttizmoylan-pi: 55€ in Finland, passport (when applied and fetched in Finland 65€)17:55
m0nkey_It's a hard life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jZiKFLL6MI17:55
m0nkey_Right, back to work. I got a change request to do.18:00
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m0nkey_heh, that was awesome18:29
daftykinsi feel this guy is a bit late to the party on this concept18:30
daftykinsdiddledan: i smell another wonky disk18:36
diddledanoh dear18:36
foobarryhas anybody ever had new batteries that didn't work?20:22
foobarryi also opened another pack. didn't work either in the thing i tried20:23
foobarrylooking for something else to try them in20:23
popeynever had that20:30
daftykinsweird! i have plenty of rechargables these days from 7dayshop.com which used to be a local company20:36
daftykinsor rather, used to hold stock locally20:36
daftykinsodd reply there seems to be claiming a terminal doesn't make contact?20:38
brobostigonch5, new x-files, :)20:38
diddledandaftykins: with LEDs?20:39
diddledan"the positive led doesn't touch the mouses led" (paraphrase)20:39
diddledanI'm curio what a positive LED is20:40
foobarrytypo , i think he means terminal20:41
foobarrythe device is in my sons room but i tried 9 of the new batteries20:41
foobarrynew ones have a green ring around -ve20:41
foobarrysame model number is the ones that work, but still different style20:42
daftykinswilling to bet it's continuity20:54
diddledanwonder if my break is chilly yet20:55
diddledanbeen in oven20:55
* diddledan wanders off to find out20:55
foobarrytried on a led lamp, they work20:55
foobarrymust have changed the shape slightly20:56
diddledanhttps://motherboard.vice.com/read/hacker-publishes-personal-info-of-20000-fbi-agents <-- apparently the hacker wants to remain anonymous. who'dathunkit21:07
foobarryalso had some exp2018 duracell batteries leak in a torch21:32
foobarrypoor show21:32
MooDooevening all23:40

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