luisbgHi, I am looking for Set17:03
sakrecoer_hi luis! i'm Set17:18
luisbgsakrecoer_: hi :)17:19
sakrecoer_:) good to read you!17:19
luisbghow are you?17:19
* cfhowlett is still waiting for someone's wallpaper ...17:19
sakrecoer_fine, thank you! self?17:19
luisbggood good, almost finished with my day at the office17:20
* sakrecoer_ hola back at cfhowlett while surfing the deadlinewave17:20
cfhowlettluisbg, have you submitted your wallpaper contest entry?17:20
luisbgcfhowlett: no, I might though. Will search around for something cool17:21
sakrecoer_luisbg: nice! i'm on ut until 22, office thing...17:21
cfhowletttick tock: window closes on the 10th.  I recall you have some excellent ideas so , please!17:21
luisbgsakrecoer_: on what?17:22
sakrecoer_luisbg: we wanted to see with you if we could arrange a forward from #ubuntustudio-es to #ubuntu-es17:22
luisbgsakrecoer_: sure, what do I need to do?17:23
sakrecoer_sorry, i ment i'm at work...17:23
sakrecoer_luisbg: i'm affraid i don't really know how, but our good irc specialst, krytarik knows17:23
luisbgsakrecoer_: ahhh, I see17:23
luisbgunfortunately he isn't around17:24
sakrecoer_krytarik usually gets online about now o'clock17:24
luisbgI will stay in the channel, and reconnect latter (I use an IRC bouncer)17:24
sakrecoer_can you hang arround? if not i will gather info from him and forward it to you vis launchpad17:25
knomeluisbg, /mode #ubuntustudio-es +if #ubuntu-es17:25
knomethough you also need to be an op on #ubuntu-es too17:26
sakrecoer_\o/ knome delivering sollutions again ! <317:26
knomeit's all here too: https://freenode.net/using_the_network.shtml17:27
luisbgok, I just asked in #ubuntu-es for temporary op, just to be able to do this17:30
luisbg-- | #Ubuntu-es: You're not a channel operator17:31
luisbgit's what I get when I try to run that command right now17:31
knomezequence, updates on the theme again (eg. better support for responsive menus), please re-pull17:31
sakrecoer_hmm... so its not enough to be op in the channel that is being forwarded..17:32
luisbgsakrecoer_: yeah, probably to avoid dodgy forwards17:32
sakrecoer_luisbg: probably :)17:32
luisbgsakrecoer_: do you know anybody who is op in #ubuntu-es? I wouldn't be surprised if they don't op me thinking the question is strange17:33
knome/msg chanserv access list #ubuntu-es17:33
sakrecoer_not really, but i think you are well known in #ubuntu-irc17:33
sakrecoer_luisbg: ask them to back you up maybe?17:33
sakrecoer_or show them you can be op here, luisbg 17:34
luisbgwill hold op just until this is sorted out17:36
sakrecoer_ok :)17:36
luisbgso far no replies in #ubuntu-es17:36
luisbgIRC is async, so no rush17:37
sakrecoer_yes, thanks for your time anyways luisbg 17:37
luisbgno worries17:37
luisbggoing to head out home... Mondays17:38
luisbgtalk to you later :)17:38
sakrecoer_enjoy! read ya later luisbg :)17:39
knomebbl too17:43
krytarikluisbg: Basically, we'd want to either close #ubuntustudio-es entirely, or make it an official one and set a forward to #ubuntu-es (because, from experience with other flavors, it can't really be expected to be used much) - for the latter, the first step would be to add the Ubuntu IRCC (UbuntuIrcCouncil) as a founder to the channel access list.18:32
rwwi note that if #ubuntu-es doesn't sort out their end after a few days, poking the IRC Council could get things expedited19:52
rwwsince they're plenty capable of doing a forward like that, and it seems like a no-brainer19:52
sakrecoer_rww: thanks! noted. :)20:03
luisbgrww: I agree21:20

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