waldo323Good evening01:57
cmaloneyWe'll be starting at 21:001:58
cmaloney21:00 ET01:58
cmaloneyWElcome to the Ubuntu Michigan Monthly MEeting02:00
cmaloneyI'm sure there are some of you that are watching something on TV righ tnow but we're still meeting.02:00
Scary_GuySportsball?  Never touch the stuff :(02:01
cmaloneyHere's the agenda of items that We'll cover02:01
cmaloneyFirst off: Pengiucon02:01
cmaloneyLast I heard we're accepted as a talk but there's no concrete date / time02:02
cmaloneyI've asked for a Friday evening, but we've had it on a Saturday (last year)02:02
cmaloney(This is the ubuntu 16.04 release party at Penguicon)02:02
cmaloneyI put in for a conference pack for the release party. Hopefully I'll hear more about whether we'll have one as the event comes closer.02:03
cmaloneyApparently jrwren is hosting something at Kalamazoo X since he's opted not to be at Pengicon that weekend. ;)02:04
cmaloney(I'm kidding)02:04
cmaloneyThat said if anyone wants to have another release party that isn't at Penguicon please feel free to organize it and let me know so I can put it on our events page.02:04
cmaloneyAny questions?02:05
waldo323Will it be in the bar/restaurant area again?02:05
cmaloneyThat's the plan02:06
cmaloneyI'll know more as we get closer to the event02:06
waldo323The programming staff is a little different this year02:07
cmaloneyhow so?02:07
waldo323Janet stepped down from head of programming afaik02:08
cmaloneyOh, that's no fun02:09
cmaloneyHopefully it'll be sorted though02:12
cmaloneyAnything else?02:12
cmaloneyOK, moving on02:14
cmaloneyThe next online summit is in May02:14
cmaloneyThe next Ubuntu Online Summit is going to be from 3rd - 5th May 2016, which is going to two weeks after 16.04 release.02:15
cmaloneySo be on the look out for that, and hopefully you can participate in the summit.02:15
waldo323Pcon: Someone else stepped in as she stepped down02:16
cmaloneyAh, cool02:17
cmaloneyThat's all I have at the moment. Anyone have anything else they'd like to bring up?02:19
waldo323Nope not I.02:19
_stink_is this where you call the sergeant-at-arms?02:21
_stink_i interrupted your meeting02:22
_stink_i am out of order02:22
cmaloneyOh, is that what we're calling it? :)02:22
cmaloneyI was just happy someone else was participating. :)02:22
Scary_GuySo is the meeting still going on then?  I fell asleep and wow that was short :P12:44
cmaloneyNo, I think we're good. :)13:58
cmaloneyGood morning14:19
Scary_Guy greetings15:08

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