Kilosmorning everybody07:54
dlPhreakMorning Kilos 07:55
cal_pymorning Kilos 07:57
cal_pyhow are you today07:57
Kiloshi dlPhreak cal_py ok ty and you's07:57
dlPhreakPretty swell07:57
cal_pyall good here Kilos 07:57
dlPhreakDid you guys have a good weekend?08:01
Kilosactually very quiet here08:02
dlPhreakNo hardcore minecrafting?08:03
Kilosno i gave up because it uses too much data08:03
dlPhreakWhy don't you just get adsl? 3G is very expensive and so limiting.08:04
Kilosno lines to plots08:05
dlPhreakOh okay that makes sense. We had the same problem when we lived on a farm.08:06
dlPhreakWe didn't even get 3G there tho only edge... man that was aweful. Get like max 20 kpbs.08:09
dlPhreakOmw just had good laugh at that one^^08:13
KilosMaaz seen inetpro 08:19
MaazKilos: inetpro was last seen 2 days, 12 hours, 51 minutes and 11 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-02-05 11:28:15 PST], and has been online on freenode since 2016-02-04 04:55:50 PST08:19
chesedomorning everyone08:27
inetprogood mornings08:28
Kilosohi inetpro 08:36
Kiloshi chesedo 08:36
Kiloshi Cryterion fulcrum 09:46
Kilosfulcrum ?09:47
Kilosim sure i should kow who you are09:47
fulcrumthats odd...09:47
Kilosold peeps are allowed to make typos09:48
fulcrumanyhoo... hi :-)09:49
Kilosfulcrum is a good nick09:49
Kilosmeans peeps can pivot around you i think09:49
fulcrumits my really old nick... I used to be an aviation nut, loved hte Mig-2909:50
fulcrumit seems to have gotten me banned from some channels ... :-\09:50
Kilosoh my09:51
Kiloswhen you dont use a nick others do09:51
fulcrumlooks like I can register it...09:52
Kilosohi superfly 10:30
superflyhi Kilos10:30
=== Scorpion is now known as Guest79729
Kiloschesedo did you see the last mail from phiri about the learning16:16
chesedono Kilos, have been lazy at emails lately16:34
* chesedo goes to check16:34
Kilosa follow up from wwk16:34
chesedowiki seems to be loading slow again... did wwk's mail reach the list (the inline in phiri's seems to be the only one i got for it)?16:41
chesedowiki just opened16:42
Kilosdont you see all the links in the wwk section16:43
chesedoyes i do16:44
Kilosall you clever peeps should get involved there16:44
chesedojust never got the original for wwk's section (maybe he mailed phiri directly)16:44
chesedoKilos: we will still need the help of a less clever guy to know that the material is not going over heads16:45
Kilosill watch you guys16:46
Kilosthe thing is to get a group together then work through all that stuff16:46
Kilosboom booms power could go16:47
chesedothe point is that we work together as a loco so the group should not be an issue... just have to find common interests16:47
* chesedo lost power for a 1s a while ago16:48
chesedobut seems to be coming from the west16:48
chesedowwk and phiri might be keen on this one though so just need a few more16:50
* chesedo wbb after the storm16:58
Kiloshi there melodie wb18:18
melodiehello Kilos !!!18:18
melodieI got your messages thanks!18:18
Kilosyou ok?18:19
melodiehope you are fine too!18:19
Kilosyes im good ty18:19
melodieslight headache but I'll be ok18:19
Kilossomeone here tried bento and i said support is good from you, then i couldnt find you18:20
KilosdlPhreak wheres cal_py18:21
Kilosim still using bento 14.04 on old desktop pc melodie 18:26
Kilosi like it18:27
melodieKilos just send the people to http://linuxvillage.org then, and specifically the forum18:32
melodieand also we are about to install a new look/theme on the forum!18:32
Kilosok ty18:33
melodiewho here knows about recent CPU brands?18:34
melodieand how they behave with Ubuntu?18:34
melodieI need to choose either a i5 (but which one?) or a i7 (same, which one?) for someone18:34
melodieand I don't know enough about them18:34
Kilosdont know about new one, i have a lenovo i5 thinkpad that runs well18:36
Kilosi5 with 8g ram should be fine18:37
Kilosmine has 4g and works well18:37
melodieI also have a i5 lenovo, but this is recent hardware and the very new brands often need new kernels to handle the job under linux properly18:43
melodiei5 thinkpad is M520 on my machine, 2.4 Ghz, the one I am suggested to pick up is either 3.3 Ghz, or 3.5Ghz. the fastest is a i7 that has 4 cores with 4 Ghz18:45
Kilosmine is a t410.i18:45
Kilosolder i think18:46
Kilosi dont know anyone here that has just bought a new lappy18:46
melodiethis will be a tower18:47
Kilosmelodie have you looked at https://system76.com/laptops19:04
Kilosshouldnt be any probs with a ubuntu preinstalled laptop19:05
melodieleave it, I've visited the entire world before Xmas! (on the web)19:10
melodieit will be a tower!!!19:11
Kilosok bed time for me19:16
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:16
Kilosnight melodie dont work too hsrd19:16
melodieKilos good night, thanks19:16

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