ianorlin80 minutes until the next meeting01:40
* pleia2 updates scale14x project page in anticipation01:42
pleia2meeting in a few minutes02:57
pleia2#chair nhaines ianorlin pleia203:01
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/16February0703:01
pleia2^^ agenda :)03:01
pleia2#topic Upcoming events03:01
pleia2so we've got an Ubuntu Hour coming up in Berkeley on Feb 14th http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/3290-ubuntu-hour-berkeley/03:02
pleia2I'll also likely host one in San Francisco on Wednesday, but time got away from me so I haven't added it to the LTP or Meetup, or announced it, I should do that tonight03:02
pleia2any other events that aren't listed?03:03
nhainesSGVLUG has a meeting on February 11th.  The topic is "Building a Community." http://www.meetup.com/SGVTech/events/227991894/03:03
nhainesLiz Krane will be talking about her experience growing the Learn to Code LA Meetup group to 2200 members in less than a year.03:03
ianorlinok sounds nice but is still a bit of a drive for me03:03
nhainesThey'll also be raffling off some leftover stuff from SCALE, so if you really miss Pasadena, it's a good excuse to go back.  :)03:04
pleia2nhaines: any thoughts as to how we could convince Richard to start posting announcements to his Pasadena Ubuntu Hours to the team? or at least adding them to LTP or meetup?03:04
pleia2they're kind of invisible to the team at the moment, which is ashame for folks looking for LA-focused events (I don't remember the details for them, so I struggle to help people find info about them)03:05
nhainespleia2: That's a good question.  I owe him a phone call, so I'll mention it to him this week.03:05
pleia2sounds like that LUG meeting should be fun03:06
pleia2#topic Announcements03:06
pleia2anyone have any announcements?03:06
* ianorlin does not03:07
pleia2tablet news last week was pretty big :) http://insights.ubuntu.com/2016/02/04/canonical-reinvents-the-personal-mobile-computing-experience/03:07
pleia2and our own nhaines is organizing the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase this cycle http://nhaines.livejournal.com/69721.html03:07
pleia2materials for that get included in an LTS, which I learned at SCALE is what 97% of ubuntu users use03:08
nhainesTIL some people aren't perpetually running devel.03:09
pleia2it does offer perspective on the decision to switch to only 9 months support for the 6 months releases03:10
nhainesI still think they should've waited two more interrim releases to do so, though.03:11
pleia2it was a bit abrupt03:11
pleia2alright, so moving along03:12
pleia2#topic UbuCon Summit / SCALE 14x post-mortem meeting.03:12
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale14x03:12
pleia2I updated the wiki earlier with links to photos (are there other galleries of photos? Please add links!), blog posts and videos from the ubucon summit03:12
nhainesI believe I received photos from David Ellsworth, but I think we ran into a weird sharing name collision in OwnCloud, so I will troubleshoot.03:13
pleia2fun times03:14
nhainesI'd say UbuCon was a giant success.03:15
pleia2I agree :)03:15
pleia2I hope Canonical also found value in it and will continue supporting us in the future, and maybe some other UbuCons too03:16
pleia2nhaines: were you at the organizing team wrap-up meeting last week?03:16
nhainespleia2: no, I couldn't make it, so that's another reason I owe Richard a phone call.03:17
nhainesBut everything I've heard from Canonical so far is that they were very happy.03:17
pleia2I wasn't either (wrong side of the planet)03:17
pleia2that's good to hear :)03:17
nhainesAnd I believe they'll be working with UbuCon Europe as well.  I'll be sitting in on that meeting Tuesday, if I can be up at 6:30am, which is always dubious.03:18
pleia2haha, yeah03:18
ianorlinyeah it went really well03:18
nhainesProbably the only thing I would do differently for UbuCon is to feature the Q&A more centrally.03:18
ianorlinnhaines: that would probably be nice03:19
nhainesBut outside of that, I thought the unconference portion turned out really well.03:19
pleia2I would have liked to hear some more results from the unconference03:19
pleia2like how the track leads at UOS do a summary hangout to share03:20
pleia2so maybe a conclusion session where each group shares something03:20
nhainesThat's a really good idea.03:20
ianorlinunconferences yeah that could be good sharing what happened at the others is one thing that could be better03:20
nhainesI thought the booth worked very well also, although I think we could've used that extra table after all.03:22
pleia2yeah, every time I came by the booth it was quite busy03:22
ianorlinyeah it seems booth has been quite busy last three years03:23
nhainesThe booth's been really busy all 8 years.03:23
nhainesThe convergence demo was a huge hit.  It'll be really exciting next year when it's running legacy desktop apps, too.03:25
* pleia2 nods03:25
nhainesWas there anything the booth could've done better or differently?03:26
pleia2no ideas from me03:27
nhainesThe booth is pretty much a known quantity these days.03:28
nhainesI would like to specifically thank Luis Caballero for being an absolute rockstar at the booth Friday and Saturday.03:29
pleia2yay, thanks Luis!03:29
nhainesEven the Canonical community team mentioned it to me.03:29
nhainesSo to me, UbuCon Summit and SCALE were a giant success because a lot of people came together and worked hard.03:32
pleia2excellent work everyone :) I had a blast03:33
nhainesRichard and I are always trying to keep from getting complacent about UbuCon, but I think the general formula works.  :)03:33
pleia2#topic Any other business03:35
pleia2anything else for this meeting?03:36
* ianorlin does not have anything03:36
nhainesNothing from me.03:36
pleia2alrighty, thanks guys03:37
pleia2I wonder what happened to the bot03:38
pleia2not that we strictly use the minutes that come from it03:38
nhainesYeah.  I should look into that some time soon.03:40
nhainesIt's going to be tomorrow, though, because I'm sick or something today.03:40
nhaines(So thanks for all the wiki maintenance this week!)03:41
pleia2hope you feel better :\03:43
pleia2I'm pretty excited that I managed to do SCALE and LCA without catching anything03:43
nhainesThanks!  This is my second year in a row that I didn't get sick after SCALE *because* of SCALE.03:44
nhainesAlthough I suspect that being too busy to eat so all my meals outside of dinner consisted of Soylent didn't hurt this year.03:44
nhainesThat's probably better than I eat all the rest of the year anyway.03:45
nhainesI also walked 20.5 miles at SCALE (plus another 3.5 on the following Monday) and lost something like 2.5 pounds, which was kind of nice.03:51
pleia2crazy :)03:52
nhainesIt means I made the right decision when we went to Yard House and I ordered the lobster artichoke dip and didn't share any.03:53
pleia2that sounds delicious03:54
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pleia2doing meeting rotation tasks on a serverely jetlagged brain, so feel free to pitch in if I've missed anything :)07:44
nhainesDuly noted!  :)07:47

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