wxldaker: also, as a member of the lococouncil, i can confirm no one on the council seems to know how to update the blog listing, so docs would be nice. there's two of us that have submitted merge proposals that have been waiting a long time. we've asked to join the dev team to no avail03:31
dholbachgood morning09:07
davidcalledholbach, so re: deployment, I've pinned the postgre charm to an earlier rev, as caio suggested the latest version might be buggy. I'm currently in #webops with barryprice, because juju doesn't start. Monday :)09:10
dholbachugh :-(09:11
dholbachare we on a unstable series of the postgres charm?09:12
davidcalledholbach: standard trusty09:12
davidcalledholbach: maybe it's something else that's keeping us back, but no luck trying yet, juju doesn't bootstrap.09:13
* enyc wonders who can't label 14.10 correctly on http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/09:43
davidcalleenyc: hah :)09:56
davidcalledholbach: pinning postgre to an older rev hasn't helped, I've asked for the ticket priority to be bumped.11:06
* dholbach hugs davidcalle11:07
dholbachdavidcalle: did you hear anything new already?13:28
davidcalledholbach, no, since earlier I've just clearly stated that this was blocking all devportal dpeloyments13:29
dholbachok... I wasn't sure if anyone started looking into the problem yet13:38

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