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FlannelSahibPrime: Hi.  Learning your language/its toolchain isn't really within the scope of this channel.  You could try ##C++-general or even #ubuntu-offtopic00:04
Deryahows u elzi00:05
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Deryaersin hg00:06
barryGuys how hard to learn C? Can C be used to control some aspect in linux system00:08
Revian1I've been off Linux for a bit. I recently came back and installed Ubuntu Wily.. Ubuntu has come a long way and I haven't seen any problems. Good job, devs!00:10
SahibPrimebarry: For me, C was a medium-difficulty programming language.00:12
Revian1How do I set gthumb to be the default app that opens when doubling-clicking a picture?00:12
barrySahibPrime: Curious. If C is medium-difficulty programming language, what would you rate for Php?00:14
SahibPrimebarry: Haven't tried PHP.00:15
barryOh, okay00:15
SahibPrimeBefore learning C, I would recommend a simpler object-oriented language.00:17
squintyRevian1,  right click on filename -> properties -> open with -> set as default  etc00:18
barryIm learning Php right now00:18
Revian1squinty, Well, that was easy. Thank you!00:19
ActinalWhompI have some broken entries in my grub menu (that showed up after running boot repair). If I install windows from a disk will that "clean" the efi partition? I'm fine with losing data/reinstalling ubuntu afterwards.00:25
SahibPrimeActinalWhomp: As far as I know, Windows overwrites GRUB.00:27
SahibPrimeYou could also format the disk, and reinstall Ubuntu.00:27
barryHow I can give a user read and write access to whole /var/www/html and its sub-directories?00:27
SahibPrimechmod [username]:[username] +RW /var/www/html00:27
SahibPrimechmod [username]:[username] +RW /var/www/html/*00:27
SahibPrimeAssuming [username] is in a group named [username].00:28
SahibPrimeNo problem.00:28
barrySahibPrime: chmod myusername:www-data +RW +RW /var/www/html/* . Like this right?00:30
Revian1SahibPrime, Doesn't he need chmod -R00:31
SahibPrimeRevian1: Oh sorry, -R. I thgouth that meant remove read permissions.00:31
LapinDu72Hi guys ;)00:31
Revian1SahibPrime, No, -R means recursive. Otherwise changes will only be made to the parent dir00:32
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SahibPrimeRevian1: Well, I don't have much experience with chown.00:33
SahibPrimeer, chmod00:33
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Revian1What happened to scummvm? It's in the repos but not installable. I loved that app on Ubuntu precise00:38
boo7KINDA NOT RELATED TO HERE, BUT STILL: A tuff one: Do you think I can find any info in (someone else's..) .pcap capture file about their hardware (prossesor model)? If so, what kind of packets might contain such information?00:39
Bashing-om!info scummvm trusty00:42
ubottuscummvm (source: scummvm): engine for several graphical adventure games. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.0+dfsg-3 (trusty), package size 5472 kB, installed size 18916 kB00:42
Bashing-omRevian1: ^^ universe repo enabled on your system ?00:43
Revian1!info scummvm wily00:43
ubottuscummvm (source: scummvm): engine for several graphical adventure games. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+dfsg-2 (wily), package size 6928 kB, installed size 24069 kB00:43
Revian1Bashing-om, I have main,, restricted, universe, and multiverse enabled on Wily00:44
Bashing-omRevian1: Should have access and downloadable then . Update the sytem and install ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt install scummvm ' . Should be all thete is to it .00:46
Revian1Bashing-om, Well, it's installiing now. earlier today it said there was a dep that wasn't installable00:46
Revian1Bashing-om, installed now. couold have been my crappy internet connection ealier today00:47
Revian1Bashing-om, Thanks for the help00:47
Bashing-omRevian1: Well .. no help .. just a hand to hold . Pleased all working out .00:48
Revian1yeah, it's all good00:48
Revian1Made me go back and investigate anyway00:48
Revian1I was seeing lots of apps in Synaptic listed as app name with ':386' appended to the end00:49
Revian1Hmm, lots of apps I couldn't install earlier are now available00:49
UbuOneKenobihide from osx hehe00:49
* Revian1 slaps Comcast00:49
Bashing-omRevian1: ":386'" are the 32 bit libs for installed apps ( steam ??) .00:51
Revian1Bashing-om, oh, yea,00:51
zerocool12soo hi00:54
rypervencheIs "+RW" something new in chmod? I have never seen that before.00:55
SahibPrimeI don't think so. Just one of my errors00:55
SahibPrimechmod accepts it though00:55
Java_Hello. Is there a command that toggles multiple monitors to copy and extend eachother?00:55
Revian1adds read and write perms00:56
zerocool12install ar and r00:56
Java_zerocool12: What are they?00:56
zerocool12program that helps you with multiple monitors on ubuntu00:57
SahibPrimeJava_: I think there is a GUI for it.00:57
Java_zerocool12: Sweet. :D00:57
Java_Windows Key + p does some weird toggling.00:57
zerocool12in my opinion better than one that ubuntu allready come with00:57
zerocool12it has GUI,yes00:57
SahibPrimeFor me, Windows + P opens the display menu.00:58
SahibPrimeI'm on XFCE, so I guess that's a bonus00:58
zerocool12I'm on xfce too,ar nad r works great00:58
SahibPrimeGNU walks into a stand-up comedy area.01:01
SahibPrimeThe audience says "What will you do?"01:01
SahibPrimeGNU replies, "I'll 'make' you happy!"01:01
SahibPrimeWhoops, wrong channel01:02
UbuOneKenobiquick change the channel01:02
zerocool12I thought that IRC was dead01:03
zerocool12haven't used it in years01:03
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Java_How do you disable the Windows key?01:05
SahibPrimeJava_: I think you can keyboard shortcut it to a useless command, like sl.01:06
sector_0hey guys01:26
sector_0how can I determine if I have the latest version of the ATI proprietary drivers?01:27
Oderushi. does anyone know the command that i can use to see which programs depend on a certain library? (libcsound64-6.0)01:27
cfhowlett!amd | sector_001:27
ubottusector_0: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto01:27
Oderusjust trying to figure out which program i have installed uses libcsound64-6.0 and not sure how to check01:30
dellxps15probzhello everyone01:32
SahibPrimehttp://thebest404pageever.com/swf/Papers_Please.swf (language warning)01:33
cfhowlettSahibPrime, do not spam this channel01:33
SahibPrimechannel again01:33
SahibPrimeWhy do I keep mixing up offtopic with normal01:33
he1kkiInteresting strategy. Swf-attack with apology.01:34
cfhowletthe1kki, social engineering.  on that note: I just installed "no-script" plugin to firefox.  very precise control of swf and java content.01:35
OerHeksapt-cache rdepends libcsound64-6.001:35
OerHeksapt-cache showpkg libcsound64-6.001:36
dellxps15probzdoes anyone here have any experience running ubuntu on a dell XPS 15 with touchscreen. I mean specifically getting the NVidia 960M GTX to work01:37
squintydpkg -S libcsound64-6.001:37
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, I have the m3800 ... no problems with nvidia01:37
dellxps15probzwell i kind of did something stupid. I installed it, everything was running great. Then i experienced slight issues playing videos fullscreen and decided to switch back to the nouveau driver from the Nvidia-361 and you can guess what happened...01:39
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, sorry, I can't see the screen from LOL ... but yeah, you done messed up.  did you remove the drivers or only switch?01:39
dellxps15probzjust switch01:40
dellxps15probzi changed them back to nvidia from root01:40
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, from root?  from ROOT??!!!01:40
dellxps15probzhowever the display is now 640x48001:40
dellxps15probzsorry shell prompt01:40
dellxps15probznot root01:40
dellxps15probzthe display is too larhge however01:41
dellxps15probzand and nvidia-settings won't detect the display anymore01:41
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, run system > additional drivers app.  it should pick up your NVIDIA binary driver.  select one of the proprietary options01:42
dellxps15probzyeah the drivers work now, but it no longer detects my display..my beautiful, BEAUTIFUL 4K touchscreen display, even in nvidia-settings...it's displaying 640x48001:43
sector_0cfhowlett, that page doesn't tell me how to determine if my version is the latest01:43
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, well, I've never changed anything from command line.  can't advise what or why.  ask again in channel --- someone will know01:44
cfhowlettsector_0, go to the site, find your card, check the version:  http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/linux01:45
dellxps15probzi mean i'm running x now, but it's just a profoundly screwed up display of 640x48001:45
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, well you don't really NEED 4k, right?  :)01:46
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, so what prompted you to switch drivers in the first place?  your end goal??01:46
dellxps15probzyeah but I would like normal sized icons01:46
dellxps15probzthe cursor is about the size of my thumb right now01:46
dellxps15probzi wanted videos to play smoother, there was some "choppiness" in the videos in fullscreen which I did not encounter when i first set up my system (it defaulted to nouveau)01:47
dellxps15probzi just wanted that smoothness back (even if I had to sacrifice the 4K)01:48
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, you mean playing 4k videos, right?01:48
dellxps15probzany videos01:48
dellxps15probzyoutube, what have you01:48
dellxps15probzanything that was playing was rendering correctly until i made it fullscreen01:49
cfhowlettthe only hiccup I've seen on my box have been full fledged 4k videos.01:49
dellxps15probzyeah that's why I had switched to nvidia in the first place01:49
dellxps15probzbetter rendering than nouveau01:49
dellxps15probzbut there has to be a way to get my machine to detect the display again01:50
nedstarknvidia won't release the specs so nouveau will never be as good01:50
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, whatever you did at command line changed ... something would be my guess.01:51
karstensragehow do you guys manage updating the distribution all the time?01:53
karstensragedo you run LTS for 3 years, then have some migration path to next LTS?01:54
dellxps15probzall i did was sudo apt-get install nvidia-36101:54
cfhowlettkarstensrage, different strokes.  personally, I do LTS only.  LTS > LTS upgrade is fully supported.01:54
inteuskarstensrage: I backup my stuff and fresh install to the next LTS01:54
dellxps15probzand them nvidia-xconfig01:54
karstensragecfhowlett, does LTS -> LTS work reliably?01:54
karstensrageim wondering how people do this on 1000's of servers?01:55
karstensragebackup and install to fresh seems very tricky01:55
cfhowlettkarstensrage, IMO it does exactly what I need.  YMMV.  but servers tend to be conservative and go with LTS.  ask the #ubuntu-server channel for insights01:55
nedstarkthey don't.  they're using distros with 5 or 10 years until the next required upgrade01:55
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nedstarklike ubuntu LTS and centos or rhel01:56
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: With the 960M GTX card. Does this imply hybrid graphics ?01:57
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: ' sudo lshw -C display ' are both sets of drivers loaded ?01:59
dellxps15probzyes both sets are loaded01:59
dellxps15probzthank you so much, I will try it out and let you know in 2 mins01:59
cfhowlettBashing-om, ?  I ran that command and only the currently running driver is displayed02:00
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Looking at the 'configuration' line ...02:01
Bashing-omcfhowlett: Ouch .. I could be out in left field .02:01
cfhowlettI thought the only driver you would see would be the currently operating driver ?02:02
Bashing-omcfhowlett: Well, yeah ... that makes the better sense . the current operating driver .02:03
cfhowlettBashing-om, so what command would list all available graphic drivers??02:03
Bashing-omcfhowlett: ' sudo ubuntu-drivers list ' to see that list .02:09
cfhowlettBashing-om, eh.... nope.  it displays the nvidia but not the intel.02:09
cfhowlettand now this problem is going to nag my brain02:10
dellxps15probzyeah i cant put my output here since im running an HTC tab however in configuration it says driver=nvidia02:11
dellxps15probzand for the intel controller it says driver=i91502:11
dellxps15probzwhich seems to be correct02:11
Bashing-omcfhowlett: Hummm .. yeah as Intel is built into the kernel ?? Take a look at the /var/log/Xorg.0.log to know what the system is doing ?02:11
cfhowlettBashing-om, huh.  this means that Intel support is rolled into the kernel?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14990845/02:14
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: A conflict in Nvidia drivers ? what returns ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?02:14
dellxps15probza list of all the nvidia drivers02:15
Bashing-omcfhowlett: That is the way I read it " intel(0): Using Kernel Mode Setting driver: i915, version 1.6.0 20141121 " Kernel mode setting is a kernel thingy, no ?02:17
cfhowlettone would think.02:17
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: In that output .. the leading field is the status .. looking at 'ii' is there more than one version listed as 'ii' ?02:18
dellxps15probzBashing-om, cfhowlett, I fixed my problem. I would like to thank you both sincerely for putting your time and effort into helping me02:19
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, happy2help!02:19
dellxps15probzi ended up simply deleting /etc/X11/xorg.conf and rebooting and for some reason that worked!02:19
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, you have been visited by the magical ubuntu elves then.02:19
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: great ! Not the 1st time I have seem that happen .02:20
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: I can imagine that you will need to regenerate the xorg.conf file with the nvidia driver active . ( that file gets switched out depending on which graphics set is current ) .02:26
dellxps15probzI'm actually doing that right now02:26
dellxps15probzi also think i should just purge the system of the nouveau driver02:26
dellxps15probzto prevent this from ever happening again02:27
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Should be no need of purging nouveau as the Nvidia installer will black list it .02:28
homa_hi my friends02:28
homa_editor for music02:28
dellxps15probzim back to choppy full screen videos, but I can live with this02:28
cfhowletthoma_, printed music or recorded?02:28
cfhowlettdellxps15probz, should not have to.  run sudo apt full -upgrade.  perhaps a fix is available.02:29
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Lemme do a bit of checking .. hold on .02:30
homa_cfhowlett, for music02:30
cfhowletthoma are you WRITING/READING or RECORDING music??02:31
homa_i'm not recording music02:31
cfhowletthoma_, what / how are you editing ?02:32
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Nvidia recommends the 352 version driver : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/97645/en-us . with some reservations have you tried the 352 version ?02:32
dellxps15probzi have, it was better than the 361. although my system now shows 361 ad recommended02:33
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Bashing-omdellxps15probz: I gather that the system has it's reasons . Seems 352 has it's problems .02:35
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Problems only in "some" hardware configurations . you may do well with 352 (??) .02:37
dellxps15probzim going to try the 352 again02:38
dellxps15probzmouse has stopped working02:38
dellxps15probztouchscreen works but for some reason it "double clicks"02:39
homa_best editor for music , i want separate music02:39
dellxps15probzwhole system seems to have slowed down02:39
dellxps15probzit's going to be a long night02:39
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: K; ' sudo apt purge nvidia* ' to make sure there are no conflicts .02:39
dellxps15probztrying that now02:41
Jordan_Uhoma_: Again, sheet music or audio files?02:41
dellxps15probzyou think I should install it again first, or reboot then reinstall?02:41
rrrhow do i put redirect output and error into /dev/null?02:41
homa_mp3 , Jordan_U02:42
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: I suggest install . regenerate the config file . then reboot .02:43
Jordan_Uhoma_: "Best" is subjective and depends on your needs but Audacity is a fairly featureful and easy to use editor.02:44
homa_Jordan_U, thank you02:44
yermjobs331hey dude02:45
Jordan_Uhoma_: You're welcome.02:46
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MelRayNeeding some help getting Qsynth working with jack. I get the following when starting qsynth. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/14991003/ I verfied jackctl would star without errors before installing qsynth02:53
cfhowlettMelRay, ask #ubuntustudio or #opensourcemusicians02:53
MelRaycfhowlett: Ok thanks!02:55
calmunicornchannel /ubuntu-programming02:55
dellxps15probzBashing-om, it worked, thank you so much02:59
ynixHey, does anyone have experience installing Ubuntu on Apple laptops? Like the Macbook Air for instance.03:00
somsip!mac | ynix03:00
ubottuynix: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:00
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: 352 ?03:00
ynixsomsip, Thanks, I actually have looked there. I just had one specific question that I couldn't find the answer for.03:01
dellxps15probzbut the machine has slowed down considerably03:01
cfhowlettynix, don't ask the question = don't get the answer.03:01
ynixOk here I go asking.03:01
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Good deal .. all is well that ends well .03:01
dellxps15probzthanks again for your help03:02
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: What does 'top' say about memory usage ?03:02
ynixThe Starbucks I'm in is closing... I will return shortly.03:02
dellxps15probz1.5 gb/1603:03
dellxps15probzeven the CPU isnt being taxed03:03
Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Can not say then .. but .. any hints in the .xsession-errors file in your home directory ?03:06
dellxps15probzBashing-Om...I'll figure it out eventually, this issue has taxed my brain to its end03:08
dellxps15probzthank you once again, and I hope to see you on this channel again very soon03:09
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Bashing-omdellxps15probz: Glad to help .. I am generally around . never can tell what I might learn !03:10
micesi'm installing ubuntu latest 64 for the first time i'm on the software selection screen, if i don't select a gui here then i won't have a gui?03:13
cfhowlettmices kind of how it works , yeah03:13
artoismices: what image are you installing from?03:13
micesso if i choose ubuntu desktop but not ubuntu gnome desktop i'm gonna have a gui?03:14
micesi forget, i just dl'd it, the latest wait ...03:14
MartynKeigher14.04 desktop?03:14
MartynKeigherif you go through the typical next, next, finish... you WILL get a gui03:15
miceswithout selecting anything on the software selection screen?03:15
MartynKeighershould do. is this a vm? can u show a screenshot?03:15
micesnot a vm03:15
cfhowlettmices, what reason do you have for not selecting a gui?  what is your goal?03:15
micesi'm installing on my new laptop03:16
cfhowlett?? and ?03:16
micesi need a gui of course03:16
micesthis is gonna be my pc, not a server03:16
cfhowlettso ... select one!03:16
micesMartynKeigher says i don't need to it's gonna install one anyway03:16
MartynKeigherdid you download the desktop iso?03:17
MartynKeigherif so... then you get a gui.03:17
micesyes desktop iso03:18
MartynKeigherthen you should be fine.03:18
miceswhat's gonna be my default gui then?03:18
micesbecause ubuntu desktop is an unselected option on this screen03:18
MartynKeigherin 12.04 is gnome iirc03:19
MartynKeighernot sure on 14.0403:19
nedstarkselect 'em all, let lightdm sort 'em out03:19
MartynKeigherworse case scenario.. you choose the wrong thing, you reinstall??03:19
MartynKeigherjust go with the gut ;p03:19
nedstarkcam newton should have used linux, now look what happened03:21
miceswhat's ubuntu desktop like?03:21
micesis it like cinammon?03:21
Bashing-ommices: ubuntu as opposed to other flavors has unity as the desktop . It is different .03:22
nedstarkhere's a comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ID24jbKCZ5A03:23
miceswhat ubuntu desktop might resemble cinamon?03:23
nedstarkxfce, or you can modify mate by moving the task bar to the bottom and replacing the standard menu with the mint menu plugin03:24
nedstarkor kde03:24
micescan't install grub bootloader fatal error03:30
miceschoose the next step in the install process03:31
micesinstall lilo boot loader, continue without boot loader, finish the instllation ...03:31
miceswhat should i do03:32
cfhowlettmices, lilo?  ubuntu default bootloader is grub not lilo.  what exactly are you installing03:32
micesinstallation of grub bootloader to hard disk failed fatal error03:33
micesi tried twice03:33
miceswhy would it fail ha ha03:33
micesi told ubuntu to use the entire disk03:34
miceslilo is an option i can select now since grub failed03:34
micesi was reading a list of options i have now03:34
Bashing-ommices: ^^ lilo has not been used in ubuntu in years. again what are you installing ??03:34
miceson my laptop03:34
cfhowlettmices, open a terminal03:34
micesi'm in the middle of an installation03:35
homa_good bye my friends03:35
micesi tried ctrl-alt-f103:35
micesok i'm in a terminal now what?03:36
micesi won't be able to copy or paste03:36
cfhowlettmices, lsb_release -a                   says what?03:37
micesit says /bin/sh: lsb_release: not found03:38
kleinguygreetings #ubuntu03:44
goddardhow can i remove a apt-source and revert packages?03:44
cfhowlettgoddard, wait 103:44
cfhowlettgoddard, this took will do it: http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php03:45
ynixIf I install Ubuntu on a Macbook Air (completely wiping away OSX), does that remove the recovery boot option that can be used to reinstall OSX (by holding down the option key on boot) in the future?03:46
cfhowlettynix, yes03:47
cfhowlett"completely wiping away" is your clue.03:47
goddardcfhowlett: im at a terminal right now03:48
cfhowletthowever, you need not remove the recovery partition03:48
artoisynix: you can back it up if you want, though, of course03:48
cfhowlettgoddard, what does this command return:  more /etc/issue03:48
ynixOk, of course I know that a wipe will remove everything. Was just curious if that partition was on some rom in the computer instead of the SSD, but I guess not.03:49
cfhowlettynix, have to ask the mac or OSX experts that03:50
ynixYeah I probably should ask over there.03:50
ynixHas anyone had experience with running on a Macbook Air? I'm afraid that it might be more trouble than its worth. I'm currently emulating Ubuntu in a VM, but the performance is a bit lacking for my taste.03:51
cfhowlettynix, try a lighter ubuntu: lubuntu or xubuntu03:51
ynixIt's not really the OS itself that is lagging, mostly the web browsers are.03:52
ynixIt's not much different on Xubuntu, which I've tried out.03:52
ynixI happen to like Unity a lot.03:52
ynixReminds me of OS X's interface in a lot of good ways.03:53
Lambda_ComplexOoh, I love when my desktop environment sends search terms to Amazon!03:54
nedstarki like bash03:55
dvosoy chico de 20 años03:55
albertoalguien español03:55
cfhowlett!es | dvo03:56
ubottudvo: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:56
cfhowlettand you are in the WRONG channel03:56
kleinguyhey guys03:58
Jordan_Ulalolmalo: Welcome to #ubuntu, do you have an Ubuntu Linux support question?04:02
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wtfubuntubuntu is playing psychological warfare on me.  I got it up and running (14.04).  Got my mount issue on the Plex drive fixed.  Got everything copied over.  Right as I'm ready to set it up in a corner,  headless, it won't boot without a monitor plugged in.  Luckily, Plex and Teamviewer do load as services but I don't want to have a monitor on it constantly.  Found a way to enter a dummy monitor in xorg.conf which seems to work.04:11
wtfubuntuBut when I TeamViewer in and login, TV closes and I never get a desktop.04:12
MartynKeigherwtfubuntu, .... check this out... http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1223504&p=7681232#post768123204:17
cfhowlettMartynKeigher, no profanity04:20
wtfubuntu@MartyKeighter - Trying that now04:21
cfhowlettsorry wtfubuntu ... change your nick04:21
=== wtfubuntu is now known as ettubuntu
MartynKeigherahhhh.... dubya-t-f04:21
MartynKeighergot it! ol04:21
cfhowlettMartynKeigher, misdirected.  sorry.04:21
cfhowlettindeed ettubuntu04:22
MartynKeigherthats cool. no harm done here04:22
MartynKeigheroh and yw ettubuntu! :)04:22
alicefhello , how i can have the package description translated ?04:23
alicefi found this group https://translations.launchpad.net/ddtp-ubuntu04:23
alicefbut which package i have to download ?04:24
cfhowlettalicef, what language do you need?04:24
Lambda_ComplexI'm not sure, but that might be a matter of changing your locale04:24
ettubuntuWell, Plex came back but not TV.  Expected though as no video driver is really loaded and TV runs off Wine.  If I can get transmission running it will be fine.  I can do everything else via cli.04:25
alicefapt-cache search "'*'" is giving me all package in the repository ?04:25
alicefnot sure if they are all04:27
aliceffound apt-cache search .04:34
=== e is now known as otterer
Gallomimiahey can someone teach me how to remount a drive with no permissions?04:38
Gallomimiathe uid's don't match. things are goofy04:39
Jordan_UGallomimia: For most filesystems there is bo such option. Please describe your problem further.04:41
GallomimiaJordan_U: the disk is hfs+ and i used to use it on my mac. all the uid's are wrong and some of the folders are marked as "i don't have permission". it's an external drive USB3, and i just want to copy files off it. even r/o would be fine04:52
cfhowlettGallomimia, suggestion: assume that you are about to destroy unrecoverable data.  image the drive and work on the image, not the source04:55
Gallomimiacopying data off and reformatting is the goal04:55
cfhowlettsame advice ...04:55
Gallomimiahm. image it. or dupe it to another disk. good idea.04:55
Gallomimiahm. but that's where i want to copy the data to04:55
Gallomimiaanyway, the drive is a nearly-full 3tb external04:56
Gallomimiai've got an unformated 3tb internal avail to do this to. should i dd the whole thing or put it in a file?04:57
StmeterHow can I remove the 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH is' whenever I SSH into my box? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14991549/ I've checked my sshrc, bashrc and I cannot pinpoint the location that it prints out whenever I connect.04:57
Gallomimiai don't even know how to mount images in linux :/04:57
cfhowlettGallomimia, I think the recover link addresses this04:57
cfhowlettGallomimia, wait 104:57
cfhowlettGallomimia, http://www.ehow.com/how_4924091_clone-hard-drive-linux.html05:02
Jordan_UGallomimia: What type of files are on this drive? Is preserving file attributes important? You can always use "sudo" along with cp or rsync for copying the files.05:06
Jordan_UGallomimia: (But for backing up something like an OSX installation making a simple file copy would lose important file attributes)05:07
GallomimiaJordan_U: mostly larger data files. movies, stuff like that. file attributes are irrelevant05:13
Gallomimiait's not an installation, it's my external drive. cold storage05:14
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astropirateI am trying to create a new Windows 7 virtual box VM on my Ubuntu Host machine, but it seems like the VM isn't able to detect my virtual SATA disk image. Any ideas on what is going on?05:17
cfhowlettastropirate, #vbox would know05:18
jebakiahh it's a wonderful day05:19
Gallomimiaaye, we had snow here. snow on top of sheer ice. slippery... i fell once05:23
kgjdis there a way to back up my ubuntu apps and laod them on Kali?05:24
kgjdload them on debian*05:24
cfhowlettkgjd, kali and linux are not supported here05:25
kgjdyou guys told me to try a bunch of backup apps a long time05:25
kgjdand Im just wndering if any backup apps are compatible with debian aswell05:25
Gallomimiathey're the same apps usually. command line ones anyway05:26
cfhowlettkgjd, again: debian not supported here. ask the debian channel for advice about debian05:26
kgjdits an ubuntu question05:26
kgjddo you remember seeing ubuntu in the first line I sent?05:26
kgjdI understand your blind and all05:26
cfhowlettwe can not help yuload anything on kale05:27
kgjdbut save some stupidity for someone else05:27
kgjdno one uses ubuntu their entire life05:27
kgjdam i wrong05:27
kgjdeveryone probably thinks I got helped already now because of your trolling behavior05:28
Gallomimiahey dude. chill out.05:29
Gallomimiaare you trying to run backup apps? or do you want to run ubuntu apps on a different distro?05:29
kgjdIf I were an admin I would banned for you trying hard to be 4chan05:29
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:29
Gallomimiaforget that i tried to help you then.05:29
=== earl_ is now known as earl09
kgjdapps are saveda  complete different way in debian from ubuntu05:30
kgjdam i right05:30
cfhowlett!language | kgjd these are the guidelines.  They apply to everyone.  Even you.05:30
ubottukgjd these are the guidelines.  They apply to everyone.  Even you.: The main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList05:30
kgjdor is it just repos05:30
kgjdthere used to be a day when freenode, had free information05:31
Gallomimiadepends on the app usually05:31
Gallomimiai'm quite disappointed with the spread out nature of where everything get stored05:32
Gallomimiabut uh... i still can't quite figure out what you're trying to do. so maybe stop with the hostility and try explaining. all on one line not that mess you started with.05:33
Gallomimiai'm going afk now. gl05:33
ejmAnyone use Lenovo ideapad y700 series laptop?  I am using one with ubuntu, and can't get my Intel 8260 wireless going.  lspci sees it.  Is there a link to get it working?05:33
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:34
Gallomimiathere's a few tips there. but probably you need drivers.05:34
ejmnow give a me a guide to get aleks working.  freaking windows only web learning garbage05:34
ejmnice that linux uses the winkey for something now.05:35
raxrbI am trying to use the find command to find file beginning with some capital aplhabet, I tried find ../etc/ -regex '^[A-Z]+' -type f05:37
raxrbi am getting no result05:37
raxrbbut this directories contains file with name beginning with capital letters05:38
LambdaComplexraxrb: You don't need the +05:39
LambdaComplexraxrb: also, everything in /etc/ is gonna start with /etc/05:42
LambdaComplexalthough maybe find ignores that? i'm not sure05:44
LambdaComplexokay, the man page says it's a match on the  whole path, not a search05:46
kgjdI never insulted anyone05:48
kgjdyou are the ones trying to obsessively keep me trapped with system d forever05:48
kgjdwho do you think you guys are, buffalo bob?05:49
kgjdIve had my ideas implemented here before in Ubuntu apps and this is how I get treated05:49
kgjdyou guys need some respect05:49
Jordan_Ukgjd: This line of discussion is not very productive. Please drop it.05:52
kgjdyou guys said you were using my backup ideas before in apps you were designing05:54
kgjdand now Im getting insulted?05:54
kgjdif this were reall life I would break your face, cheekbone and all05:55
cfhowlettkgjd, your attitdue is demotivating.05:55
LambdaComplexraxrb: Huh, I can't even get that regex to work. As far as I know, '^\/etc\/[A-Z].*' should do it, but it's not working05:55
cfhowlett!ops | kgjd threats05:55
ubottukgjd threats: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang05:55
LambdaComplexraxrb: And regex101.com seems to agree with me05:55
kgjdi am undefeated in hand to hand combat05:55
Jordan_Ukgjd: Please join #ubuntu-ops if you wish to discuss your ban.05:55
kgjdalso I just got out of county jail05:56
raxrbLambdaComplex:  I tried using find ../etc/ -regex '.*[A-Z]+ '05:56
raxrbit should mean, all those paths which have atleast one capital character05:56
Jordan_Uraxrb: And end with a ' ' character.05:57
raxrbbut I am results, which don't have capital character in their path05:57
raxrbLambdaComplex:  I tried using find ../etc/ -regex '.*[A-Z]+'05:57
LambdaComplexEh, try piping it to grep. That seems to be working for me.05:57
raxrbJordan_U: there is no ' '05:58
StmeterHow can I remove the 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH is' whenever I SSH into my box? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14991549/ I've checked my sshrc, bashrc and I cannot pinpoint the location that it prints out whenever I connect.05:58
LambdaComplexSo like `find ../etc/ 2>- | grep '.*[A-Z].*'`05:58
raxrbLambdaComplex: but what's wrong with this05:58
Jordan_Uraxrb: There was in your message immediately preceding mine, but I now see that was just a typo.05:58
LambdaComplexraxrb: Honestly? It seems to me like the `find` command's -regex option is really weird05:58
LambdaComplexI'm not getting the expected behavior from it either05:59
LambdaComplexSo I'd just say pipe it to grep05:59
raxrbin the above command what is the use od 2>-05:59
LambdaComplexGets red of stderr05:59
LambdaComplexI normally use it with find so I don't have to deal with permission errors :P06:00
homa_hi my friends06:00
LambdaComplexI'm like "Yeah, I know I'm not running as root, you don't have to tell me I don't have permission to look in places"06:00
raxrbgrep uses regualr expression or globsa06:00
LambdaComplexIs that a question or a statement?06:01
Jordan_Uraxrb: You've posted many variations, all with different mistakes. Please post a version of what you think should work and the results you get, being careful not to make any typos.06:01
raxrbfind ../etc -regex  '.*[A-Z]+'06:02
raxrbI want to find all those path expression which have atleast one cap letter06:02
raxrbin it06:03
LambdaComplexThat's not the regular expression you want06:03
Jordan_Uraxrb: That will find files in /etc/ that *end* with one or more capital letter.06:03
SonuI am on client server connected using ssh06:04
Sonui want to know how to copy file from my local machine to client server06:04
LambdaComplexSonu: probably using scp, unless you wanna use rsync06:05
=== wahyu is now known as anggini
LambdaComplexalso, what's a "client server?"06:05
SonuLambdaComplex, scp is not working06:05
SonuLambdaComplex, client's server ?06:05
LambdaComplexSo, a server belonging to a client? Works for me06:06
LambdaComplexPerhaps your original question should have been "Why is scp not working?" though06:06
LambdaComplexIncluding an error message, of course06:06
LambdaComplexAnd the exact command you ran06:06
SonuLambdaComplex, client server:~#scp sl-004@sl-004:/path of file on my machine  /path on server to copy file06:08
SonuLambdaComplex, getting this error: "ssh: Could not resolve hostname sl-004: Name or service not known"06:09
Jordan_USonu: Please post the exact command you ran, and its complete output. If the file names are really secret then run a test with non secret filenames so that you can give us exact output.06:10
Jordan_U!pastebin | Sonu06:10
ubottuSonu: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:10
SonuLambdaComplex, here is  exactly what i am trying "root@forums-staging2:~# scp sl-004@sl-004:/home/sl-004/Downloads/test.php  /var/www"06:13
Sonui am hitting this command with correct file name this is the correct that i have written above06:14
Jordan_USonu: That will attempt to copy "/home/sl-004/Downloads/test.php" from the host "sl-004@sl-004" to the machine from which you are running scp. Is that what you intend?06:14
SonuJordan_U," /home/sl-004/Downloads/test.php" this is my local machine path06:15
Jordan_USonu: Then your command is incorrect. Let's start by getting some things clarified. Lets use "local" to mean the machine you're sitting at and "remote" for the client's machine for now, no matter which you're running commands from.06:17
Jordan_USonu: I assume that you want to copy /home/sl-004/Downloads/test.php from your local machine to /var/www/ on the remote machine. Is that correct?06:18
Sonufirst one is my machine and second path is remote machine06:18
Jordan_USonu: And is the shell you're running scp from running on the local machine or the remote machine?06:19
Jordan_USonu: That was not a yes or no question.06:20
Jordan_USonu: Is "forums-staging2" the hostname of the local machine or of the remote machine?06:20
Sonuremote machine06:21
Sonuremote machine host name06:21
Sonuright now, i am at the root directory of remote connection.06:22
Jordan_USonu: OK. Then it looks like from what you posted earlier you're trying to run scp from within your ssh session. This is probably not a good idea as it will likely confuse you, and initiating a connection in the other direction may not be possible (due to NAT/firewall) anyway.06:22
Sonuright now, i am at the root directory of remote connection(client_server)06:22
Jordan_USonu: You should open a new terminal on your local machine and run scp from there.06:22
Sonuokay with remote host ?06:23
Jordan_USonu: I don't understand your question, could you please rephrase it?06:23
LambdaComplexSonu: What Jordan_U is saying is that you should run scp from your local machine _without_ being sshed into the client's machine06:24
Sonuokay LambdaComplex06:24
SonuJordan_U, this is example command that i got from internet "scp /home/rob/pictures/donuts/half-eaten.jpg rob@server3:/home/mywebsite.com/public_html/images/"06:25
LambdaComplexAnd actually, I don't even think we've addressed your original problem06:26
LambdaComplexWhich is that scp doesn't know the ip address you're trying to use06:26
Sonui have to run this command from my local machine and have to put username@host: in above command06:27
LambdaComplexUse the ip address, not the hostname06:27
Jordan_ULambdaComplex: My guess is that Sonu's local machine isn't even accessible from the internet, but is instead probably behind NAT at their house.06:27
LambdaComplexJordan_U: Well, that is possible too. But his original command had `sl-004@sl-004` and I doubt that he has that hostname defined in his hosts file06:28
Jordan_ULambdaComplex: I'm almost certain that's the hostname of their local machine, which of course is not available via public DNS. We know that initiating the connection from the local machine works, and have multiple indications that the reverse will fail, so I think we should just stick to connecting from local to remote rather than visa-versa.06:31
Sonuwait let me explain the whole thing..06:31
Sonui have created public key then i have connected with client's server using terminal.06:31
SonuNow i have to copy some files from my local machine to client's server.06:31
Sonui am hitting this copy command from client's server. Now i am back to my local machine.06:32
SonuNow what you are saying i have to hit this copy command from my local machine path not the client's server. Is that right ?06:33
LambdaComplexWhat we're saying is that you do not need to connect to the client's server with the ssh command prior to copying files with the scp command06:34
LambdaComplexSo, if I'm understanding you correctly, then yes, you're right06:34
=== bq_____ is now known as rrr
SonuLambdaComplex, i am trying but it says Permission denied (publickey).06:39
StmeterSonu: It is possible your SSH keys on the box may not have the proper permissions. Double check the permissions and check that they key is the correct one. If you're still having issues, try connecting to SSH using verbose mode to find a more detailed error.06:43
SergioEDuran1Hi there06:45
cfhowlettSergioEDuran1, this is technical support.  ask your ubuntu question.06:45
barryHow to list groups that a user belong to?06:46
SergioEDuran1why the indicators' drop downmenus beheaes so strangely when the panel is at the buttom?06:46
barryA user can be in multiple groups right?06:46
cfhowlettbarry, group username06:47
cfhowlettbarry, groups username06:47
Jordan_USonu: What is the exact ssh command you used (since that worked)? What is the exact scp command you used?06:48
barrycfhowlett: How about list of users under specific group?06:48
barrycfhowlett: Thanks btw06:48
SergioEDuran1I am using an non Unity DE with the indicators and for example the sound indicator's menu when I start playing some song (when the dropdown menu should be expanded to show the cover art) instead of grow it keeps the size and adds an up arrow at the top and an down arrow at the buttom of the  menu06:49
SergioEDuran1this is anoying06:50
Sonuwell i am on my local machine "sl-004:~$ scp /path to my file  clientusername@hostname:/path to copy file on client side"06:50
SergioEDuran1I need to put the panel in the top, open the menu and them put it down again to get the menu at the correct size06:51
StmeterHow can I remove a login-hook that I can't find in my rc config files? All it says is: "LD_LIBRARY_PATH is" every time I connect with SSH.06:51
SergioEDuran1anybody had the same issue?06:52
cfhowlettbarry, gotent group groupname06:53
cfhowlettbarry, grep ^groupname /etc/group           also06:56
SeveasStmeter: bash -x .bashrc06:57
Seveasthat may give you a hint as to where that happens06:57
=== Tronsha is now known as [UPA]Stefan
StmeterSeveas, there is about 1000 lines outputted, anything that can narrow it? Looking roughly at it I don't see anything that has any relation to " LD_LIBRARY_PATH "07:02
SeveasStmeter: pity. Time for even more debug info: bash -l -x07:02
Jordan_UStmeter: Run busybox sh instead of bash from ssh.07:03
SeveasJordan_U: how the hell is that going to help him find where his bashrc outputs LD_LIBRARY_PATH?07:03
omerd34hello, i have a reproducible small bug. when i install Synaptic it doesnt launch from the menu (Gnome)07:04
barrycfhowlett, work like charm. TQ07:04
omerd34only from terminal07:05
cfhowlettbarry, happy2help!07:05
omerd34i tried a few google solutions, didn't work so far..07:05
Jordan_USeveas: I'm not convinced that it's in their bashrc and it will let them run a shell where it's easier to find more information. I was under the impression that there is no local access to this machine and that loging in via ssh (using bash by default) fails completely.07:05
omerd34does anyone have any idea how to get the link to work?07:06
Jordan_USeveas: (And busybox is a statically built binary)07:06
StmeterJordan_U, I have full command line access. Nothing is failing. Seveas, that command found it, I'm attempting to narrow down the exact location. Thank you.07:07
SeveasStmeter: that'll probably be somewhere in /etc/profile, /etc/profile.d or /etc/bash* then :)07:08
SergioEDuran1do you know how to solve this issue with the indicators and the panels in the buttnon?07:08
Seveasotherwise the bash -x .bashrc would have found it.07:08
SergioEDuran1I am using Zorin desktop on a vanilla Uuntu07:08
cfhowlettSergioEDuran1, zorin is not supported here in any way07:08
StmeterSeveas: /etc/profile it was. Wondering how it got there....07:09
SergioEDuran1cfhowlett but it uses the Unity's indicators07:09
SeveasStmeter: probably the bug gnats. They rifle through your files at night and leave droppings :)07:10
Jordan_UStmeter: What was the exact line?07:10
SergioEDuran1this issue also occuts in other DEs like MATE (wich I tried)07:10
StmeterJordan_U: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14992015/07:10
SergioEDuran1what can I do to solve this issue with the indicators' size and button panels?07:10
cfhowlettSergioEDuran1, for assistance with zorin, go to zorin.  for assistance with ubuntu, install ubuntu.07:11
SergioEDuran1it is VANILLA UBUNTU07:11
SergioEDuran1also in the zorin IRC there are only 7 users07:11
cfhowlettSergioEDuran1, if have zorin, it is NOT vanilla ubuntu because zorin is not ubuntu.07:12
SergioEDuran1I am not using Zorin07:12
Seveas[08:08] < SergioEDura> | I am using Zorin desktop on a vanilla Uuntu07:12
SergioEDuran1I am only using a custom desktop07:12
Seveasthen it's not vanilla ubuntu.07:12
cfhowlett<SergioEDuran1> I am using Zorin desktop on a vanilla Uuntu07:12
cfhowlettand that desktop is not supported here.07:12
SergioEDuran1the Unity indicators are from Ubuntu07:13
SergioEDuran1and Unity is supported here07:13
Jordan_USergioEDuran1: And your problem is related to the desktop environment. Even the problem with MATE could be caused by the packages you installed to get Zorin.07:13
SeveasSergioEDuran1: "doctor it hurts if I replace my arm with a broomstick", "well don't do that then"07:13
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ak_help me i have sony 4 gb pendrive when i connect it in ubantu it shows unable to mount operation still pending and in windows all data are shown but unable to move or copy07:46
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ak_lease help me07:48
Jordan_Uak_: Please pastebin the output of "sudo blkid" and "dmesg".07:48
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Dynetrekk1hi, how do I install a .deb file? apt-get install doesn't understand it.08:00
=== bestucan1 is now known as bestucan
Jordan_UDynetrekk1: What are you actually trying to install?08:03
baizonDynetrekk1: sudo dpkg -i <file>.deb08:09
KjartanHow can I set group/pairwise in network-manager? I cannot find a setting for it.08:11
=== mosene is now known as Guest46425
Dynetrekk1Jordan_U: TeamVeiwer08:13
Dynetrekk1baizon: thanks!08:13
lotuspsychjegood morning to all08:18
p00thow do you disable gglobal history in elinkls08:27
lotuspsychjep00t: elinks text browser?08:30
lotuspsychjep00t: 2.7.6: http://elinks.or.cz/documentation/manual.html08:30
p00tI read the manual. I could find anything in elinks.conf08:31
lotuspsychjep00t: you can try the #elinks channel also08:32
p00tNo help over there08:33
lotuspsychjep00t: i think you need set values in the conf file08:37
lotuspsychjep00t: like this: http://elinks.or.cz/documentation/manpages/elinks.conf.5.html08:38
p00tlotuspsychje: Cool, thanks.08:39
lotuspsychjep00t: think what you need will be: document.history.global.enable 008:39
p00tyeah, so, set document.history.global.enable 0 ?08:40
GerowenAnybody know why OpenShot would leave empty space at the end of a timeline when you trim a video?  Screenshot: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6017319/Screenshots/openshot-leftoverspace.png08:41
GerowenBasically I had 30 seconds of black after the actual end of my video in the rendered product.08:41
optimistic7how can i format the harddisk from bios?08:46
optimistic7how can i format the harddisk from bios?08:47
Gerowenoptimistic7: I don't believe that's possible.  A computer's BIOS is generally just some very basic settings and a set of instructions to help other software, like your operating system, communicate with the hardware.08:49
Gerowenoptimistic7: It would of course depend on the computer.  I would assume "some" of them have an option to wipe or format a drive, like mobile devices can "wipe" their storage and restore a factory default image, etc.08:49
optimistic7actually i broke my system, and i want to format my harddisk. I can't boot into my os. i have no option to delete my data?08:52
optimistic7how to fix it?08:52
GerowenJust use something like GParted Live.  Put it on a thumb drive or burn it to a CD and boot from that.08:52
GerowenIt is basically a minimalist Linux Live CD that runs in RAM and lets you create and delete partitions, reformat drives, etc.08:53
Sailor10120hi guys, I have little problem with my Ubuntu. when I start PC, take a long time to boot. after few sec. I can see login screen, but it's jammed, After some time (about 30s) automatically started working normally and I can log in.... un ubuntu gnome I have same problem but i have to wait not just for a login screen, but also after log in, to normal desktop...08:53
optimistic7but how can i delete my old data, actually it is windows xp data?08:54
GerowenYou could even use the Ubuntu installer if you have one.  Just boot the Ubuntu disc and when it has the options to "Try" or "Install" just click "Try" and when you get to the desktop, just click on the menu and open the "Disks" program and you can use that to do the same thing.08:54
lukesoftHie guys, How do i recieve http posts in a wordpress plugin08:54
GerowenWhen you delete a partition the data is effectively deleted.  If you're really paranoid about it, I believe GParted has an option to overwrite blank space with zeroes, but don't quote me on that, I haven't used it in a while.08:55
GerowenWhen you delete a partition and create a new one in its place, when you mount it, it will be empty.08:55
optimistic7Thanx <Gerowen>08:55
Ant1xHello. Is anyone interesting to build a new Revolutionary DE together ???08:57
Ant1xIf anyone is interesting plz send PM08:57
lotuspsychjeAnt1x: not the right channel for this08:59
lukesoftHello guys, Any plugin developers who know how i can recieve http posts directly to my plugin09:00
Ant1xCan you suggest a channel plz?09:00
Sailor10120hi guys, I have little problem with my Ubuntu. when I start PC, take a long time to boot. after few sec. I can see login screen, but it's jammed, After some time (about 30s) automatically started working normally and I can log in.... un ubuntu gnome I have same problem but i have to wait not just for a login screen, but also after log in, to normal desktop...09:00
lotuspsychjeAnt1x: maybe in ##linux?09:01
lotuspsychje!alis | Ant1x09:01
ubottuAnt1x: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http09:01
Ant1xThank you guys ;)09:02
=== Ant1x is now known as margsot
Mathisenhello what do you recomend to use as vul scanner for a home server to test security ? Nessus Or OpenVAS ? or is there any other ?09:16
bazhang!info nessus09:17
ubottuPackage nessus does not exist in wily09:17
bazhangMathisen, try ##security for that09:17
Mathiseni did they did not seem to want to give me a answer09:17
bazhangMathisen, thats such a broad topic, not really an ubuntu support issue09:18
bazhang!info openvas09:18
ubottuPackage openvas does not exist in wily09:18
tink3rb3llI just had a fresh Ubuntu 15.04 installation. I made 4 partitions and I didn't auto mount them while installation. Therefore, I'm unable to copy and paste data into those drives. I'm suspecting that they've become read-only. How can I fix it?09:18
Mathiseni was just after asking for some recomdations09:18
bazhangMathisen, poll in the offtopic channel please09:19
hanasakihow do you setup gdm and kdm to allow remote chooser over the network09:22
EightynineHi. I'm using Ubuntu 15.10 and from yesterday it's unable to start. It says that it couldn't start lightdm and "A Start Job is Running for Wait Plymouth to Quit"09:24
Jordan_UEightynine: How long have you waited for?09:26
EightynineWhen I saw it first I waited for 1:30 and the second time it was more then 2 minutes.09:26
KartagisI'm on kernel 3.16. I'm trying to remove some leftover kernels and it wants to install 3.13. why?09:29
EightynineAs I thought it's greeter problem. I booted LiveCD, opened lightdm's log http://pastebin.com/n9kxs1p009:29
Kartagisgood morning by the way09:29
EightynineGood morning.09:30
Jordan_UEightynine: It's possible that it will time out eventually, I would wait at least 10 minutes, and before pulling the plug use sysrq magic. Are you able to log in via another tty when this happens?09:30
Jordan_U!sysrq | Eightynine09:30
ubottuEightynine: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key09:30
EightynineI tried to login to tty, input some commands I found in Google and it doesn't react09:30
azizLIGHTwhats something i can run to force the gpu to get hot and run the fan09:31
Jordan_UEightynine: What is the most recent error message from "journalctl"?09:31
EightynineCan I reinstall lightdm from tty and disable Plymouth?09:31
Eightyninecannot determine display-device09:32
Jordan_UazizLIGHT: 30 instances of glxgears maybe? Why?09:35
Jordan_UEightynine: "systemctl status plymouth"?09:37
azizLIGHTJordan_U: how do i do this fast besides typing it in 30 times09:37
EightynineI can't do that, I'm in Linux Mint LiveCD, which has Upstart and systemd is not activated.09:38
Jordan_UazizLIGHT: First, make sure that sysrq is enabled and you don't have anything important open in case this locks up your machine.09:38
azizLIGHTJordan_U: seems like its using my cpu more than gpu09:40
Jordan_UazizLIGHT: while read; do glxgears &; done09:40
Jordan_UazizLIGHT: Are you sure that you have accelerated drivers installed?09:41
* enyc wonders who can't label 14.10 correctly on http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/09:41
* enyc wonders who to report bug about old-releases.ubuntu.com to =)09:41
azizLIGHTJordan_U: i have the ppa with the nvidia drivers on09:41
azizLIGHTJordan_U: im looking, it looks like its using both cpu and gpu at 100%09:42
azizLIGHTso ill wait till temperature rises now09:42
DJonesenyc: I'd be tempted to mention that in #ubuntu-website09:42
DJonesenyc: Or maybe #ubuntu-devel (I think)09:43
EightynineGRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true should I change it to false?09:45
Jordan_UEightynine: Do you want a countdown when grub is waiting but the menu is hidden?09:46
EightynineYes, I've read that if you press E in menu you can go to recovery, but I have no that menu.09:47
Jordan_UEightynine: BIOS or UEFI?09:48
Jordan_UEightynine: Hold shift during boot to see the grub menu.09:49
EightynineThanks. Which greeter should I install to make lighdm to work?09:49
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Jordan_UEightynine: I would first try switching from lightdm to gdm.09:51
jabot_i seem to be unable to reach ports.ubuntu.com via ipv609:52
jabot_is anyone here able to fix this, or does anyone know where i should go with this problem?09:52
EightynineYou mean gdm?09:53
EightynineSorry, I read incorrect first.09:54
EightynineI removed Cinnamon and lightdm from chroot and now I can't install ubuntu-gnome-desktop10:00
truedonHow can i configure ufw firewall so that everything is blocked unless connecting via a vpn that runs on the same machine as the uff?10:04
=== root is now known as Guest72214
overbostI need help to configure Cups10:09
overbostSomeone can help me?10:10
EightynineSo, after removing lightdm and Cinnamon from chroot, I typed exit and then restarted my PC holding Shift. It took me to tty. I typed sudo apt-get install ubuntu-gnome-desktop and then sudo systemctl start gdm and then logined to my system. It's working but there's no icons.10:11
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giljecan anyone answer a quick vim question?10:17
=== venkat_331 is now known as venkat_330
SEGELBERTjust ask10:19
EightynineWhy there's no icons in menu in Gnome?10:20
lotuspsychjegilje: try #vim10:26
KjartanHow can I set group/pairwise in network-manager? I cannot find a setting for it.10:26
supercatsHello, everybody!10:55
supercatsHow do I download the software center?10:59
volker__hallo zusammen,spricht jemand deutsch hier?10:59
cfhowlett!de | volker__10:59
ubottuvolker__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:59
volker__ok,super,vielen Dank10:59
cfhowlettsupercats, ubuntu software center is standard in ubuntu.  no need to download it10:59
supercats!lt | supercats10:59
ubottusupercats, please see my private message10:59
supercatssfhowlett: not on MATE11:00
cfhowlettsupercats, so I see.  since it was officially removed perhaps best it remain gone?11:02
supercatscfhowlett: So I should move to Unity for a solitaire game. K.11:02
cfhowlett!test | ten11:07
ubottuten: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...11:07
tenhow do you see a list of ppl in the chat room (using Empathy)11:08
hateballsupercats: What is the game you want to install? You can do it using the commandline11:09
supercatshateball: AisleRiot...11:09
hateballsupercats: "sudo apt-get install aisleriot" in a terminal11:10
EightynineI can't switch keyboard layout. I setted it to Ctrl-Shift but when I press these buttons or changing in panel I can write only in English.11:11
hateballsupercats: and if you want to install the ubuntu software center it is "sudo apt-get install software-center"11:11
cfhowlettif you must ...11:11
supercatshateball: E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)11:11
supercatsE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?11:11
cfhowlett!aptlock | supercats11:12
ubottusupercats: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »11:12
ChrisWarrickIs Ubuntu 15.10 available as an official Vagrant image?11:12
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supercatsMy Firefox keeps crashing on every goddamn link opened...11:20
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
supercatshateball, ty11:25
homahi my friends11:48
tim0148hey guys11:48
Guest86612What IRC client comes with Ubuntu?11:51
Guest86612I am using xchat11:51
cfhowlettGuest86612, replace xchat with hexchat.11:51
iperci am using hexchat11:51
Guest86612But is Hexchat hard to use>11:52
k1lGuest86612: its the "new" hexchat11:52
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AlexPortableWhat is good software to create a map with photo's I made on a certain location and date?11:58
AlexPortableSo I can click on the map and see where I traveled each day11:58
cfhowlettAlexPortable, google aps11:58
AlexPortablesomething offline preferably11:58
hateballAlexPortable: https://www.digikam.org/ is nice11:59
hateballIt's in the repos, just an apt-get install away11:59
aiunlhello, test 12312:00
cosec_i might give it a swing12:00
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prometeusHi anyone can tell me where the conky program is saved, i mean the route12:03
AlexPortablehow do I add location to that hateball ?12:04
llutzprometeus: type "type conky" into a terminal12:04
prometeusI did, but i can't find the file to change it12:05
llutzprometeus: most likely /usr/bin/conky12:05
hateballAlexPortable: oh create a map, wow I really missed that part of your question12:05
AlexPortableno problem :)12:05
AlexPortablethe photo's contain no gps exif dat12:05
hateballAlexPortable: Well you can tag photos if they dont have exif data12:05
AlexPortablebut i know where i made them12:05
hateballdunno about making a map from it tho... not got digikam on my work machine so I cant look12:06
EightynineXChat is discontinied product and HexChat is it's fork. HexChat is not handy when it comes to copy-paste and Pidgin is buggy.12:06
prometeusgotcha conky is already running, but the folder (conky) is not on my personal folder12:06
prometeusFound it! Thx12:08
Tin_manEightynine, whats wrong with the cut and paste?12:11
Tin_manwith hexchat you just mark your data, and it copies it automatically, don't have to right click12:11
VoidWhispererI have an issue - I have ubuntu 15.10 installed on my surface pro 3 and I've used the fix explained here http://askubuntu.com/questions/620726/ubuntu-on-surface-pro-3-or-linux-at-all - now when i go to mouse/touchpad settings, there is no way to set the mouse speed, which is way too fast be default12:12
VoidWhispererwhat should I do12:12
neohunte1hi there12:12
VoidWhispererthe only things there are the primary button setting and the doubleclick speed12:13
BlackVenomHey folks12:13
prometeusHi, anybody can tell me where the conky file is? I just run "atp-get install conky -y" but I can't find the folder or file conkyrc12:14
BlackVenomJust downloaded 14.04 LTS Server and every time I start the install process and it gets to the 'Select Language' screen it crashes?12:14
BlackVenomAny ideas why?12:14
BlackVenomprometeus, may be a spelling mistake but it's apt-get not atp-get12:15
prometeusok, ok, My mistake to spelling like that, it is "apt-get", also, is already running but i can't find that file12:16
Tin_mango in to terminal and type locate filename12:18
BlackVenomHave you tired https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpConky prometeus12:18
prometeusI'll do it12:20
prometeusFound it... thx for help12:21
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AlexPortableSEGELBERT: hello12:36
welovfreeHello guys12:38
welovfreewhat's the problem here http://prntscr.com/a0j7db and how can I solve it?12:38
ramonskiei have the weirdest issue i have ever encouterd.. when i enable my bluetooth headphones youtube videos & soundcloud songs stop playing.. if i disable it they work again12:38
ramonskiei mean won't play12:39
AlexPortableWhich software is similar to ms paint?12:40
=== vDream3r is now known as vDreamer
=== vDreamer is now known as vDream
cfhowlettalexbligh1, gimp krita12:41
cfhowlettactuall y mypaint12:41
AlexPortableIsn't krita way more advanced?12:44
lernersudo brctl show lists 2 virtual bridges (virbr) I want to get rid of, how do I do that?12:45
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Ben64welovfree: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade12:45
cfhowlettAlexPortable, very much. I suggest mypaint12:45
AlexPortablecfhowlett: well the interface is not really similar http://www.chip.de/ii/8/6/5/2/3/0/7/369beeb81da875f1.jpg12:58
cfhowlettyes - be design.12:59
cfhowlettsorry - BY design.13:00
AlexPortablewell I prefer something that has the same design13:01
cfhowletttake a look at Pencil, AlexPortable .  probably the "simplest" of the linux drawing tools.13:02
cfhowlettlibreoffice Draw is another option13:03
AlexPortablethats a gui prototyping tool13:03
AlexPortablei'm more looking into something to edit images a bit13:03
mothershipguys would you agree that LibreOffice is better than OpenOffice?13:04
cfhowlettmothership, yes.  more actively developed13:04
BluesKajHey folks13:05
AlexPortableWhat is good software to create a map with photo's I made on a certain location and date? So I can click on the map and see where I traveled each day13:06
cfhowlettAlexPortable, best bet: extract the exif information and see if you can inject it into open maps13:08
mothershipWhat is good "Windows photo viewer" alternative on Ubuntu?13:09
AlexPortablecfhowlett: well I would have to do that by hand then. Can I also make a path and photo's that are clickable with it?13:09
cfhowlettAlexPortable, "by hand"?? extracting exif is point and click ...13:10
AlexPortableno i mean the exif doesn't contains gps location13:10
AlexPortableso i would have to add that by hand13:11
BenamiHello all.13:11
BenamiI have a question. How easy is it to install GNU Cash into Ubuntu not through the software centre? (I'm at the library and I don't have internet at my ubuntu computer)13:12
hateballBenami: do you have any other machine with the same version of ubuntu, connected to the internet?13:13
cfhowlettAlexPortable, interesting problem!  I suggest you post this to /r/opensourcephotography and the G+ group.  I seem to recall this is doable but looking for the link13:14
cfhowlettAlexPortable, OK, darktable has a geotagging function which you can apply to a group of photos13:14
BenamiNo. I just have the one machine. The closest thing I have would be my Android phone lol13:15
BenamiIs it a difficult process?13:15
BenamiI've got the gnucash-2.6.11.tar.bz2 downloaded and saved onto my memory stick, but something tells me it's not going to be a process made simple lol13:16
hateballBenami: if you have your phone, cant you just tether the machine?13:16
AlexPortablecfhowlett: darktable is a program?13:16
cfhowlettAlexPortable, right.  I think you are looking at tagging in an external app then loading to the maps13:16
cfhowlettAlexPortable, yes, photo editing13:16
cfhowlett!darktable | AlexPortable13:16
BenamiWell this computer is old. You mean run the phone's internet through the computer? Can that be done via USB?13:16
AlexPortablewell the screenshot I sent you is from photoplace13:16
AlexPortablebut this only works with inserted GPS data into the photo13:17
cfhowlettAlexPortable, darktable doesn't care where the gps data comes from13:17
hateballBenami: if the phone supports USB tethering it should be pretty painless13:17
hateballBenami: if you have a working internet connection all you need to do is "sudo apt-get install gnucash"13:18
cfhowlettAlexPortable, I must still be missing something.  does photoplace NOT do what you want?13:18
BenamiTo be honest, I never really thought that was an option given the computer's age and general over complication lol I'll research it now.13:18
AlexPortablemaybe im the problem here not working out how it works13:18
hateballBenami: if you have the source (as you said) then you still need build-essential and all the dev files gnucash expects13:18
cfhowlettBenami, http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.jp/2010/06/howto-installing-ubuntu-packages.html13:18
hateballBenami: so... getting an internet connection on your laptop is probably least painful option13:19
hussain_Dears: any one help me how to remove public from URL in laravel???13:19
hussain_some one help me...!13:19
Benamilol thanks hateball, and Ill check that link out now cfhowlett13:19
hateballBenami: Perhaps your phone supports hotspot functionality, that's even easier than usb tether13:19
AlexPortablecfhowlett: There are no geotagged photos!, I cannot do anything!.  Load a GPX file or select a folder with geotagged photos.13:19
BenamiWell my computer doesn't have wifi13:19
hussain_Any one who worked as a laravel developer.13:19
cfhowlettAlexPortable, right, so you must 1.  tag with geolocation 2. load to map13:20
AlexPortablehow do i tag with geolocation?13:20
cfhowletthussain_, check your channel.  this is ubuntu support not laravel13:20
hateballBenami: ah, then you need usb tethering13:20
cfhowlettAlexPortable, as I said: darktable has that functionality13:20
hussain_Ok thank you.13:20
BenamiYeah ha :/13:20
AlexPortablecfhowlett well you said "does photoplace NOT do what you want?"13:20
nevedkohi all i need a help anybody help me with proxy ?13:24
winem_hi, is there any init script for ucarp available? it looks like just the binary itself is installed with apt-get install ucarp and you have to write your own run scripts to daemonize ucarp. anyone using ucarp?13:25
nevedkowhen i use windows.. no problem install proxy, when i use linux/ubuntu no problem.. but exist proxy server for my website in hosting ?13:28
cfhowlettAlexPortable, I looked through all the options in the ubuntu studio photography menu.  Processing the geolocation in darktable seems your best option for the first part of your task.13:28
nevedkofor example i have www.proxydomain.com and i need use www.proxydomain.com:port for any PC.. can i use it exist it ?13:29
Java_I'm resizing my main partition, how exactly do I do that? :)13:30
hateballJava_: liveboot, use gparted13:30
cfhowlettJava_, DO NOT edit the partition from the system you are booted into13:31
Java_hateball: Sounds good. If I'm gonna install Windows on that partition do I make the filesystem NTFS?13:31
Java_cfhowlett: Yeah definitely :O13:31
hateball!dualboot | Java_13:31
ubottuJava_: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:31
Java_Restoring the MBR seems like the only obstacle I have.13:32
Java_'Mount your root partition in the Live CD'13:33
AlexPortablecfhowlett: first part?13:33
cfhowlettAlexPortable, coding the images with location tags13:34
Java_and doesn't windows installer let you partition?13:34
AlexPortableJava_: why do you need mbr?13:34
Java_AlexPortable: I have no idea.13:34
kutu_hello everyone!  i was tring to compile `Maze of Glarious remake v0.63`.  I downloaded source from `http://www.g4g.it/2012/05/25/the-maze-of-galious-remake/`.  I also installed dependencies as indicated in `INSTALL` file in the downloaded source directory.  Now when i ran `make` in terminal in source directory, i got a bunch of errors.  Among them one was `undefined reference to `SDL_GetTicks'`.  i should not get this error as i've in13:40
kutu_stalled `libsdl1.2-dev` package (ubuntu ver.: trusty) and sdl_getticks is in the package.  can anyone help me?13:40
=== Guest46425 is now known as mosene
MarkusDB1Looking for a good tool that can show clicks (like adding a red box, when stuff is cliked), for doing screencasts. Any ideas?13:41
cfhowlettrecordmydesktop MarkusDB113:42
lotuspsychjeMarkusDB1: kazam can record too, but not sure about the clicks stuff13:42
PiciMarkusDB1: screenkey and key-mon seem to fit that description. I'm not sure if other screencast tools do it out of the box though.13:43
hateballThere's a compiz plugin that can give you feedback on clicks iirc13:44
=== mohammad is now known as linuxlove
MarkusDB1cfhowlett: lotuspsychje Pici hateball : Thanks all. I continue my research on the tools you suggested.13:44
cfhowletthappy2help! MarkusDB113:44
linuxlovei have problem with netbeans in ubuntu it cant open firefox13:45
hateballKDE has this mouse feedback functionality built in under accessibility13:45
hateballSo I would assume Unity has something similar13:45
lotuspsychjelinuxlove: did you install netbeans from repos?13:46
linuxlovelotuspsychje, no from a script netbeans.sh13:46
BlackVenomI have just mounted a new hard drive but when I try to 'cd' into the '/media/movies' I am told permission denied13:47
linuxlovelotuspsychje, what should i do?13:47
lotuspsychjelinuxlove: its recommended to use the version, specific for your ubuntu versions from repos13:47
BlackVenomHow do I gain access to it?13:48
lotuspsychjelinuxlove: try also the #netbeans channel13:48
rillehBlackVenom: How did you mount it?13:48
rillehWhat filesystem is it?13:48
BlackVenomhey rilleh13:48
BlackVenomIt's a HDD with existing data on it with the ext4 filesystem on it13:49
BlackVenomI manually mounted it with 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /media/movies13:50
rillehEasiest would be just to change permission on the files on it13:50
kutu_hello again.  i've installed `mazeofgalious` package.  But the game reports error: ERROR in Sound_create_sound(): Could not load sound file: (null)gamestart.(wav|ogg|mp3).  what should i do to solve this error?13:50
cfhowlettkutu_, ask the developer.13:51
kutu_thanks cfhowlett13:52
BlackVenomThis is what I thought rilleh13:52
LambdaComplexBlackVenom: Well, what's the permission of /media/movies?13:53
BlackVenomIf I do 'ls -l /media/movies' the owner = root and the group = users13:53
LambdaComplexCheck with `ls -l /media` and see if your user has read perms13:53
BlackVenomSo I added my user, simon to the users group and still can't gain access13:54
LambdaComplexWhat are the permissions?13:55
LambdaComplexOf /media/movies13:55
AlexPortablels -la /media/movies/13:55
LurkAshFlakegot a remote ubuntu server, I did init 6 and now i get connection refused... which channel should I ask at?13:55
LurkAshFlakeon how to reconnect13:56
BlackVenomdrwxrwx---+  34 root  users 20480 Feb  7 11:50 movies13:57
BlackVenom'/media/movies' = drwxrwx---+  34 root  users 20480 Feb  7 11:50 movies13:58
BlackVenom'/media' = drwxr-xr-x   4 root root  4096 Feb  8 13:13 media13:58
BlackVenomrilleh, AlexPortable, LambdaComplex see above :-)14:00
lernerto become root I "su -"?14:05
lotuspsychje!sudo | lerner14:05
rillehBlackVenom: That + sign in the end is worrying14:05
ubottulerner: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo14:05
rillehWhat does 'getfacl' say?14:05
BlackVenomjust install acl now rilleh14:07
rillehBlackVenom: http://www.golinuxhub.com/2013/12/what-is-plus-sign-in-permission-in-linux.html14:07
rillehMy guess is that it has something to do with ACL14:07
lernerhow do I cd to a directory as root?14:09
AlexPortablesudo lerner: ls -l directory14:10
AlexPortableerm: lerner: sudo ls -l directory14:10
BlackVenomrilleh, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14993301/14:12
rillehBlackVenom: You can also try to remount it with some more options14:15
BlackVenomrilleh, I can access this folder http://paste.ubuntu.com/14993323/14:16
rillehOr setfacl -d <path>14:16
rillehYeah, that looks better14:17
=== RaptorJesus_ is now known as RaptorJesus
lernerhow do I return to user from "sudo -s"?14:17
pbxlerner, ctrl-D will exit that shell14:18
BlackVenomHow do I remove the ACL permissions or is it a good idea to leave them and add the user simon their own acl permissions?14:19
lernerctrl+d did nothing. ctrl+shift+d did open the current tab in a new window14:19
hateballlerner: "exit"14:20
welovfree_I'm getting this when trying to install wine: http://prntscr.com/a0kh6u14:23
=== welovfree_ is now known as welovfree
GravHey, I tried using my tablet and now my mouse is all messed up and lags as hell. Any way to fix it, set as default?14:24
ikoniawelovfree: check the dependencies14:24
welovfreeikonia, how?14:24
ikoniawelovfree: it's listing them - manually install them and you'll get more info as to why they can't be installed14:24
ikoniaI suspect you're installing this from a PPA14:25
ikoniaand the PPA is either ill managed of conflicts14:25
ikoniawelovfree: you may also want to run apt-get install -f on it's own14:25
ikoniait looks like your prevsious chrome install caused some problems14:26
welovfreeikonia, now it's working, wine is being downloaded. Yeah that command worked14:26
welovfreeikonia, can you tell me what that command did? I mean apt-get install -f14:26
ikoniait finishes incomplete installs14:27
welovfreeikonia, what do you mean by finished? completes the installation of that package? or get rid of it since it didn't install correctly14:27
=== lm_ is now known as Guest32364
ikoniawelovfree: fixes whatever didn't complete in the installation14:29
barryapache2 from repo is 2.4.7 while the latest is 2.4.18, how can I install the most up to date one, 2.4.18?14:30
welovfreeikonia, Yeah! now the chrome-remote package is installed correctly right now! thank you14:30
tewardbarry: find a PPA that has it; though keep in mind that PPAs aren't a guarantee of security or trust14:33
teward!ppa > barry14:33
ubottubarry, please see my private message14:33
barryteward, i will take a look14:34
barryWhat apache version everyone is using?14:34
Java_Hey guys. I'm looking for a program that records part or all of my desktop, along with audio.14:34
barryJava_ Try OBS, its available for linux, mac and windows. https://obsproject.com/14:35
VoidWhispererI'm trying to connect to a windows share from my ubuntu machine via the files->connect to server option.. but when I fill out the login information for it, the 'password required' window comes back up with no title and everything grayed out except for the buttons14:37
Java_barry: Looks good.14:37
VoidWhispererhow can i fix  this and get access to my windows share on ubuntu? :/14:37
barryIm newbie. Does using packages from PPA on production machine is very risky?14:44
pbxbarry, depends on the PPA14:44
kk_dropis that possible that openvpn is not working from one location and works from another?14:48
=== penutgelo is now known as xboxplasma
peppino73Download from ubuntu repository is very slow. Is it normal?14:50
cfhowlettpeppino73, are you using a local mirror?14:50
cfhowlettit happens. try a different mirror14:51
peppino73cfhowlett ok, thanks14:52
cfhowlettkk_drop, of course.14:53
LurkAshFlakewhy does it say connection failed on my server since I "init 6" it?14:53
LurkAshFlakewhen i ssh to it14:54
ikoniainit 6 is legacy reboot14:54
ikoniaand "init 6" should not be used now with upstart14:54
LurkAshFlakewhich command should I use instead14:56
ikoniaLurkAshFlake: what are you trying to do14:57
LurkAshFlakeikonia: well now I can't do anything... But when it will be fix how should I reboot?14:58
LurkAshFlakeion refused14:59
LurkAshFlakeignore this15:00
DArqueBishopLurkAshFlake: from a command line? I usually use "shutdown -r now" or simply "reboot".15:03
LurkAshFlakeand now do I have a way to connect to the remote server?15:04
=== my-name is now known as kulyzu
LurkAshFlakeit's me15:04
al-fr30nlinux ar ?15:05
al-fr30nor im rong15:05
pbxal-fr30n, use more words to ask your qeustion15:05
LurkAshFlakehi rong i'm lurk15:07
kk_dropcfhowlett, but it can be because of intended vpn configuration, but can it be also by configuration of client?15:08
cfhowlettkk_drop, over my head. sorry15:08
al-fr30n May I have an unaffiliated cloak, please15:09
LurkAshFlakeask in #freenode15:10
tieinv HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.2.0-27-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "wily" 15.10 ** CPU: 4 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5557U CPU @ 3.10GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 801MHz ** RAM: Physical: 15.6GiB, 94.7% free ** Disk: Total: 689.4GiB, 63.9% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Broadwell-U Integrated Graphics ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel HDMI1: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection15:20
tieinv** Uptime: 2h 17m 31s **15:20
fastafarianclick download torrent 3 times http://burnbit.com/torrent/452564/Fatdog64_702_iso15:25
k1lfastafarian: this is #ubuntu  for the support of that OS please see their support15:26
BerndSanSorry guys, I have a question to the native speakers here: The drug "Haldol", do you pronounce it "Haldol" or more like "Heldol"?15:30
BerndSanOr "Heldoul"?15:30
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k1l!ot | BerndSan15:30
ubottuBerndSan: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:30
homahi my friends15:35
necrophcodralright, i have a huge issue with postfix and virtualmin. I've got a virtual and canonical mapping going, and I want to restrict sending email to ONLY be allowed from addresses in virtual/canonical db15:37
necrophcodrcurrently i've used smtpd_sender_restrictions = reject_unauth_pipelining permit_mynetworks permit_sasl_authenticated reject_unauth_destination reject_unlisted_sender reject_rbl_client cbl.abuseat.org reject_rbl_client zen.spamhaus.org reject_rbl_client bl.spamcop.net15:37
necrophcodrbut to no avail15:37
MonkeyDust!postfix | necrophcodr start here15:38
ubottunecrophcodr start here: postfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer15:38
necrophcodrMonkeyDust: already did, using a custom main.cf along with some other stuff, and virtualmin on top of that configuration for automatic updating the canonical and virtual db.15:39
MonkeyDustnecrophcodr  is that a sever? if yes, there's also #ubuntu-server15:40
helioopgot an odd chicken-egg problem with 14.04: users are centrally authenticated, so they need a network to log in, but they seem to be blocked form changing the wifi settings before they log in.... and if i set up the connection and save it so everyone can access it, i have to save it with a username, which they need to provide. can i somehow de-privilage the wifi settings?15:40
necrophcodrit is indeed. thanks, i'll have a look there as well.15:40
llutznecrophcodr: https://martingerdes.wordpress.com/2009/08/30/how-to-get-your-postfix-server-to-allow-only-certain-senders-to-mail-to-all-destinations/15:41
=== mint is now known as Guest73806
Guest73806I have a problem after last update no network15:42
Guest73806on ubuntu  using a mint dvd to access the internet right now15:42
k1lGuest73806: what gives you "lsb_release -d"?15:43
necrophcodrllutz: the issue is that requires manual updating, and, afaik, doesn't work with webmin/virtualmin. otherwise i'd happily use it just as well15:43
cfhowlett!webmin | necrophcodr15:43
ubottunecrophcodr: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.15:43
llutznecrophcodr: write a script to update sender_filter from virtual/canonical15:43
Guest73806I tried uninstalling and then install a later update but nothing seems to have worked what can i do to get network working again15:43
llutznecrophcodr: and yes, drop webmin :)15:43
necrophcodrcfhowlett: i'm glad to know, unfortunately it doesn't solve my issue15:44
necrophcodri'd happily drop it, but with a few thousand sites, it's not just out of the door15:44
Guest73806earlier update not later update15:44
Guest73806can someone help me?15:48
MonkeyDustGuest73806  wifi or cable?15:48
Guest73806it is cable15:49
OerHeksGuest73806, what ubuntu version?15:49
Guest73806I installed a 14.415:49
Guest73806I have had it running for years so it was laytest update15:50
OerHeksGuest73806, there are known issues with 14.04 + proposed updates > http://askubuntu.com/questions/727219/ubuntu-14-04all-current-updates-networking-stopped-working15:50
Guest73806my network just will not work wifi or lan15:50
Guest73806yeah that the one i installed but i cannot get it to uninstal and then instal a earlier one15:51
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
Guest73806I tried sudo but I did not know where to store the new file on my HD15:51
OerHeksnot sure how to fix that15:51
BluesKajmy 14.04 internet connection is fine , Guest73806, which wifi chip?15:52
Guest73806when I ran the script on term I guess i had the download in the wrong area for it to find it where should it be?15:52
BluesKajand ethernet'15:52
MonkeyDust14.04 here too, no problem15:52
Guest73806yeah I installed the proposed one that is the problem15:53
Guest73806all internet connections are down so I am stuck using a dvd install of mint right now to get online15:54
Guest73806thank Oerheks can someone else give me an aswer to where I should download my file for sudo to find it?15:56
* BluesKaj waits for an answer15:56
antoniocipolla!ciao a tutt15:56
ubottuantoniocipolla: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:56
ubottuantoniocipolla: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:56
OerHeksGuest73806, i wouldn't use mint dvd to fix this, if you run mint already, join the mint channels15:57
ubottuantoniocipolla: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:57
helioopso, can anyone help me with wifi settings on the login screen? i need to let anyone set up the network connection without having logged in first.15:58
Guest73806I am only using mint to get online15:59
=== [UPA]Stefan is now known as Tronsha
Guest73806is there no way to just go back with the network deb to a previous date?16:00
cfhowletthelioop, you trust your users that much?16:00
MonkeyDustGuest73806  use your backups16:01
Guest73806when I first start up?16:01
helioopThe users are centrally authenticated, they need to connect before they can log in.16:01
Guest73806i tried that  but it made no difference. like Ubuntu then a long line of previous installations is that the backups?16:02
helioopalso, we have puppet, if it gets bricked, no biggie.16:02
cfhowlettGuest73806, depends on how you set your backups16:03
Guest73806well I guess I never set up backups its linux why would I ? he thought stupidly.16:03
MonkeyDustGuest73806  now you know why16:04
Guest73806I did find a backup in the main desktop last week after i had screwed it all up if that is what you are refering to. to late now16:04
helioopthe fallback-fallback plan is to just set up a user on our domain for connecting to the wifi only, but I'm still kinda hoping theres a less terrible way.16:05
Felishiacan't install ubuntu16:05
Guest73806guys can someone alswer my simple question about Sudo I treid running it but it could not find the deb file where should I place the deb file so it finds it?16:05
Felishiathe computer would restart16:06
Felishiait actually asks me if I want to instal ubuntu try ubuntu or check disk16:06
lotuspsychje!details | Felishia16:06
ubottuFelishia: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)16:06
Felishiawhen I pick an option the computer shows a white screen and restarts16:06
lotuspsychjeFelishia: are you single boot installing ubuntu? uefi machine?16:07
Felishiawindows is already installed16:08
Felishiaand no, there's no uefi active as for now16:08
cfhowlettGuest73806, "it"?  how about on a USB16:08
Guest73806no usb will not run wifi either16:08
lotuspsychjeFelishia: are you gonna dualboot or singleboot ubuntu?16:08
cfhowlettGuest73806, false.16:09
Felishialotuspsychje, there's not even a moment in which it allows me to pick, I only choose install ubuntu and it restart16:09
Felishiaplus the same happens with debian16:09
Guest73806not sure I understand false?16:09
FelishiaI just tried16:09
k1lGuest73806: what is your native language?16:09
Felishiait says more, it says loading the kernel, and then boom, restart16:10
lotuspsychjeFelishia: lets try again...do you 'want' to install ubuntu single, or dualboot with windows?16:10
Felishialotuspsychje, single...16:10
Guest73806are you saying download the file and sudo will find it in the USB or were you saying use USB to get wifi running from a toggle?16:10
lotuspsychjeFelishia: ok good, you need to disable fastboot and secureboot before you install ubuntu on uefi machine16:11
k1lGuest73806: sudo is not the command16:11
k1lGuest73806: you still need to tell us some facts about the system.16:11
Guest73806in terminal you have to type sudo and then all the other parts of the script but it comes back saying cannot find the deb file I just need to know where it is looking for the file?16:12
k1lGuest73806: which script?16:12
BluesKaj!sudo | Guest7380616:12
ubottuGuest73806: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo16:12
Guest73806the one on the ubuntu help chat about this problem16:12
Felishialotuspsychje, I'm going to have dinner I'll be back, just saying there are no such options...16:13
k1lGuest73806: you are making no sense at all. and you refuse to give the helpers the informations they need tohelp you.16:13
lotuspsychje!uefi | Felishia16:13
ubottuFelishia: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI16:13
MonkeyDustGuest73806  what's the link to that script?16:13
cfhowlettGuest73806, specifics?16:13
BluesKajk1l, don't think he understands linux nomenclature and command context16:13
helioopanother question: does anyone know a "good" way to automatically mount cifs shares? having a credentials file is crazy sloppy(i shouldnt need to deal with anyones plaintext passwords. ever.), pam_mount has proven to be flakey and disconnects the shares for no apparant reason, relogging the machine every month kinda sucks.16:14
cfhowlettBluesKaj, yeah, kind of got that.16:14
BluesKajthink he means terminal responses to his commands16:14
Guest73806well its difficult to give specifics when you cannot got on the system while on the internet do you not think?16:14
MonkeyDustGuest73806  we need to know *something*16:15
InvoicerI have a fairly unique problem. when i stream music to my bluetooth speakers from my ubuntu laptop, my internet turns to crap16:15
cfhowlettGuest73806, and yet you are happily banging away at some script that you still haven't told us about.16:15
k1lGuest73806: you said you are online with that system booting a mint dvd right now16:15
Invoicerif i turn off bluetooth and stream stuff on youtube, i get speeds of 5 MB/s+ (i have a network indicator so i know this is correct)16:15
Invoicerbut with bluetooth on, while streaming to those speakers, i get like 20 KB/s16:16
cfhowlett!test | s1ck-sec,16:16
ubottus1ck-sec,: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3...16:16
Invoicerany debugging methods i can try to see what's exactly up with this?16:16
Guest73806Guest73806, there are known issues with 14.04 + proposed updates > http://askubuntu.com/questions/727219/ubuntu-14-04all-current-updates-networking-stopped-working16:16
Guest73806this is the problem16:16
Guest73806I ran the script and it came back saying it could not find the deb file16:17
cfhowlettGuest73806, of course not.  the instructions said boot and UBUNTU cdrom16:18
InvoicerGuest73806: which computer are you using?16:18
Guest73806the same one that has the problem16:18
InvoicerGuest73806: yes but which one? what's the model number?16:18
Guest73806its a home made pc all parts from Newegg16:19
InvoicerGuest73806: this is likely to happen if your computer's wifi drivers are not fully compatible with ubuntu (i have the same problem)16:19
Invoicerevery time i run an ubuntu update, i have to reinstall my wifi drivers16:19
Guest73806its been running for years now16:19
Guest73806until this update16:19
Guest73806they are not special drivers and I have lan16:19
InvoicerGuest73806: right. it's probably not the drivers then, but it won't harm if you just try installing them again anyway16:19
EriC^^Guest73806: use an older kernel16:20
Guest73806there are no drivers its ubuntu network16:20
Guest73806so if i try running it as a 16 bit deb file it should work16:20
ikonia16bit deb file ?16:21
ikoniaGuest73806: what's going on ?16:21
cfhowlett16 bit?!?16:21
Guest73806there are two deb files right 32 bit and 16bit16:21
Invoicer32 and 64 probably16:22
Guest73806ok sorry16:22
EriC^^you can double click them to install16:23
Guest73806 eric if you are talking to me about double click i did that but I guess the newer one overrides it as it says there is a newer one installed16:24
InvoicerI have a fairly unique problem. when i stream music to my bluetooth speakers from my ubuntu laptop, my internet turns to crap16:24
Invoicerif i turn off bluetooth and stream stuff on youtube, i get speeds of 5 MB/s+ (i have a network indicator so i know this is correct)16:24
Invoicerbut with bluetooth on, while streaming to those speakers, i get like 20 KB/s16:24
Invoicerany debugging methods i can try to see what's exactly up with this?16:24
cfhowlettGuest73806, try rebooting and select an old version16:24
EriC^^Guest73806: what exactly is the deb file?16:24
Guest73806I tried that reboot a 100 times16:25
EriC^^did you try an older kernel?16:25
Guest73806eric it is a long line of script libi gen 3.200( )
EriC^^Guest73806: which page were you following?16:27
WeiJunLiplease help with this dpkg issue https://dpaste.de/YcQS16:27
Guest73806yeah i did try and older kernal if that is what I assume comes up as you boot up into ( grub)?16:27
WeiJunLii did sudo dpkg --configure -a to generate that message16:27
EriC^^Guest73806: yeah it's under advanced > you choose an older kernel16:27
Guest73806Guest73806, there are known issues with 14.04 + proposed updates > http://askubuntu.com/questions/727219/ubuntu-14-04all-current-updates-networking-stopped-working16:27
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, what were you doing that triggered the error?16:28
Guest73806yeah i treid those but it still never let me online16:28
WeiJunLicfhowlett: sudo dpkg --configure -a16:28
Guest73806I did try an older kernal16:28
WeiJunLicfhowlett: I did remove rm -rf of an older python version to install a new on16:28
WeiJunLicfhowlett: can guess it was an horrible mistake16:29
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, yep16:29
WeiJunLicfhowlett: any hints to fix this?16:29
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, suggest you sudo apt-get autoremove then reinstall the python in the repos16:29
Eightyninehttp://pastebin.com/vajFsVCH what's wrong with this file? http://pastebin.com/srxMjqut16:29
WeiJunLicfhowlett: autoremove throwed the same errors though16:31
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, do this:  df -h | pastebinit16:33
=== bq is now known as Guest80103
EriC^^Guest73806: try lspci -k | grep -A2 Wireless and paste here16:33
WeiJunLicfhowlett: https://dpaste.de/gsik16:34
Guest73806Eric I appreciate your help will this work even though i am on the inter the only way i can with a dvd  of mint running on the pc with the problem?16:34
=== kb is now known as Guest45657
EriC^^Guest73806: you mean you're in a live session right now? not the installation?16:35
cfhowlettGuest45657, ask your ubuntu question16:35
Guest73806yeah just running off the mint dvd16:35
cfhowlettEriC^^, a live MINT sessoin16:35
Guest73806only way I can get online16:35
EriC^^cfhowlett: big deal16:36
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, you could try forcing it but ... risky16:36
EightyninePlease, help me.16:36
Guest73806so should i run that script in term?16:36
cfhowlettEightynine, I thought it was a typo, but I don't see anything on line 1 in error ...16:36
EriC^^Guest73806: the site you gave says that by manually entering the wireless stuff in /etc/network/interfaces they were able to connect, so it might not be a driver problem, it's a networkmanager problem or a wpa_supplicant problem most likely16:36
WeiJunLicfhowlett: :(16:36
Guest73806eric when network manager comes up the options click boxes seem to be grayed out so i cannot select the boxes16:37
Guest73806I knew it was a network problem it was someone else who kept saying it was a driver problem thanks16:38
EightynineMee to. This file has been generated for 14.04 and after upgrade to 15.10 my system turned off all unofficial repos, I edited links in settings (replaced trusty with willy), it didn't help, so I removed that file and generated it again (but for 15.10 this time) and it's not working.16:39
Guest45657where is turkish room ?16:39
Guest45657cihan eyw16:40
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, I simulated purging python.  reading lines 39 - 93 scared me away from even joking about it:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14994118/16:40
Guest73806if i could get the new none working network manager off and the correct on on i may have a chance of fixing other than that i may have to buy a new hd and get my files off and then reformat and reinstall ubuntu16:40
EriC^^Guest73806: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 9999 and paste the link here16:40
Guest45657hzr türk buldum sana bişey sorabilirmiyim16:40
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, you might try booting off a usb, chroot to your system then purging/reinstall python16:41
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=== away is now known as neng_guelis
gilje!tr | Guest4565716:43
ubottuGuest45657: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.16:43
Guest73806sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999916:43
EriC^^Guest73806: type it in a terminal16:44
Guest73806Model: ATA TOSHIBA DT01ACA1 (scsi)16:44
Guest73806Disk /dev/sda: 1000GB16:44
Guest73806Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B16:44
Guest73806Partition Table: msdos16:44
Guest73806Number  Start  End     Size   Type      File system  Flags16:44
Guest73806 1      106MB  500GB   500GB  primary   ntfs16:44
EightynineCan anybody give me original sources.list for 15.10?16:44
EriC^^Guest73806: type the whole line with termbin.com 9999 and it should give you a link, paste it here16:45
ioriaGuest73806 , i'd  suggest you to boot your ubuntu  installation and try  the last post of this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/1539634    , change the ips obviously16:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1539634 in network-manager (Ubuntu Trusty) "network-manager crashes when using libnl-3-200-3.21.1-1ubuntu1" [High,Fix committed]16:45
=== Guest45657 is now known as mrs4ndwich
cfhowlettEightynine, https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/index.php16:45
EightynineI used this link. Maybe I shouldn't add unofficial repos?16:46
Guest73806eric the straigh up line before  nc in your script i did know how to enter16:46
WeiJunLicfhowlett: Could not find platform independent libraries <prefix> Could not find platform dependent libraries <exec_prefix> Consider setting $PYTHONHOME to <prefix>[:<exec_prefix>]16:46
WeiJunLicfhowlett: any idea?16:46
cfhowlettEightynine, start with that idea16:46
EriC^^Guest73806: add to it | nc termbin.com 999916:46
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, you might try booting off a usb, chroot to your system then purging/reinstall python16:46
Guest73806eric what is the stright line?16:46
EriC^^it's above enter most of the time16:47
k1l|    << that is calles "pipe"16:47
EriC^^shift + \16:47
Guest73806| ok thanks16:47
EriC^^you've never given someone the finger online? :D16:47
=== anon is now known as Guest32150
Guest32150hey, whats up?16:47
Guest32150any idea why i cant send messages over on #linux?16:48
EightynineIt's stuck downloading list.16:48
cfhowlettGuest32150, because the correct channel is ##linux16:48
OerHeksGuest32150, what message did you get? need to register ?16:48
k1lGuest32150: you need to register, i suppose. the topic should tell you  how. for help with that ask in #freenode16:49
mrs4ndwichbeyler now that ubuntu why is very nice ?16:50
WeiJunLicfhowlett: not sure how to do that16:50
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, boot a USB??16:50
mrs4ndwichı little know engilish16:50
cfhowlett!cn | mrs4ndwich16:51
ubottumrs4ndwich: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:51
k1lmrs4ndwich: #ubuntu-tr like you were told several times now.16:51
mrs4ndwichbro ı from turkish16:51
mrs4ndwichı not chin16:51
Guest73806Model: ATA TOSHIBA DT01ACA1 (scsi)16:51
Guest73806Disk /dev/sda: 1000GB16:51
Guest73806Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B16:51
Guest73806Partition Table: msdos16:51
Guest73806Number  Start  End     Size   Type      File system  Flags16:51
Guest73806 1      106MB  500GB   500GB  primary   ntfs16:51
cfhowlettmrs4ndwich, type this:         /join #ubuntu-tr16:52
WeiJunLicfhowlett: chroot system, wen I boot a USB, the next step..16:52
EriC^^Guest73806: you can't paste it here, add | nc termbin.com 9999 to the command and it'll upload it for you and give you a link, or you can go to paste.ubuntu.com and paste it there16:52
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, sudo apt-get purge python16:52
EriC^^purge python?16:53
Guest73806I went to link? that was what It said?16:53
EriC^^what the..16:53
cfhowlettEriC^^, purge the only you don't need, install the one in the repos16:53
k1lGuest73806: show the link here16:53
StatutoryApeso what's up with Redis 3.0 being released nine months ago but the current stable package still builds 2.8?16:53
EriC^^cfhowlett: if he purges python it'll remove like 3/4 of the whole os16:54
cfhowlettEriC^^, he tried to jump to the latest python and fragged his system.  trying to get him back to life ...16:54
EriC^^cfhowlett: that'll definitely break it16:55
EriC^^no kidding..16:55
cfhowlettEriC^^, please advise then ...16:55
Guest73806I can boot into Ubuntu but I cannot get online16:55
naccStatutoryApe: xenial has 3.0.6, it looks like?16:55
EriC^^cfhowlett: maybe purge + install at the same time? use -s to see what'll happen first?16:55
naccStatutoryApe: and  3.0.716:55
WeiJunLiEriC^^: sudo apt-get purge python && sudo apt-get install python2.716:55
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, please restate your details.  EriC^^ is intrigued.16:56
WeiJunLiEriC^^: like that?16:56
EriC^^WeiJunLi: no, that's not what i meant16:56
EriC^^i mean you can do remove python python+ something like that16:56
EriC^^WeiJunLi: did you remove the ppa and run sudo apt-get update first so it see's the old one as the candidate?16:56
EriC^^Guest73806: type sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt16:57
WeiJunLiEriC^^: I have removed rm -rf /usr/local/python2.7 to install a new version16:57
WeiJunLiEriC^^: /dev/sda5 looks like swapspace - not mounted mount: you must specify the filesystem type16:57
EriC^^WeiJunLi: ok, then that's fine, that's a local install that you've installed nothing to do with dpkg or apt16:57
EriC^^WeiJunLi: it wasn't for you, meant it for Guest7380616:58
Guest73806nothing seemed to happen Eric?16:58
WeiJunLiEriC^^: i have deleted the python folder on /usr/bin16:58
EriC^^Guest73806: it's mounted, type cat /mnt/var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 999916:58
=== stibium is now known as stibium\away
EriC^^WeiJunLi: the python bin?16:59
WeiJunLiEriC^^: actually python interpreter is working and pip too16:59
EriC^^type apt-cache policy python , WeiJunLi16:59
EriC^^paste it in paste.ubuntu.com16:59
Guest73806it added /ovcr17:00
StatutoryApenacc: thx info17:00
WeiJunLiEriC^^: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14994303/17:00
EriC^^Guest73806: what?17:00
EriC^^oh ok17:00
cfhowlett!lucid | Guest7380617:00
ubottuGuest73806: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.17:00
Guest73806 cat /mnt/var/log/apt/history.log | nc termbin.com 999917:01
cfhowlettsorry Guest73806 not for you17:01
cfhowlett!lucid | WeiJunLi,17:01
ubottuWeiJunLi,: Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended May 9 2013. Server support ended on April 30 2015. See http://ubottu.com/y/lucid for more details.17:01
cfhowlettWeiJunLi, you have lucid and trusty in your sources???17:02
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, one of those libnl packages must have caused the problem17:02
Guest73806ok I think I see what is going on I am not on Lucid right?17:02
cfhowlettwe hope not ...17:02
EriC^^WeiJunLi: ok, the right python seems to be installed17:03
ubottuantonio_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».17:03
Guest73806thanks guys hope you are not getting pissed here appreciate your help17:03
EightynineI found that those problems are because there are some connection problems in my country (mobile and internet), so I generated list for USA and seems like it's working.17:04
cfhowlettGuest73806, nah.  we all start as linux babies ...17:04
cfhowlettEightynine, nice.17:04
EriC^^WeiJunLi: type ls -l /usr/bin/python17:04
Guest73806well I have been doing this for years but on my own so no teenagers to help me round the problems17:04
EriC^^WeiJunLi: what was the file you deleted from /usr/bin ?17:05
WeiJunLithis is what I get when I try to apt-get install w3af -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/14994347/17:05
WeiJunLiEriC^^: that command retrieves lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 9 Dec 21  2013 /usr/bin/python -> python2.717:05
EriC^^WeiJunLi: seems right17:07
WeiJunLiEriC^^: take alook into my paste17:07
WeiJunLiwhen trying to install w3af17:07
EriC^^it's a mess17:08
cfhowlettEightynine, 2 fixes: easy first then radical.17:10
EightynineSoftware updater is not working for some reason.17:10
cfhowlettthat was easy.  this is a bit more radical but it works:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14994369/17:10
Eightyninecommand not found17:11
homa_hi my friends17:11
gjunghow i change the serial baudrate?17:11
WeiJunLiEriC^^:  oh jesus no idea what do to :/17:12
llutzgjung: " man stty"17:12
EightynineIt didn't work for me.17:13
EriC^^Guest73806: type ls -l /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections | nc termbin.com 999917:13
cfhowlettEightynine, I gave you TWO methods ...17:13
EriC^^Guest73806: are you connected by wifi right now?17:15
WeiJunLiEriC^^: now when I type 'python' says no module named site17:15
Guest73806no lan17:15
WeiJunLiforget about the last one, is working again the python cmd17:15
EriC^^Guest73806: oh17:15
Tin_manGuest73806, do you have a bunch of date on your machine?17:16
Felishiahow do I copy several files fast?17:16
Felishia350.000 files17:16
Guest73806yeah dvd mint on usb to pc and the lan is connected to the PC17:16
Guest73806Yeah tons17:16
Tin_manshould be able to get them from the live cd17:17
Guest73806 I have dual boot win 8 and ubuntu17:17
Guest73806My next step was buy a new hd and instal ubuntu and transfer everything17:17
Tin_manyou can back up your files then delete your ubuntu partition, and reinstall17:17
cfhowlettEightynine, https://www.namhuy.net/3116/how-to-fix-gpg-error-no_pubkey-in-ubuntu.html17:18
Tin_manshould be able to mount your ubuntu drive and backup your files17:18
EriC^^Guest73806: we could try using the older packages it was using17:18
Guest73806yeah but it was saying stuff like protected and such so if this cannot fixed that is my step17:18
Tin_manfrom the live cd17:18
EightynineBut I did all what's written.17:18
cfhowletthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/14994369/ Eightynine17:18
Guest73806eric if you think that will work17:18
EriC^^Guest73806: or try to add it manually in /etc/network/interfaces17:18
Guest73806I do not want to loose my photos mainly17:19
EightynineAnd that too.17:19
Tin_mancan you access your ubuntu drive from the live cd?17:19
EriC^^Guest73806: type ls -l /mnt/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections | nc termbin.com 999917:19
WeiJunLiEriC^^: I was running 2.7.5 then i removed the directories and installed 2.7.10 from source17:20
WeiJunLiEriC^^: is it a version issue with my OS or what17:20
Eightyninecannot move ‘/var/lib/apt/lists’ to ‘/var/apt/lists.old’: No such file or directory17:21
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, type cat /mnt/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/belrick and paste the info in paste.ubuntu.com , you can remove the password in the file before pasting it17:21
EriC^^WeiJunLi: i have no idea what you're trying to install honestly17:22
Guest73806cat: /mnt/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/belrick: Permission denied17:22
cfhowlettEightynine, good.  proceed17:22
WeiJunLiEriC^^: what I am installing i think is irrelevant :/17:22
WeiJunLisince the same error will be thrown if I try to install anything which requires python17:23
EriC^^WeiJunLi: what happens when you type sudo apt-get -f install ?17:23
WeiJunLiEriC^^: same error17:23
EriC^^WeiJunLi: it looks like something is half-installed half-configured and it keeps complaining about it17:23
EriC^^try removing those packages it's whining about if you dont need them17:23
EriC^^Guest73806: add sudo at the start17:24
shlantanyone know why I would get "error: skipping "/var/log/consul" because parent directory has insecure permissions (It's world writable or writable by group which is not "root") Set "su" directive in config file to tell logrotate which user/group should be used for rotation." with this logrotate file? https://gist.github.com/MrMMorris/6ea900f41aeeed1321dd17:25
Guest73806cat: /mnt/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/belrick: Permission denied17:25
WeiJunLiEriC^^: I need those packages but will try to remove and reinstall, should I sudo apt-get remove each package17:25
llutzshlant: ls -ld /var/log17:25
WeiJunLior uninstall using pip or something17:25
Guest73806ission denied17:26
Guest73806sudo: cat:: command not found17:26
andyworkhow do I make gedit stop creating backup file leftovers? they end with a ~17:26
EriC^^Guest73806: try sudo cat /mnt/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/belrick17:26
EriC^^WeiJunLi: no idea17:27
WeiJunLiif I try to apt-get remove python-django17:27
WeiJunLiErrors were encountered while processing:  python-django E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)17:27
EriC^^WeiJunLi: i guess remove them how you installed them17:27
Guest73806sudo cat /mnt/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/belrick17:27
EriC^^Guest73806: paste it in paste.ubuntu.com , before you paste it remove your password if you want, it should be in the file17:28
Guest73806I do not see my password Eric  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14994524/17:29
nascentmindHi. Is it possible to make the Ubuntu Mono font thicker?17:31
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, let's get the old version numbers of those upgrades packages, and download the deb files and reinstall them if it doesn't break anything17:31
EriC^^Guest73806: type cat /mnt/var/log/dpkg.log | nc termbin.com 999917:31
shlantllutz: drwxrwxr-x 10 root syslog 4096 Feb  8 17:28 /var/log/17:32
shlantso I need to make that 644?17:33
Guest73806Eric should I close all those other browser links or will you be looking back at them?17:33
EriC^^Guest73806: you can close them17:34
NedalHi, I have a network problem! The wifi signal and connection isn t stable ! any ideas  ??17:34
EriC^^Guest73806: these are the debs you need, libnl-route-3-200:amd64 3.2.21-1 , libnl-genl-3-200:amd64 3.2.21-1 , libnl-3-200:amd64 3.2.21-117:34
EriC^^Guest73806: the newer versions are called 3.2.21-1ubuntu117:34
Guest73806how do i get them eric?17:35
Guest73806remember i am out the Ubuntu system17:35
llutzshlant: i'd guess you need to add a "su root syslog" to your logrotate-conf-file17:35
shlantllutz: $ cat /etc/logrotate.conf | grep su17:36
shlantsu root syslog17:36
shlantor to the consul file?17:36
shlantthat worked!17:37
EriC^^Guest73806: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/pool/main/libn/libnl3/libnl-genl-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64.deb17:37
EriC^^Guest73806: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/pool/main/libn/libnl3/libnl-route-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64.deb17:38
EriC^^Guest73806: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/ubuntu/pool/main/libn/libnl3/libnl-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64.deb17:39
EriC^^Guest73806: you need all 3 of those downloaded17:39
NedalI can't access internet or download anything! and the problem isn t in my connection because I m using another computer which is permanently connected to internet !!!!17:39
EriC^^once you've downloaded them, let me know17:39
Guest73806 ok working on it now17:40
gjunghi how i change the serial port the baudrate17:40
daftykinsNedal: ok, well rather than exclaim such information... how about some details? how does this system connect to your home router and what are you running on there, ubuntu version number wise?17:41
llutzgjung: read " man stty"  stty -F /dev/<device> <speed bps>17:42
riziso mu computer had an heart attack or should i say kernal 'panic attack'17:42
riziand i think the problem is kernal cant find root partation.17:42
daftykinsrizi: what happened? in detail on one line (also it's a kernel)17:43
Guest73806Eric i think had those already by the look of things17:43
rizidaftykins, it cant find root partation as if uuid of my disk changed17:44
Guest73806but have a second copy now17:44
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, are you in the dir that they're in?17:44
volker__hi at all-need the channel name for german ubunto irc17:45
llutz!de | volker__17:45
ubottuvolker__: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:45
Nedaldaftykins, I m using Ubuntu 15.10  64bits. when I try to connect to the home router, it works for a couple of minutes but after that, the signal is gone and I have no connection or internet access17:45
daftykinsrizi: boot a live session from USB or DVD and confirm they match up to the ones in /etc/fstab17:45
rizidaftykins, okay i will try this17:46
daftykinsNedal: ok so this sounds like wifi... what's the adapter in use? "lspci" for PCI cards or "lsusb" for USB dongles can help, or even "sudo lshw -C network" in a pastebin - you can use some portable storage to share the output from a system that is online17:46
Guest73806i believe so they are in my download library17:46
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, type cd ~/Downloads17:47
Guest73806ok eric17:48
EriC^^Guest73806: type ls -l libnl*17:49
EriC^^do you see the 3 files?17:49
Guest73806mint@mint ~/Downloads $  showed that17:49
tewardGuest73806: are you on Mint?17:49
tewardor are you using Mint?17:49
Guest73806yes a dvdv17:50
daftykinslooks like it.17:50
tewardwell, Mint is Mint, and Mint is offtopic here last I checked17:50
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org17:50
Guest73806mint@mint ~/Downloads $ ls -l libnl*17:50
Guest73806-rw-r--r-- 1 mint mint 44452 Feb  8 17:40 libnl-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64 (copy).deb17:50
Guest73806-rw-r--r-- 1 mint mint 44452 Feb  8 17:40 libnl-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64.deb17:50
Guest73806-rw-r--r-- 1 mint mint 10204 Feb  8 17:39 libnl-genl-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64 (copy).deb17:50
Guest73806-rw-r--r-- 1 mint mint 10204 Feb  8 17:39 libnl-genl-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64.deb17:50
Guest73806-rw-r--r-- 1 mint mint 95832 Feb  8 17:39 libnl-route-3-200_3.2.21-1_amd64 (copy).deb17:50
daftykinsGuest73806: it's important not to deceive the volunteers of this channel, if it's really Mint you're trying to fix... that's a problem.17:50
teward!pastebin > Guest7380617:50
ubottuGuest73806, please see my private message17:50
tewardGuest73806: ALSO, Mint is offtopic and we do not support it :)17:51
gjungllutz but nothing change when i go to dmesg | grep ttyS0 it say base baud 1152017:51
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, great17:52
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
Guest73806He is fixing an Ubuntu distro for me17:52
Nedaldaftykins, where can I past the screenshoot ?17:52
EriC^^Guest73806: type sudo cp libnl* /mnt17:52
llutzgjung: does "sudo stty -F /dev/ttySX" report correct speed?17:53
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.17:53
Guest73806mint@mint ~/Downloads $17:53
daftykinsNedal: in 2016 we don't take pictures of text17:53
daftykinsdespite what imgur and reddit will have the youth of today believe ;)17:53
Gallomimianot to mention facebook17:53
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, type the following line17:53
llutzgjung: so whats your problem then?17:53
EriC^^Guest73806: for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done17:54
llutzgjung: you want to change speed at boottime? use a personal udev-rule17:54
gjungsudo stty -F /dev/ttyS0 5760017:54
Guest73806do I start ai for I17:54
Guest73806at for I17:54
EriC^^Guest73806: yeah17:54
EriC^^for i in ...blabla17:54
Guest73806just came back to mint@mint ~/Downloads $17:55
HazardXI'm looking for a way to *REDUCE* the x11 color depth (from 24bit to 16 or maybe 8), but the DefaultDepth in xorg.conf isn't working (Xorg just fails to load instead)17:55
gjungno i want t change the base_baud17:55
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, type sudo chroot /mnt17:55
Kudoz90love you guys17:56
EriC^^oh boy17:56
EriC^^wrong exec?17:56
EriC^^Kudoz90: we love you too17:56
Guest73806chroot: failed to run command ‘/bin/bash’: Exec format error17:56
EriC^^Guest73806: damn, the live session is 32bit and the ubuntu is 64bit17:56
llutzgjung: install setserial, try that17:57
Guest73806ok so my system is 64 right? I was never really sure17:57
EriC^^Guest73806: anyways no big deal, except that you're going to have to do this yourself17:57
EriC^^Guest73806: yeah, amd64 is 64bit17:57
gjungcan you tell me the comand17:58
EriC^^Guest73806: i got dc17:59
OerHeksnot sure this will reverse proposed >> sudo add-apt-repository -r proposed17:59
Guest73806yeah saw that18:00
OerHeksbut he is a mint user, and lied to me when he said he used ubuntu.18:00
Guest73806I am a ubuntu guy with a mint dvd18:01
cfhowlettOerHeks, Guest73806 stated this at the beginning ^^^18:01
kuly-zuwhen i run netstat i saw some PID/program-name has a -, even if it's run with sudo, why18:01
Guest73806 thanks18:01
teward!crosspost | kuly-zu18:02
ubottukuly-zu: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.18:02
EriC^^Guest73806: ok, when you boot into ubuntu, try running sudo dpkg -i /libnl*18:02
Guest73806I could have run online with a live dvd of Ubuntu but i dot want to complicate it even more18:02
EriC^^Guest73806: hold on, i'm trying to figure out the best way to downgrade those packages18:02
Guest73806yeah Eric thanks18:02
Nedaldaftykins, is this quite clear for you? http://imgur.com/vVnsPGo18:02
EriC^^Guest73806: which ubuntu are you using btw?18:03
EriC^^mine seems to have the older version installed by default18:03
EriC^^i'm on 14.0418:03
Guest73806yeah i think I am on that also been updating for years18:04
EriC^^!info libnl-3-200 | trusty18:04
ubottutrusty: libnl-3-200 (source: libnl3): library for dealing with netlink sockets. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.26-1 (wily), package size 53 kB, installed size 197 kB (Only available for linux-any)18:04
EriC^^!info libnl-3-200 trusty18:04
ubottulibnl-3-200 (source: libnl3): library for dealing with netlink sockets. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.21-1 (trusty), package size 44 kB, installed size 166 kB (Only available for linux-any)18:04
daftykinsNedal: hah, how wonderfully lazy. so it's the broadcom wireless giving you trouble?18:04
daftykins!broadcom | Nedal have a look here for an alternative driver to use18:04
ubottuNedal have a look here for an alternative driver to use: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:04
EriC^^Guest73806: it's odd, i don't have 3.2.21-1ubuntu1 installed and it never got updated here18:05
EriC^^Guest73806: type cat /mnt/etc/issue18:05
Guest73806Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l18:06
FelishiaI'm back18:06
Felishiaso it won't allow me to install18:06
EriC^^Guest73806: i wonder why it upgraded yours18:06
Felishiathere's no secure boot or fast boot18:06
Felishiait's just a simple boot18:06
Felishiacould it be a setting to deny linux in the computer?18:06
Felishiait seems like it18:07
Felishiabecause windows boots from usb like charm18:07
OerHeksEriC^^, do you have proposed enabled?18:07
EriC^^Guest73806: let me try downgrading a random unimportant package and see how dpkg takes it18:07
Guest73806I had it on untrusted or proposed updates?18:07
ioria Eric^^ i think he enables proposed (pre-release)18:07
daftykinsFelishia: type in full complete sentences with detail, so as to avoid spamming the channel with constant enter key presses.18:07
EriC^^OerHeks: nope i dont18:07
OerHeksThat is why i typed: >> not sure this will reverse proposed >> sudo add-apt-repository -r proposed18:07
Guest73806its off now !18:08
=== qqqqqs is now known as xalias
EriC^^Guest73806: it doesn't seem that bad18:10
EriC^^this is what dpkg did when i tried to downgrade irssi18:10
Guest73806easy for you to say : )18:10
=== kay is now known as Guest8756
daum_hey guys is there a good guide you recommend for tuning a 14.04 server that is doing ~150k req/sec http, then another 150kreq/sec over to our db instance18:11
EriC^^Guest73806: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14995004/18:11
ikoniadaum_: a number is not really a target18:11
EriC^^it's not that bad, it said it wouldn't work, and then apt tried to fix stuff back18:11
ikoniayou've got to know what that target is doing18:11
gjungllutz: setserial /dev/ttyS0 baud_base 57600  nothing change with this18:11
EriC^^Guest73806: when you boot ubuntu, try sudo dpkg -i /libnl*18:11
daftykinsdaum_: #ubuntu-server would be a better place, maybe even #linux in general18:11
daum_thanks! will check that out18:12
EriC^^Guest73806: it should either downgrade it successfully, then try restarting, or it'll complain like mine did, then try sudo apt-get -f install to fix it maybe ( it'll use stuff already on the pc )18:12
rizidaftykins, so i tried booting from usb and then mount /dev/sda3 where ubuntu is installed but it gave error "invalid argument"18:13
Guest73806eric can you paste ecaxtly what i should do18:13
EriC^^Guest73806: sudo dpkg -i /libnl*18:14
EriC^^Guest73806: if it works, then restart, if it doesn't, type sudo apt-get -f install and press y to fix stuff18:14
EriC^^you can try disabling the proposed repo, but i dont know how many other packages would get affected, etc. i guess that's your next option18:15
Guest73806ok trying to copy and then have this after we disconnect thanks Eric18:15
rizidaftykins, so i am guessing its a problem actual partition18:16
EriC^^ok, see ya18:16
jackcomthere is setting that can see many row on vim?18:16
jackcomi can see only 500 line18:16
jackcomon vim18:16
Guest73806so i boot up the grub window comes up do I go into an installation or go to command line first18:17
daftykinsrizi: i'm not convinced sda3 would be your / - care to pastebin a "sudo parted -l" ? ( http://paste.ubuntu.com )18:17
jackcomthere is setting that can see many row on terminal? i can see only 500 line on terminal18:17
rizidaftykins, okay18:18
Guest73806Thanks guys sorry for confusing stuff with the mint dvd I was just trying to get online.18:19
ksbalajiAh! comfortably reached again using usb tethering - Seeking help to get WiFi work in my Acer, Aspire E5-573 OS  ubuntu15.0418:19
OerHeksjackcom, see terminal > preferences > profile, i have 8291 lines scrollback set standard18:19
llutzgjung: dmesg give you the setting from boottime, not the actual18:19
llutzgjung: check timestamp in dmesg-output18:20
daftykinsGuest73806: just bear in mind if that's what you use, they have their own channel :)18:20
jackcomOerHeks: how about unlimited?18:20
gjungok mom18:21
ksbalajiI am running 15.04 in my Acer aspire E5-573 But Wifi is down Pleaase help.18:21
Guest73806yeah i get that but i use Ubuntu18:21
daftykinsksbalaji: 15.04 is EOL.18:21
OerHeksjackcom, not sure, maybe just disable the scrollback limit?18:21
daftykinsksbalaji: so there's no point fixing it, feel free to upgrade to a supported release18:21
jackcomthanks OerHeks :)18:21
OerHeksjackcom, you might need to restart terminal to take effect18:22
MonkeyDustksbalaji  upgae first, then ask again18:22
jackcomok thanks OerHeks :)18:22
ksbalajiok. to 15.10?18:22
daftykins15.10 is a supported release, yes.18:22
ksbalajiok thanks18:22
gjungllutz : i reboot the machine but nothing change18:23
Guest73806if you are finished with me Eric thanks very much I will go and try booting my system18:24
KlausedSourceI want to make "ls -l" always be "ls -l with-time=long-iso". Tried putting an alias for this in bashrc but it seems like alias do not work with parameters is this correct? how can I accomplish what I am looking for?18:24
llutzgjung: you cannot change that value, you only change the actual speed18:24
daftykinsKlausedSource: the #bash folks can probably help with that, most likely you issued the alias wrong18:24
gjungbut nothing change18:25
llutzgjung: how do you check the speed?18:26
llutzgjung: the actual speed18:26
dlamhey is there a conventional name for the /var/run/ folder?   i'm calling it the "pid folder" right naow  :D18:27
mcphailKlausedSource: you can define a function, then make "ls" an alias to that function18:27
gjungdmesg | grep tty18:28
KlausedSourcemcphail, how would that work? never done functions in bash18:28
KlausedSourcemcphail, I assume by "define a function" you are refering to bash18:29
llutzgjung: dmesg DOESN'T tell you the actual speed setting. use stty/setserial to read the setting18:29
mcphailKlausedSource: yes. You just define a function in bash like "afunction() { do stuff here }" and add it to bashrc. Then alias ls to that function. Your function would have to parse parameters and either pass the unhindered to the _real_ ls or (if you select -l) add your extra parameter. Rather messy, but it would work18:31
rizidaftykins, here is the output of sudo parted -l paste.ubuntu.com/14995219/18:31
gjungcan you tel me the comand18:32
llutzgjung: i did." sudo stty -F /dev/ttyS0"18:32
mcphailKlausedSource: what most people would do, though, is just create a new alias for your "ls -l whateverelse" command (i.e. lsll)18:32
daftykinsrizi: you're dual booting? i see a tiny 23GB NTFS partition18:33
precisely_the_prHey all!18:33
rizidaftykins, yes that recovery partition of my laptop. however i am not using windows right now18:33
daftykinsrizi: can you run "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit smartmontools" selecting 'no configuration' when prompted, then "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit" ?18:34
gjungok now it says speed 9600 baud; line = 018:34
gjungsudo gtkterm18:34
llutzgjung: try " sudo stty -F /dev/ttyS0 38400"  then read it again "sudo stty -F /dev/ttyS0"18:35
=== ubuntu-gnomer is now known as omer2
llutzgjung: doesnt that gtkterm has own setting-dialogs?18:35
rizidaftykins, humm let me try18:35
rizidaftykins, plus this problem has occurred before, that time just deleted the partation and reinstalled the OS18:38
omer2can i make a live usb that keeps settings and files over boots?18:38
omer2to use on multiple computers?18:38
daftykinsrizi: yeah that's not a solution, run the above commands so we can see if there is an issue with your hard disk.18:39
daftykinsomer2: running an OS on a persistent flash drive isn't very good18:39
gjungok it works thanks18:39
omer2daftykins, thank. so it's just not a good idea?18:39
MonkeyDustomer2  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent18:39
CapprenticeAnyone tried this - http://limbomedia.net/limbodns.php18:39
daftykinsi personally wouldn't advise it, no18:39
HamRadioHey guys, where are my themes located?18:40
MonkeyDustHamRadio  ~/.themes18:40
HamRadioI have installed the Numix theme, but it's not in .themes18:40
HamRadioMonkeyDust, I know that, but I have the Numix theme installed via their PPA, and it isn't located in ~/.themes18:41
MonkeyDustHamRadio  /usr/share/themes/18:41
MonkeyDustHamRadio  type   locate numix18:41
GauravShuklaHi, how do I subscribe to mailing list18:43
MonkeyDustGauravShukla  #ubuntu-offtopic18:43
kknightwhere to post screen shot doubt18:43
MonkeyDustkknight  imgur;com18:44
k1lkknight: imgur.com then show the link here18:44
MonkeyDustkknight  imgur.com18:44
daftykinsrizi: any luck? should've taken 30 seconds18:48
rizidaftykins, yes should done in few min18:49
daftykinsah, you must be on a 14.4Kbps modem :)18:49
melodiedoes someone have insights about Intel Skylake cpus? How does it behave under Ubuntu?18:49
melodieI would appreciate help very much18:50
daftykinsmelodie: #linux would be more appropriate for such a question imo18:50
melodiedaftykins I don't think so18:50
melodiethis is purely a matter of insight within the Ubuntu community18:50
daftykinsok, well you're welcome to disagree... but since the kernel defines the support... i don't think there are any issues.18:50
melodiehere it says otherwise, but it's of last august: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=intel-skl-prelim-support18:51
k1lskylake cpus have freezing issues and need a fix in the kernel for it.18:51
daftykinsyes that's irrelevant18:51
melodiek1l ah !18:51
daftykinsk1l: are you referring to the high load prime95 issue discovered?18:51
melodiek1l for a computer which needs to be built in the next week and will use Ubuntu (Kubuntu) only, which powerful CPU would you suggest?18:52
daftykinsyou would need to define the use case for it18:52
k1lmelodie: dont know. not using consumer pcs.18:53
daftykins'consumer' ? :)18:53
melodiedaftykins he wants it to be highly snappy for his current needs among which the more greedy is image work with Gimp (I suspect he will also have libreoffice, firefox, and other greedy apps running at same time) all needs to be working well together18:54
daftykinsthose are all low end base examples a several year old system could work fine with18:55
OerHeksreally, greedy apps ??18:55
daftykinsgreedy browsers om nom nom18:55
OerHeks1 speedfix for any pc would be a SSD, or better NVM Express-ssd18:56
melodiedaftykins yes sure, just recent ones could probably do less well, but as he wants a new machine without any windows, I have to pick up right for now, and for the new few years18:57
rice_I could really use some help if someone knows how to modify the ~/.bashrc file well =p18:57
melodiehi ric18:57
rizidaftykins, this pastebin is giving problem saying " Bad API request; invalid api_dev_key"18:57
melodierice_ what do you want to modify in the .bashrc?18:57
daftykinsmelodie: well if you provide systems for a living, then this is your job :)18:58
rice_I've modified it, - my host name. Nothing seems to change it's color.18:58
rizidaftykins, should i just pipe it to a file and then past it manually18:58
daftykinsrizi: ok, run "sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda" instead and paste it by hand, please18:58
rice_Can I pm you?18:58
daftykinsrizi: yep that'd work too18:58
rizidaftykins, on it18:58
llutzrice_: http://bashrcgenerator.com/18:59
melodiedaftykins this is a test, if I can do it well, it could become a job :)19:00
rice_llutz, I'm on about changing colors.19:00
melodieand providing Linux boxes without any Windows is also tricky19:00
llutzrice_: or for the few people, prefering reading: http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/19:00
rice_llutz, I know exactly how, but since I'm running i3wm nothing seems to change for me.19:00
daftykinsgood ol' i3, the breaker of things19:01
rizidaftykins, here is the result paste.ubuntu.com/1499554819:01
llutzrice_: does your wm read ~/.bashrc at all when starting a terminal?19:01
rice_llutz, how can I see if it does?19:01
daftykinsrizi: yes you're likely encountering issues as that disk has started to fail - it needs to be replaced19:02
llutzrice_: set a testvar, check it19:02
rice_daftykins, what would you recommend for rizing?19:02
rizidaftykins, humm so what does SMART says19:02
daftykinsmaking rice? i don't follow - nor why you're asking me19:02
rice_daftykins, I was just asking randomly since you knew i3 xD19:03
daftykinsi know everyone has issues with it.19:03
daftykinsrizi: line 73, Current_Pending_Sector is at 45, so that disk has issues19:03
rypervencheI have had no issues with i3. :/19:03
rice_daftykins, was thinking about 2bwm but it seems to be complicated19:03
daftykinsrizi: you need to backup your data to another drive and replace it ASAP19:03
rice_Anthonux, hi =)19:04
omer2i am running ubunu gnome on an old thinkpad R500. so far it has been ok, but it froze before when using FF. I canceled now the animations, anything else I could do?19:04
AnthonuxHow are u ?19:04
supersmilersI could not empty trash. is there a way to do that to force empty it?19:04
daftykinsAnthonux: support only in here, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic :)19:04
rizidaftykins, what i actually want to know is looking at this output how to find if the disk i am working with is having problem. what to look for,19:04
belrickHi am the guest who had the problem with the network manager Eric helped me amoungst many others. I ran the scrpt and it was successfull.19:05
AnthonuxGalommia Can you help me again ?19:05
daftykinsrizi: this is something which comes with experience.19:05
rizidaftykins, humm19:05
belrickI may have been using the wrong terminal or slightly mistyped the script i ran it in termx is that only one that will alter the packages?19:06
daftykinsrizi: seeing anything other than 0 for Reallocated sectors, current pending sectors, or reallocated sectors tends to be good evidence of an issue - then errors can be written beneath the table of data, too19:06
belrickAnyway thanks for everyones input running Ubuntu again and not Mint19:06
rizidaftykins, okay i have an another old HD which i can test this way.19:07
daftykinsbelrick: when you keep saying that it sounds like a lie :P19:07
supersmilersAnyone help me with trash not being able to empty under normal user?19:07
belrickok well its not it fixed my net manager19:07
k1lsupersmilers: that sounds like you ran nautilus with sudo :/19:07
belrick bye19:07
rice_llutz, seems like ~ isn't on that site for some reason19:08
rizidaftykins, thank you very much  is there anything I can do for you19:08
augustoBuenas tardes, hay alguna manera de utiliza la tarjeta de red de un portatil en VMWare?19:09
supersmilersk1l: I tried running nautilus without sudo and it doesn't empty a folder in there.19:09
daftykinsno thanks :) all good here - it's what this volunteering is all about!19:09
daftykinsaugusto: english only, or #ubuntu-es #ubuntu-pt19:09
k1lsupersmilers: because you did mess with your system running as sudo.19:10
augustoOk, thanks19:10
darrenswould a kind fellow generously dump a cat of their /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-greeter-wrapper.conf?19:10
LaPingvinoI want a livecd to test if an old touchscreen would work on linux19:10
LaPingvinobut I don't have a dvd handy19:10
MonkeyDustLaPingvino  usb19:10
LaPingvinowhich derivative would you recommend that still fits on a cd?19:11
k1lsupersmilers: "cd .local/share/Trash" in terminal and delete the files19:11
daftykinsonly lubuntu does i think19:11
LaPingvinotnx :)19:11
daftykinsand even then probably only an overburnt one19:11
LaPingvinoI did download that one though19:11
LaPingvinoyes exactly19:11
darrenswould a kind fellow generously dump a cat of their /usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50-greeter-wrapper.conf?19:11
LaPingvinofrom my crouton install it refuses to burn19:11
daftykinsyou need the largest capacity CD-Rs capable of overburning too, yeah - so flash drive would be best.19:11
squintydarrens,  [SeatDefaults]19:12
LaPingvinoI saw xbmcbuntu being in the right size though19:12
squintywithout that last "f"19:12
darrenssquinty: thank you man. much appreciated.19:12
MonkeyDustsquinty  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14995702/19:12
rice_Anyone that knows how to set so I can use CTRL + ALT instead of ALT GR for ~, ][, }{, etc.19:12
LaPingvinofor testing touchscreen capability that should work right?19:12
MonkeyDustdarrens  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14995702/19:12
LaPingvinoah kodibuntu now :)19:13
MonkeyDustLaPingvino  mind: kodibuntu is not supported here19:13
LaPingvinono problem19:14
supersmilersI fixed it by deleting the file under ".local/share/Trash" via "sudo" nautilus19:14
rice_Anyone that knows how to set so I can use CTRL + ALT instead of ALT GR for ~, ][, }{, etc.19:14
LaPingvinoI find my way out anyway, I am capable of supporting my own stuff19:14
=== aether is now known as aethersis
LaPingvinoit's just for testing19:14
k1lsupersmilers: stop running sudo with gui programs from now on19:14
daftykinsLaPingvino: kodi won't do anything touch19:15
rice_daftykins, Anyone that knows how to set so I can use CTRL + ALT instead of ALT GR for ~, ][, }{, etc.?19:16
LaPingvinodaftykins: it's just about kernel support for me19:16
supersmilersk4l, I only use Sudo for synaptic via terminal for now on19:16
LaPingvinoso just seeing if the default drivers recognize the screen19:16
LaPingvinoas windows 10 doesn't19:16
daftykinsrice_: stop using my nickname in messages please19:17
LaPingvinobut that one seems to big too19:17
rice_oh soz19:17
rice_Anyone that knows how to set so I can use CTRL + ALT instead of ALT GR for ~, ][, }{, etc.?19:17
daftykinsLaPingvino: just get a flash drive and join the 21st century :)19:18
LaPingvinoI know, I have a flash drive but not the best experience with them19:18
melodierice_ have you considered giving a try to bepo?19:18
LaPingvinoISO on disk has been more reliable on me19:18
rice_melodie, i have no clue what bepo is19:18
daftykinsLaPingvino: well it's quite easy to throw on an ISO and make it bootable.19:18
aethersishello, I have the following issue: I run VNC server on kubuntu on arm linux and it works fine, however when I try to run some applications (especially qt-based), the keyboard input doesn't work. There seem to be two problems: The first is that qt seems to render directly to framebuffer on ARM so that VNC can't capture screen properly from X and the other problem is that the main display is set as :0, however I'm running VNC on display19:19
daftykinsLaPingvino: you're definitely doing something wrong there then :)19:19
aethersis:1 because :0 is locked. Is there some workaround?19:19
hanmac1hey i got some problems with gdk  =>  undefined reference to `gdk_mir_display_get_type()' there is my code: https://gist.github.com/Hanmac/fe2c937405ee7217d53f ... its only a conftest for my extconf19:19
LaPingvinodaftykins: unetbootin doing crazy things ;)19:19
daftykinsdon't use unetbootin19:19
LaPingvinodaftykins: I know the ubuntu builtin stuff doesn't do that crap, you're right...19:19
MonkeyDustwho's using unetbootin?19:20
daftykins"dd" and "cp" are just dandy19:20
LaPingvinobut I was working from a non-ubuntu-system before19:20
LaPingvinoah yes, dd of course :)19:20
LaPingvinostupid me :P19:20
daftykinsas long as it's run correctly19:20
LaPingvinoI do kinda like unetbootin though... as long as it works correctly :P19:20
LaPingvinowhich it doesn't always :P19:21
omer2i have experienced a little lag when watching video/multi tasking on ubuntu-gnome. Is there anything I can try to do to make it better?19:21
omer2i turned off the animations19:21
daftykinsany of those GUI helper apps are a mistake imo19:22
omer2GUI helper?19:22
omer2what are those?19:22
agopoAre window managers like screen, tmus and the like only available for X11 or are there also options for tty?19:23
EriC^^agopo: they're for tty19:23
llutzagopo: screen doesn't need X19:23
EriC^^they're not window managers, they're multiplexers19:24
agopookay, then I misinterpreted a video I saw. There, someone used it within X19:24
agopoOr so it seemed to me19:24
agopoEither way, it's awesome they exist in tty. Any suggestions which one I should try?19:24
k1lyou can run screen in a terminal on X. but that got nothing to do with windowmanagers19:24
EriC^^yeah, it basically splits a terminal into several virtual ones agopo19:25
MonkeyDustscreen <319:25
EriC^^agopo: i like screen, tmux is fine i guess19:25
supersmilerssorry. Firefox crashed. I have to disable multi-process19:25
agopoOkay, screen it is. Thanks guys, that was quick19:25
agopo*thumbs up*19:26
EriC^^agopo: tmux can split windows, not sure screen can do that too19:26
llutzEriC^^: it can19:26
EriC^^llutz: really?19:26
EriC^^what key combo?19:26
supersmilerstoday I learned that Grub can be customized with different themes19:26
llutzEriC^^: ctrl-a-|19:26
EriC^^cool thanks19:27
llutzEriC^^: horizontal C-a S19:27
EriC^^thank you :)19:27
supersmilersI thought plymouth can only be customized19:27
Eightyninehttp://imgur.com/oZRl9H4 how can I fix that that Software Updater issue?19:32
azure32what happens when you run sudo apt-get update in a terminal?19:36
EriC^^azure32: the available packages for upgrading/installing gets updated19:37
azure32EriC^^: no errors at all?19:37
EriC^^there's not supposed to be any19:38
EriC^^you mean if it'll try to update something?19:38
DaimyoQuick question, how do I make a "system generated change log" for openssh.... Pci scanner changing shit info and not providing the instructions for the request.19:38
TTTAhas anyone seen an error before where it just keeps asking you to log in over and over again?19:38
TTTAwith a weird gaphical glitch every time you try?19:38
EriC^^TTTA: yeah19:39
azure32EriC^^: woops sorry I was asking Eightynine19:39
yyyyWhy not just use Debian?19:39
yyyyWhat's so good about Ubuntu?19:39
EriC^^azure32: oh, :D19:39
TTTAEriC^^ do you know the fix?19:39
EriC^^TTTA: it might be a graphics driver issue19:39
azure32Eightynine: what happens when you run sudo apt-get update in a terminal?19:39
EriC^^if you're lucky it's just a wrong permissions issue19:39
EriC^^TTTA: did you try the guest account?19:40
EightynineIt's caching packages.19:40
TTTAno, I'll try that first though19:40
EightynineSorry, I was in Ubuntu MATE chat room19:40
TTTAany other suggestions?19:40
EriC^^TTTA: try that first, if it doesn't work then see which driver is installed19:41
TTTAOk, I get the same error when I try guest session19:46
TTTAAny other suggestions?19:46
EriC^^TTTA: ok, type lspci | grep VGA19:46
EriC^^from a tty ( ctrl+alt+f1 )19:47
=== anon is now known as Guest57898
TTTANow I'm being told my login is incorrect19:49
Guest57898Could anybody please guide me through a root partition increase? I have a /boot an / partion on an SD card. I tried to increase the root size partition.19:50
Guest57898But I can not get it to work. I tried a few tutorials yesterday and after that no luck with gparted.19:51
daftykinsyou shouldn't have made a separate /boot really19:51
Guest57898daftykins, anyway. Would you know how to increase sbd2 ?19:51
daftykinsis this LVM?19:51
Guest57898No. Partition.19:52
daftykinspastebin a "sudo parted -l"19:52
Guest57898It is 4GB now and I want ti to use all of the SD disk .19:52
daftykinsso there's unallocated space?19:52
Guest5789832GB card19:53
Guest57898root is 4GB19:53
Guest57898boot 200MB19:53
daftykinsshare the requested output19:53
Guest57898daftykins, https://paste.ubuntu.com/14996248/19:54
TTTAEric^^: I tried lspci | grep VGA, it asks for my password, I give it, it tells me my login is incorrect19:54
EriC^^TTTA: login first with your username, then run lspci19:54
daftykinsGuest57898: so you're doing this from outside of the OS that's on it, correct?19:55
daftykinsi don't see the challenge then19:55
Guest57898The SD card is in my netbook right now. Lubuntu on SD card Xubuntu on netbook19:55
EriC^^gparted is your friend19:56
TTTAAh, ok19:56
EriC^^Guest57898: ^19:56
Guest57898daftykins, then please tell me the steps. I tried 10 times all day yesterday and after the root partition was 50MB19:56
Guest57898gparted gives me a error when resizing19:56
daftykinsyou applied that? you must've bricked it if so19:57
Guest57898saying the kernel is using something. cannot recall right now19:57
EriC^^Guest57898: how large was it initially?19:57
Guest57898no, re-copied the image19:57
daftykinsyou need to have unmounted them before you start playing with gparted.19:57
Guest57898as big as you see in the paste19:57
Guest57898it is a dd copy from an image from bananapi19:58
Guest57898I don´t know what I am doing wrong19:58
EriC^^Guest57898: ok, you could delete the partition, recreate it at the same starting sector using the full space, then resize the filesystem19:58
rrnTo install Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS onto a flash drive, can its image be simply dd'ed onto a flash drive?19:58
Guest57898fdisk also did not do it for me19:58
llutzGuest57898: sudo umount /dev/sdb? ;sudo resize2fs -p /dev/sdb2   && sudo e2fsck /dev/sdb219:58
bekksrrn: yes.19:58
TTTAOk EriC^^, got through that part, lspci | grep VGA detects my video card. Now what?19:58
EriC^^llutz: doesn't he have to resize the partition before the fs?19:59
TTTAAnd thanks for all your help19:59
Guest57898llutz, that is the only line I need?  But where can I tell it how much it should allocate for / ?19:59
llutzEriC^^: oops, i thought he already did19:59
Guest57898llutz, no I did not do anyting yet. Original setup on SD card20:00
EriC^^TTTA: which name is it?20:00
EriC^^Guest57898: try sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb , delete sdb2 , then recreate it at the same sector using all of the space left20:01
Guest57898EriC^^, that is the point. How?20:02
TTTAVGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GK104 [GeForce GTX 770] (rev a1)20:02
llutzfdisk -lu, write down the start sector20:02
EriC^^Guest57898: i just said, try sudo cfdisk /dev/sdb20:02
Guest57898EriC^^, what does that do?20:02
EriC^^fdisk + ncurses, it's nice20:02
Guest57898EriC^^, sdb2 deleted, do I have to write the change to disk before re-creating it?20:03
EriC^^TTTA: ok, try sudo ubuntu-drivers devices20:04
EriC^^Guest57898: no20:04
EriC^^TTTA: do you have an internet connection on the pc?20:04
Guest57898EriC^^,  last sector of sdb1 is 6553620:05
TTTAYeah, wireless card20:05
Guest57898And I make it primary, right?20:05
TTTAI input the command, got a list of drivers20:05
EriC^^TTTA: ok, type sudo ubuntu-drivers devices | nc termbin.com 999920:05
EriC^^Guest57898: yeah20:05
Guest57898damn, can i exit the program without writing?20:06
Guest57898wanna retry20:06
EriC^^Guest57898: yeah20:06
Guest57898don´t see an option?20:07
TTTAOk, it responded with http://termbin.com/0miy20:07
Guest57898control Q ?20:07
Guest57898never mind20:07
EriC^^Guest57898: try q20:07
Guest57898there is quit20:07
Guest57898my bad20:07
EriC^^TTTA: ok, try dpkg -l | grep nvidia | nc termbin.com 999920:08
Guest57898EriC^^, done. sdb2 is now the rest of the SD card20:08
TTTANo such file or directory20:08
Guest57898EriC^^, do I have to do any other step?20:09
Guest57898EriC^^, wrote the changes to disk and exited20:09
EriC^^Guest57898: you have to resize the fs now20:09
Dr-007how do i remove a service from upstart?20:09
Dr-007via command line20:10
Guest57898EriC^^, so all of this? sudo umount /dev/sdb? ;sudo resize2fs -p /dev/sdb2   && sudo e2fsck /dev/sdb220:10
TTTAGrep: nc: no such file or directory20:10
TTTAGrep: termbin.com: no such file or directory20:10
TTTAGrep: 9999: no such file or directory20:11
MonkeyDustTTTA  try netcat, not nc20:11
srulii need help with libvirt snapshots, i recently came over from vbox, where the concept is of snapshots is the complete opposite and trying to achieve the same is proving difficult, i have a VM which i use for testing, on many boots i just revert, when i make an update i want to keep, i delete old snapshot and create new, this worked well in vbox, in libvirt its the opposite, changes are made to the snapshot not the backing image so if i delete the snapshot i loo20:11
TTTASame response20:11
EriC^^Guest57898: just sudo resize2fs -p /dev/sdb2  && sudo e2fsck /dev/sdb220:12
Guest57898EriC^^, thank you20:12
MonkeyDustTTTA  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue20:12
EriC^^TTTA: i think you missed the | after the grep command20:12
Guest57898resize2fs 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014)20:13
Guest57898Please run 'e2fsck -f /dev/sdb2' first.20:13
TTTAOh wow, I totally did20:13
TTTAI'm doing this on my cell phone, the way the text was displayed made it really hard to see20:13
EriC^^Guest57898: i guess run it first20:13
Guest57898sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdb220:14
Guest57898e2fsck 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014)20:14
Guest57898Superblock has an invalid journal (inode 8).20:14
TTTAMonkeyDust, the output is: UBUNTU 14.04.3 LTS \n \l20:14
EriC^^Guest57898: when you recreated the partition, did you type anything at starting sector or just went enter?20:14
Guest57898only enter20:14
Guest57898it was the same start sector20:15
EriC^^ok, that's good20:15
EriC^^Guest57898: maybe it was damaged before?20:15
Guest57898I will try your command now20:15
ioriaTTTA, try this    dpkg -l nvidia*  | nc termbin.com 999920:15
TTTAOk EriC^^, the response to the fixed command was http://termbin.com/3apm20:15
Guest57898sudo resize2fs -p /dev/sdb220:16
Guest57898resize2fs 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014)20:16
Guest57898Please run 'e2fsck -f /dev/sdb2' first.20:16
TTTAIoria, the response to that input was http://termbin.com/ro6f20:17
Guest57898 sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdb220:17
Guest57898e2fsck 1.42.12 (29-Aug-2014)20:17
Guest57898Superblock has an invalid journal (inode 8).20:17
ioriaTTTA, sorry , i haven't followed ... what's your issue ?20:17
mgolischsruli: look at virsh blockcommit20:17
karstensragewhat do you call trusty vs ubuntu20:18
EriC^^TTTA: ok, try dpkg -l linux-headers-$(uname -r) | nc termbin.com 999920:18
karstensragelike what is the nomenclature for trusty and ubuntu20:18
TTTACan't log in, it keeps asking for my password over and over, weird graphical issue every time I give password20:18
EriC^^ioria: login loop, guest account is no joy20:18
ioriaEriC^^, i see20:18
ioriaTTTA, graphic drivers, or did you do some with .profile or with unsupported packages ?20:19
EriC^^Guest57898: try to dd the image again, and fsck it first thing20:19
TTTAI really don't know, I screwed around in the command line a lot yesterday trying to install BOINC20:20
k1lkarstensrage: can you rephrase that question?20:20
ioriaTTTA, i see 3 version of nvidia drivers installed !!!20:20
ioriaTTTA, sorry, 220:21
ioriaTTTA, it's a desktop or laptop ?20:21
ioriaTTTA, ok,   sudo apt-get purge nvidia*    and start over  i'd say20:22
EriC^^1 sec20:22
EriC^^TTTA: can you run uname -r ?20:22
EriC^^then dpkg -l | grep linux-headers | nc termbin.com 999920:22
squintykarstensrage,  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases20:22
Guest57898EriC^^, doing dd right now20:22
EriC^^ioria: the packages are actually 1 package, the 331 thing is like a transitional package and it depends on 340 etc20:22
anerionis there any way for an unprivileged process to setns() into a user namespace created by the same user? the user_namespaces man page says it'd need CAP_SYS_ADMIN in that namespace first, and a normal non-root process shouldn't have any capabilities at all. i want to lock out non root but same user processes from a private mount namespace and am worried i might be missing a way around.20:23
Guest57898EriC^^, after that sudo fsck /dev/sdb2 ?20:23
ioriaEriC^^,  yeah... but i'd purge it anyway .... :(20:23
EriC^^Guest57898: yeah20:23
Guest57898EriC^^, thx20:23
TTTAEriC^^ I ran that, got another termbin.com response20:24
karstensragesquinty, ok so distribution (ubuntu) and release (trusty)?20:24
ioriaTTTA,  how did you install  nvidia drivers  ....  command line ?20:24
EriC^^TTTA: please paste the link, also what did uname -r return?20:24
squintykarstensrage,  yes20:24
karstensragek thanks squinty20:24
TTTAUname -r responded 3.13.0-77-generic20:24
squintykarstensrage, yw20:25
EriC^^is that all?20:25
TTTAIiria: I don't think so?20:25
ioriaTTTA,    well,  we are at .7720:25
TTTAAutomatic updater20:26
Exagone313Hi, how can I find the graphical (windowed) programs installed such as shown in desktop program menus but via SSH (maybe the .desktop file locations)? Thanks for your help.20:26
EriC^^TTTA: try dpkg -l linux-headers-3.13.0-77-generic | nc termbin.com 999920:26
EriC^^TTTA: nevermind, you're missing the headers20:27
srulimgolisch: how will that help my scenario? if i delete the snap i will loose all, if i blockcomit i will add all changes since start of snapshot to base image20:27
EriC^^TTTA: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-headers-generic20:27
TTTASo don't send that last line?20:27
=== rafael is now known as Guest66684
Exagone313I want to use them with X forwarded through SSH but without knowing the list of available programs it's a bit useless20:27
EriC^^TTTA: no, run the above command, then when it's done type sudo apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-340-updates , then try to restart the pc and let us know how it goes20:28
ioriaTTTA, uname -r ?20:28
mgolischsruli: isnt that what you wanted?20:28
Ben64Exagone313: find /usr/share/applications20:29
gp5stI guess I’m hitting the bounds of my DNS knowlege: can a hostfile change how an NS server is used? (I don’t have my testing env at home at the moment and can’t check) so if I have an NS record for a.example.com pointing to ns.example.com and a hostfile entry for ns.example.com sending it to localhost, will the ns query for a.example.com work?20:29
riceAnyone here that has used 2bwm on Ubuntu?20:29
squintyExagone313,  dpkg --help (ex  dpkg -l)   use the locate and/or find command too20:29
mgolischsruli: it would be equiavlaent to deleting a snapshot in vb20:29
Exagone313squinty: I want _graphical_ apps20:29
Ben64gp5st: you're in the wrong channel20:29
gp5stBen64: what would be a better channel?20:30
Exagone313Ben64: thanks that was my question20:30
riceI would need help installing b2wm on Ubuntu, I get weird errors.20:30
Ben64gp5st: something related to dns or networking, this is ubuntu20:30
ekselans6767türk var mı ?20:30
k1l!tr | ekselans676720:30
ubottuekselans6767: Turk ubuntu kullanıcıları, Türkçe yardım ya da geyik için /join #ubuntu-tr hizmetinizde.20:30
Guest57898EriC^^, https://paste.ubuntu.com/14996568/20:31
Exagone313gp5st: #dns20:31
Exagone313or ##networking20:31
gp5stExagone313: I found ##networking. Didn’t think #dns would work, but you’re right20:31
srulimgolisch: not really, i make many changes on VM which i want to loose on reboots, for that i revert snapshot, however when i do want to save the changes what i used to do in Vbox is delete existing snapshot and create new, the difference between vbox and libvirt snapshot is in vbox the changes happen to base image and snap keeps track of what changed, so if u delete snapshot you havnt lost anything20:31
squintyExagone313,  ok not really sure what you are asking then.  if you want to search your ssh connection with gui, then start nautilus after you have ssh logged in and then use nautilus's search function20:32
mgolischsruli: just blockcommit, then delete the snapthot, then create a new one?20:32
mgolischor do you have multiple snapshots?20:33
mgolischmaybe iam still not understanding your goal20:33
EriC^^Guest57898: ok, give it another shot i guess20:33
srulimgolisch: unless i did not use the blockcommit correctly, i used instructions from this page http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Live-disk-backup-with-active-blockcommit ( iactyually make the snaps while VM off20:33
TTTAOk, installed all that stuff, still can't get in20:33
Guest57898EriC^^, I resized it again. root now 30GB20:33
sstoryI have placed a bash script in /etc/profile.d  It is setting JAVA_HOME.  Upon reboot, from a bash prompt JAVA_HOME is set as expected.However using $JAVA_HOME/bin/javaws somejava.jnlp file doesn't run as if it can't see $JAVA_HOME.  Any ideas?20:33
Guest57898EriC^^, now what?20:34
srulimgolisch: i have 2 snapshots, in case something goes wrong after update, i like keeping 1 previous version20:34
TTTAUname -r is responding 3.13.0-77-generic20:34
EriC^^Guest57898: i think that's that20:34
EriC^^Guest57898: is /etc/fstab all right?20:34
ioriaTTTA,    and you don't have the headers ?20:34
Guest57898EriC^^,  sudo e2fsck /dev/sdb2 or sudo e2fsck -f /dev/sdb220:34
EriC^^either one will do20:34
srulimgolisch: but even if i am prepared to give up the 2 snapshots (dont really want to) how would blockcommit help me, i dont understand20:34
ikoniasstory: what do you mean it's not set - you've ust said "it's set"20:35
ioriaTTTA,    dpkg -l | grep linux-headers*20:35
Guest57898EriC^^, in xubuntu I am running LVM20:35
=== Nach0z_ is now known as Nach0z
TTTAIoria, that gave me a list20:36
ioriaTTTA,    dpkg -l  grep linux-headers*  | nc termbin.com 999920:37
ubuntuuserhello, i am using https://github.com/denilsonsa/udev-joystick-blacklist which is a set of udev rules to fix certain devices from being detected as joysticks wrongfully, but it isn't working.20:37
Guest57898EriC^^, https://paste.ubuntu.com/14996610/20:37
mgolischsruli: also i think in vb snapshots work the same way, the snapshot file contains all the changes, otherwise online backups would not be possible20:37
EriC^^TTTA: you could try another nvidia driver if you want, or try an older kernel20:37
ikoniaubuntuuser: so wouldn't you feed that back to the person who told you it works ?20:37
EriC^^ioria: he just installed the headers and nvidia and it didnt work20:37
Guest57898EriC^^, I think that looks, OK. Right?20:37
ioriaEriC^^,  yeah, i'd like to see the headers installed20:38
sstoryikonia:, Well I'm saying it is set when I rebooted and went into a bash shell. However when used from a desktop launcher (icon), it I get an error launching the application so I assumed maybe it wasn't set for the GUI somehow.20:38
Exagone313squinty: on a desktop, you may probably have a menu where you can see the apps sorted by themes (dev, system...) but I'd like to see that list through ssh20:38
ubuntuuserikonia: maybe somebody here uses those rules and knows how to fix it. Maybe udev isn't loading the rules20:38
Guest57898EriC^^, now sudo resize2fs -p /dev/sdb2 ?20:38
Ben64Exagone313: didn't i already tell you how20:38
Exagone313but the question was the .desktop location that was replied20:38
TTTANow I'm getting nc: getaddrinfo: Name or service not known20:38
ikoniasstory: it's a shell setting, why would a desktop launcher work ?20:38
EriC^^Guest57898: yeah20:38
Exagone313he needed clarity20:39
ikoniaubuntuuser: maybe it just doesn't work - ask the guy who wrote it20:39
ioriaTTTA,   again, sometimes it fails20:39
Guest57898EriC^^, https://paste.ubuntu.com/14996624/20:39
mcphailubuntuuser: what device do you have?20:39
sstoryikonia: OK. I need an environment variable that is system wide so that a simple desktop icon can be click and launch a software that is run by called javaws and then the .jnlp file.  I do not know how to set this variable. If you can give me a better way I would appreciate it.20:39
Bassemhow to adjust the scrolling time for playing movie when i scroll the mouse middle button20:40
Guest57898EriC^^, OMG, I think this is looking good this time. You rock20:40
ikoniasstory: what is the command the desktop launcher is running20:40
Guest57898EriC^^, thx20:40
ubuntuusermcphail: i have the microsoft wired keyboard 600.20:40
srulimgolisch: so what would be a solution for my scenario? on each boot i revert snapshot, what i make an update i create new snapshot, how do i stop myself getting 100's of snaps?20:40
EriC^^Guest57898: cool, no problem20:40
sstoryikonia: basically like this: $JAVA_HOME/bin/javaws http://servername/apps/xyz.jnlp20:41
ikoniasstory: so don't do that20:41
ikoniasstory: just use the path to java, eg: /usr/bin/javaws20:41
ikonia(or whatever it is)20:41
sstoryikonia: pasting that to a bash prompt works20:41
EriC^^TTTA: try dpkg -l | grep linux-headers | nc termbin.com 999920:41
ikoniasstory: of course it will20:41
mcphailubuntuuser: seems to be on the list. Have you added the file correctly and rebooted?20:41
sstoryikonia: I'm a net admin and need to be able to upgrade Java and have this location global to all users and their desktop icon to just work with the new path.20:42
ikoniasstory: right, so the location won't change20:42
ikoniasstory: you use the alternatives to set the path, and you use the alternatives path which is something like /usr/bin/java20:42
TTTASame error, EriC^^20:42
ikoniaI can't remember the real path without checking20:42
ubuntuusermcphail: yes. i ran sudo curl -o /etc/udev/rules.d/51-these-are-not-joysticks.rules \ url to the rules and i checked if the file got saved and it did20:42
EriC^^TTTA: try dpkg -l | grep linux-headers*7720:43
EriC^^do you see something?20:43
Guest57898Is there a way to find out on Ubuntu what IP addresses are leased in my LAN without logging in to the router admin interface?20:43
TTTAI did notice that it seems to have knocked me off the WiFi20:43
ikoniaGuest57898: no, ubuntu is not the dhcp server20:43
srulimgolisch: any ideas for me?20:43
sstoryikonia: OK I had used alternatives to set java and javac.  Doing this it didnt' find javaws. It wanted to installed Iced Tea. Unfortunately that won't work with the vendor's software and I had to install Oracle's.  Is there a way to set alternative for javaws?20:43
ikoniasstory: you should be able to create an alternative for anything you want20:44
EriC^^TTTA: sorry i meant, dpkg -l | grep linux-headers.*7720:44
Bassemis there away to record from stereo mix like windows20:44
mcphailubuntuuser: and your keyboard has vendorId 045e and productId 0750?20:44
TTTAEriC^^, that produced no visible response20:44
TTTAAh, hold on20:44
EriC^^Bassem: yeah, audacity20:45
EriC^^and pavucontrol is helpful too20:45
BassemEriC^^, what is audacity?20:45
EriC^^Bassem: it's a program20:45
ubuntuusermcphail: yes20:46
EriC^^and pavucontrol is like a mixer type thing for pulse audio20:46
TTTAOk, I got Linux-headers-3.13.0-77, *-77-generic20:46
TTTAAnd Linux-headers-generic20:46
BassemEriC^^, will it activate stereo mix so other application can record from my playing media20:46
EriC^^TTTA: ioria ok it's installed20:46
ioriaEriC^^,  oh, joy20:47
TTTA3.13.0-77.121, *.8320:47
EriC^^Bassem: you can use pavucontrol to switch what to record from and stuff20:47
mcphailubuntuuser: I would ping the author on github. It works perfectly for my device. Perhaps yur keyboard does something odd, like some kind of modesetting?20:47
EriC^^and record in audacity if you want and edit and stuff20:47
BassemEriC^^, how to get pavucontrol20:48
ioria!info linux-headers-generic trust20:48
ubottu'trust' is not a valid distribution: kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial-proposed20:48
ioria!info linux-headers-generic trusty20:48
ubottulinux-headers-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel headers. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 29 kB20:48
EriC^^TTTA: try cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999920:48
EriC^^Bassem: sudo apt-get install pavucontrol20:48
ubuntuusermcphail: yeah, i'll send him a message. thanks20:48
Guest57898What is the command again to extract a .tar.bz2 file?20:49
Guest57898tar -xvf filename.tar.bz2 ?20:49
EriC^^Guest57898: tar xjvf or just tar xvf just figures stuff out for you20:49
mcphailubuntuuser: are you sure it isn't working, though? Is it still showing as a controller in steam, for example?20:49
Exagone313Ben64: I noticed that pcmanfm can open the desktop files, so I found a good alternative to VNC I think20:49
TTTAThe termbin.com output has stopped working, the last time I restarted my computer it knocked my computer off WiFi and my mouse stopped working20:50
Guest57898EriC^^, then I was close thx20:50
squintyExagone313,  on unity here, but if you are using xubuntu, I thinks what you are possibly refering to is the "whisker" menu.  do a locate for whisker and see what pops up20:50
ioriaTTTA, sorry, i don't get .12120:50
Exagone313squinty: I use ubuntu server20:50
TTTAI'm gonna go dig around for an Ethernet cable20:50
ioriaTTTA, i think we need the complete output of the command20:51
squintyExagone313, ok then I have no idea (typically servers don't have gui)  maybe someone else could kick in or try asking in #ubuntu-server20:51
Exagone313it's ok it was replied20:52
BassemEriC^^, i install it how can i run it now i cant find it in dash20:52
Exagone313you just not noticed20:52
ubuntuusermcphail: thats the reason. the controller shows up on steam. what's stranger is that steam sees 4 controllers titled xintupt controller20:52
TTTAStill digging for an Ethernet cable20:53
TTTAMight have to make one...20:53
mcphailubuntuuser: I'd type "sleep 5 && udevadm monitor -p", unplug your keyboard, wait until the udev monitor program starts, plug your keyboard back in and then send the output to the author20:54
Exagone313squinty: if you need to know: I use X apps through SSH. And via pcmanfs I can go to /usr/share/applications and open the desktop files directly open the proper apps. I can open them as a file to know which category they are in. A better solution would be a menu integrated in a window that would do the same as desktop menus.20:54
BassemEriC^^, ok i find it but ther's no option for stereo mix20:54
EriC^^where are you trying to record something?20:54
Exagone313I think I may add it to my future TODO projects20:54
EriC^^press record there and it'll show up in pavucontrol20:54
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TTTA_ok, there's nothing really important on my Ubuntu partition, what's the easiest way to just nuke the whole damn thing from orbit?21:04
squintygparted or cfdisk21:05
goddardIs the 4.4 kernel in the repos?21:15
goddardfor 14.0421:15
xanguagoddard: no21:17
goddardxangua: you think it will be put out in april?21:17
k1lgoddard: yes. there will be a xenial backports kernel. like there is from every release21:18
=== garrett__ is now known as Guest26380
Bassemhow to change settings for flashplayer?21:19
=== stibium\away is now known as stibium
apesAnyone know of a backport of SSSD 1.13 to Ubuntu 12.04?21:20
MonkeyDust!find sssd21:21
ubottuFound: libwbclient-sssd, libwbclient-sssd-dev, sssd, sssd-ad, sssd-ad-common, sssd-common, sssd-ipa, sssd-krb5, sssd-krb5-common, sssd-ldap (and 16 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=sssd&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all21:21
MonkeyDust!find sssd precise21:21
ubottuFound: sssd, sssd-tools21:21
apes!find sssd precise-backports21:21
ubottuFile sssd found in augeas-doc, augeas-lenses, sosreport21:21
bpromptapes:    I'd assume you'd have to compile it possibly, I only see 1.8.6 for 12.0421:22
Guest57898I have a Ubuntu system with an SSH server. On that system Gnome is running. Is it possible to connect to that system via SSH and output the GUI on my local system?21:23
apesbprompt: Okay, that's what I figured21:23
goddardk1l: cool good to know21:24
squinty Guest57898   ssh -X user@computer -> nautilus  (for example of using one application)  or teamviewer (again for example) for the whole remote desktop21:26
Guest57898squinty, -> nautilus is part of the command?21:27
squintyGuest57898,  i just run after logging onto the remote21:27
Guest57898squinty, awesome. this works21:29
squintyGuest57898,   :-)21:30
mgolischsruli: you can specify the top and base for the blockcommit, so you can merge the latest snapshot into the previous one and just create a new one afterwards then21:30
mgolischsruli: also maybe ask in #virt21:30
Guest57898Is it possible to run a browser based wiki in my LAN at home and access it via SSH from the internet somehow? I only want one port open on my firewall (SSH)21:31
MonkeyDustGuest57898  yes, Zim is a desktop based wiki program, but you can 'export to browser'21:33
bitcheswhat is this? O.o21:33
mgolischGuest57898: sure ssh supports portforwarding21:34
k1lbitches: please change your nick to something more appropriate. this is the technical ubuntu support channel21:34
Guest57898mgolisch, cool, how does this work exactly?21:34
mgolischGuest57898: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwarding21:36
Guest57898mgolisch, thx21:36
OmnijaI had a question, i recently came about having an imac G5 but couldn't find a guide on getting ubuntu onto it.21:37
Omnijanot a powerpc21:37
sruli mgolisch: i cant join #virt dont know why21:40
Guest57898mgolisch, remote forwarding would be what I need, right?21:40
mgolischGuest57898: no that would allow to forward stuff from the ssh servers side to your client or machines in its network, but i think you want the other way arround (local forwarding)21:42
BinaryDinnerhow to change password input screen for decrypting partition during boot to be completely blank (black for example)?21:43
Guest57898mgolisch, say i have a pc with IP user wiki on the machine there is an ssh server and apache and wikimedia software on port 8021:43
Guest57898on my router there port forwarding to this pc21:43
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ubuntu919Hey all21:44
Guest57898let say my external internet IP is
=== Guest1216 is now known as snowrichard
Guest57898then how would I connect?21:44
ubuntu919Has anybody worked with aplay and arecord in here?21:45
=== snowrichard is now known as snow_richard
Guest57898ssh -L 80:160.160.160:80 ?21:45
mgolischuse the internal ip on the remote end or localhost if its on the same server21:46
Guest57898ssh -L 80:localhost:80 wiki@160.160.16021:46
Guest57898ssh -L 80:localhost:80 wiki@
Guest57898like that?21:46
mgolischyeah but you can mostlikely not do that, as only root can bind to ports belov 1024 , choose a hogher port number for the local port21:47
Guest57898internal IP on remote end?21:47
Guest57898So bind apache to port 5000 for example?21:48
mgolischno just use another port in the forwarding thing21:48
ubuntu919Basically, I'm trying to output stdout into a wav file. I can currently play sounds using "./<progname>|aplay" and that pipes the output just fine into aplay. I'm wondering how to record it into a wav file, as piping it into arecord doesn't produce an audible wav file.21:48
mgolischlike -L 8080:localhost:8021:48
EriC^^ubuntu919: never tried it but maybe <progname>|aplay && arecord something21:49
Guest57898the 8080 is the port at home or on my local pc?21:49
EriC^^ubuntu919: i mean, <progname>|aplay & arecord something21:49
mgolischso what this does is: the ssh client creates a listen socket on 8080 and forwards all stuff on that through the tunnel to localhost:80 on the ssh server21:50
mgolischGuest57898: that would be the localport on the ssh client21:50
ubuntu919EriC^^:  The problem is that I'm spewing bytes into standard output atm, and when it's piped into aplay, it's interpretted as sound. For some reason, arecord doesn't work the same way.21:50
C_minusI'm stuck in a login loop.21:51
Guest57898mgolisch, ok21:51
ubuntu919EriC^^:  I know that aplay is smart enough to interpret the data as sound as best it can, so I don't want to go through the curfuffle or programming my own wav output.21:51
ubuntu919EriC^^:  I'll give that a shot though, two seconds21:52
chilversc_is there a guide on improving desktop performance on a machine that doesn't support 3d?21:53
chilversc_it's a little irritating waiting 5 seconds while the menu runs a fade in effect21:53
ubuntu919EriC^^:  No dice :/ thanks for the help though21:53
yeatschilversc_: you might try a lighter DE - maybe XFCE or LXDE?21:54
EriC^^ubuntu919: hmm i think it works here21:54
Guest57898mgolisch,  ssh -L 8080:localhost:80 wiki@
yeatschilversc_: (between those two, I prefer LXDE for light-on-resources/older machines)21:54
ubuntu919EriC^^:  it plays the sound, but it doesn't record the data21:54
ubuntu919EriC^^:  I tried ./<prog>|aplay & arecord -d 5 music.wav21:55
EriC^^ubuntu919: what gets put into something?21:55
=== psychopath is now known as DANII
mgolischno idea but maybe arecord only records from input type channels?21:55
ubuntu919EriC^^: I basically want the output that's heard by aplay when a file is played, to be stored in an audio format file for a duration21:56
Bashing-omchilversc_: ^^ Maybe : Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.21:56
ubuntu919EriC^^: My program generates procedural music, so I need the duration to cut off recording at some number of seconds.21:56
chilversc_Bashing-om: any easy way to switch from standard ubuntu install to lubuntu?21:58
EriC^^ubuntu919: i just tested here, it's recording but it's very very low volume21:58
ubuntu919EriC^^: Ohh, any idea on how to up the output?21:59
C_minusI just used Win7, and shut down. Tried to get back into Ubuntu. Get stuck in a login loop. Any ideas?22:00
SonikkuAmericaC_minus: Toss your ~/.Xauthority from a !tty and try to log in again.22:00
Bashing-omchilversc_: Yeah .. though I am not a proponent of multi-DEs / You could install ' sudo apt install lubuntu-desktop ' and at the login screen choose to start lxde .22:01
C_minusSonikkuAmerica I don't know what that means exactly. I dropped down to the terminal and tried chown user:user .Xauthority because some askubuntu answer suggested...22:02
SonikkuAmericaC_minus: I'd just [ rm -rf ~/.Xauthority ] so that it creates the file from scratch again.22:02
sawyeri just installed awesome wm and i'm stick in fullscreen22:03
chilversc_Bashing-om: I was more hoping to install one, then remove unity, just want to avoid re-installing the whole of ubuntu (and downloading another iso)22:03
EriC^^ubuntu919: slight improvement with record -f cd something22:04
Bashing-omsawyer: Hello ; You are in ubuntu support. you have an issue you need help with ?22:04
C_minusSonikkuAmerica so i typed what you said and hit ctrl alt f7 to get back to gui. same behaviour22:04
mgolischsawyer: what do you mean by that?22:04
tsp`SonikkuAmerica: i wouldn't use -rf just to delete one single file22:04
mgolischsawyer: try win+space to switch to another tiling mode22:04
Bashing-omchilversc_: unity is deeply embeded in the system . not so easy to remove and not destroy the system . Is my take .22:05
C_minusit's no longer there, ./Xauthority No such file or directory22:05
sawyerBashing-om: I just changed window managers for the first time. I choose to dive in headfirst. I've been messing around with the features and i'm stuck in fullscreen; meaning this app is the only thing on my screen.22:05
mgolischsawyer: win+space22:05
sawyermgolisch: i tried that. doesn't work22:06
sawyeri think hexchat has a hold on my keyboard input22:06
mgolischsawyer: do you still see the taglist and stuff?22:06
sawyermgolisch: it's fullscreen like i'm watching a movie about irc. no taglist22:07
Bashing-omsawyer: Never used awesome, but I would expect that when you right click on the title bar you get a number of options .22:08
mgolischsawyer: maybe try win+n to minimize22:08
C_minusWhat does .Xauthority do? Now I'm worried that I deleted it! :(22:08
sawyermgolisch: win+n did it22:08
sawyermgolisch: but i can't make hexchat un-fullscreen.22:08
sawyermgolisch: when i go back into it22:08
sawyernvm got it22:09
C_minusSo I deleted .Xauthority. No improvement.22:10
sawyernow on to my real question, haha. it seems like the dpi on my chrome window is really high. how do I change the dpi for it?22:10
C_minusSonikkuAmerica any ideas? I deleted it like you said.22:10
mgolischsawyer: switch to some tilling layout using win+space22:11
sawyermgolisch: doesn't change the dpi of chrome22:12
mgolischyeah i know that was related to the previous problem22:14
C_minusI can't use my account or guest account. Both lead to login loop22:15
C_minusStarted acting funny after booting into windows.22:15
C_minusUsually never have problems like this.22:15
C_minusWhat can I do to try and diagnose this problem?22:17
C_minusMight the login loop be somehow related to Nvidia? I have done several reboots since getting CUDA. But this is the first time rebooting after using Win7.22:19
ikoniasince "getting" cuda ?22:19
C_minusikonia yes since installing cuda, what's the ambiguity there?22:20
ikonia"installing cuda" ? how did you install cuda ?22:20
ikoniado you mean you install the nvidia propitary modules ?22:20
qualiaqqIs there a need of people to contribute to updating repositories? I notice a lot of things are out of date, but I am not sure what is really behind all that. If there is a need for people to do this kind of stuff, is there a place where I can read about it?22:21
ikoniathe main repos are there for stability and the version numbers do not get bumped22:22
mcphail!latest | qualiaqq22:22
ubottuqualiaqq: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.22:22
C_minusi already had some nvidia driver from the "additional drivers" panel. later i got the cuda toolkit and cudnn. i believe it installed a driver during the cuda toolkit installation too. Though I have rebooted without problem several times since then.22:22
C_minushttp://developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/6_5/rel/docs/CUDA_Getting_Started_Linux.pdf Chapter 4 ikonia22:22
hihellohello guys22:22
hihelloi have a question on ubuntu22:23
ikoniaC_minus: why do you do this stuff ???22:23
C_minuswhy do i get cuda?22:23
ikoniaC_minus: read the Xorg log and the .Xsession logs of the user you're tring to login22:23
basshowto disable ALT + LeftClick dragging the window?22:24
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C_minusikonia i had a look in /var/logs/Xorg.0.log but I don't really know what I'm looking for22:25
ikoniaC_minus: errors22:25
qualiaqqAlright I see. I was just sort of looking for something that is low barrier to entry to contribute to open source.22:25
ikoniaand look at the .xsession logs22:25
C_minusikonia I see "(EE) Failed to initialize GLX extension (Compatible NVIDIA X driver not found)22:27
ikoniaC_minus: there you go, thats pretty serious22:28
mcphailqualiaqq: package maintenance is a major undertaking. Try starting with a PPA, and see how you get on22:28
C_minusI have no idea what might have caused this.22:28
ikoniaalthough you do get a login window X session right ?22:28
ikoniaC_minus: installing 3rd party drivers off the net is a good start of how to break it22:28
Bashing-omqualiaqq: Entry level point : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2260620&p=13206678#post13206678 <- Ubuntu Find-A-Task .22:29
C_minusikonia if you mean the normal login screen, then yes. it goes black and loops back to ask for my password every time.22:29
ikoniaC_minus: so it's obviously loading "some" Xorg driver/module22:29
C_minusI kinda had to get the NVIDIA drivers to make enable to GPU acceleration stuff...22:29
ikoniaor you wouldn't get a login prompt22:29
qualiaqqBashing-om, thanks22:29
ikoniaC_minus: I doubt that, but thats not my problem22:30
qualiaqqmcphail, oic I didn't realize that. I guess I was underestimating what went into it.22:30
Bashing-omqualiaqq: Welcome, we can use all the help we can get .22:30
C_minuswell when i'm not patching up my falling-apart computer, i train neural networks. you're saying i have to choose between having CUDA and a desktop environment?22:31
ikoniaC_minus: not saying that at all22:31
mcphailqualiaqq: Bashing-om's link is a good one. Follow that and dive in :)22:32
torkil mio nick?22:33
C_minusThis used to happen whenever I used Win7 and rebooted back to Ubuntu. But I used to be able to solve it by using an older kernel version. Now even that has the same problem.22:33
ikoniaC_minus: a.) login to the terminal - check the xsession logs22:33
ikoniab.) use the fallback/failsafe mode - test you can login to the X session there22:33
ikoniathen move forward22:33
ikoniayou need to learn how to manage your machine/desktop though22:34
ikoniait's all very well saying "I train neural networks" but if you can't manage the box you use, it's a pointless function22:34
Khaotichow do i change the login screen bg ion 15.1022:35
C_minusikonia good advice. it begins with "Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".22:37
C_minusI'm curious as to why this might manifest itself only after using Win722:40
MrXXIVAnyone use the terminal?22:40
ikoniaC_minus: you have no idea what other updates have happened in the background22:40
ikoniaC_minus: follow the debugging steps I suggested22:41
Bashing-omMrXXIV: Most of us do use the terminal, what is the real question ?22:43
mekhamiwhat can i do to output my current volume level to the command line?22:43
ikoniamekhami: use the gui - thats what it's there for22:43
ikoniawhat ?22:44
mekhamiif that were what i asked for, man that'd be a great answer22:44
ikoniamekhami: what are you playing sound through ?22:44
Seveasmekhami: amixer.22:44
Seveasor alsamixer if you want a curses interface.22:44
mekhamiSeveas: i really just want a text output of the current volume level22:44
mekhamii suppose i can do some regex on amixer get Master22:44
Seveasmekhami: there is no such thing as 'the current volume level'.22:45
mekhamiis everyone retarded today22:45
Seveasno, but you seem to very insulting. So go away please or behave.22:45
mekhamidid i miss a memo22:45
mekhamii must have missed the 'be really stupid today' memo22:45
Seveasno, I think you received that just fine :)22:46
DaMastahHi :) Is there a way to aggregate two samba mounts into one with aufs ? I have a setup that "kinda works" except I get a "device is busy" error when I try to create a file the aufs mount...22:49
ikoniaDaMastah: I can't see how that would work with samba22:49
ikoniahihello: don't type in caps22:49
ikoniahihello: "history" or "fc -l"22:49
hihellobut lets say i am workingin gui22:50
hihellobut i want to see cmds of it22:50
hihellois this possible22:50
ikoniathere are no commands22:50
ikoniait's a gui22:50
hihelloyou didnt understand22:50
DaMastahikonia: that's too bad :( It works with mhddfs though but it's kinda slow because it's a fuse fs22:50
Revian1I was about to say that ikonia22:50
C_minusI never (knowingly) installed Nvidia Optimus tool for switching graphics cards. Could that be a problem?22:50
hihelloif you work in gui22:50
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hihelloits still cmds22:50
ikoniaC_minus: yes,22:50
ikoniahihello: no, it's not22:50
ikoniahihello: a button press on a gui does not = a command22:51
hihellowhat is it then22:51
hihelloplease explanin22:51
ikoniaor functions22:51
ikoniaa call to libraries22:51
hihellook thank you22:52
C_minusikonia actually dpkg -l grep nvidia shows 2 resulsts: the second is nvidia-prime - which handles switching graphics cards.22:53
MonkeyDusthihello  you can download the source of a program, without installing, then read it... you will see a button click is not the same as    [command] [enter]22:53
seanrdevI just did an update on a lot of packages. How can I undo all update just installed? Does apt have a rollback option or something?22:53
ikoniaC_minus: did you do what I told you to do yet ?22:53
xanguaseanrdev: usually no, and why you wanna do that?22:54
C_minusikonia you said read the xsession and Xorg.0.log. Since I've never seen these outputs before I'm googling them as I go22:54
seanrdevxangua: it took days to get wireless working with backports. now after the update its out again!!!22:55
ikoniaC_minus: I also told you to login via the tty, and login to the X11 session to test the failsafe session22:56
xanguaseanrdev: please elaborate, what Ubuntu release, what wireless drivers, how did you make it with the first time?22:56
seanrdevUbuntu 15.10 (Because of the 4.2 kernel). ath10k drivers. Had to follow the bug report at bugs.launchpad.net bug number 1520343. Post #2223:01
Revian1Hey, the global menu can be set to always on. I don't know who did that, but thank you so much23:01
C_minusikonia by that do you mean the ctrl-alt-f1 combination? how do i login to the x11 session to test the failsafe session?23:02
jegarciagod i hate webex23:03
MannyLNJQuestion: I verified my router is fowarding port 22 to my ubuntu system. I verified my ISP is not blocking port 22. I also verified there is no firewall running on the ubuntu system and that I am trying to connect to the right IP but I am still unable to SSH from the outside. What else can be the issue>?23:03
Revian1C_minus, I believe that is what he meant. ctrl+alt+f1 will take you to tty1 and allow you to log in via test mode.23:04
C_minusi typed in my login and password sure23:04
hihellodoes it take a lot of programming to be a good hacker23:04
C_minusRevian1 what is the failsafe aspect?23:04
ikoniaC_minus: testing it via the console, and changing the xorg.conf to remove the nvidia module and use the vesa module will run as a failsafe X11 session23:05
ikoniahihello: that is nothing to do with this channel23:05
Jordan_UMannyLNJ: systemctl status ssh23:05
Revian1C_minus, I'm not sure, I am nowhere near as skilled as ikonia .. he's been doing this for quite a while23:05
hihelloikonia what is your job ? here23:05
hihellomoderator ?23:05
ikoniaI don't have a job here,23:05
hihellojust wondering23:05
ikoniaahh sorry yes23:05
hihelloah ok23:06
C_minuswhat exactly am i meant to be testing? do i run "startx"?23:06
ikoniaC_minus: no, just testing it logged in on the console and authed ok etc etc, thats all23:07
Revian1ikonia, You may have lost C_minus at 'changing the xorg.conf'23:07
C_minusyeah i logged in. this is how i've been reading those log files23:07
ikoniaC_minus: thats fine, just checking the basics23:08
Jordan_UMannyLNJ: Can you successfully ssh in from another host on your LAN? How are you testing a connection from "the outside world"?23:08
C_minusit says /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d No such file or directory23:10
ikoniaC_minus: what does ?23:10
seanrdevxangua: Yeah I just recopied the files and it works again. I don't know what happened during the update but that fixed it.23:10
C_minusikonia - the shell, i guess?23:11
ikoniaC_minus: what are you doing to get that error23:11
C_minussame for without the .d23:11
ikoniaC_minus: what are you doing to get that error23:11
C_minuserm nano ./xorg.conf23:12
C_minusfrom that directory23:12
ikoniaC_minus: /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:12
C_minusAh, there are lots of files beginning xorg.conf in that directory, followed by numbers (dates?)23:13
C_minusand one with failsafe at the end23:13
ikoniait's not a directory23:13
ikoniait's a file23:13
C_minusin /etc/X1123:13
ikoniais there a file called /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:14
C_minusno, just the several versions with numbers after23:14
ikoniaC_minus: can you pastebin ls -la /etc/X11 please23:14
C_minusikonia it's kinda hard, i'm on a different laptop to talk to you23:15
ikoniaC_minus: thats fine23:15
C_minusi can type it out23:15
ikoniano no, I understand23:15
ikoniaso if you do "ls -la /etc/X11/xorg.conf" what do you get ?23:15
C_minusls: cannot access /etc/X11/xorg.conf: No such fie or directory23:16
ikoniaperfect, ok23:16
ikoniaC_minus: so what are the other files in /etc/X11 ?23:16
C_minusapp-defaults, cursors, default-display-manager, fonts, rgb.txt, xint, xkb, xorg.conf.XXXXXXXX (several of these), xorg.conf.failsafe, Xreset, Xreset.d, Xresources, Xsession, Xsession.d, Xsession.options, xsm, Xwrapper.config23:18
ikoniaC_minus: interesting, normally if you're using nvidia it makes an xorg.conf to force the loading of the nvidia module,23:18
ikoniaC_minus: what version of ubuntu is this ?23:18
ikoniaok, so it will still honour the xorg.conf23:19
ikoniaC_minus: look at the timestamps on the xorg.conf.whatever23:19
ikoniafind the last one, and open it23:19
C_minusThe most recent one is today23:19
ikoniaC_minus: ok, so that would explain why it's broke toda23:19
ikoniaC_minus: lets try a basic test for "luck"23:19
ikoniaC_minus: copy that file to be called xorg.conf (not move - copy)23:20
C_minusOK, its some blocks of stuff with a few indents...23:20
C_minuswhich file, the latest one?23:20
C_minusok hold on a sec23:20
C_minusikonia ok i copied it to a new file called xorg.conf23:21
Neohey guys, how can I get my macbook touchpad right click working? I'm on ubuntu wily on a macbook 8,123:22
ikoniaC_minus: reboot and see what happens23:22
ikoniaC_minus: bit of a luck shot before debugging in more detail23:22
C_minushehe thanks, I appreciate this ikonia23:23
C_minusikonia WOAH! beautiful lovely gorgeous desktop, panel and launcher appear!23:24
C_minusikonia I owe you a million quid.23:24
ikoniaC_minus: look of the draw,23:24
ikoniaC_minus: something is changing/backing up your xorg.conf - find it23:24
ikoniaC_minus: or keep a copy of that file for if it happens again23:25
C_minusikonia, if you had the patience, I'd love to hear what your rationale behind suggesting this solution was. because it largely seems like witchcraft to me. (you mean go to /etc/X11 and save the xorg.conf i just made, and be able to back it up from a usb stick or whatever?)23:26
ikoniaC_minus: just keep a copy in your home dir eg: xorg.conf.safe23:26
ikoniaC_minus: I just know how xorg works to a level that made it a common sense thing to do, just experience, nothing else23:27
C_minusikonia also does it strike you as strange that i encounter these kinds of issues after shutting down a win7 session and trying to use ubuntu again? This guy mentions it, but it's a bit of a dead end http://stackoverflow.com/a/2904169323:28
kneeWhere is the ENV_SUPATH located in ubuntu23:28
ikoniaC_minus: I suspect what's happened is you've rebooted say 10 times no probles, in the 10'th time an update happened, you rebooted into windows, no problem, you booted back into ubuntu and the pending update happened and broke this23:29
ikoniaC_minus: I'm making a guess without any information23:29
C_minusikonia thanks again, you're a very helpful and patient fellow23:31
C_minusi'm a bigtime newcomer to computing and whatnot, so thanks23:31
C_minussee ya later ubuntuphiles23:32
kneeHow can you config your login policy so that users can only login in at a certin time23:33
nolsenwhat is amd64-microcode used for and do I need it?23:34
Bashing-omnolsen: does ' apt-cache show amd64-microcode ' answer that question(s) .23:37
nolsenSorta, though https://askubuntu.com/questions/297628/should-i-install-amd64-microcode says it's a 32bit program, but I can't see if that's true.23:38
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Bashing-omnolsen: "think" they are talking that Left 4 Dead 2 is a 32 bit program .23:41
homa_hi my friends23:53
naccnolsen: Bashing-om's suggestion is pretty complete. It's for AMD processor microcode23:54
naccnolsen: the package itself doesn't provide any "programs" really, unless you mean the bin files that are microcode themselves23:55

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